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    The "holier than thou" that frequently emanates from the FP and Ed is laughable. He hints at preaching with integrity and that all readers should follow his advice and condemn whatever his agenda is for that day. One minute it is Anarchy; the next, any Brand who will throw this website a Dollar is all Hunky Dory, super cool, best whatever...... Hah, don't make me laugh, I will not be drinking the cool aid. Take a look at the companies that advertise or sponsor here - have they all got green creditials? - have they been audited about cradle to grave resource and waste management. Of course they haven't..... Hell the whole sport is an ecological disaster - we wear Oil/Plastic based performance clothing (fuck off the naysayers about their merino wool underwear....) in our Plastic built boats, or wood boats glued together with plastic glues and coated in plastic based paints and varnishes, powered by plastic based sails, controlled by plastic based lines and ropes, and auxillaried by diesel engines or plastic shrouded torqueedos with their unrecyclable lithium batteries inside their plastic, fused with metal housings. Even solar panels, wind generators and the like are often based around plastic technology that is irreversibly fused with alloys and other materials that prevent their re-use. Yet the sport markets heavily on its supposed green credentials. Do I have the answers - No. But I try to be open and pragmatic in this society of opposing dichotomies. Do I support Fracking - Fuck off. It is ecological vandalism - shattering bedrock and aquifers with toxic hydraulic fluid is insane. But Look at any sportsman or team who has been paid by likes of a global brand. They are on equally shaky ground. Doesn't matter whether it be a Car , IT, Sports Shoes, Airline, Credit Card, Bank, Insurance or Oil Company. No companies are run sustainably for the benefit of the planet. None. Don't believe the hype - or the Ed's Be a good neighbour and tread as softly as you can upon our fragile planet - but ultimately, be prepared to wield a big bloody stick - whether that be verbal or literal. This website should be renamed "Sailing Hypocrites".
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    Your mistaken dear, that sound is Sparrow giving Lonely Boy a "Chinese Burn". What's a "Chinese Burn" Your Majesty? What you do before giving someone a "Titty Twister" dear. What's a "Titty Twister" ma'am? William dear, where the fuck did you find this one? She is as sharp as bait. I found her using my AIS Gran. Well dear, next time check hers is fucking turned on OK. Sorry Gran.
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    Front Page Hate for some of the AC teams and names continues from the ED. Quote "Any team built on the dirty money of an anti-environmental business like this, deserves not even an iota of support, and certainly not from us. And don’t be fooled by Ainslie’s bullshit, he sold out to the devil, and for what? To line his pockets while not winning another AC?" If you are looking for a villain in this AC, look no further than these frackers… ED: Did you really expect Ainslie to say NO to the money for his campaign? Australia 11 took Bond's money and he went to jail not long after winning the cup. The America's Cup has been riddled with "DIRTY" since it's inception.
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    I have been in both the Canadian and US health care systems. The US system is really good: if you are wealthy or have lots of insurance. The Canadian system is almost as good but serves EVERYONE. And at cost not much different than you are already paying for insurance. The quality of the US system isn't of much concern to those that can't access it.
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    Of only it was that easy. This thing is like a Rubix Cube. Remember her having to put a proposal to advanced second vote is not a foregone conclusion just yet, even though some Brexiteers believe this second vote was cooked up by her and not by some rebel MP Remainers. 1. First it is nearly guaranteed the May deal will fail on the floor of parliament. All she can do and hope for now is limit the defeat. Her only ammunition is appealing to Brexiteers that to do otherwise it is more likely staying in the EU will be the outcome and not a No Deal Brexit. 2. From here it will depend on the voting outcome. (a) She Wins. Will go down as one of the greatest political coups in British political history. Next to zero probabilty but this is weird, not normal territory. (b) Defeated by say less than 50. Some would call this nearly a win and encourage those who want her to put a fresh proposal to MP's to vote again. (c) Defeated by say less than 100. Still far better than expected raising prospects of a proposal for a 2nd vote. If she was to secure some 11th hour concessions from Brussels (who could well be sitting on some just for this purpose) this raises the prospects of a proposal for a second vote suceeding. An extension by the EU to Article 50 to push Brexit Day back is an obvious lifeline for May. (d) Defeated by more than say 150. She and the Government are in deep shit. This gives oxygen to the Labour Party to move a no confidence vote in the Government and a General Election. (e) Defeated by more than say 200. She is fucked and might as well hand the keys over to No 10. Her most staunchist opponents within the Government are beavering away to secure this outcome. Finally overlying all that is the prospect of a 2nd Referendum being raised in Parliament to further muddy what happens next. It would no doubt occur if the Labour Party sought to move a no confidence vote. Interesting times.
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    From the ad: i'm getting married Someone in this world has just subscribed to a great many surprises in their life. For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer -- it shan't be dull.
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    I haven’t kept up with this thread, so apologies for jumping in the middle half cocked. We could explore problems with the scientific method and universities But as is usually the case with human nature, problems are usually a matter of power (my link), money or a desperate effort to maintain one’s beliefs and behaviors however irrational (religion opposing evolution). Climate change isn’t a power issue, the deniers have the power including the senate and White House. It isn’t a money issue, the safe money is always preserving harmful income streams, not exploring potential new ones. Some of the usual crowd here have called climate change a religion, The easy path is the one that allows me to fly on vacation next month, drag the boat around with a SUV and, and ramble around in my inefficiently large house. What is the motivation to fake or create a crises? Human nature is to avoid change, or absolve oneself of responsibility when things go wrong, We’ve all seen it in our bosses. Surely there were easier ways to publish paper in the first decade, before it became settled science? Now that it’s settled science, what’s the incentive to publish a new paper? It took a long time for tectonic drift to get past skeptical scientists . Once it became mainstream it became harder and harder to find new stuff to write about. Since it didn’t interfere with corporate profits or make us feel guilty about our lifestyle, it faced less scrutiny. This is still on the NASA website. Has reality changed?
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    Obama will never have a 3rd term, thanks to the poodle.
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    Say what you want about Dog, but he has made a bigly compelling argument for not electing Obama.
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    ^^^^ that's the really sad bit. That divisive genie once out is near impossible to put back in the bottle.
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    Richo just got told this thread is still going. Thanks and apologies to LB......
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    Hello from France. https://www.spindrift-racing.com/news/new-attempt-jules-verne-trophy-imminent
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    I have another two(ish) years of school and my brother has three, neither of us knows where we will end up for work. We talked about getting one of the many used J/24's that pop up for cheap since it's a pretty universal class with fleets on all four coasts, big enough to sleep on, and stable enough to bring girlfriends and a cooler of beer. However, between replacing core, the verm job, and the laundry list of upgrades mandatory to make the '24 go fast, plus sails, running rigging, and all the ancillary costs of owning a boat, I'm having my doubts on whether the J/24 is the best choice. It seems like the cheapest option but also the biggest headache to get a competitive boat on the line. Thoughts?
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    He wants to charter mate not buy. Good luck with that. Oh and buy a fucking ad!
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    Sunset from after racing last night.
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    First boat I raced on was a Cal 20. Sailed out of Grosse Pointe Park pier. Fun times for a 13 yr old.
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    I have never known True Freedom like I had when I had no health insurance. I felt like a true Tycoon.
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    I'm glad it was helpful! And it is weird. There is an obvious answer - one of the mega-wealthy types - say a Tom Styer or even a Soros/Koch, could just pay for the research to get done. Which brings up the obvious question - why haven't they? The answer is that it comes down to control of information and sometimes you just really don't want to know. Virtually every scientist/engineer goes through 'Engineering Ethics' at some point and is given the case study of the Ford Pinto - a car that had defective part that ultimately lead to fatalities. The 'ethical dilemma' is balancing costs vs potential human suffering and death. As an engineer, the answer is, of course, to bring it up, stop the presses, and make the fix. Knowing that something is defective and allowing it to go forward is evil. But there is another answer - don't play the game. That doesn't mean lie. That means do the necessary analysis, and that's it. Don't push the 'what ifs' farther than you need too. Don't ask - don't tell. True story - I was in a meeting with half a dozen developers (all working on competing technologies) in the early 90's and some computer modeling folks from a company that would ultimately be folded into Ansys (i.e., the FLUENT guys), hosted by the Dept of Energy. In essence, the modeling folks had come up with some simulations and wanted input from the industry folks to make it more accurate. Their estimates/calculations weren't right and they wanted to know why. I told them it would never happen - none of us would ever tell them. Industry folks would use their software but would never tell them what was wrong with their setup. And I was right. The DOE ultimately had to issue a subcontract and do it's own research through ANL/PNNL to get the info. Why? Because of control of information. If that model showed that one particular design would 'never work' or had some sort of perceived flaw, then that design would get squashed. And it didn't matter if the model was true. That's not the way the research game works. Even back then, the INTERNET lasts forever. Research is hard enough and filled with failure. The last thing you need is some borked model telling a funding agent you had a flaw. Guess what the first couple of slides are going to be in EVERY PRESENTATION you ever give going froward? Explaining why the model was wrong. Yea, thanks but no thanks. So, you run the model internally, make sure you've covered all your bases, then MAYBE share the results. Long winded - what motivation does a theoretical physicist have in helping a climate change scientist fix their model? Are they any closer to a nobel? Do they get tenure? And what happens if they happen to show there is NO issue? Is anyone going to throw that physicist a parade? Or is he just going to be slaughtered as a denier? Who's gonna pay for a few thousand core-hours of processor time? No physicist wants to be that guy. The billionaire club could pay and solve the issue - but they don't. Don't ask don't tell. Cause they don't really want to know either.
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    Good evening, Here is my wood surfboard ( before I waxed it). Built at a week long workshop which my wife gave me as a 25th wedding anniversary present. I don't really surf so it spends most of it's time as a wall display inside our home. Building it and just hanging out with surfing dudes for a week was great fun.
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    A couple points: 1. SSB *with DSC* will get you help. There is no one standing voice watch anymore. Probably have better luck on a ham net than a marine channel. 2. Text messages and so on are no substitute at all for direct voice comms. One of my fond memories of offshore passages was sharing trials and triumphs with nearby boats. One amazing coincidence was calling a tanker to say high and having *my next door neighbor* answer me by name. I had no idea he was a tanker skipper. He told us it was too rough to take a shower without falling over and they only were making cold sandwiches. I think I offered to pick him up for a bit to see what "rough" was really like
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    Jack, a handsome man, walked into a sports bar around 9:58 pm. He sat down next to this blonde at the bar and stared up at the TV as the 10:00 news came on. The news crew was covering a story of a man on a ledge of a large building preparing to jump. The blonde looked at Jack and said, "Do you think he'll jump?" Jack says, "You know what, I bet he will." The blonde replied, "Well, I bet he won't." Jack placed $30 on the bar and said, "You're on!" Just as the blonde placed her money on the bar, the guy did a swan dive off of the building, falling to his death. The blonde was very upset and handed her $30 to Jack, saying, "Fair's fair... Here's your money." Jack replied, "I can't take your money, I saw this earlier on the 5 o'clock news and knew he would jump." The blonde replies, "I did too; but I didn't think he'd do it again." Jack took the money.
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    The real closer for me was the new bow it needs. Almost as compelling as all the 20-year old, shagged-out Lasers people ask $2,000 for in cottage season.