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    Can you imagine where we wouldn't be if, in 1851 Commodore Stevens' response to Mr Schuyler had been "You want to build yacht, sail it to Cowes and take part in a yacht race that's a side show for Great Britain's Great Exhibition? Fuckoff -you must be mad - that'll be a oneoff!!!" OR in Knox Johnson & Moitissier hadn't responded to the Sunday Times and the Golden Globe Race publicity in 1968 with "I could do that" where would the Vendee Globe be now? or or or ! All the way back to some ancestor in the Olduvai Gorge in Africa not thinking "I wonder what's over the next hill". It may not work but better to try and die than sit in your little cave and not hope for progress. No wonder our sport is shrinking in some parts of the world. Read some books, you might discover a lot of our progress as a species is thanks to shots in the dark or people having a go and ignoring the critics.
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    That Comanche is pretty damn impressive when it gets its conditions
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    I have, I notice how they start each division individually and not all at the same time.
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    Doh! Thanks GF. Everyone, if you get a moment, go and give Nic the Sailor Girl a vote or like or comment, she was upgrading firmware on telecommunications hardware on Xmas Day for us sorry lot after days of testing and still fitting in interviews. Thanks very much Nic, yet again a stellar effort.
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    Am I too late to bitch about the online video, 480p with a squashed aspect ratio?
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    IF you were driving Comanche, with a howling NE wind, would you want to be anywhere near RIcho and Witty in the harbor? a minute behind at the heads and not having to go to the room is a safe bet.
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    Ripper time for an ad break right on Ricko’s “HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOI-“
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    The owner can do whatever he wants
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    What's up with the shit aspect ratio???
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    The CYCA has posted the youtube link for the live broadcast starting at 12:30 You can watch a countdown clock until then...
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    Gotta put this one up again. What a story. I know most of you have seen it but I bet there’s some who haven’t. Everyone needs to see this.
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    If you are referring to the green on the top sides , something like that would take prolly 3-5 yrs. (around here) depending on how much rain we had . I would be more concerned with the bottom growth , 5 yrs. of that would be pretty substantial . Subject boat doesn't look that bad from what I can see , maybe the owner has been maintaining it and a diver (for the bottom) . The main cover looks shot , so the main sail is most likely not viable , or not , might could clean up . With that said , I could have this boat looking decent in a weekend , inside and out , of course I would hire a diver to do the bottom . Down here in So.Cal. we have a couple of used boat part places , the main one is Minney's http://www.minneysyachtsurplus.com/sails.html it's just down the road from this boat . I'm confident I could breeze in there get a engine (OB) , sails , sail cover , line and what ever for maybe 1k prolly cheaper . Minney's
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    To be honest?? Most Of the boats I handle can be competently rigged using “it feels about right.” I have a variety of gauges including a nifty antique one I like to bust out simply to see the looks on the faces of those observing me. For a fractional rig like those on J-24 and J-29 the mast base position adds another layer I did not address above. For some reason I “just assumed” that boat’s mast is deck stepped. I can’t really see in the photo. I have no idea how to measure the 200 kilo starting tension guess without a gauge. If it is a fractional rig, and I have the opportunity to sail the boat for a few hours in a variety of wind velocities, the guage serves a valuable bunch of purposes. **I can check to be certain I am not overtightening the rig. It is easy to crank on more tension than the rig and boat structure should be asked to handle. ( note: on my J-22 and J-24 I have ALWAYS eased off some tension after a windy race day. Nothing good comes from storing a boat with a tight rig) ** I can record the set up tensions so I can rapidly repeat a known previously successful set up when the winds look similar **I can communicate with other sailors who can tell me why my speed was fine but my pointing was pathetic.. **I can write down how many turns I added or subtracted from one setting to another and how that changed the tension. >>>Mostly, I set up the rig so the mast bends the way I want it to bend so the available sails are most likely to drive the boat. The sailmaker usually provides a chart but the slightest change in luff curve or the relationship of wind velocity to wave height will change the very best tuning guide into nothing more than a general reference. €€€€€ Torquing keel bolts. Whenever I see torque numbers I wonder whether the torque numbers apply to well lubricated threads, dry threads, a greased washer, boat sitting on keel, keel hanging, and whether somebody has done any real calculations. The correct amount of torque is enough to keep the keel absolutely firm against the sump and is limited not just by the strength and stretching SS if the bolt but by the pressure necessary to deflect the sump bottom. translation: I have a few torque wrenches and when someone gives me credible information about torque settings, I use the tools and hope to thereby protect my savings from greedy lawyers and their clients.
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    Two legends in their way to the start. Comanche... And Fidelis!
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    Good luck out there. I don’t understand the Wild Oats hate. They are the most dedicated & successful team to ever do this race. Without WOXI, Comanche would not have come down under & BJ probably be racing in the Med & you’d be watching Scally V. Info.
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    Have YOU not seen a WOXI start?
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    From the front page: Has no one from Australia seen a Fastnet start? More boats in a tighter space and it normally goes off fine. Maybe we are just better at looking where we are going and following the RRS up here in the Northern hemisphere?
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    Did you know that 94% of all Harleys made are still on the road? ……….the other 6% made it home.
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    Merry Festivus to all! (As close as I get to cruising right now, looking through dinghy plans that arrived the other day, a building present to myself in the New Year.)
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    Wow!!! We rig boats virtually every day and as I read all the posts above I didn’t see ANYTHING like I would write. So here goes... Quick response. If that rig is inverted, I suspect the lowers are too tight (.... with respect to EVERY other factor) -// How to tune that rig? 1. Loosen EVERYTHING until the mast is standing as a straight pole. (If the mast remains bent with everything sloppy, the extrusion is bent . For these directions, I will assume it is not bent ) 2. As I have ZERO idea how much rake this particular boat needs to balance the helm, I would start out with the assumption it ought to set up like most other similar boats. I would would hand tighten their uppers and forestay so the mast is centered side to side and leans back a little(I am going into this knowing I will have to take the boat for a ride to see how it sails but I would lean the mast back so the top is 15 to 30cm back from the base ( six inches to a foot for USA sailors) For centering I would cleat the main halyard so I would have to push down the shackle with about a couple kilos of force to touch the top of the gunwale. Then I would try touching the shackle to the same spot on the other side if the boat. I might try touching two or three pairs of symmetrical spots on the boat until i would convince myself the tensions are about equal. (This is accomplished to perfection is you and a friend Each check and AFTER you have checked tell the other what you think. When you agree it is the same on both sides, it is) 3. I would tighten the Uppers to about 200 kilos or 400 lbs or until there is about 3 to 9cm (2 or 3 inches) of pre-bend. I would check by holding the bottom of the main halyard against the mast. The gap at the spreaders is the amount of pre-bend. (That tension should be safe for eventual testing in about ten knots of breeze) 4. I would tighten the lowers to bring the pre-bend back to about 2/3 of where it was with totally sloppy lowers. This might be about 150 kilos (300 lbs) but the function is the key NOT the tension number. The function of the lowers is to keep the middle of the mast from going further forward. When you load the forestay, the pre-bent mast will want to continue to bend. That bending would make the distance from the deck to the forestay attachment point shorter and the forestay would never get tight. **The lowers control the tension of the the forestay 5. The backstay ... it really has no function on this to until it is used to depower the rig. Pulling on the backstay bends the mast ABOVE the forestay attachment point. (Yes, it does tighten the forestay a bit and it bends the mast a bit more forward at the spreaders... and I could go on all day about the various subtleties including varying the rig tune for various wind conditions) Anyway, the backstay flattens the top section of the sail and opens the leech at the top of the sail and gets rid of the healing force when there is too much wind to effectively use the full power of your sails. what do you do?? You see a puff coming and you grab the backstay line. As the puff hits you tighten the backstay to keep the boat upright. The rest of your sailplane stays trimmed for ultimate upwind sailing and you charge forward blasting past those fools who eased the traveler, closed the slot, and quit pointing. The testing: Go for a ride. * If the leeward shrouds becomes horribly sloppy, tighten the rig. Rule of thumb ?? Tighten the uppers two full turns and tighten the lowers one and a half turns and try it again. *If the boat has Lee helm, go back to step two. Your rig is already centered but you are going to lean the mast back some more and try again *If the boat has too much weather helm, AND YOU ARE KEEPING IT FLAT ENOUGH, you may wish to stand the mast up more vertically. Tension settings: A fractional rig set up to properly perform in 25 knots will be absurdly over tight for winds under 12 and will sail horribly. A fractional rig set up loosely enough for ultimate performance in five knots will be horribly overpowered and may even fold up and fall in big breeze. We generally set up our customers’ boats for 12 to 15 and give them instructions about how to mess with the rig to make it work better in other conditions. Whoever makes sails for your boat will usually be happy to give you a chart of rig tensions for various conditions. They want you to have great performance with their stuff and proper rig tension helps a lot. —- Left out... while sailing upwind, stand by the front of the mast and look up. The mast should not bend sideways. You may have to adjust the relative tensions between the uppers and lowers to straighten the mast. If the mast bends to weather at the spreaders, tighten the uppers a bit and loosen the lowers a bit. It the mast sags to leeward at the spreaders, tighten the lowers a bit and ease the uppers a bit And.... check EVERYTHING on both tacks phooey... I was going for a sail an hour ago ... outta here !!!
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    Cockroaches already rule the U.S. Sorry... as you were.
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    Oh great - another newbie who's only thought is "chainsaw the fucker". Never even heard the age old expression "one mans trash is another mans treasure"