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    The RYA’s on the subject. First published in 1969. And on red ensigns ashore:
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    Jack's got a lot to say, that doesn't make him frenzied, just busy. Frenzied would be constantly and rapidly repeating the same thing without any justification or logic. You may not agree with Jack's views, but he references his data.
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    Agreed. This information should have been shared with the class before the vote. It is, after all, what we were voting on. I'm betting ILCA folks thought process was as follows: 1. No way even 20% of the members will take the time to sort through all of this. 2. This will likely lead to confusion and low voter participation. 3. Our best bet is to try and summarize why we need to do this. In the end LP has brought this upon themselves through poor service to large areas of their monopolized territory, (large as in square miles). I voted yes for the primary reason of having the ability to buy from others and not being married to LP as a Laser Sailor any longer. Of course the talk track of "staying in the Olympics" was a carrot. However, the pain endured under years of LP's inability, (or unwillingness) to supply the market I sail in was the main driving factor behind my vote.
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    So Maverick with class wins couple of middle sea races, overall SoCal300, TransAtlantic division win, good Transpac in front of BadPak until they FU'd isn't competitive? That's the first boat actually built as a race boat so thats not too shabby. Some of the above need to get out more;) Foils on keelboats are here to stay, and its great to watch all the different solutions being tried out. Imocas have rules that determine the foil configs on those, other have to live with ORC/ORR/IRC rules, more than one way to skin that particular animal. Horses for courses and all that.
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    So why are they looking at this, and not the much more potent quad, as proposed (and used) by Hugh Welbourn? They are lovely sails to fly, and don't have all that huge overlap which just adds to heeling, and forces the main to be overtrimmed. Here on the Infinity 36.
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    I had a 2001 extended cab 1/2 ton Silverado with a full sized bed that I liked quite a bit. Drove the heck out of it till I gave it (like every car I've ever owned) to one of my kids (who like most of the cars I gave them....they wrecked...........). It was a good truck.
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    I'm 52, and I'll have to overcome some resistance to vote for him if he wins the primary... he lent gravitas & establishment cred to Obama 10 years ago, but now? He's just way too fuckin old & out of touch with reality outside the beltway, at this point. I like the guy, but he shouldn't even be in the race. I don't think we win this by catering to the middle; I don't think there IS much of a "middle", anymore. I think we win it by motivating people who normally wouldn't bother to vote, to show up & vote. Nice to see Kristof getting on board... as previously mentioned - that's a ticket I could vote for, as opposed to just voting against Trump.
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    Well, the rudder and the cabin are the parts that make me think that this boat is a knock off of stuff like the H-Boat or Sea Sprite... It's about 100 miles away from me, and I drive electric...there ain't no chargers out there, or I'd already have been out to look at it. The owner calls it a "sea king," and it looks neither like an outboard or a helicopter to me.
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    After last night, I'm not feeling better right now. CNN showed again how they intend to cover the election process - stir up shit, create divisiveness, ignore candidates they don't want elected, push candidates they want down our throats - typical corporate media shit. And they guy they want to send to the White House to protect their profits looks to be Joe Biden. AKA Hillary 2.0. Looks like they want a repeat of 2016.
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    You still think this is about FB ads? You, my friend, are why no one takes Libertarians seriously. It was an entire misinformation campaign that was built over years and perpetrated by right wing "media" outlets. Young people stayed home and riled up white people voted. Why were they riled up? You tell me!
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    Get your facts outta here man
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    Actually, every club that I’ve ever seen that doesn’t hold a warrant for white, blue, defaced blue or defaced red flies the plain red duster from the gaff of the flagstaff. Here’s the Island Sailing Club, Cowes, doing just that. The chances of getting the MoD to grant new warrants for any new clubs to be allowed to wear a special ensign is about zero. and Itchenor
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    A few weeks or so Clean posted a link to a podcast with Yang and Joe Rogan. Well worth the listen. This guy is very bright, well informed and forward thinking. edit: I chose to race a sailboat tonight so missed tonight, did my best to endure last night and what a clusterfuck. Just give everyone 5 minutes to state their positions then have some followups with rebuttals. CNN was doing their best to create a fucking cage match. Out of the 20 almost anyone of them would be hands above the Chump in Chief living in the WH now.
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    I don’t see how Russia’s failure to rake their forests is our problem.
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    I suppose you want a pearson triton, Alberg 30, or a Pearson Vanguard
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    Clorox the Oval Office! Blondie wins the debate with that one.
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    If you had to live next door to a country that elected something like Trump you wouldn't smile much either.
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    No, because the UK won't have any free trade agreements for a while, and likely none of significance until they have one with the EU, because all other countries will wait to see what terms are agreed between the UK and EU to leverage their own deals with the UK. In the meantime, the UK will have to treat all imports the same, with or without tariffs, so nobody, within or without the EU, will be relatively disadvantaged. Once a UK/EU deal is in place, then the EU suppliers will have a brief period of advantage until the other countries get their deals in place. Because no-one is disadvantaged, there is no pressure for any of them to rush into a trade deal with the UK. The only loser in this is the UK, who will have to pay more for products from all sources during the initial period, and also have all their exports subject to tariffs as well. That is the double whammy. Except it is a triple whammy, as the UK is resource-poor, so imports most materials used in its exports, hence the drop in sterling will not result in an equivalent drop in the price of UK goods for export. This is why countries join trading blocks. It's not rocket science, and the WTO has made this abundantly clear from the very start. That's manufacturing. Services are another issue all together.......
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    It was a famous man who state that when a populace realized they could vote themselves wealth the country is done for. Well right now, the wealthy portion of our populace has it figured out and is riding it for every penny. And if it's not fixed, it WILL be the end of this country.
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    Well, they sort of have. The F50 foils have a soft kink with a wide angle elbow. The same aggressive taper, and the same outboard cant. The biggest difference between ETNZ's AC50 and the F50 is the ride profile. They don't have the steep nose down aspect because of the onboard adjustable rudder fins, which allows them to ride flatter with better aero.
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    Has anyone else noticed the links to other pages in threads not working? I can open the next page in a new tab but can't just click and go to it in the tab I'm using.
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    Worst place for a sailor? The USA. No Bullrails. Fixed it for you lol.