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    OK...so I've nearly sobered up... and want to say a few things to the SA team that have followed the Voodoo story. Firstly - Thank you for your support and input! From the outset I've put thoughts and rough ideas into this group for consideration and feedback...I've been very upfront about our thoughts and had some valued responses. This group is an amazing source of information for those that are prepared to take the risk!! I won't mention names, but right from our outset with the Cookson 12 training platform, there has been great knowledge shared here...and we have benefitted from the experience of the group. The rationale of choosing an R/P in the 60-70 ft range has been absolutely vindicated...our amateur (mates, family & has beens) program made us a tight team. Adrienne C as navigator was a perfect compliment to our outfit - that woman is the best - generous with her knowledge, professional, friendly, committed as a team player....most importantly a great communicator prepared to share that experience and mentor....cant say enuff about her value to a crew! Anyway....to all the SA honorary Voodoo croo members out there....thanks so much...it's been an awesome ride...and who knows, maybe we'll get to do it again in the Transpac. Happiest New Year... stay safe Couta out!! Voodoo 8th - Line Honours 3rd - IRC O'all 1st - IRC Div 1 3rd - ORCi O'all 1st - ORCi Div 2
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    Just about to head off on the delivery back to Sydney with WOX. Having competed with the TP52 Celestial. What a great race for my first Sydney to Hobart. We sailed well, but made a few tactical errors, and blew an A4 on the first night. Luckily we had chosen to take a spare in our selection, but it was obviously our 'second'. We managed to beat all the other TP52s on corrected, and i am not sure we could ask much more than that. Definitely a good year to be in the 60+ft range. Excellent choice by @Couta. Well done! I am reliably informed I have not really done the race... As the conditions were not true 'Hobart Race' conditions... There does seem to be an infatuation with the number of times you have races... So hopefully I will be back. I will be offshore in the next few hours so wishing you all a happy New Year... You bunch of c*nts! (I have been learning the local language).
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    Happey Niew Yeare Evreybody!
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    You guys may have the carrier fleets and nukes, but Australians invented the rotary clothesline and the plastic wine bag. Don't misunderestimate us y'all.
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    Once upon a time in the deep north there were two large yachts becalmed in a major race. The slightly smaller one (that used to be owned by the same guy who now owns the bigger one) had run out of drinking water and did not have any emergency water as required by the rules. The race director himself came out in a boat and gave them water to continue racing. The larger boat was quite close and saw the outside assistance but, as the aft guard were sailmakers and the smaller boat was a customer, they did not protest. The smaller boat did put in their declaration that they had received outside assistance and had not complied with the SI’s, yet no penalty was given and they won the race over all. The smaller boat would go onto win the S2H in later years and the crew of the bigger boat would go on to get a bigger boat and come second over the line in the same race. They would then report to the RC that the boat that beat them over the line had not complied with the SI’s. YCMTSU.
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    Hello, A brief and final ranking. It looks like everyone made it home, except Bill E Goat who is persevering with a South-easterly course. I've calculated Yachtie's finish time against Gybe Turkey, but I would need a finish picture to do the same for shockwave and Jesus. Well done to Gybe Turkey and everyone who finished. Thanks for the entertainment. I may be back for the RORC Caribbean 600. Enjoy your New Years. Place SA Name Boat Name Dist to Leader Days Hours Minutes Seconds OA Position OA Percentile Number of participants 1 Gybe Turkey Gybe Turkey 2 21 59 34 40 0.09% 44,226 2 Gufmiester Big Balls 48 57 0.13% 3 rolltak Awkward Turtle 1 14 68 0.15% 4 kea.nn kea.nn SA 2 59 110 0.25% 5 Blue Mountain YC shockwave11 134 0.30% 6 stufishing Stufishing_SA 3 55 141 0.32% 7 Magool Magool 4 6 148 0.33% 8 Kapt'n Kirk prowler_1-SA 7 47 235 0.53% 9 33jesus Jesus 525 1.19% 10 Marty6 Cambodunum 1 7 51 656 1.48% 11 Axyl Axyl 1 17 5 728 1.65% 12 stanlutz USA644RAVEN_SA 2 20 22 1510 3.41% 13 Tunnel Rat Mongrel 2 29 56 1651 3.73% 14 Lahana Bela Vida 2 42 33 1881 4.25% 15 AND999 AND999 3 50 31 3647 8.25% 16 Yachtie2k4 yachtie2k4 4 13 0 4548 10.28% 17 Nodrog je quil OK587 5 56 31 9256 20.93% 18 Mad Sticky 5 33 31 8275 18.71% 19 Vin Divided Sky 17 14 1 20976 47.43% 20 TPG Hooperdrivestheboat 1 7 3 1 24531 55.47% 21 Bill E Goat BillEGoat 380.9 39134 88.49%
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    Do I hear those crazy drums again already? Sneaks up fast. I was thinking that in my capacity as Speck Tater, I might view the fleet from my stray Goat Island Skiff this year but I'll have to do a little work on it first. I bought it a trailer which should be ready in a week or so, so I can drag it into the path of the fleet in Pine Island Sound or something.
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    I think the RC/CYCA is getting off too easy in this thread. The protest results facts found say they had no information about the non compliance before the BJ interview. However, their press release indicates they informed a number of boats that their AIS wasn't transmitting during the sched. Was the radio vessel too far away to have them on screen? Did they simply ignore it? It stinks like the whole HF/sat phone incident in 2010.
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    Well done to Gun Rubber, smallest boat in the fleet and winning the Corinthian Division, not sure how that differs to PHS, those guys deserve a bigger boat
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    Wow, so many words "Me thinks the lady doth protestuth too much" WOXI did not comply with the SIs WOXI got the silver on a technicality WOXI failed to withdraw from the event after they learned that they were non-compliant as is required, the most basic rule in sailing. BASIC PRINCIPLES SPORTSMANSHIP AND THE RULES Competitors in the sport of sailing are governed by a body of rules that they are expected to follow and enforce. A fundamental principle of sportsmanship is that when competitors break a rule they will promptly take a penalty, which may be to retire. Can't get a more blatant breach than this. Can't get a more blatant example of bad sportsmanship. Fuck them I say.
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    There's a huge thing being missed here in all the WOXI nonsense and it's that Couta and Co. deserve serious props for winning IRC1
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    Maybe the real question should be, who put the rudder and keel together? They had been separate on ocean going boats for millenia: viking longboats, Polynesian canoes, the Egyptian example, etc. The question you are asking is, "Who rediscovered the separate rudder?". Crediting it or the catamaran to N.H. reminds me of Lee Iacoca saying "Chrysler invented the minivan" completely ignoring decades of VWs. There is very little new in yacht design that weren't tried or used in antiquity. Foils is about the only thing I can think of. The answer to why the rudders were so small - like many features of yacht design - may be in materials science. It's hard to build a 8:1 aspect spade rudder for a heavy boat with trees. Also perhaps why foils haven't been tried until recently. Carbon fiber is a game changer.
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    A friend of mine gives the name "Donner" when making a reservation at a restaurant. It is amusing when the call goes out for "the Donner party".
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    If there is a requirement in the sailing instructions, and such requirement is not met, surely it shouldn't matter whether it was on purpose or not? If one doesn't honor a mark and finishes and says "oops, I didn't realize that was a mark", not knowing doesn't absolve them. Whether or not the AIS is a necessary safety feature, whether or not WOXI shut it off on purpose, or it got damaged, or if Black Jack had protested correctly shouldn't matter. The bigger problem seems to be that there is a rule in the sailing instructions that is very clear, and that was broken. Subsequently the Race Committee finds a technicality so they (likely) don't even discuss the issue. What if a boat had raced without the required number of life jackets, or life rafts on board, and were found out afterwards? One would think that Black Jack, or any competitor for that matter- wouldn't have to protest properly for that to be dealt with... It's troubling that a rule was broken and nothing was done about it. I would have thought that the AIS requirement would have been considered a safety item, and as such that the RC would have been able to deal with any (not just WOXI) yachts that infringed the requirement to have it transmitting for the duration of the race. If it's not that important, which their attitude seems to convey, then perhaps they will change the rule for subsequent years to not require it to be on? Whats the likelihood of that happening?
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    J6 has been on my ignore list for yonks, and seeing the responses he provokes, I have never been inclined to even view his posts... He just doesn't contribute anything to any discussion. But regardless, Merry Christmas wishes to all of you out there and many safe and enjoyable miles under sail for 2019!
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    Happy new year to you Cal , no probs, we’ve all been there. I hope your day gets better. Im going sailing to celebrate the new year in, nice easy reach off the foreshore and watch the fireworks. Temp is in the mid 20’s and 10-15 kn onshore, little cloud and a quarter moon. I’ll be thinking of you lot as I raise a glass and welcome the new year in sailing down the moonpath.
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    If the tide is right, I’ll always make sure to get some clams too. Seal Bay always delivers.
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    Could be the case.... Gross oversight if so. edit: Someone upthread said it went off under Bradleys head where presumably they were hoisting the main. I agree... it all sounds like procedure. However the navigator must have thought the rest of the fleet in entirety were complete bunnies for leaving theirs on though.
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    Absolutely! Plenty of people are now eating crow about the Voodoo boat choice. 3rd in your first crack at it is pretty damned respectable!
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    PM me, I’ve restored nearly everything on mine and have photos of the whole process.
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    "No taxation without representation" should be a reasonably familiar rallying cry to most Americans. The bottom line with Brexit is that the EU is a non-democratic body that sets rules that folks have to live by, but have no say in creating. If you doubt me, pick any rule you like and figure out who you might vote for to support it, or oppose it. If you can't identify a representative that you can directly impact with your vote, then you are not living in a democracy. The EU is a benign dictatorship designed with the sole purpose of stopping Germans taking panzer rides to France via Belgium. The reason that the Europeans are so hysterical and want to "punish" the Brits for leaving is because they equate weakening the EU with an existential threat to peace in Europe. That same reason is why they have given up their own sovereignty to an unelected bureaucracy - it keeps the people well away from making stupid decisions, like cheering-on genocidal loonies gassing 6M people or invading Russia in autumn without food or warm boots. Or shooting old ladies from rooftops in Srebenica or rounding up thousands of fighting age men and shooting them in the back of the head in the forest or...... Brits have their own dis-functional governmental system that stops them doing shitty things to everyone except the Irish. They don't need to pay for an unelected Frenchman, a dithering Dutchman and a monstrous mobile cadre of grey-men who's average location is somewhere between Strasbourg and Brussels. All that - and I'm actually a "remainer". Scooter doesn't know shit either - Brexit is not racist, it's perceived self interest.
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    The 100th will cost $AUD100k to enter and monohulls or non-foiling yachts will no longer be accepted. Owners of less than Billionaire net capital worth status will have the right to appeal the rejection of their entry but will be refused anyway. Maximum crew allowed will be three, of any gender, and no more than five autopilots and two flux capacitor powered engines per vessel will be allowed. Mount Gay helmets will be issued to all surviving participants. The race will start, as usual, on Boxing Day at 1:00pm and most competing boats are expected back in Sydney Harbour for the twilight race to be conducted by The Inter-Galactic Cruising Yacht Club that evening. Channel 7 will thought-stream the start for the maximum allowable public broadcast time of Seven (funny about that) nano-minutes, concentrating on a maximum of two boats owned by the wealthiest participants no matter how many are entered. Calm, light, variable and heavy radiation is forecast and the fact that the crew will glow in the dark removes the need for navigation lights. Seas are expected to be wet. Competitors have been advised of a potential navigation hazard on the course as continental drift will have seen Australia move eastward towards the New Zealand land mass. As is normal, expected, Sunfish will play an important role in determining the winner of this iconic event. Results will be projected on to the Sydney Opera House as soon as available. and because nobody can agree on which rules, if any. should apply to the Great Race, protests are no longer accepted so the delay in projecting the results should be minimal.