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    The "holier than thou" that frequently emanates from the FP and Ed is laughable. He hints at preaching with integrity and that all readers should follow his advice and condemn whatever his agenda is for that day. One minute it is Anarchy; the next, any Brand who will throw this website a Dollar is all Hunky Dory, super cool, best whatever...... Hah, don't make me laugh, I will not be drinking the cool aid. Take a look at the companies that advertise or sponsor here - have they all got green creditials? - have they been audited about cradle to grave resource and waste management. Of course they haven't..... Hell the whole sport is an ecological disaster - we wear Oil/Plastic based performance clothing (fuck off the naysayers about their merino wool underwear....) in our Plastic built boats, or wood boats glued together with plastic glues and coated in plastic based paints and varnishes, powered by plastic based sails, controlled by plastic based lines and ropes, and auxillaried by diesel engines or plastic shrouded torqueedos with their unrecyclable lithium batteries inside their plastic, fused with metal housings. Even solar panels, wind generators and the like are often based around plastic technology that is irreversibly fused with alloys and other materials that prevent their re-use. Yet the sport markets heavily on its supposed green credentials. Do I have the answers - No. But I try to be open and pragmatic in this society of opposing dichotomies. Do I support Fracking - Fuck off. It is ecological vandalism - shattering bedrock and aquifers with toxic hydraulic fluid is insane. But Look at any sportsman or team who has been paid by likes of a global brand. They are on equally shaky ground. Doesn't matter whether it be a Car , IT, Sports Shoes, Airline, Credit Card, Bank, Insurance or Oil Company. No companies are run sustainably for the benefit of the planet. None. Don't believe the hype - or the Ed's Be a good neighbour and tread as softly as you can upon our fragile planet - but ultimately, be prepared to wield a big bloody stick - whether that be verbal or literal. This website should be renamed "Sailing Hypocrites".
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    Interesting that the sport was more successful (defined as : larger grass roots participation) back when the administration was much smaller.... Today we have more medals...(Success!!??) but fewer (and shrinking) participants at grass roots level....and.... we DO HAVE a world class bureaucracy!
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    Your mistaken dear, that sound is Sparrow giving Lonely Boy a "Chinese Burn". What's a "Chinese Burn" Your Majesty? What you do before giving someone a "Titty Twister" dear. What's a "Titty Twister" ma'am? William dear, where the fuck did you find this one? She is as sharp as bait. I found her using my AIS Gran. Well dear, next time check hers is fucking turned on OK. Sorry Gran.
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    Front Page Hate for some of the AC teams and names continues from the ED. Quote "Any team built on the dirty money of an anti-environmental business like this, deserves not even an iota of support, and certainly not from us. And don’t be fooled by Ainslie’s bullshit, he sold out to the devil, and for what? To line his pockets while not winning another AC?" If you are looking for a villain in this AC, look no further than these frackers… ED: Did you really expect Ainslie to say NO to the money for his campaign? Australia 11 took Bond's money and he went to jail not long after winning the cup. The America's Cup has been riddled with "DIRTY" since it's inception.
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    I have been in both the Canadian and US health care systems. The US system is really good: if you are wealthy or have lots of insurance. The Canadian system is almost as good but serves EVERYONE. And at cost not much different than you are already paying for insurance. The quality of the US system isn't of much concern to those that can't access it.
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    From the ad: i'm getting married Someone in this world has just subscribed to a great many surprises in their life. For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer -- it shan't be dull.
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    I haven’t kept up with this thread, so apologies for jumping in the middle half cocked. We could explore problems with the scientific method and universities But as is usually the case with human nature, problems are usually a matter of power (my link), money or a desperate effort to maintain one’s beliefs and behaviors however irrational (religion opposing evolution). Climate change isn’t a power issue, the deniers have the power including the senate and White House. It isn’t a money issue, the safe money is always preserving harmful income streams, not exploring potential new ones. Some of the usual crowd here have called climate change a religion, The easy path is the one that allows me to fly on vacation next month, drag the boat around with a SUV and, and ramble around in my inefficiently large house. What is the motivation to fake or create a crises? Human nature is to avoid change, or absolve oneself of responsibility when things go wrong, We’ve all seen it in our bosses. Surely there were easier ways to publish paper in the first decade, before it became settled science? Now that it’s settled science, what’s the incentive to publish a new paper? It took a long time for tectonic drift to get past skeptical scientists . Once it became mainstream it became harder and harder to find new stuff to write about. Since it didn’t interfere with corporate profits or make us feel guilty about our lifestyle, it faced less scrutiny. This is still on the NASA website. Has reality changed?
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    I guess we have to see the movie to see how much sex occurred on the barge but beyond that, it didn't sink and the project leader found out he was a nut. The latter was probably not planned but the best experimental apparatus in science always leads to discoveries you were not expecting.
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    Obama will never have a 3rd term, thanks to the poodle.
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    Say what you want about Dog, but he has made a bigly compelling argument for not electing Obama.
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    ^^^^ that's the really sad bit. That divisive genie once out is near impossible to put back in the bottle.
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    Also known as "Aggressive Attrition" What this means is that anyone good enough to get another job will, and the deadwood stays. It's an effective filter to concentrate bad workers. This is standard GOP strategy, right? Break the government so you can claim 'Government doesn't work'.
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    Richo just got told this thread is still going. Thanks and apologies to LB......
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    I'll be in Anacortes Saturday for my talk. Maybe I'll swing by and see if I can get ant photos of FLIPPER.
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    Hello from France. https://www.spindrift-racing.com/news/new-attempt-jules-verne-trophy-imminent
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    I play , coach & have administered in two of Australias great Lympix medal generators...sailing & kayaking..(you probably know about sailing's contribution to the medal tally, but for reference check out our kayaking medal history..). Two sports that the general public don't give a toss about....but the govt...Oh yes! They are really keen on those shiny lympix medals...So suddenly the money flows, and the professionals see that money and get interested in the sport...and the administrators and coaches and physios and nutritionists and sports psychs....well they need some athletes to justify their being....so they start a junior program where kids as young as 10 are being "talent scouted"...and parents are told their little darlings have "the right stuff"...and now need a coach and need to go overseas to "world champs" in Europe...and the administrators create "pathways" and "programs" and they weed out the 12 year olds who's parents aren't or can't play by the administrators rules...and the chosen few become "Youth Squad" members and they have to go overseas in the squad and be "in the program" and then there's the "under 23" program for an even smaller select few....and then...they make the exalted Lympix squad! (now with the full finance of their peak body) Hurrah!!, But even then..unless they are ranked with a medal chance....they get flicked. Ah..But for those golden children, youths and real contenders...life is closeted and paid for and completely isolated .....from the grass roots. And the Govt gets their medal tally. And the administrators rejoice (before demanding more public funding to ensure we hold our place in future medal Tallys!) And the sports? Well they're fucked!
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    Maybe this has been said about May already, first time I've heard such a simple thing.
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    With a bit of luck Spindrift starts tomorrow. Just under 200 days delay sounds about right for a fair race. (Not really but who cares at this point.)
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    i can't speak for audiophile stuff, but for live guitar sound tubes all the way. there's nothing like an overdriven tube amp belting away. While transistor amps (in my experience) get thin and lack response as you crank the volume, tubes just sound better and better.
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    19 seventy something, Zeehaas in the Delta Race.