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    towed him in this morning , seems like a good Kid took him to Linda's for breakfast now going to try to sort him out with an old main you can never have too much good karma in the bank shit give him respect for sailing the cail. coast with only a jib PL.
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    Credit for the text below goes to the "Shit Towns of Australia" Facebook page. The Gold Coast likes to fancy itself as Australia’s version of Las Vegas, which is true because it’s a tacky tourist trap adorned with fake tits, a shit casino and an unending parade of timeshare presentations. It’s also home to more New Zealanders than New Zealand so it’s quite probable that you will bump into someone you went to high school with, only now they will have some shit tats and a shit accent. The Gold Coast is where Australia keeps its unemployed Kiwi scaffolders while they wait for their shot at a third rate reality show, and has-been strippers with multiple children to multiple men from multiple outlaw motorcycle gangs. If you are looking to get a shit neo-tribal tattoo or contract some novel form of super chlamydia, then the Gold Coast is probably your place! Given that it’s Australia’s entertainment capital, the Gold Coast is filled with a plethora of such options, with the only downside being that they are all tacky and shit. On the Gold Coast, fine dining is ‘all-you-can-eat pancakes’ and a fun day out with the family features theme parks with worse safety standards than a Chinese coal mine. Popular staples of Gold Coast nightlife include visiting a vampire-themed cabaret staffed entirely by people who look like they recently failed HIV tests, getting attacked by a lower grade league player with ‘roid rage’, or being thrown off a balcony after a Tinder date gone wrong. A popular event on the Gold Coast is ‘Schoolies Week’, which gives high school kids the chance to experiment with alcohol poisoning and tradies from Logan the chance to experiment with getting passed out high school girls into the back of their van. Gold Coast is hosting this year’s edition of the Commonwealth Games, an event that used to exist only so Britain’s former colonies could see who had the fastest slaves and now only exists to give white people who are too shit for the Olympics the chance to win medals, making it the Caucasian Special Olympics. This event will help celebrate the Gold Coast’s rich sporting history, which includes multiple failed professional franchises across at least three sports. MOST FAMOUS: The ‘Candyman’, a failed former AFL player and current tobacco mogul who whiles away his days hosting million-dollar orgies and shagging a bevy of porn stars, making him so Australian he should probably replace the emu on the coat of arms. DO: Attempt a Gold Coast Triathlon – snort a line of coke off a Meter Maid’s arse, lose a week’s wages at the casino and get drunk enough to fight a Samoan bouncer. DON’T: Ask about the footy team. Any of them. They are all shit.
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    Appears the pins act like fuses, breaking before the hull does to prevent sinking.
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    The convicted liar tipped his hand as to his post conviction strategy as he left the courthouse. As he made his way through the crowd he was overheard saying “pardon me. Pardon me, pardon me.”
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    Greta is backed by a syndicate of green industry venture capitalists. The more governments that invest in renewable energy the richer they get. It's an oldie but a goodie - follow the money.
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    Sorry for getting my hook though your lip. like I said in the Gretard thread- they are jumpin in the boat this morning. Fuck I love this place.
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    Am I the only one that finds it amusing that the thread about Maintaining Sailing Interest is right next to the thread bashing a young girl for choosing to sail instead of fly? Seriously, stop hitting yourselves in the face! Let go the conspiracy theories and then try breathing in and out at a nice steady pace. Mouth closed for extra points.
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    I was a Repub until about 2003. I saw that the GOP had been co-opted by religious conservatives and crackpots. I lamented that, because the GOP had a history of many fine people: Lowell Weicker, Nelson Rockefeller, Everett Dirksen, Robert Brooke, Howard Baker, to name a few. (In fact, one night, as a 16 or 17 year old in D.C. I was reclining on a sidewalk in Georgetown, having had way too much beer, and Senator Dirksen and his wife, out for a stroll, stopped and asked me if I was OK and whether I needed help to get home.) My point is that the at one time, the GOP stood for limited government (not in your bedroom or in the examination room with your doctor), fiscal rectitude (no deficit boosting tax cuts), loyalty to international allies, and free trade (no "easy-to-win" tariff wars). All of this has all been pissed away by today's GOP. It is tragic, because a two party system needs a credible opposition party. Unfortunately, as an opposition party, they have no agenda for the American people beyond gun rights, state level reproductive control, and easy riches for those at the top of the economic heap at a time of acute income inequality.
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    In the Green New World, that is not a valid question because proles will not be travelling anywhere. As a Western person you will Not have children Not travel by air Not have a private vehicle Sit in the cold and dark, in your little pod, and consume approved screen content Eat the bugs, and enjoy them Not engage in wrongthink or commit wrongspeak Meanwhile our betters will be enjoying life and their power over you as they always have. Got it?
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    Well, I guess it is a good thing she did not want to join Isis, you know, because her parents couldn't possibly say 'no' to their little girl. By the way, I love how the "green" zealots always jump to the "denier" claim anytime anyone questions their methods or "solutions". Nah, couldn't be that others see other options that don't lead to economic collapse and the eventual more rapid destruction of our environment as a result... couldn't be that we may have options that would be more beneficial relative to the combination of reducing CO2 emissions, mitigation of the negative impacts of global warming that we can't change, and EVEN (I know this is heresy to you zealots, but still...) improvement of our quality of life.
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    Here Vin. Best dry tack we have ever seen, and by far.
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    It's actually a well designed beach side city for the modern health conscious beach goers. You can go to the beach during the hottest part of the day and there is plenty of shade to save you from UV and skin cancer.
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    LOL, I like it. Back in the day I was a "budget tourist" and the real estate presentations provided free food. Other than the largess of developers, I mostly lived on chook and pineapples-the good times.
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    You guys crack me up talking about these boats as if they are not seaworthy for going around the world.... It is not just multi-hulls that get pounded in these conditions, or these multi-hulls. You think Comanche or Scallywag would enjoy those conditions (30+ knot headwinds and confused seas)? The boats are not breaking due to those conditions, they had issues because of their pure speed in the tradewinds and because one slammed into something. For the former (faults caused by speed, such as delamination), that is an issue related to having to figure out evolution with such incredible speeds, not because the boats are inherently fragile (they would not have that issue if they simply slowed down). For the latter (striking a UFO), it is pure luck (or lack of luck), and the same thing that kills boats of all types.
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    Or this Hinckley 21 (LWL) https://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/41256
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    https://www.scanvoile.com/2019/11/apivia-imoca-convoyage-retour-charlie-dalin-solitaire-transat-jacques-vabre-retour.html#.Xc7Xpe3Yo3E Charlie Dalin bringing Apivia back to Europe solo Charlie Dalin left at 23;00 (French time) Wednesday on his return trip from Brazil to the Azores. Five days after his victory in the TJV he is already on his way back doing what he likes best, solo sailing. He is taking the opportunity to work on his mastery of the boat for the Vendée Globe 2020. You are already heading back to the sea? Charlie Dalin: I did not see myself waiting until next spring and The Transat to learn about solo sailing aboard APIVIA. I was able to rest and I can not wait to be out there by myself, it is for this purpose that we built APIVIA. It's time to start. I had hesitated to go solo during the preparation phase, it would have been too soon, it was most important to make it reliable. What are your goals? Charlie Dalin: I need to find out even more about the boat, to see what needs to be done this winter to make it even faster and more reliable. This return journey solo will allow also me to complete my qualification for the Vendée Globe Will this be your first time alone on the boat? Charlie Dalin: I have to find my rhythm. Weather, maneuvers, fitness, repairs, the life of the sailor ... I will not have Yann (Elies) to help me this time. I will be alone on board instead of two and it will be four times harder! I will be careful and the weather will be fairly easy during the first 36 hours. Then there will be the Doldrums which I will review this weekend. But I will not do the trip without pushing the boat. The end of the return trip will be crewed: there is much more traffic in the stretch between the Azores and Brittany and it will certainly be necessary to wait for a good weather window as well. We will not take unnecessary risks for myself or for APIVIA, there a big winter refit waiting. What do you expect to learn from your first solo trip on your new boat? Charlie Dalin: I will note everything: my maneuvers, what I eat, my tiredness, the sail changes. I have been sailing solo for a long time and this is very important data. In addition, I am working with the European Sleep Center: I will be using a helmet to analyze my sleep cycles during a crossing.
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    I'm much more impressed by someone having the sense to turn around than I am by someone with big brass balls. Nothing sad about it.
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    I'm a fan of this. It gets butts in boats and if anyone get ambitious and decides to travel to a class regulated event they'll step up for the class gear when and if the time feels right, but for many the local ponds offer enough and there's nothing wrong with that!
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    I have videos posted somewhere.......S9 drifts away faster than I can swim - a lot faster. Tethering yourself to the boat adds other issues - like drowning under the nets, but heck - that's your call. Mast is sealed - we capsized maybe 50 times (no exaggeration) - the only time we ever saw a turtle was when a hull was seriously holed - and that happened twice. S9 is pretty durable and the behavior is predictable - all good for surviving an offshore sail. But I would never attempt a surf launch with an S9. Tried to think of a reasonable exception, but kept coming up with reasons why not. Anybody here try an A cat surf launch? Would like to see videos of that. In my experience uni-rigs and surf launches don't work well together. (I made many surf launches on the Texas coast with a Prindle 15 and a Hobie 17 - almost always successful, but those boats were tanks compared to an S9 or A Cat.) (Full disclosure: I also rolled a Hobie 14 Turbo and a Prindle 15 into little pieces in the surf - but both of those were on the way in, not out.) I would happily take the S9 offshore if I had sailing buddies nearby - sailing or RIB. But starting point would not be a surfy beach (is "surfy" a word?). I don't think it would be prudent to take an S9 offshore under the conditions described above. But again, my definition of "offshore" may not be the same as yours.
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    For those following along with the INEOS story - this is a pretty good summation with some relatively realistic numbers... https://www.sailweb.co.uk/2019/11/14/ineos-and-sailgp-are-they-serious/
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    No they were, although the program has changed since the class was created, but races were always part of the prgram.
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    I've got 30ft cruising boat in the northeast US where we bang around the buoys on weds nights and do some of the local weekend races and the like. I typically bring beer and snacks, but the crew usually brings (more) beer as well on weds nights. We get drunk and its fun. For weekend stuff where we need lunch I typically bring lunch, snacks, drinks, beer. If I asked any of the crew to bring something they would and they have even when not asked. For bigger events we'll figure it out but I typically cover entry fee and if folks want to do crew gear then we just split that cost. For bigger events sometimes I'll ask the people doing it to throw in a few bucks to help cover dockage if its going to be expensive. My crew knows im just a regular guy making regular guy money. My program is about having fun and getting around the buoys efficiently. My crew have fun and we rotate folks around to cross train, Ill get a hotshot i know to come out and work different positions with my regular guys to teach them new techniques or help figure out the best way to a maneuver, etc. Some of the crew were pretty green but we've worked them up to being pretty solid. I used to be too proud to ask for help with projects in the springtime or whenever, but I've learned 1) things go way faster with a few extra hands and 2) most of guys who volunteer to come out and help do projects genuinely enjoy the work and are happy to contribute some sweat so the boat gets in the water on schedule and we can go out and play again. I appreciate the help but would never expect anyone show up as thats my responsibility as the owner. But they do and Ill continue to buy the beer and sandwiches, etc. Buying a 30 rack of beer for my friends is cheaper than paying someone strip my toe rails and it allows the crew to get their hands dirty in a satisfying way for them. It comes down to how you want to run your program. Its nice to get on a boat where there is plenty of beer and some decent snacks, free gear, paid travel, etc. I don't personally mind it if Im asked to bring some of those beers or snacks when I am showing up as crew because i respect what the owner has to deal with.
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    Jack Ryan on Prime is almost the complete opposite of Tom Clancy's JR. I wonder how Clancy got listed as an executive producer. Was it through a medium?
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    http://www.canadianoceanracing.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Open-60-Report.pdf VERY interesting insight into the design process of an IMOCA even if it never got built. Seems to me they underestimated the speed the boats would be going at by this time. Although the summary states the main design objective was safety. Which is reflected in the chunkiness of the concept. Worth the read, but a word of warning, it's quite dense.