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    No, a member of the committee said so. Another member of the committee said that there are enormous amounts of evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
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    No. It said that it had found no direct evidence. It did not conclude there was no evidence.
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    I was out sailing mine today, with a couple of friends as crew. They also built their own boat. Quite different boats, mine a steel Colvin design, theirs a custom Ed Burnett carvel plank timber design. It can be done but you need a hell of a lot of persistence. FKT
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    The narrator of the video in the OP is Stefan Molyneaux. Molyneaux is a well known alt right,conspiracy theorist, and all around whack job. He has theorized that women are responsible for all of the violence in the world by raising their children improperly. No, really, he believes that. Some accuse him of being a cult leader. Molyneaux is also a proponent of the 'White Genocide' theory, that basically the world hates white people. Incidentally, although he lives in Canada, he is a Trump supporter. I don't care what facts and figures he cites, I don't believe a word this man says about anything. By the way, his education consists of studies in theater and a BA and MA in history. I think that people that sit on the internet all day listening to Molyneaux, et al, have a particular affinity for British accents. Take a look at a lot of the conspiracy videos on YouTube, a large amount of them are narrated by people with British accents. I think people that are susceptible to conspiracy theories think that a British accent imparts a certain credibility and wisdom to the speaker, no matter what kind of nonsense they are spewing.
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    I would not be surprised, forecast hinted at a light night. Front will not be through Flamingo until early Tues Morning, the last time I checked. This is going to be a stamina tester for the Spawns - Stumbling
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    After some very unusual snow over the last several weeks now we have tons of sun. (PNW weather is very entertaining.) After checking out FRANCIS LEE and exercising her engine and furnace, we took WHITECAP out to Tour Eagle Harbor and test out the new Hydronic heating system. SWMBO was quite happy.
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    Can you work up a more believable metaphor? He would fuck up Tic-Tac-Toe if you spotted him the first three moves. I think it is worth noting J28 believes those who will face President Trump are capable of playing 3D chess, while the POTUS settles for 3rd grade games like Tic-Tac-Toe.
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    Electoral college got us trump. The time for this institution to die is way past due. Sort of like that 3/5 of a black slave is a person. The US is alone among functioning democracies (?) to not have an unfettered, difinitive popular vote. So you may well like the outcome of '16 but I bet that you will whine like a pouting child the next time you disagree with the result.
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    Heard an interview with her where she responded to a former congresscriiter who said Financial Sevices & Oversight used to be expensive committees... the recipient had to donate X amount to the DCCC. Ocasio said that when she got elected, and first started meeting people on the hill, no one was saying “how are you” or any small talk. It was “which committee?” She said she’d been giving lots to plenty of progressives, and thought that would fulfill her $ requirement... she was quickly made aware that, no. You’d have to give to the DCCC in order to get the committee of choice. She said Financial Services wasn’t as expensive as in previous years. It used to be cushy and powerful, but now it means A LOT of work. Listening to her, I got the sense that she is bright, quick on her feet & drinking from a firehose. She is not stupid. She was reluctant to call it “The New Green Deal” btw. She didn’t like it, thought it pretentious. But events and online discussion and momentum made the decision for her. She said part of what she’s learning to do is surf the power of the people who put her in office and those who “support” her. Giving voice to that momentum is both good politics and her job right now. Self aware, self effacing, hard working and unafraid to take new positions unpopular with the establishment and moneyed interests? We could do worse.
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    Spawn CP 2 just now from WT/FB page
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    What boat do you have? Every design has an optimal angle of heel and it varies according to conditions. On long skinny boats, heel matters less than on wide boats, especially those with wide flat sterns. If you want to jump-start your understanding of heel, spend a summer in a dinghy like Laser or Melges 14. The performance differences at different angles of heel on different points of sail in different conditions are transferred to physical sensations in your butt and on the tiller. Don't over-analyze it; just spend time sailing, responding to puffs and lulls, trimming in the sails and easing out, hiking out and leaning in, shifting your weight towards the bow and shifting aft. It's all about putting in the hours on the helm. Once you get to the stage where you're doing all that boat and sail trim without thinking about it, you are ready to get back into the less responsive bigger boat. You should find yourself automatically seeking the same trims and sensations as on the dinghy.
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    The only way WO would have used the handheld would be if they knew the fixed mount VHF was cactus. But . . . . . but . . . . .Richo said . . . . oh noooo Say it aint so Richo
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    On a Benetau 411(12.5m), you can probably want it around 15° below ~7 knots boatspeed (Fn0.3-0.35) in the pursuit of minimising wetted surface area and viscous drag. Going more than this - say 20°, you can start introducing resistance from the rudder and keel broaching the water surface. You also have diminishing returns as what you gain in boatspeed you loose in leeway angle as your appendages become less efficient, so i think 15° is safe and beneficial, but feel free to disagree - it wont suit all boats. Any faster than 7 knots and wetted surface area is no longer a primary concern, so get the boat flat so your appendages work as efficiently as possible and your waterline is as symmetrical as possible - ie. the flatter the better. In answer to your real question. Yes there is a scientific way to do this, however, not without some parameters that are pretty difficult to measure by hand. Even then, the easy equations for resistance are based on tow tank testing and calculating where you are on a spectrum of towed model data. This paper-> The Influence of Heel on the Bare Hull Resistance of a Sailing yacht. is pretty good example of that, but unless you're up to speed with terminology of design ratio's(BwL/Tc=waterline beam/bare-hull draft), you'll probably find it more greek than sailing. I haven't touched on appendages at heel and weather helm, but you can look into those as major factors in optimum heel too.
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    So Jack, with regard to your Mt Raoul VHF station diagram, assuming WOXI complied with: 43.2 When Tasman Island bears 000° True each boat shall call "HOBART RACE CONTROL" on VHF 81 and advise its rounding time and ETA at the finish (40.3 nautical miles). Are you hinting that if the VHF signal was strong enough to transmit and be received despite a fried splitter, so should the AIS signal?
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    Maybe all maritime agencies and emergency services should require all non S2H vessels to carry the race tracker on board.... It is so superior why bother with AIS at all? With both receive and transmit “on” at all times?
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    I have pretty much kept out of this discussion but been following all the same and have just done a Ctrl-F search for 15. I found port number 15, 15 as part f the time of a post but nowhere did I find 15 with RRS in front of it. It is not much of a surprise as it is probably one of the most forgotten and least understood rules in the book. In my limited experience of umpiring (only 700 races or so) it results in more green flags than just about anything else. RRS 15 :When a boat acquires right of way it shall initially give the other boat room to keep clear, unless she acquires right of way because of the other boat's actions. Notice "Room" NOT time and opportunity as some STILL love to quote. Couple that with the definition of room. "The space a boat needs in the existing conditions, including space to comply with her obligations under the rules of Part 2 and Rule 31 (not relevant in this case) while manoeuvring in a seamanlike way." And for good measure RRS 10 When boats are on opposite tacks a port tack boat shall keep clear of a starboard tack boat. Finally Keep Clear "A Boat keeps clear of a right of way boat (a) if the right of way boat can sail her course with no need to take avoiding action. It does appear from the 'evidence' which is all the PC can go by that P attempted to "keep clear". She has the right to expect S to giver her "room". By altering S denied P the room to keep clear and therefore broke RRS 15. Literally every degree of course alteration by the right of way boat constantly switches 15 on. Only when S holds her course does that obligation switch fully to P Comments above about P "not doing everything she can" are not really relevant unless S was holding her course which she doesn't appear to have been doing. It would be hard to suggest S was doing anything but 'hunting' P. The fact there was port to port contact between the boats clearly shows at least one (perhaps both) was no longer on a course to windward. S had an obligation under 16 and a continuing obligation under 15 as she was altering course. The sensible thing for S to have done is that as soon as she saw P bearing away would have been to return to a starboard tack close hauled course then there would have been no issues with P or any of the rules. Additionally it must have been obvious to S that there was sufficient damage to P to require them to cease racing yet they continued. They should have retired under RRS 14. Last time I had intimate knowledge of a contact severe enough to prevent racing and the relatively undamaged party continued racing they were 'invited' to an early morning Rule 69 hearing by the International Jury, DSQ from the whole event and reported to their MNA. When a port tacker in a fleet race alters to duck a starboard tacker they would not normally expect the starboard tacker to come down on them. A sensible starboard tacker would, as soon as they see the port tacker going for the duck would be to come back up onto a close hauled course. Had S done that in this instance, like I say, no issue - green flag! Oops sorry, we are talking fleet, not match here. I know if I had been driving P and started to duck and then saw S bearing away it would be a real WTF moment. Throwing IRPCAS into the mix just unnecessarily muddies the waters but the end result would be the same. Or am I missing something?
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    Winner. A Flying Oxygen chamber...
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    I can't even see anything worth salvaging off that monstrosity. Makes the Fraser river look like Monaco harbour.
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    Trump isn't even POTUS yet. He will be letting out wall contracts on the Afternoon of January 20 and Mexico will pay all the invoices. You just wait and see!!!