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    I am not an eternal pessimist like T_R , so I predict that Burling will luff Ainslie at the very first pre-start. Ainslie's super cavitating foils stall and with all alarms going off just touches lightly, got to do a 360, but instead swims over to the TNZ support boat and knocks out his old mate Grumpie Dorker. As for the Loony Rossa and American Muppets, they get properly tangled up at the first mark rounding, continue in embrace towards Sicilia at 50 knots, and eventually have to a crocodile ugly before sailing back to base in Hugo Boss mode. Then in a total surprise, Stars & Stripes turns up with good old DC at the helm. They sail the course in Archimedes mode, just finishing before he runs out of Whiskey, and are declared overall winners. At the press conference he calls Burling a Dick-son and announces that he will also take over the US FailGP team, sponsored by Kentucky Fried Bourbon. You see, I'm an eternal optimist.
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    We are making a comeback..... my wallet is twitching How are you going @Skullduggerydave...?
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    Being also in the medical field, on the research side, I can say, you wouldn't normally see a doctor doing a YouTube video about a specific case even with permission from the immediate family. If someone publicly shows patient data like images, it would be anonymized and we wouldn't know who the doctor is talking about. So I was thinking, "this is really weird" and sure enough, here we are. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go watch Tally Ho and Abom79 and generally other people who actually know what they're doing.
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    I’d call suspending military aid to an ally in their fight against Russia in order to convince the president of that country to publicly investigate the claims of a disgraced prosecutor a “high crime” if the target of that fraudulent investigation was the president’s chief political rival. And if he was convinced to oust a respected US ambassador by a profiteering lawyer and some old family hanger-on looking to profit off a Putin ally’s corporate takeover bid, then that’s an abuse of office worthy of close scrutiny. If it turns out Trump sought to personally profit from the natural gas exports of our country and was willing to horse trade Russian sanctions against Firtash and others as well as modify our nations support for Ukraine for these profits? Thats bribery, pure and simple. Impeach, try & hopefully convict the motherfucking bribing, treasonous sonovabitch.
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    Who had had the motive, the financial wherewithal and the ability to dupe Giuliani into believing the Biden story could help make everyone rich? Dmytro Firtash Lev Parnas has clearly illustrated some of the important ways Firtash created and stood to benefit from s’mores dung the false narrative. Firtash is a Putin-made man whose riches cane from selling natural gas (which he got from Gazprom at 1/4 prices) to Ukraine. Some money went to him, some to Putin & cronies (involving Cyprus banks aka Wilbur Ross’ old job), and some went towards Russian influence operations. He also has very strong Russian mafia ties. Firtash was a big supporter of Yanukovych, which meant he was also paying Manafort’s bills. Firtash was arrested in Austria a couple years ago, and has been fighting extradition to the states ever since... he’s hired numerous lawyers, including Jack Abramoff, Bill & Hillary friend Lanny Davis, & Giuliani associates Toensing and deGenova & a Trump lawyer from the Mueller days. So Bob Barr has been in meetings with Firtash’s lawyers, even though Barr was mentioned by Trump in the shakedown phone call with Zelensky. Giuliani & Lev Parnas have been peddling Biden fiction generated by an old client (I mean disgraced Yanukovych minion/prosecutor) in order to sweeten a natural gas deal between US and Ukraine. That deal just happens to push out the current leadership of Naftogaz and replace it with Firtash cronies. And who worked to prevent this corrupt deal? Ambassador Yovanovitch
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    This a great example of why OSHA has all those pesky rules.
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    Not really. An antifa group have denied they are marching alongside Neo Nazis at a Virginia gun rights rally on Monday. Antifa Seven Hills issued a lengthy statement after Vice News reported the group would be attending a rally to protest pending gun control legislation in front of the Virginia Capital in Richmond on January 20. Vice reported that while conservative gun-rights activists and antifa appear to be "unlikely bedfellows," Antifa Seven Hills "believe they've got more in common with working-class white Virginians, regardless of their political bent" than many moderate Democrats. According to Vice, the group opposes the new gun bills introduced by Democrats late last year because those kinds of laws are used "primarily to criminalize poor people, minorities and leftists." The outlet said the "shared skepticism" of political moderates and authorities is the reason why Antifa Seven Hills views the rally as a chance to "extend an olive branch to other gun owners—at least those who don't align with the far-right militias or white supremacists who are also expected to show up to the event." Antifa Seven Hills, which is based in Richmond, Virginia, "could be left in an awkward position" if those fears are confirmed, Vice reported. But the group issued a statement on its website claiming Vice had taken "great liberties" with the article. "Many folks have read this article, or possibly just the headline, and come to the conclusion that we are choosing to march with Neo-Nazis and Klansmen on Monday. This was and never will be the case. We are forever in opposition to these groups," the statement said. "It is our group's stated mission to keep these groups from having footholds in Richmond and beyond." Antifa Seven Hills added that they "never indicated we were attending as a group, nor did we make any call to action for folks to engage in the way that is being purported." The group insisted it had only spoken about "several leftist gun groups" that are attending and about the possibility to recruit "libertarian and rural folks who don't normally have access to leftist armed positions and of which the far right intends to recruit from."
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    If the chase boats had foils it would be to reduce the power required to keep up with the foiling monos but then they they would not have enough power to perform their tugboat duties.
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    Aerial shots give an excellent feel for the completed work that is not apparent from limited viewing points at sea level. One little gem here that I haven't noted before: "a breakwater with a wide public viewing platform on it is nearly finished." If I understand correctly that means spectators will enjoy uninterrupted views of challenger launchings and rigging, plus watch departures and returns from closeup.
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    The thing you may not realise with TC's trolling is that he relies on argumentum ad ignorantiam where, he will claim because he hasn't seen itself, it cannot be proven to him, and therefore must be empirically false...
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    Figured I'd join in with a thread title not making any fucking sense.
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    Hey look - SV Seekers epirb just went off. Don't worry about it. It's just another joke.
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    OTOH Voting for Donnie might be a mistake.  You don't have to be an idiot and a liar to vote for Donnie. It might be that he loves Russia & Putin, it might be that he longs to be ruled over by the iron fist of an orange-haired buffoonish tyrant, it might be that he hates and fears brown people & poor people and doesn't want them to have access to health care, it might be that he feels it should be a privilege to labor for his shrinking lifespan with no hope for his kids so that the 1%ers can expand their wealth. Any of those beliefs would be a good reason to vote for Trump, to expound the benefits of Trump's Presidency. OTOH most of those things should be repugnant to an American, so maybe he is an idiot after all. - DSK
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    5.10 For components listed in Rule 5.1 that have a “Change allowance” mass percentage: (a) When such a component is first declared according to Rule 5.5, the Competitor must declare to the Measurement Committee: (i) a component mass; (ii) an IGES file of an exterior component shape; and (iii) construction drawings showing the internal structure of the component. (b) At all times when that component is installed on an AC75 Class Yacht with that yacht afloat: (i) at least 80% of the mass of the component must match the original component; and (ii) a common portion of at least 80% of the mass of the original component must remain un- modified and must match all declared versions of the component. (c) The portion of mass of a component that matches another version of that component is determined by aligning the unmodified portion of the original and modified components and determining the mass of all regions where the material substance remains unmodified and in the same place in both versions of the component. (d) Material that has been replaced with identical or equivalent material only classifies as an unmodified region where replacement was carried out as a repair permitted by Rule 5.12. (e) When checking the shape of such a component against a declared IGES file, the Measurement Com- mittee may make an allowance for unintended distortion of a component during manufacture. (f) Competitors may declare a hypothetical “original component” which must comply with the relevant rules for that component type, but is not required to be identical to the component when it is first installed and afloat. In this case, the “original component” comprises those regions of the actual component as-launched that match the hypothetical component, combined with the regions in the hypothetical component that do not match the as-launched component and are presumed to have been removed/modified to achieve the as-launched component. The component as first launched must have corresponding declarations which must satisfy the permitted changes with respect to the hypothetical “original component”. (g) If the component when it is first installed and afloat does not comply with the relevant rules for that component type, the Competitor must declare a hypothetical component that does comply with those rules, in accordance with Rule 5.10 (f). Clause c is the kicker
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    If you have a little.money you watch it slip through your fingers. I’d you have a lot of money you buy a cup and collect that which the less fortunate are unable to hold onto.
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    It will be a great little spot. The challengers pontoons are done. They are right beside a restaurant area so super great spot to watch them while sipping a beverage
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    Only until there is no chance of her running for President. The democRATS should convince her to run every cycle, to draw all the fire from the bullshit machine before bowing out.
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    The two articles of impeachment are a) Abuse of Power b) Obstruction of Congress Procedurally, the first substantive fact supporting the articles - and the easiest to prove - is the directive to the DoS, OMB, DoE, and DoD to withhold documents subpoenaed by the House committees (section 2 of claim b). The DoD's response to the requests is a procedural nit followed up by "don't drag us into this". Yea, too bad. Turn over the documents. This infinite flow of executive privilege needs to get nipped at some point and this seems like a good place to start.
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    Absolutely - just don't call yourself Li'l Murray. We need a rep to keep track of the (un)reality there for us.
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    Jim.......I dont want to appear to be disagreeing with your conclusion. I happen to agree with you in your overall conclusion. I think Rastegaar did pull the rug from under himself. But I dont think the rug was "contractual" Ultimately, the reason that LP find themselves in this position is not because they didnt finesse their legal position ...its because they gave such a piss poor service to their customers, especially in the US.......and they treated their most important customer relationship conduit (the class association) so poorly. The reality in business is that if your deliver a shit service product with a shitty attitude, then the best legal position in the world is not going to save your business. All the employees I have ever met at LP have been nice people, dedicated to the sport and motivated by caring for customers......so I have formed the biased opinion that the problems (supply, bad relations with class association etc) in this small business stem entirely from the very top, the owner, Rastegaar.
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    Quaint notion, but incorrect. They wouldn't be billionaires if they didn't lobby the government to give their business favorable rules... or, in many cases, they -are- the government - DSK
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    Outside of Scandinavia, the marketing tells us that we’re going to be close reaching in 12 knots on a warm sunny day with the wind ruffling our fresh flowing locks, as well as those of the leggy under-dressed model who has somehow ended up lounging in the cockpit. Most boat marketers don’t want to try to sell boats with pictures of grizzled old folks in 3 layers of unwashed clothes gratefully sipping mugs of tea while the rain pisses down on the pilot house roof.