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    Yep. The GOP invaded the wrong country on falsified intelligence, put it on the country’s tab, then blamed the subsequent liberal when it showed up in the deficit. Trickle down economics doesn’t work, but we see it being used again to, well, drive up the deficit and make some golfing buddies chortle. National security issues have dogged this administration since they first starting lying about chatting with our enemies in order to make a profit by getting elected, and now we are even more at risk because we can’t pay thise who inspect our food, screen the luggage or man the towers. And continue telling yourself the right wing hate groups aren’t a threat because they are annoyed by the liberals, too. We’ve seen how well that works out The rightistas are fucking infallible, come to think of it. No repeated clusterfucks at all.
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    Mike, take some time off and spend it with your dad.
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    None of which justifies Trump holding government employees hostage. Trump has practically guaranteed that he loses this issue. Giving in to him now will set the precedent that deliberately and unnecessarily putting government employees through pain allows the office of POTUS to blackmail Congress and get what they want. Once you give Trump that button, he'll mash it over and over like a crack-addicted chimpanzee trying to get their lab delivered fix.
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    In the highly unlikely event that it is forth coming I promise a new thread
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    Now, now, if it as on the roof, hoppy’s misses would have to look at it every time they have sex and he was on top. It’s got to be on the wall, that way every time she puts the strap on, Hoppy can look at them and think of England. Lol pulpit
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    You're not a conservative - you're a right wing zealot. Conservatives have thoughtful positions on sociopolitical matters. Right wingers have no thoughts or positions of their own - they do and think whatever the right wing leadership tells them to do and think.
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    If we are doing rock bands whilst we wait for MR (aka Godot) IMHO the pivotal bands that defined the scene for the states were really: Vic: Birthday Party, NSW: Radio Birdman, Qld: Saints, SA: Chisel and Angels (although the Angels decamped to Sydney on getting successful.) WA: Triffids YMMV. A friend of mine noted that after this, the shadow was long, and bands in each state owed a great deal to these bands. ACDC are missing from the above, they sort of vanished and became international stars. The next decade of course got us bands like INXS and Midnight Oil, but they owed a debt to those who had come before. (I am told that there is a clip of Radio Birdman live where you can see Peter Garret - with long blond hair - pre Oils, in the audience.)
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    Not to damn with faint praise, but that band is one of the best things to come out of the 90s.
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    dunno - but it doesn't matter. Bitching about rules infringements without filing a protest (or sorting it out in the bar) is pointless oxygen theft.
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    Builders have been known to build a house, live in it for a year, sell it and pocket the capital gain tax free, move into a new one and repeat the cycle year in year out. It is one reason why more builders divorce than dentists.
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    Yup, and America has a proud tradition of not giving in when one party decides to take hostages. One I heartily support regardless of the politics involved. Convince people of the merits of your argument, don't deliberately hurt people and demand people give you what you want or you won't stop.
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    I’m in no way implying that Dopey is rational, but can also understand walking out on Nancy and Chuck. Basically 3 assholes who care more about themselves than the country. Its basically a stand off between a moron and two partisan hacks.
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    The AIS incident has already passed into folk lore. Steaming down past the Iron Pot yesterday and one of my mates was checking if I had left up town. So he texted me " No AIS, check the splitter" Perfect!
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    Chappell brothers as coach?
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    Both are great boats, find the cleanest one and go for it. Odds are good there will be more Crealocks to choose from. Some of the mid-eighties Esprit might have gel coat issues. You might also consider the Nordic 40.
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    Pity that dick smoker Bent non-sailor never ventures out of PA. I could ask him again what party Maxine McKey stood for when that one term wonder, ABC lefty fucktard deprived the people of Benalong and Australia of our greatest ever Prime Minister.
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    Bullshit.... we don't know that they were guilty of something worse. They copped to the charge as part of a plea deal in which the get leniency in return for cooperation. Why would they do that? Unless it was just the same as every other plea deal that ever takes place...... plead guilty to a lesser charge to avoid getting hammered on a more serious one. As has already been explained to you numerous times, which is why I say you cannot admit it. That's OK the rest of us know the facts. -DSK
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    The whole canting mechanism (arms and actuator) pose some very challenging engineering problems, especially when considered from a life cycle perspective. Consider the point in the evolution from down to up where the outboard end of the arm has just cleared the water but the lower half (or so) of the foil is still immersed. It looks like the arm will simultaneously be subject to longitudinal bending (weight of ballasted foil), lateral bending (drag of foil in the water) and torsion (drag of foil leveraged to point of attachment to arm). That's a lot of stuff to consider, especially when the possibility of vibration is taken into account. The actuator combines hydraulics, analog electricity and digital systems. It has been my experience that mixed-technology systems such as this can be very difficult and expensive to test, especially if they are constructed without extensive (and expensive, and time-consuming) efforts during the concept formulation and specification phases. As the saying goes, a system that is produced without a specification can never be wrong, only surprising. If something lets go when you're flying along at 50+ kt, surprises can be nasty. I may be missing something, but in all the discussions about rules and protocols I cannot find any evidence that there is an independent group that produces the moral equivalent of an airworthiness certificate for these flying machines. Self-certification was practiced in the early days of aviation, with decidedly mixed results. The life cycle issue is that of continuing maintenance and re-inspection. Again, that may be in there somewhere but I haven't found it. Cheers, Earl