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    The only time you've been fucked was the day you bought your boat.
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    When I was a little kid in sailing school it was awesome when the big boats got close. Real close. Just sayin'....
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    Not a bad list but lose Transpac and Transat. Add Vendee Globe and Fastnet
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    Sailed the Colgate 26 working for Offshore Sailing School. Put more hours and more abuse in a month than an owner may in a lifetime. Zero maintenance. A plus was the rudder. It is speced for a 30-footer. Bulletproof. Used to sail the boat at speed, turn hard up and then pull the tiller hard to windward, perpendicular across the boat. Absolute quick stop. I enjoyed the boat. Not so much the short wing keel version. Dave Ellis
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    Is it too soon to start a Laser Classic class?
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    The 1860s called and want their flag and freed slaves back.
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    Innovators' dilemma! I'm glad someone is making a move before the world moves on. The Laser hull is a classic, and a new rig can give untold number of hulls a new life.
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    Or the local Coast Guard base...
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    It never ends. S.
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    Jeebus. All of my besties are bartenders. All are smarter than most men I've met. One very wealthy guy I know sez, "Crab, while men are sleeping, women are planning, scheming, and conniving." One other old pfart said when we finally get a woman pres is when we'll have one payer health care. Makes sense to me and kudos to HRC for giving it a go. What I really like about aoc is her willingness to add some fucking transparency to the day-by-day crap we all know goes on. If Rump can be pres, AOC can be pres in my book. I'm one of those confident guys that can dance. The one leaving with the babe. Just sayin.
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    I’m positive that the entire Obama family would have staffed the kitchen had a shutdown threatened a traditional meal honoring student athletes. It’s in little moments like this or offering an umbrella to shield a lady from the rain how excellent our last first family was. Thanks for everything, Barrack & Michelle. I am proud of your service to your nation.
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    More pix of GITANA at Abeking & Rasmussen:
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    Some build photos of GITANA V at A&R:
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    Our friend WP recently spotted GITANA V in Long Beach, CA, and took some pix. She was designed for Baron Edmund de Rothschild and built at A&R in 1971. One day in the early 1980s, my father got a call from the US Coast Guard, who informed him that GITANA had been seized off Southern California for smuggling drugs from South America, and that he could buy the boat at a federal auction if he so wished.
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    Why? We don’t even know if that’s the culprit. Perhaps the boat has been sold since then. Perhaps that boat bought the sail used off Wired. Perhaps the owner wasn’t on the boat. At least get the facts before trashing someone publicly. Once we actually know the offenders, then we can have some fun!
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    When the healthcare industry isn't adjusted for income -- which it isn't -- it becomes a tool to prolong the life of the wealthy and shorten the life of the poor, so they no longer become a cost to the wealthy once they are too old to support the manufacturing and service economies. Everyone pays for healthcare. Some people pay 1% of their annual income, some pay 80% of their annual income, because the price of healthcare is negatively correlated to personal income.
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    I'm not pretending to argue whether or not this power is Constitutional. The Supreme Court has ruled it is. So, yes, I am making a moral objection not one based on my understanding of the law. I do recognize my naivete in this matter. Making this an argument about who is a dishonest liberal turns this into a shit fight instead of an honest debate about whether the Constitution should be amended to change it.
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    WSL posted a video of my kid - pretty stoked about that. https://www.facebook.com/WSL/posts/up-and-coming-maui-teenager-axel-blue-rosenblad-in-the-new-short-film-immersion-/10156227893297058/ wsl.tv/axelrosenblad
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    Cunt, my back is still like half a dozen broken ribs on each side and I choked on the wine laughing.
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    with a creamy mouthfeel.
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    I think there is a basic misunderstanding of how Rimas cleared that reef with many posters It is as simple as the fact that trade winds south of the equator are SE to ESE not NE. This makes his course to clear the reef a broad reach and at worst a beam reach. Why anyone would claim he had to sail upwind to clear that reef is beyond me... it would be a most unusual wind direction at that time of year.
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    It had to be a sock-puppet ID. What real anarchist would name themselves after something that fits into a shaft, as opposed to something into which a shaft might be fit? Not very cunning, that stunt. WRT to downvotes, don't offend the Newick' tri crowd's sense of aesthetics, they'll bury you. ;-)
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    It's a good bit of history. An excerpt (on Ranger) "Jack Jensen, founder of Jensen Marine and builder of Cal boats, was enjoying considerable success with boats like the Cal 40, but his boats sold better on the West Coast. To appeal to Easterners, Jensen formed Ranger Yachts and commissioned Gary Mull to design the boats. Both were located in Costa Mesa, California, and both were sold to the conglomerate Bangor Punta in 1973. When Bangor Punta moved production of Cal to Florida in early 1981, it pulled the plug on Ranger. In 1983, Bangor Punta sold Cal and O'Day to Lear Sigler, which operated them in Fall River, Massachussetts, until shutting both down in 1987. Gary Mull, a well-known West Coast designer, designed the Ranger 26 in 1968 as a fast, roomy, multipurpose sloop. Early literature touted it as "the first yacht of her size range designed and built to big yacht standards." Construction ran from about 1969 to 1975. Ranger Yachts also built a number of other models, including the 22, 23 (used in the movie version of "Dove"), 28, 29, 32, 33 and 37."