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    OK, spare me the "f off newbie"...been here before but had to re-register. I was lucky enough to get up close to the boat, and I can honestly say any pictures out there so far simply do not even come close to doing it justice. It's incredible..."porn star" finsh carbon throughout (not black paint as it looks) and just details details details everywhere. Check out the forward windows on the cabin top and the nav lights built into the stanchions for starters. And...here are the foils. They look perfectly "circular" to me and very unlike any of the wide, flat, "Corsair Wing" designs elsewhere. This thing is an absolute WEAPON and Alex has probably already won the psychological startline battle in this. It is an incredible machine and I am 100% rooting for Alex this time round!
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    Is it just me or with the exception of tip details, do those foils look like they could be end for ended and swapped in the event of damage?
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    Sad. The reason sailors (not just skippers) fail in PHRF is that they think it's some kind of fuckin' race. It is not, cannot be made into a race, and attempts to do so are not only doomed to fail but will hasten the collapse of civilization. PHRF is a social event. It's an excuse to go for an enjoyable sail. You put the event on your calendar, and instead of save-the-whales committee meetings, weddings, golf, funerals, or any of the other zillion things that clutter your days, you can now GO SAILING! YAY! They say that timing is everything..... and they're right, except that having the correct attitude is also everything FB- Doug
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    A Complete Psychological Analysis of Trump's Support https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/mind-in-the-machine/201812/complete-psychological-analysis-trumps-support I haven't read anything in Psychology Today since high school. It is from last December but something tells me they're still the same.
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    The Rugby guy did okay for a rugby guy doing sailing, but at times he was out of his depth, and really didn't grasp the finer points or nuances of racing sail boats, let alone the technical aspects. Having to ask why a leading boat would give up a bit of their lead to cover the other boat was tiresome to hear, when it's so obvious to any sailor. I understand wanting a pro guy to anchor the commentary, but Ken could have done that, and another expert would have lifted it measurably. I don't think SailGp have it right with Jody. Nothing personal against the guy, I just think his tone of crikey Aussie bloke is a poor fit for the event.
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    Thanks for the blog and posts. Your writing is fine. I would like to read more about your minimalist philosophy touched on in #38 above. The posts of our unsupportive Anarchists should quietly roll off your back. Sparring with them is pointless...even though some of us find great sport in it. 22 thruhulls! Who wrote that above? Holy crap! That there is a life out of balance. Multiply 22 by the requisite hoses, hose clamps, elbows. I cannot really justify the 4 we have on our luxurious 50 foot cruiser. Three would seem enough. Pumps seem impossible to count...bet everyone has a few more that they think...dinghy seems to have five...just sayin.
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    Buying a boat. Not so much acquiring an asset as giving yourself exposure to a liability.
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    Such as -- to pick an example at random! -- moving around in boats powered by the laughably obsolete 'fabric on sticks' technology rather than using the vastly-less-primitive internal combustion engine? Anyone still choosing sail over power (excepting Joyen or similar) has already taken the retro option & is 2/3rds on Eben's side. Then it's just down to hairsplitting over how self-consciously atavistic you want the experience to be. It's like people scorning BCCs or Westsails for being slow. Yeah, well. A seven year-old on her Disney Princess bike rolls faster than your Beneteau, too.
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    You know whats the pathetic part Bowel Movement? It's a straight trend line from '09 and you Republican fucks only started to think it got better in November 2016. Once the Democrat was gone. So fuck you, you cowardly fuckwhit, and fuck all Republicans
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    Jeff will be along shortly to correct you and say that this is all part of the Bitch Burning. What you mistakenly see as catastrophic national debt, a looming recession and a breach of long standing international alliances, among other things, is really nothing more than patriotic Republicans becoming more fiscally conservative and smarter. Guy will be concerned yet optimistic. Tom in his infinite wisdom will correctly identify the Duopoly as the real culprit, but nothing which the Founders in their infinite wisdom didn't foresee and provide for with the 2A and Satoshi with one-CPU-one-vote.
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    If going thru the trouble of retrofitting ventilaton to black water tanks, two vents is better than one of any diameter. In re fresh water flushing, remember that marine heads that are fresh water flushable are designed specifically to protect your fresh water systems from bacteria migration. If you have a pull out hose shower head it is far easier to just use it to fill the bowl with fresh then pump out than messing with your head and contaminate your drinking water.
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    That. Your PHRF 'rating' is a single number attempting to fairly rate your boat in all courses, all breezes, all conditions. Some places try to use other numbers (point to point etc) but AFAICT they are all bullshit. So you sail knowing that. On our boat we hold our own until it's below 7 knots. Our RC will run W/Ls down to 4, where we get HAMMERED. So these days we lose the race but win the party. But we got the most comfortable boat in the fleet, and I've got the sexiest maintrimmer/fiance at the club. Perhaps the world. So we're winners.
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    The cheap part is buying it.
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    "to race that boat competitively will cost more per year than the buy-in. Sail budget is 50-75K to stay in the game. here's some rough budget annual expenses sails 50K bottom 5-10k rigging and electronics 5-10K dockage and storage 20K insurance 5K ?? crew, pro's, regatta transport, fees $$$$ you name it depreciation 25-50K Nobody is going to buy this boat to race in the TP52 Super Series so Yikes cost figures don't make sense. There are 52's racing locally and regionally all over the world. Not Super Series competitive but fun, fast, challenging, and much cheaper that suggested above. I'd budget, for my area: sails 15K, Sails last three years at 25 races per year, buy good sails, not grand prix bottom 3-5k rigging and electronics, general maintenance 12k dockage and storage 15K insurance 2K Buy liability only crew, pro's, shirts, crew dinners, etc, regatta transport, fees 3k depreciation 25-50K- What? in four years it's free? Try 10-20K This would be about typical for many localities for an amateur run club racing program for a 50+ race boat. My costs for a 43' is about 1/3 that, racing does not have to be so expensive.
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    Had to stick this nice shot I found somewhere. Something odd about the roach on that mainsail...
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    Who is Robert E. Lee. A guy who fought against the USA for the right to keep slaves, using his men as cannon fodder and finally surrendering with the remnants of his army when faced with defeat and death. Even after reconciliation he publicly opposed racial equality and granting African Americans the right to vote. Using tax collected in part from African Americans to honor people like him during the Jim Crow era was a way to oppress blacks. People who honor him and his views insult those americans who died fighting him and his brethren, they insult americans he would have liked to have remained slaves and unequal. Racists are not fine people.
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    Sorry LR, this is a nonsensical answer straight form the oil and gas playbook. Apply just a bit of logic please. While it is true that climate changes on a number of timescales. that in no way implies that current warming is or isn't anthropogenic in nature. An enormous preponderance of the evidence suggests that recent warming is driven by increased levels of GHGs in the atmosphere. That evidence is why ~98% of climate scientists (you know people who study this for a living, full disclosure - including me) agree that human's are the primary cause of recent warming. Further, how is pointing out that it is late in the day to address the problem 'exploiting natural phenomena for political gain'? I am always dismayed when otherwise reasonable people, of which I count you one, fall for the right wing climate-denial falderal.
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    I see the moral bankruptcy of Australian Sailing continues with the “anti hooligan” rule again for the Aust Yacting Champs in Hobart. for Div 1 boats unless you have done the Hobart you must carry a DNS in your score that can not be dropped. And you wonder why people just laugh. dickheads!
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    Don't let the downers here get you. Some of us, probably most of us, appreciate your continued narrative. This forum tends to be more acerbic than most, but it is also a forum that has a lot of experience and knowledge. In a few rare cases, wisdom. Do hang around, you're adding to the mix well.
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    I guess it's quite easy for people to get the wrong idea very quickly and I should probably choose my words more carefully in future. I thought I made it clear that we made an active decision to go down the path we did. We didn't want to have all the modern conveniences on board. We chose to do things in a way that gives us a more raw (richer might have been the wrong word here) experience. There's a very specific set of reasons why we shied away from modern and too comfortable. We're not suggesting that everybody do what we're doing, heck most people would balk at the way we do things. That is perfectly ok with us. For *US* this is a better way of doing things, for *YOU* it might be the wrong way. Do what work for *YOU*. I really do appreciate constructive criticism, but barbed half sentences with a hint of irony? Is that really necessary? If you dislike it that much, please do not read it, you're clearly not the target audience. If you could tell me why you feel it's badly written please tell me, I put a lot of time and effort into writing and really would like to know how I could improve. An even better idea would be to point me to your blog so I can see an example of a well written blog that's not mostly boring. Keep in mind that English is my second language and the only things I've written in the past is computer software. This is a new adventure for me. I feel like I should tell you about my past so you can understand my current point of view and remember this is *MY* point of view, I don't expect you to subscribe to it. I know how to live comfortably; I was once known as the man who's got everything. I've had all the toys, all the comforts you can imagine. I worked my butt off and made serious money. I felt my life was lacking, and I still believe I was right. Living with less to *ME* is living with more. I'm not a teenager anymore, heck statistically I've lived over half my life. Where I'm at currently in life, I relish actually *doing* stuff, I used to just push buttons to achieve things. The experience was 'empty' for me. Because we must work for everything on our little boat, and I mean physically exert energy, we feel like we're accomplishing something. If you've done it the hard way and don't like it, that's fine by us, it's your life, time and energy, spend it how you see fit. After all you only get one life to live, so make the most of it. As someone who spent 20+ years using technology in anger (I'm probably better qualified to fix and work with electronics than 90% of the people here), I don't want my daily life to depend on it. Technology has cause me to lead what I believe an unfulfilled life. We needed a change, and this is what we've done. We were likely born in the wrong era; we like the old way of doing things. My wife's next wish (one she's had ever since I met her) is to live in a little cabin in the middle of the woods/bush, with no mod-cons! Please don't everyone on here get the same idea as she doesn't want any neighbours - she'd like to be a hermit (having this boat with its legacy is challenging for her at times, she dearly loves the boat, but she's not one for attention). Now before you ask us why we bought a boat with a legacy, we bought her first and foremost because we love the boat. People have then encouraged us to keep the history alive by documenting it, which is fun for the most part. I've never once tried to give the impression that I'm strong as an ox, heck I'd like to be strong as an ox, I'd be healthier for it! Sitting down and pushing buttons for 20+ years will take its toll on your body; I certainly do not recommend it. Rather than make barbed comments, why don't you ask us WHY we're doing things the way we're doing it. Even better, if you act like a decent human being and come meet us out on the water, we'll invite you aboard and share all of that with you in person. My intention was never to offend people or put anybody down (and except for the blatant troll, I believe I've not done that). I truly hope the irony isn't lost on those who did exactly what they accused us of doing. I'm also not sure how much of that is directed at us directly or directed at the legacy of our little boat. I certainly won't make the mistake of trying to share a different type of experience here again. Thank you for reminding me why I opted out of the life I did. This has just affirmed my decision for me. Thank you to those who were kind, we'll have to stay in touch another way.
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    Spot on. Aside from the non-word irregardless
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    A buddy picked up Destroyer two years ago to do Transpac cycle. He was able to pickup a 2nd hand MHG for a good price. But, basically he told me any effort to stay on his initial budget went out the window quickly. We've been pretty competitive when we weren't going through teething pains. But, it looks like we'll continue playing with this new toy at least through PV.
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    Sail tape is the short run fix, though at the head if it's at the very end you can also actually slash burned out boltrope off altogether. It's not doing anything of note in that area. Do not attempt that in the middle as the exact opposite will happen. Catastrophic sail failure. However a little bit of loose boltrope without the jacket on it can be tolerated in the middle for years if you manage to tear the jacket. Did it on ICs for ages. However, it's best to sail tape over those areas just to keep them reasonable if you've done damage there. -Attached see an image of my race sail which I've been beating senseless for 2.5 seasons. Rejuvenated with a razor blade. DRC
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    The next evolution of sailing is about to begin. This is TRULY sailing redefined and reimagined.