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    Wow... https://fbwat.ch/1DlubmA5SOb6wXkN
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    Why does Mr. LB15 with 23,058 posts call Mr. Hudson with 2,418 posts an attention whore? Mr. Nice Guy thinks this is very impolite.
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    Actually, I think Clean was complimenting him, and I agree. I fully respect guys like Ker and Perry that are willing to speak openly here. Oddly enough, it seems like the guys with the least amount of skeletons in the closet (design wise) are the most willing to talk.
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    Again, just for information. I understand the the ALCA and OLCA at their AGM few weeks ago, endorsed the C-Rigs, which ones, what are the terms, I don't know! I was not there and I have not asked. At the Laser club in Middle Harbour in Sydney a C5 is sailing against 4.7's and Radials now openly and apparently with approval on a regular basis. It's a C5, a C6 and a C8 (there is no C7 or C9, (some Finn sailors have asked for a C9)) The reason is if you actually measure the area of a 4.7, its approx 5.4m² behind the mast. the 4.7 comes from the area of 4.7857m², the triangle head-clew-tack (so no luff round, no leach, no foot round) The area of a C5 inc the cuff is approx 5.65m², and the mast is about 300mm short than a 4.7 mast, & weighs 5.1kgs. The area of a Radial behind the mast is approx. 6.4m², the area of a C6 is around 6.7m². A Std sail, which is nominally 7.1 is really 7.8m², and the C8 is about 8.4m². All this work was done 3-4 years ago, where the actual C5, C6 & C8 rigs have landed, I don't know. All the masts are about 300 - 350mm shorter than there alloy or alloy/carbon counterpart. The C8 mast (2 piece) is just under 5kgs inc track and fittings. (lighter than a C5) I believe the std alloy mast is 10.4kgs in the same form. (don't know what the 3 piece C8 mast will weight yet) Finally, the IndeGoGo launch. 3m impressions, Reach is over 1m, click through to UM is now a little over 100k, with filtered clicks (serious) at 40,000. When we did this we where asked not to target Europe, so none of the Instagram's or fB promotions when into Europe (inc UK) other than by referrals and leakage. The biggest interest is from the UK, 4th biggest is Italy, and down to 8th are all European. (There is no C5 rig in UK!! The only one in Europe is at Nautivela's (Milano). But we have been asked to display the C5 at the London Dinghy Show. Who asked & who makes that decision is not me, it's above my pay grade~! The single biggest inquiry is for C6 rigs (so the Radial equivalent) mostly from +50 year old men. As at the 28th January, the IndeGoGo will be done, UM will move on and the future of the C-Rigs will rest in the hands of PSJ. I am also aware that PSA wants rigs, and plans to gear up, but again, NMP! jB
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    It was Iran that launched missiles into Iraq. The US did not respond in any way, no threats, no tweets, no posturing. Trump notified the world that he would address the nation about the attack in the morning. Hours later Iranian Air controllers gave permission for a Ukrainian Airliner to take off from Tehran international airport. The flight path would have been under the control of Iranian controllers. What happened next was a trigger happy Iranian missile commander decided to launch missiles at a commercial airliner destroying it and killing all on board, including the family you are referencing. The tensions the Iranian air defense forces were under was because of the Iranian missile attack into Iraq Not because of anything the US had done Fuck you trying to lay the blame on anyone other than the Iranians.
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    An amazing Canadian talent..
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    When I lost Mrs PB a few years ago a friend gave me a copy of his book "Ghost Rider - Travels on the Healing Road". He wrote it in the wake of losing both his wife and daughter in a short time. It is about his journey from darkness back into the land of the living which was one of the things I found thoughtful and helpful in my own journey. For that I am eternally grateful. Fair winds Mr Peart.
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    I say this is worth a watch. @Dog will even giggle a bit... well... maybe
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    The horizon doesn't move at all, even during the whip pan at the end. The stabilisation tech they're using is pretty schmick as it totally counters the wave action.
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    Looks like they're testing some of the rumored new broadcast equipment - the steadiness of the pan suggests its may be the new mark cameras
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    That sound is fucking unreal!
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    On YouTube too: Taken with Gopro underwater drone...
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    Some people have said that Trump eats a lot of sudafed to get high, and snopes de-bunked that aspect well. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/sudafed-trump-tower/ What they failed to mention is some people get addicted to the stuff (and other decongestants) in another way. The stuff dries one's mucus membranes out. Well, that irritates them. There's a reason a body floods them with mucus sometimes. The body reacts by producing more and more. Some people find after using too much of the stuff for a long time that they need to use it always or be constantly congested. That's my theory. He has a chronically runny nose now...and his docs, and now he has real docs, are trying to wean him off it. Or, he's finding out the hard way that at a certain point the decongestants don't work on them anymore, the body has developed a tolerance to them.
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    A couple of hours ago we walked past the bakery in North Van that was owned by a guy who lost his entire family as collateral damage in that Trump win. Fuck you for the brainless, thoughtless, heartless cocksucker that you have always been.
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    It's easy. You are making false claims.
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    That's called "oh fuck Anybody remember the story of a Maxi boat in the Whitbread race that snapped the kite pole, took it down below to fix it and then realised they couldn’t get it back on deck??
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    Much like the classic Finger Vane for more precise electronic measurements. Has some other uses, but always wet it first with your saliva.
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    I'm going to tell a long-winded story about shipbuidling and what can go wrong and why single point of failure sensitive structures are different from hulls. over 20 (30?) years ago there was a three legged offshore platform built for the =North Sea. It was built with the capability of being an exploration rig but was being used for quARTERS. The shipyard had the typical departments: Sales, Purchasing, Finance, Planning, Estimating, Engineering, Production, Structural, Outfitting etc. The three legs and all the structural struts were exhaustively engineered. The structural department was responsible for fabrication. They did that to a high level of quality, including NDT of all welds using X-ray as needed. The design called for a sonar mount on one of the cross-struts between the legs. This required a hole, and a compensating ring to lower the unit stress there where the hole was cut. OK fine. But here is what happened: The ring was fabbed and installed (welded) by the Outfitting department. It wasn't part of the structure (actualy it was) but the project planning somehow decided this was merely an outfitting item. This would not have to be a problem. However the Outfitting department did not apply the same standards for weld inspection. One night during a storm, the cross brace failed, the rig coollapsed and over 100 (200? cant remember) died. The failed piece was recovered. The crack was inspected. There was a tiny flaw in the original weld of the compensation ring. The beech marks from fatigue emanated from it. It was not detected, but would have been detected by the Structural department. There are many ways to fuck up a structure.Like 3 legged platforms, a keel is a "single point of failure sensitive" structure. Hulls are panel/shell structures with load shedding and redundancy. We basically get away with not engineering hulls. Traditional sailboats with wineglass shapes were all hull--even the keel. Long slender cantilever keels change the whole game. You'd think this would be figured out already. But it isn't. That' just hte nature of yachitng. Remember this too: racing yachts are EXPERIMENTAL craft. They are not like cars or passenger planes or workboats. They don't have to meed standards. (Oh, you thought that ISO thing was a standard? Haha...)
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    Turns out that our humble little sport is at or near the top of the Olympic analytics for photography, media inquiry, and instagram engagement. As dull as sailing can be on video, no sport can match it for beauty in a still image. According to some fairly high ranking folks I speak to regularly, sailing ain't going anywhere.
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    Well that makes sense, actually. Taken yesterday, they're really fantastic.
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    that's right. its not so much which boat you pick - but which boat picks you.
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    Actually, while searching through my photos from this morning to try and see what the sail problem was, I may have accidentally uncovered a new 'go-faster' feature on Te Aihe. I hate to be the one to leak this, but ....
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    Based on the information we have, it seems almost certain that the keel's top plate, which would be a ~35mm thick steel plate siting sub-flush to the hull, remains bolted to the boat with its 12 bolts. it would therefore be misleading to say (as some have) that the keel ( which we didn't design) detached from the boat, when almost certainly it 'detached' from itself.