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    OK...so I've nearly sobered up... and want to say a few things to the SA team that have followed the Voodoo story. Firstly - Thank you for your support and input! From the outset I've put thoughts and rough ideas into this group for consideration and feedback...I've been very upfront about our thoughts and had some valued responses. This group is an amazing source of information for those that are prepared to take the risk!! I won't mention names, but right from our outset with the Cookson 12 training platform, there has been great knowledge shared here...and we have benefitted from the experience of the group. The rationale of choosing an R/P in the 60-70 ft range has been absolutely vindicated...our amateur (mates, family & has beens) program made us a tight team. Adrienne C as navigator was a perfect compliment to our outfit - that woman is the best - generous with her knowledge, professional, friendly, committed as a team player....most importantly a great communicator prepared to share that experience and mentor....cant say enuff about her value to a crew! Anyway....to all the SA honorary Voodoo croo members out there....thanks so much...it's been an awesome ride...and who knows, maybe we'll get to do it again in the Transpac. Happiest New Year... stay safe Couta out!! Voodoo 8th - Line Honours 3rd - IRC O'all 1st - IRC Div 1 3rd - ORCi O'all 1st - ORCi Div 2
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    Once upon a time in the deep north there were two large yachts becalmed in a major race. The slightly smaller one (that used to be owned by the same guy who now owns the bigger one) had run out of drinking water and did not have any emergency water as required by the rules. The race director himself came out in a boat and gave them water to continue racing. The larger boat was quite close and saw the outside assistance but, as the aft guard were sailmakers and the smaller boat was a customer, they did not protest. The smaller boat did put in their declaration that they had received outside assistance and had not complied with the SI’s, yet no penalty was given and they won the race over all. The smaller boat would go onto win the S2H in later years and the crew of the bigger boat would go on to get a bigger boat and come second over the line in the same race. They would then report to the RC that the boat that beat them over the line had not complied with the SI’s. YCMTSU.
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    Do I hear those crazy drums again already? Sneaks up fast. I was thinking that in my capacity as Speck Tater, I might view the fleet from my stray Goat Island Skiff this year but I'll have to do a little work on it first. I bought it a trailer which should be ready in a week or so, so I can drag it into the path of the fleet in Pine Island Sound or something.
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    I think the RC/CYCA is getting off too easy in this thread. The protest results facts found say they had no information about the non compliance before the BJ interview. However, their press release indicates they informed a number of boats that their AIS wasn't transmitting during the sched. Was the radio vessel too far away to have them on screen? Did they simply ignore it? It stinks like the whole HF/sat phone incident in 2010.
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    Well done to Gun Rubber, smallest boat in the fleet and winning the Corinthian Division, not sure how that differs to PHS, those guys deserve a bigger boat
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    Wow, so many words "Me thinks the lady doth protestuth too much" WOXI did not comply with the SIs WOXI got the silver on a technicality WOXI failed to withdraw from the event after they learned that they were non-compliant as is required, the most basic rule in sailing. BASIC PRINCIPLES SPORTSMANSHIP AND THE RULES Competitors in the sport of sailing are governed by a body of rules that they are expected to follow and enforce. A fundamental principle of sportsmanship is that when competitors break a rule they will promptly take a penalty, which may be to retire. Can't get a more blatant breach than this. Can't get a more blatant example of bad sportsmanship. Fuck them I say.
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    There's a huge thing being missed here in all the WOXI nonsense and it's that Couta and Co. deserve serious props for winning IRC1
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    A friend of mine gives the name "Donner" when making a reservation at a restaurant. It is amusing when the call goes out for "the Donner party".
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    If there is a requirement in the sailing instructions, and such requirement is not met, surely it shouldn't matter whether it was on purpose or not? If one doesn't honor a mark and finishes and says "oops, I didn't realize that was a mark", not knowing doesn't absolve them. Whether or not the AIS is a necessary safety feature, whether or not WOXI shut it off on purpose, or it got damaged, or if Black Jack had protested correctly shouldn't matter. The bigger problem seems to be that there is a rule in the sailing instructions that is very clear, and that was broken. Subsequently the Race Committee finds a technicality so they (likely) don't even discuss the issue. What if a boat had raced without the required number of life jackets, or life rafts on board, and were found out afterwards? One would think that Black Jack, or any competitor for that matter- wouldn't have to protest properly for that to be dealt with... It's troubling that a rule was broken and nothing was done about it. I would have thought that the AIS requirement would have been considered a safety item, and as such that the RC would have been able to deal with any (not just WOXI) yachts that infringed the requirement to have it transmitting for the duration of the race. If it's not that important, which their attitude seems to convey, then perhaps they will change the rule for subsequent years to not require it to be on? Whats the likelihood of that happening?
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    J6 has been on my ignore list for yonks, and seeing the responses he provokes, I have never been inclined to even view his posts... He just doesn't contribute anything to any discussion. But regardless, Merry Christmas wishes to all of you out there and many safe and enjoyable miles under sail for 2019!
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    I’m pretty sure Mueller’s accountants are very busy and striking fear in the heart of Trump.
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    Hoppy - here's what you meant to have said, no? I understand them. I understand that the CYCA made a dumbass decision chose to include mandatory transmission in the SI's I understand that WOIX was not transmitting during the race (don't care about the reason is immaterial) I understand that BJ bitched and moaned expressed their dismay about it in the media I understand that BJ did not protest I understand that the CYCA lodged the protest against WOIX I understand that the IJ dismissed the protest because of "procedural reasons" I understand that no other boat lodged a protest. I understand that this is case closed and time to move on. I understand that you are a dog with a bone and will not let go because you are a troll I understand that a competitor who learns that they were not in compliance with the rules should RAF I understand that many, many sailors believe that by not being rule-compliant and not choosing to RAF casts our sport in a poor light I personally believe that those at the forefront of our sport ought to lead by example and am dismayed that that has not (yet) happened in this instance
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    Ha, Ha, Ha, Karma Back in late August, Donald—living in his ego-inflated bubble--kept insisting that there would be a “red wave” and listened to pundits who told him that not only would the Democrats not take the House, but the GOP was likely to gain seats. That was the selling point for Congress to get their staff funding. The extra staff would be critical for conducting hearings and investigations, which would be “handy for investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails.” Trump approved the extra $129 million for staff. DOH! Donald Trump Is Handing House Democrats a Loaded Gun When Democrats assume control of the House on January 3rd, they will have $129 million more to spend on staff than their predecessors in the 115th Congress did—money they can use to hire more personnel to, among other things, investigate the Trump administration. [link:https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/12/29/1822324/-Trump-gave-House-extra-129M-to-help-investigate-Hillary-Now-Pelosi-has-it?utm_campaign=trending|
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    Of course it disadvantaged everyone who played by the rules and left their AIS transmitting! If you really think having AIS info of your opponents whilst hiding your own is no advantage you can't have done much racing since it was invented! If it was a genuine mistake and it was all about what a jolly good fun race it was (as you seem to think) Woxi could and should have retired after the finish and just enjoyed being first over the line. Picking up the first prize when you know you have not won it is what I find so mind boggling.
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    Watched another one of that guys videos a while back about the different engine convolutions they went through with the 109, trying to find the right fuels etc to accomplish different goals. Definitely going to give that one you posted a watch!
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    Actually, I think it is you who is being played. Those who have control of $$$Trillions $$$ of unburned potential carbon energy supplies spend $$$billions $$$ trying to convince us all there is no downside to using carbon to fuel our appetite for energy. i am in no way shape or form interested in re-arranging wealth, giving governments more power, or participating in any of the nonsensical activities the carbon energy proponents love to use as “hell no” rallying cries. i merely want to look for sources of energy that will allow our oil, coal, and natural gas to be available to those living on this planet in 1000, 20,000, or a million years. By most accounts, since Drake’s 1859 well, we have burned a majority of the most easily accessible oil supplies and as much as a quarter of all the Oil there is. We didn’t really discover plastics until the 1940s. I am one who has made a career of making and maintaining plastic toys. In my short term view I see every tank of gasoline burned as, “That could have been a small sailboat.” but plastic Sailboats don’t really last long. The oil I have personally used to make and fix boats could have been left for future generations. I can certainly envision a year 2518 family sitting around a dinner table complaining. “Those fool’s five hundred years ago actually burned oil to move vehicles and air condition homes.” i see our consumption of everything from oil to metals to helium as selfish foolishness that five hundred years from now will be seen as a tragedy. So..., Do not be so foolish as to believe my urge to DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE OUR CARBON USE has anything to do with politics or money. It absolutely does not. Count me as a person who thinks humans are simply fucking up tteir home. think about: Buffalos The whales Fish populations generally . Rain forests oil supplies the aquifers (Ogalala is down over 400 feet in my lifetime) and on and on ... Many say the increased atmospheric CO2 content is warming the entire globe. What will that do? Fuck if I know but messing with our ecosphere does not seem wise. I know my 29 gallon fish tank isn’t the ocean but, since I got it when I was in grade school, every five to ten years I fuck it up and EVERYTHING dies. I know if we close our garage door and run the car for a while, everybody in the garage will die. Millions and millions of people drive cars and trucks every day. Sure, the planet is really really big, but my truck has almost 200,000 miles on it. Where did all the poison gas my exhaust spit out go?? How long until we simply can’t breathe the sky anymore?? So... windmills and solar panels can run all day without putting out poison gas if you think I want to build lots of those because of some plot to subvert today’s rich folks ... well?? just which one of us is being played??
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    They put Martha Stewart in prison for a lot less.
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    If Matt Allen as President of AS has any balls he should put Harburg/Bradford and Oatley/Richards in a room and read them the riot act. Harburg for not protesting but having a cry on national TV and Oatley for doing what ever they fuckin did to make this shitfight appear in peoples loungerooms. I betcha he doesn't as that Oatley trough of money that Australia Sailing's snout is in, is way too big to put at risk.
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    But if the entire crew can navigate, what is to prevent mutiny? Honestly, since I started my coastal sailing in the 70s, I find these threads hysterical. The minimum is obviously a chart, compass, and a watch. Binoculars and depth help. The traditional answer for fog and darkness is "don't navigate then." (Either stand off or don't head out.) The maximum is everything. I've even been only long trips recently when I didn't turn the chart plotter on. Didn't see the need.
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    Vacationing in the UK over Christmas and New Year, I offer the following few observations: Young and middle aged people in the UK are overwhelmingly against BREXIT. This is supported by the statistics of the original referendum where a significant majority of voters under the age of 40 voted to remain and the Leave vote only succeeded due to older voters with memories of an independent British Empire. Young professionals and working people are rightly unhappy that older people are leaving them with the mess of Brexit which will affect the working population of the UK in the future and they wanted to remain. The damage is already done in many places. Good jobs are leaving the UK in a steady flow of dribs and drabs. Prior to Brexit, the UK was the service capital of Europe and the gateway to Europe for many American and Asian companies who typically located their European or EMEA headquarters in the UK. These were well paying secure jobs. Panasonic is moving its European HQ to Amsterdam. Obviously the EMA (Europe's equivalent of the FDA) must leave the UK and they have already announced that they are relocating to Amsterdam.....several thousand well paid, well qualified, non-cyclical jobs gone! Muji (retailer) is moving its European HQ to Germany. In all, 75 of the largest 222 companies based in the UK have publicly announced plans to move some or all of their staff to Europe. Rees-Mogg and his aristocratic friends can reminisce about the British Raj, but real jobs are being lost. Small engineering companies, something that the UK was really good at, are losing business in all the uncertainty. Smaller UK engineering companies did a lot of work installing well designed niche equipment around Europe. Their customers cannot afford to wait for clarity as to whether the equipment will be available at the same price after March 29 or even if the installers will be allowed to work in Europe. Reluctantly preference is being given to the French, German or Polish competitor.......it is just easier to buy from a European supplier even if the British good is better made and better priced. UK products are seen as having a "hassle" factor. The "Immigration" argument for Brexit was BS from day one: 1. Regarding immigrants from Africa or the Middle East, each sovereign state has always been able to set its own immigration standards. EU membership had no impact on immigration in this area, it has always been entirely up to the UK to decide how many, if any, immigrants to allow. 2. Regarding immigrants from newer members of the EU, such as the central European EU members eg Poland etc. New members of the EU do NOT get free movement of labor for the first 10 years after joining unless an individual sovereign state decides to waive that requirement. Most did not waive the requirement. The UK chose of its own accord to waive the requirement. Dont blame the EU! As a result several hundred thousand Poles etc came to the UK...AND....incidentally work hard and contribute to the UK economy. I have heard all kinds of good things said about that inflow.......but either way it was a British decision made by the British government not an EU decision. The "WTO option" is a pipedream. According to the WTO, Mauritania is the only member of WTO to trade solely on WTO rules. Great....the UK can join the exalted ranks of Mauritania and try and trade without bilateral trade agreements and free trade zones. Oh but wait.....Mauritania has announced it is joining the Economic Community of West African States, and establishing preferential trade arrangements with some 20 WTO members. That will leave the UK on its own. perhaps it can reach out to Algeria, Serbia and North Korea who are not members of WTO! In short, Brexit was and is a monumental folly. It is not supported by the vast majority of the younger British people who will have to pay for the folly. It would be very interesting to get to the bottom of who funded and perpetrated the Brexit vote and how they motivated the older vote in England to vote for the economic mess they are imposing on their children. Whoever was behind it, they did not have much luck influencing the Scots.
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    However, the average DNF for the Vendee Globe is 46%, and that's with a smattering of keels falling off. Speed is your friend.
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    FIFY ... eliminated unnecessary words FB- Doug
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    Incredible. Guess what arrived in the mail yesterday....registration in my name. I now, according to the State of California...own this boat. I'd given up on it, and had given them a deadline of Dec. 1 to get the title squared away! I'm the new owner of the Piper One Design, Hull #35, "Alpha".