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    Reminds me of the time back in January, 1971, I was hitch hiking south on Rt 75 near Lexington, KY with a backpack on and my hair tucked up under my Esso gas station hat. It had snowed a blizzard the day before and today the sun was out and it was beautiful with about 16" of fresh snow. I'd just left Dayton, Ohio the day before n the middle of the blizzard, intending to hitch around the south and look for America for the rest of the winter, but only made it as far as Lexington due to the snow. I had $300 in my pocket (I'd just sold my 64 Chevy Impala) everything I owned on my back, and nothing to do but have fun til I had to report to the Navy on June 3. The guy that picked me up, Jim, was a big ol' red neck lookin' fella, maybe 35 years old. He'd seen my Esso work hat and figured I must be good for something if I worked at a gas station so he pulled over and gave me a ride. He was less than happy to hear my yankee accent and even more unhappy to see my long hair when I took the hat off. We made small talk til that ran out then rode in uncomfortable silence for another 20 minutes or so when we came on a VW bug that had spun out into the center median and was stuck in the snow. He pulls over and without a word we both get out and run over to the car. Being younger and fitter I got there through the snow first and by the time he caught up the lady inside was calming down and told us she was okay but couldn't open her door due to snow. Once we were sure she was OK he told her we'd stop at the next town and send a tow truck back for her and on we went. Next town, Corbin, KY, we pull into a diner off the exit ramp and he tells me to come in with him. I'm a little nervous now because he said he'd been heading here to meet his buds for breaky before going to work and I'm not sure what he wants with me in there. At the table were 4 or 5 guys that looked just like him, big bubbas, all drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and eyeing me uncomfortably. Jim says something like 'Guys, this long haired yankee hippy is Mark. He never even asked why when I stopped to help a spin out on the interstate, just jumped out and got busy. He's a good guy and I'm buying him breakfast.' With that I sat down, had a great meal and by the time I'd explained my deal about hitchhiking around before going into the service those guys treated me like a long lost cousin. I got several addresses and phone numbers and offers of room and board on my rebound if I need it and Jim offered me a job at his gas station... Jim's Esso, right there in Corbin. I continued on my way that day and sadly never did stop by on my way back north. Maybe some day I'll swing by and see if I can find his gas station.
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    the irony, not making this up but watching the beeb's countdown, some 30 seconds before midnight (continental of course) felt the urge to go to the toilet and while the count went to zero was having a glorious and satisfying dump ... suddenly the complete irony dawned on me and when the count turned to zero I was sitting there with a fit of laughter, sorry if someone takes offense but it's what happened and to me this is beyond irony, maybe Freud or the likes could come up with an explanification if this does not get me at least a couple of downvotes I'll be very much surprised, grin.
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    Well, so long and thanks for all the fish!
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    My first ride many years ago. Get to the boat beer leave the dock beer pre-start beer post start beer downwind leg beer not sure what came next
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    NZ is not full of hate. There's the causal racism of old still going on with the Maori vs Imperialists still even though in recent years that has diminished somewhat. More noticable is xenophobia. 50k immigrants pouring in each year sees neighbourhoods being taken over by groups from the same nation. Northcote is Korean. Howick is Chinese. Long Bay and Browns Bay is South African. Papatoetoe is Indian. People are talking about the lack of 20 something year old New Zealand born people being hired in companies in Auckland in favour of immigrants. This is often because immigrants are more grateful, subservient and cheaper to employ. This brings about animosity and annoyance amongst those who miss out. Dont get me started on the driving skills of some particular immigrants. They suck. The propping up of the economy by pouring in immigrants is known. The housing and infrastructure problems will not go away in the short term. Am I personally racist, xenophobic or anti immigration? No. I am concerned about loss of culture, identity and the Kiwi way of life. I really see now what Maoridom has been fighting for all my life. They fight for SOME of the very same things that are now my values. Loss of culture, language, rights to gather food and land. Politically, this is s hot potato that borders on upsetting people with a very fine edge between managing our population, culture and skills with the need to assimilate those that come here and protect what has made this place a fair and free country. How can this be done without attracting a label that we dont want?
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    It's because there's fuck all sailing going on, the inmates get restless and start chewing their hands off
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    I stopped on a 30 mile trip north to do some Christmas shopping for a couple, Jim and Mary, looking a little ragged in a pick up on the side of the road. -10 degrees F that day and neither were dressed for that, explained they were SOL with a bad fuel pump. I offered to give them a ride and delivered them to a park and ride lot where a friend picked them up. We had chatted on the road, they were headed to a Bagders game party with college friends. I finished my shopping later and as I tossed my packages on the car I saw a set of keys on the floor where Mary had sat. Shit, shit, shit. I racked my brain for clues where their game party was and drove that area. I found a house with lots of cars parked in front. I knocked on the door and when ot was answered, asked "is Mary here?" Yes who are you? I said "i think I might be Mary's new best friend" and held up her keys. Well, I met a lot of nice people, had good food and the Badgers won and all was very good.
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    Morgan 1 ton, 1975 and I was 21. Not sure if we were successful or complete failures. It was my intro into sailboat racing and 45 years later I’m still at it. I can only remember one time bragging at the YC and that’s because I had a newborn son. I’m sure when I’m gone the flags and trophies will get a proper send off at the curb.
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    XTS and XCS clutches "can" be serviced without unbolting provided there is room to reach the nuts, extract the screws out horizontally and then split the body (about 1/2 the width of a single clutch). Once the clutch sides are off the large pin in the base plate has to be pushed out as well. On the J109 I was recently on the clutches are mounted so close to the raised hatch slider rails that it is necessary to unbolt the clutch. Other boats may not have this issue, it all comes down on what is around the clutch.
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    So when the most Faithful Husband in the GOP blows a load on a woman he rapes, does it have a “Best if complained about by November 2020” stamp on it? Both require evidence to prove them up. One of us thinks that using the same evidence in both cases is proper. It was Clinton who argued to the Supreme Court that he was too busy as President to submit to discovery in civil cases brought by aggrieved women...and whose argument got overwhelmingly shot down. By that court. Determining culpability by party affiliation takes better flexibility. You should try yoga.
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    Courtesy of France 3. Comments in French. There is a reasonable deck shot with no obvious exits for foils.
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    great , now you've brexited... get the fuck off the sailing forum..
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    News 1; they will not get a Canada style deal, it is too open to abuse from a partner you do not trust. News 2; The European Commission has issued Britain with a bill for £1.09  billion on the very evening that it finally left the EU. Every year Brussels recalculates the contributions member states make to the EU Budget. This year, due to an increase in Gross National Income and VAT contributions, EU officials believe Britain owes an extra €1.09  billion. The demand for payment was sent to the UK embassy to the EU and has been notified to the British government.
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    No that you mention it Boris does resemble a Vogon
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    This is it boys!! Poured myself a double Talisker. Let the fun and games begin
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    To expand on that thought: Wine is an integral part of life... You cannot even think about one without the other... Its just civilized.
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    It’s a lot less stressful to spend time fixing your boat in exotic ports, than to spend time waiting for others to fix your boat in exotic ports. The key to enjoying sailing for me is to be able to fix everything on my boat. Of course that means smaller, less complex boats, but I am old enough to remember when that was the norm.
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    Do you not understand? Wine is an integral part of lunch. They go together like Starsky and Hutch, Batman and Robin, Hansel and Gretel. You cannot even think about one without the other. Its a European thing....
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    I was hoping someone else would start this discussion (pure cowardliness on my part), but I was incredibly disappointed by the speech of the former president of AS reported on the front page of Sailing Anarchy. All about the Olympics, America's Cup and TV reporting of the Olympics. Not a mention of club level sailing. It's like we don't exist. Just a nuisance appendage to sailing; who unfortunately happen to be the overwhelming majority of their members. And if what you guys say about the amendment to RRS46 is correct, really? Haven't they ever been inside a moderately sized yacht club (one without the 'R' prefix) on a race day. How do you think you get new people into sailing except by volunteering to invite into your crew for the day randoms who turn up at the club wanting to find out what sailing is all about. Are they really that divorced from reality? How do we clean out these guys and start again?
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    Found this Letter sent to all the European Laser districts https://sailinganarchy.com/2020/01/31/its-pretty-simple/ To all the European Laser Districts Dear Laser District representative, In its statement released on December 1, 2019 after the Annual General Meeting Eurilca wrote “EurILCA has scheduled an extraordinary EAGM for mid January to make any decision we believe necessary to protect the interests of our sailors, should significant progress on the above points not be apparent.” This extraordinary General Meeting is now scheduled for March 7, 2020 and I think it’s important that all the district representatives attending the meeting know what their members think about it, because the decisions to be taken will have a fundamental impact on the future of our class. For this reason I propose that every district has a referendum (electronically it’s quick, every member has an email address or a mobile phone where to write a message) on how to proceed. There are 2 realistic options: 1) To continue the class activity with the rules imposed by ILCA’s actual governance, with boats and gear ILCA Dinghy built in many different boatyards in competition with each other. 2) Split form ILCA with a new class that gathers all Laser owners, keeps the original spirit from the 1970’s, remains as strict one-design as equal as possible and built by a limited amount of builders. I take the opportunity of this letter to express and justify my vote. I will vote option 2, for the following reasons: The main reason why I’ve been sailing Laser for many years instead of another boat is its strict one design. I do not want issues with boats and gear with different performances, that take unavoidably to pursue the fastest product. ILCA Dinghies will for sure have different performances and will for sure end up being more expensive. Who denies that is either stupid or in bad faith. – The second reason why I sail Laser is its simplicity and durability. I’m not interested in having innovative rigs with innovative sails that make me sail half a knot faster. There are many other boats on the market to achieve much higher speeds. – The third reason is that I’m in total disagreement with ILCA’s actual governance, whose actions taken in the last 10 months are totally against my vision. I felt the need to write this letter because I have the feeling that a group of people is destroying our beloved Laser and we Laser sailors are not doing anything to defend it. Regards, Alessandro Castelli
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    Anyone that has gone across an ocean solo is no longer inexperienced.
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    This gave me an IACC flashback. WetHog
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    Could someone explain why it's not ok for a skipper to decide to run a sober boat? Or why it's cool to fuck people just because they're on a sober boat? I don't get the joke.