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    New house bank wired and working delightfully. Still need to address the hold downs..................tomorrow.
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    Dear Sailng Anarchy family, One of our fellow members “Hoppy” needs our help and it’s time we all pull together and help him out. Hoppy has a dream to help out the disadvantage whales in the world and make a difference to there live. We all think that a whale is just a whale and there isn’t a difference. How wrong we all are and we have been discriminating against them for years. We have taken away their rights. We use them as a tourist attraction, we bully them as we sail by them when racing and we hunt them for food for the Japanese and we all think that a whale is just a whale. It’s time we all work together as one and help Hoppy’s quest for the whales. Hoppy believes that Gay and Lesbians whales need Land Rights Too and it’s our job to bring justice and help Hoppy put this right in the world. In order to bring this matter to the world and help out the disadvantage whales out a plan has started to be formed by a few follow SA members and with your help we can make Hoppy’s dream come true to help the whales. So today we are launching the “Gay and Lesbian Whales Need Land Rights Too” campaign to bring to the people and to the world this very important problem. We will be starting a web site, face book and a go fund me page to support this very important cause. So here’s the plan and we need your support to help hoppy out. Today we announced that lead by Hoppy, The 75th 2019 Sydney to Hobart fund raisers to put support to “Hoppy’s” dream of land rights for gay and lesbian whales With our support we can make Hoppy’s dream of saving the whales come true for many years to come as the plan is to buy a race boat (with some accommodation and electric toilet) and race the boat all over world starting with this years hobart and show the world that the whales have rights too. As head of this movement and organisation Hoppy will do his best to spend any money raised to bring to the world this matter. He’s willing to take one for the team ( what a guy). The working committee has already started planning the tee shirt design to bring this course to the world . “ Gay and Lesbian Whales need Land Rights Too” and the back would say “ Support Hoppy’s Quest For Whales Rights”  “Hobart Challenge 2019” If you feel you would like to help support “Hoppy’s” quest please “Like” this post and send our “Hoppy” a message by posting here as well. Its time we all did our bit for the whales. Pulpit
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    Particularly not now when we are still reeling over the loss of Randumb. What a senseless waste...
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    What utterly stuns me is how normal this seems. I am guessing well over 50% of Republicans could not give one shit if Trump literally calls Putin for orders every morning. As long as Putin is not a Democrat, who cares There was a time not all that long ago when no one would have believed this as a movie plot and if it was real, Trump and all his psychopathic minions would be in the deepest hole anyone could find waiting their turn in the electric chair. The Rosenbergs were executed for far less.
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    Offer to help wash / sand / paint the bottom. It will look a whole lot bigger then! Glad you had a good time.
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    yup - just look at Australian Sailing's Annual Report: https://www.sailing.org.au/about/annualreports/ Expenditure matches income.. (AUD) $18M revenue. $4.5M from clubs affiliation, training fees, certification, instructor registration etc ~$13M ASC and sports grants (ie: the general taxpayer) Expenditure ~$18M $8M on employee benefits (! FMD) $1.5M rent and office $1.7M grants to athletes $200k on depreciation of coach boats (not sure how many boats that adds up to?) I'll note there doesn't seem to be any club-specific expenditure. That $4.5M effectively goes up the wazoo in admin and paperwork
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    Charter the Pogo? Its got a fat arse so all the Greenies will feel empathy and connect with the program, and I even have the love scratches for David Attenborough to spin into a three part mini series. We dress up Hoppy like Rimas for the live crosses where he just has to look serious and adopt the 1000 yard stare. This might have legs you know (heheheh, pardon the pun)
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    Tandem bicycle posts are not drift here. Here’s me in the 1960’s
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    I understand that the first train failed to protest the truck in what is essentially a self-policing track crossing. Did the second train get redress?
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    Holley Shi....... Bob you our my favovritte poestere hearer....
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    I can make jammies go in one email. Scot and I go way back. He owns and races one of my boats now. Just say the word. For me jammies is entertainment. The court dwarf.
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    Putin may not have needed to step in, I bet Trump would have screwed the place up anyway
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    What gave you the idea we only have one of those two issues
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    The fact is, that the house has a budget, which they have forwarded to the senate, which Bitch McConnell will not bring up for a vote because he knows Trump will veto it, and when it comes back, the veto will be over ridden..... And Bitch won't stand for that. He doesn't want the will of the people, or their elected representatives to be heard. This is really more on McConnell than anyone else.
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    David Lammy's speech well worth a listen. At last a Labour MP with some fire in his belly. https://youtu.be/1XEj64IFzQ8
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    If ever there was a protest required a diagram...
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    May well have been this span on the barge.
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    Experienced a situation like that once, a gal on the boat yelled "hey that looks like a penis only smaller." He quickly tucked the offending organ away.
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    The needs of the many (to have entertainment) outweigh the needs of the few (to keep their land).
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    Speed up before you hit them? Was he hunting deer with his car? If you have enough time and distance to actually speed up, you've got enough time to swerve or brake and maybe not hit them or not hit them as hard.
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    Winner winner chicken dinner. We did keep going about the same speed but lower, but what we should have been doing is getting up on foils, reducing drag massively and speeding up, which would ultimately deliver a better VMG, a la everyone else who was on controllable foils. Additionally, the extra crew work was a PITA just when crew was getting even busier dealing with full blown foiling. So even gains we made in a straight line were being chewed up in corners. Extra area, that was dealt with by making the flap, element 3, a shade smaller. We had a built in mechanical system that would not allow both slats to be deployed at once so from a measurement perspective it was less than 5% of the sail area, and we never missed it upwind. It was a fussy bastard to maintain as well. Lots of moving parts, lots of friction, lots of alignment required. Generally, a really cool fail, beautifully built. Rowing in the wrong direction with style.