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    Hey now! Get up to date. Steak doesn't cause obesity or heart problems, hasher. McDonald's might but it ain't because of the meat. Don't listen to sugar-industry funded shit
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    Its true, he has the authority to do this. But it doesn't make it correct or smart. To get involved at this minutiae level is ludicrous. Especially in a unit as tightly cohesive as the SEALs where their lives literally depend on their trust in the guy next to them. I sincerely doubt the rest of the team members want these 4 shitbags next to them in a firefight. The CINC should just STFU and let the Navy deal with this. To undermine the commander's authority like this won't end well for anyone and may literally get someone killed. Speaking of STFU'ing....... You should try it, Jack. Just saying.
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    When built in 2007 by the Rocket Surgeon (Marty Johnson) in Nomex/prepreg and painted silver it was Rolls Royce quality and named Silver Shadow. After 12 year of hard work, several owners and several upgrades, it now grey and just a SHADOW of its former self. #3102 predates both Bladerider and Mach2. (Oldest foiler in the up coming Perth worlds, both boat and skipper, so do not expect too much).
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    We live in hope. +1 That’s very charitable of you. Personally, I have no sympathy. They deliberately ventured out at a very unseasonable time, into what they must have known would be plenty of rough weather, all in the name of pointless virtue signalling and publicity. I only hope that they don’t declare a Mayday and put innocent lives at risk (although it would be very amusing if they were rescued by a passing supertanker!). You DO realize this this entire website is dedicated to the promotion of anarchy, right?
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    This is true. I have never played Yatzy.
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    Enough with the straw man arguments. Who’s trying to stop evolution? Who is opposed to women being towed at high speeds? (there’s a sentence I never thought that I would write) The coaches are evolving.....? By towing the girls fast? This is the most entertaining exchange I’ve had in months! Are you drunk? Modern communication methods won’t help much if you can’t take the time to formulate a coherent sentence. One last question, how many exclamation marks can you use before you have a heart attack? Easy on the sauce sailor:)
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    Most of the epidemiological studies have been at least partially discredited because of failure to control for all sorts of things. The latest is that the real danger is not red meat but 'processed meat'.
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    Thanks all I find you get more respect for admitting a fuck up, not less. As a kid or young adult, i deflected a lot. I have around 15-30 workers so this has taught me how to just put my hand up and learn from it because many of them don't and it shits me big time... Yes if you do enough miles you open yourself up to risk...The alternative is to sit on the lounge pulling cones or sinking piss but i'm too hyperactive for that..... My first major fuck up was a bullet ski boat in the waves at Cronulla. My second was 21 ft Connelly ski boat at Foster. I've rolled and flipped my Thundercat inflatable surf race boats so many times I can't remember. next was the Shockwave at Flinders Island but i won't take blame for that. Now lastly my cat...so i have good form... I've raced in many sports over many years for the rush and I won't get into the three times i nearly died other than to say it's all a life experience and I regret very little. So now It is time to take stock, slow down and enjoy the tail end of it. I've just pulled out of this years Hobart on Maserati and now will start to rebuild XL2 into what i want. This should take 3-6 months. The plan then is to club race and do some social overnights with my girl and mates but that's only if I can get insurance. .I hope they aren't reading this....If not i'll have to sell it to someone who is less of a risk. BTW as @Chidz said, It was no fluke we got out without injury or death. We were well prepared. Like with my motorbikes .... I ride with ATGATT (All the gear all the time) We also had a very thorough safety briefing before the start... I can't stress that enough.... There are a few auto dump systems around but I can't afford them. There are also manual panic button dumps on hydraulic systems like big monos have had for a long time for the vang... I'm going to keep it simple and reduce sail earlier... You are all welcome to come out for a run next year when it's done... @shaggybaxter... what happened to your boat...?
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    If you want hot Quebécois girls then go to either Québec or Montréal. Actually, anywhere in Québec province is wonderful. Check out the Gaspé peninsula, it is very, very beautiful! I lived in Montréal and the Quebécois women are wonderful!!
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    Spindrift 2 is back in La Trinité sur Mer.
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    Agree, they've been doing it consistently for more than a decade, it doesn't have to be a foiler to achieve such averages. MACIF's record run two years ago had multiple 800+miles days and so did IDEC which is essentially a 12 year old boat. The 908 mile 24 hour record by BP (currently Spindrift) was almost 10 years ago and is still standing...MACIF has experienced rudder problems in the last two years, after it was converted into a foiler, coincidence maybe, but it went around the world in archimedean mode, at amazing speeds, without breaking any appendage.
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    They still are. To anyone who actually likes cars.
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    Your city is a dystopian late 20th century automotive nightmare. That's why.
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    She’s already entered.
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    Not all. Many like to get their information from autistic children.
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    Well, his son, Thomas Jr. also CEO, had a slightly different vision and was a very good sailor with his 60' S&S Palawan. Thinking of the room sized Eniac machine at IBM, or the punch card driven machine we had at school that took up a small building in thew 60's. (Yep, I'm old.) Rudimentary computer graphics were using selected letters to define tonal density. The whole computer department threw a party when a student was able to create an image of a daffodil. It's been an amazing leap.
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    That was before he thought of windows.
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    Trump had to pay $25 million for a fake university, had to pay $2 million for stealing from a charity, pay $130k to keep an affair quiet, let Cohen go to jail for him, took credit for a factory opening 6 years ago, routinely bullies private citizens on social media...but yeah, he's the only one in this telling the truth.
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    I did read once that NZ is more "English" that Aus. Maybe this is what they meant.
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    Are we doing the grammar Nazi thing already? Most people save that until they have nothing else to come back with...Wait. Never mind.
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    I'm betting that the Greta fan club will not watch this video in it's entirety. Seems to balanced for them.
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