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    So at the end of the “perfect compromise boat” thread, we ended up buying a nice Beneteau First 310 up in San Francisco, and had it trucked to Ventura Harbor Marina and Yacht Yard, where we had the rig inspected, painted the bottom, and replaced the old fixed 2 blades prop with a new 2blade Flex o Fold. Boat was launched, rig stepped, and plan was to move it, single-handed, to it’s new home at Anacspa Isle Marina in Channel Islands Harbor. About an 8nm trip. Plan was to complete re-rigging of all the running rigging, get the jib hoisted and furled, and move it Sat morning (Jan 19). But had to be underway by 1100 to not screw up plans for rest of the weekend (go skiing up at Heavenly). Hustling, got all the running rigging re-lead, and the jib hoisted and furled. Plan was to get underway, clear the Harbor then set auto-pilot and clean up lines, fenders, etc. Wind was setting boat away from pier, so uncleared bow line first, coiled and laid on foredeck first, pulled boat near pier from amidships, then uncleared, coiledand laid stern line in cockpit. I should mention yard folks had grabbed two spare sheets out of cockpit locker to use as bow and stern lines. There was enough tail left to be able to use same line as spring lines too... Backed away from pier, and head towards harbor exit, which was maybe 7-800 yds from pier. Noted boat was moving 4 kts at 1500 rpm, so very happy with new prop. Once clear of low wake area, and about 200 yds from breakwaters that form/protect harbor exit, I start to throttle up to normal cruising rpm. Almost immediately, there’s a loud bang/clunk, and the motor stalls. I throw throttle to neutral, turn back towards pier I just left, roll out jib, and sail back to the pier I’d just left. Guy from Towboat US sees me sailing in and walks over to help with lines. When I go to toss him bow line that’s neatly coiled on the foredeck, it not there, but is hanging down in the water... A quick check below of the shaft area reveals water coming in from cracks around 3 sides of where the shaft strut is mounted. At a rate of maybe 1/2 gal a minute! Turn bilge pump on (shallow flat bilge, so no sump or float switch) but it’s only sucking from shower sump, not from bilge! Yowboat guy goes for portable aux pump while I go up to retail counter in Marina store. Me: “I need an emergency haul!” Her: “Boatyard is closed” Me. “I know, but water is coming in through cracks in Hull!” Her: “But there’s no one here, and I don’t know any of their phone numbers...” I go back to boat to see about pumps/look for way to plug leaks. Towboat guy shows up with 12 volt pump with alligator clips, I use to pump area around strut mount dry. No shut off on pump, so once pumped dry, have to disconnect clip. Run shore power to keep batteries charging. Aux pump now chooses not to run again...start manually bailing with small pail into larger 5 gallon bucket, while trying to think of other options. Consider buying new length of hose and connecting directly to bilge pump so I can pump from wherever I need, instead of just shower sump. Then yard folks start start showing up. One of ladies who runs the yard office lives on a boat at the yard. Retail gal had seen her walking her dog, told her of my issue, and she was able to call yard manager and owner, who both headed to yard to run hoist, So within about 40 mins of things going bad, hoist was manned, and Towboat guys brought me around into hoist area. Boat was lifted, and sure enough, there’s a line that looks just like the bow line. As line was still secured to a cleat on bow, when it wrapped forward of the prop, it pulled/wedged the shaft strut forward by 5 inches or so, cracking both the hull and the pan liner. It also caused the shaft to bow enough to crack the shaft tube. All told, about $11.5 K worth of damage. Those old tenets of seamanship? Pay attention to them. I should have cleared all my lines in a calm pat of the harbor before I set off. I should have changed out the long, spare sheets the yard used, for the actual, much shorter, dock lines. I should have tested and made sure the bilge pump actually pumped the bilge. Im horrified and embarrassed that this happen to me...but hopefully, by admitting it, someone else won’t make that same set of mistakes...
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    Fifty years ago this past Wednesday... the last concert of one of the greatest bands ever... Fifty years??????? https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/beatles-last-concert-rooftop-ken-mansfield-interview-783884/
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    Happy Jack already has his pre-order in for the commemorative coins. I haven't seen anything this promising since North Korea completely halted their WMD program.
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    Same - started doing that that when another poster decided he'd try for behaviour modification..... FKT
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    What a loser. If he keeps this bullshit up he won't be long for SA, that stalking behaviour is totally against the rules (except in PA).
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    The sad little man just went back two weeks to give me a passel of downers What a sorry little man. He'd make a very good petulant 14 year old girl.
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    Ok Proa. I’ll start a gofundme for you so you can afford to get a life.
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    This is certainly true. However, consider that this is a team that has a reputation for ballsy calls, whether that be design, strategy or execution. Also, this is AT's last premium level attempt at this goal, so he will be gunning for every advantage he can take. Lastly, the IMOCA rule will be overhauled immediately after the end of the next VG - probably reigning in Foil dimensions which are currently unconstrained. There is talk that with dual role for both Vendee and Volvo duties, that the class will have to do something to stop costs spiraling the class into oblivion. So this might be like how the Car Rally scene killed off the Group B monsters - with the loss of the Audi Quattros, Lancia's, RS500's etc etc. Throw all that lot together and you have the perfect opportunity to go to VPLP and say 'What is the most on edge design you have in mind.....? Throw the kitchen sink at the problemt..... Just don't build one for the boat......' I cant help but wonder in the way that current HB has fully enclosed foils but Charal has gone for deck exiting, which allows much wider spans, and a smaller hull shell - but also the deployment is constrained to a one in one out type scenario. If they can find a foil geometry that allows very wide spans that can be independently deployed - then lots of High aspect foil in the light stuff that can be both withdrawn as boat speed rises as well as keeping the weather foil retracted enough to get out of the way. Go too long and the retracted waether foil will foul the headsail deployment - but the material science may not be up to making them that long. Tough design choices too make and complex issues to resolve - but if anyone can work it out then surely VPLP and HB's deep pockets are a match made in heaven. Actual speed records are merely a by-product of being in the right time at the right place. You can bet that AT wouldn't give a fig for the record if it means securing a VG win. Til now they are even just poor consolation presents. He has it presently...... as well as in the past. So I hope for something really special to be launched from Carringtons this year.
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    Indeed. 40kg on the shrouds, hoist to top, downhaul to 5 inches from mast base. Outhaul to Max. The performance difference was very clear with any boat that didn't have this setup. Then one day I rigged my boat wrong, and I could tell it was off. It was a hell of a good time. Everyone learned a bunch of things. And I even finished ahead of Dave in one race :-) We need more folks in March. I'll provide dark'n'stormy supplies...
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    I was wondering how long it would take before some keyboard warriors would take a poke at the rudder shape, took longer than I thought. I have to be honest, when I first saw the the stock rudder, my first thought was that it would have to be modified into something higher aspect. Then I sailed the boat, what a sweet sailing boat! Powerful, fast, well balanced. When faced with the myriad of other things to make her ready for the Challenge vs tinkering with rudder shapes, I chose to to stick with the shape that Sandy Douglass came up with. I chose to make it 10% larger to help with the rollers in the Gulf of Mexico, and hopefully strong enough, Klegcell, epoxy, marineply. And yes, I am carrying a extra blade. I wish it took only a Monday to build, laminating foam, glass and ply takes time. So unless Cal 20 or Doug Halsey are Highlander National Champions or direct descendants of Sandy Douglass, they can suck it. See you on the beach. Andy Hayward
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    Si or no? https://m.sailboatlistings.com/view/76809
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    as the sailor of twin keelers (which have to be sailed upright or no more than 15 degerees) I regard you long keelers as indolent bastards - when the wind chips up you just let the physics take over - when the guists come at me I have to ither ease the main sheet sheet or stuff the boat into the wind while you long keel wallahs just take another puff on the pipe D
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    AFAIAC when a man gets pregnant then he's entitled to a say in this "debate". Until then, Shut The Fuck Up.
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    AMAZING! I'm working on the highlight reel now and I'm amped all over again just from watching it. It's developing into a real dogfight for first and it's got my overwhelmed with excitement for the future of the class. One design classes have never been my thing, but they are now. The racing is just that much better with fast entirely uniform equipment. At times, "tight" doesn't really do it justice. See attached gif. https://gph.is/2WyV8od That's two boats, nearly touching, full send. At the base end of the fleet, what I'm seeing i that we're all finishing races close enough that nobody's slowing anybody down. The stability of the boat pays well in that those who aren't trying to fly too much sail consistent stable races and the event moves smoothly. In a three class regatta, we were without question the least burdensome on the crash boats presenting a three day total of 0 assistance requested or consumed. I think the RC likes us for that. Also, big racecourse takeaways from this regatta: 1.rig tension. Just nail it. I'm not saying overcamber your sail. That can badly hurt you in anything above 9 knots. However, you can get that camber out of places that will hurt you and down to the base of the rig where it helps entirely with cunningham and outhaul. You want to start every race day "building the mast" by tensioning the bujeezus out of your jumpers before you do anything else. I hopped into Otto's boat after day 2 which had been tweener weather requiring stiffness and camber. His rig was about 10% looser in the shrouds and 15% less cambered. Big impediment to takeoffs, which he'd mainly been overcoming by being an incredible athlete. 2. Definitely heel hard and crab upwind. 3. Definitely heel to weather to build speed downwind and carve towards the mark, but view heel as a consumable, not a prerequisite. Expect to slowly swing to upright and then heeled to leeward and hiking hard before you arc back up to build speed again. It's a smooth transition from the moth-thing to the wild-thing and it's presently the way to get downwind fast. I CANNOT WAIT for more of these events. DRC
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    Are you against change in every other aspect of your life? Do you have a $15k full carbon scull that weighs 10 kg? Most people I know that row don't. The Laser is ancient. They have refused to update it. They should have switched to the Byte construction(foam cored hull & deck) in 1980. They should have hired Bethwaite after he updated the Byte with the C2 rig in 2004(15 years ago). Somehow the Laser has continued its success despite the builders & class. The only reason they updated the rigging was the Sydney 2000 Olympics. It had no place in the Olympics without a proper boom vang. At this stage it has no place in the Olympics without a modern rig. Unfortunately the hull will still go soft in 2 years. I have been sailing Lasers since 1987. After four boats, I cannot bring myself to buy another one. They are the most overpriced boat on the water. Its a love/hate relationship. The fact that the Aero didn't go fully battened mylar pisses me off enough not to buy one so far. Keep in mind there was a day when there was 1, then 10, then 100, then 1000... Lasers sailing. You got to start with 1 boat.
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    Hey, we all know what your taste in women runs to Grumpy.
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    I think my new troll Proa has a little crush on me
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    Maybe that's the best defense against the downers. Every downer gets 5 uppers?
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    Keep it going Beer - you're getting several uppers every time the Pathetic One gives you a downer. Maybe he's actually being nice to you - did you ever think of that?
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    If you fuggin khans stopped dumping shit in the water like shipping containers, stuff from oil rigs and ships, trees, abondining boats and all manner other shit then these guys and girls might be able to sail around the water without running into shit and busting boat.
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