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    I'd had a shitty day at work today, so I stopped off at the tiny, family run convenience store in my neighborhood to buy a bottled coffee. The nice, young Asian kid behind the counter chatted me up. He asked if I had vacation plans for the summer and I replied that I planned to take a month off and disappear on my sailboat. He sighed wistfully and said "That sounds great, I wish I could do that." Something inside me, just. fucking. snapped. In front of me, was a young, fit, able-bodied man who damned well COULD do that, if he really wants to. I looked him dead in the eye and said "You think sailing on sailboats is only for rich, old white folks? Well it's not. Sailing is for anyone with the energy and the burn to make it happen." From there, I informed him of the metric shitloads of marinas all a mere stone's throw from where we were standing that were positively jammed with old, 4 knot shitboxes that could be had for a song, just waiting for someone to give them purpose again. I told him that I started off with a $2300 shitbox and learned to sail with a book, Youtube videos and advice from this forum. I told him to walk the docks of the marinas and ask for help. I told him that he could learn quickly, but that it takes practice and it never ends. I told him that he'd have to sweat to fix up a cheap boat but after that, it's your magic carpet, your escape pod. I informed him of Maryland's (for now) liberal mooring laws that let you plant a private mooring ball to keep that boat on, for free. I told him that he lives in the sailing capital of the East Coast and that all the resources he needs, are practically at his finger tips and that even he could make it happen on his pay. I told him that the time to do it is now, while he's young and unencumbered by wives, kids, mortgages and student debt. I just couldn't bear the thought of this young guy assuming that he just "can't" and sinking further into his sofa, playing X-Box, so I told him that it could be done. I wasn't calm about it. I fucking sermonized him and I'm embarrassed about it. But... I saw his eyes open. His face lit up as he listened to me and considered the possibility. He nodded, encouraged when I broke the stereotype of "who" should be sailing. He smiled and his gears were TURNING in his head when I walked out. I'm embarrassed. I don't know if did the right thing. Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut and walked out.
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    Take him sailing.
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    At least now I've got a clear reason to assume the guy is a fucking turd beyond him just being the nasty nemesis of my fave team.
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    Yep, massively inexperienced... 2002-2016: podiums in 7 participations on the Tour Voile 2007-17: 3 Transat Jacques Vabre (2 in IMOCA) 2014: Route du Rhum - 2ème 2008: Solitaire du Figaro - Winner 2007: Transat BPE - Winner 2006: Solitaire du Figaro - Winner 2005: Spi Ouest - Winner 2004: Transat AG2R - Winner 1998: Solitaire du Télégramme - Winner 1995: Spi Ouest - Winner
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    God damnit, I wasn't looking to take on a student. I'm crotchety now, and I just want sail alone in peace. After I posted this, I sat here for a moment feeling really bad. I railed on this kid and stomped out, without really giving him the necessary connection points to the sailing community. You can't just yell at someone "Go do it!" without giving them any information. I went back to the shop and gave him a CHESSS burgee (www.chbaysss.org). I gave him a little more insight into the different types of sailing (day sailing on a fast beach cat or racing in the Cal 25 fleet and cruising the Cal 25 on weekends, for example). It turns out that he lives in my neighborhood, just a few houses away. He says he's seriously interested and wants learn more. I gave him my contact information and we'll link up. I'll show him the Hobie cat and the Tartan so that he can see the contrasting types of sailing and choose his own path. I offered to ride with him to some of the local yards to look at 4 knot shitboxes with cabins that might be had cheaply. I offered to connect him with some beer can race boats this summer. I even offered to just give him the Hobie cat, if that's the type of sailing he decides interests him. It's fully functional, and on its own trailer. I'll introduce myself to his parents and assure them that I'm not a creep and not trying to drown their kid.
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    https://www.facebook.com/ArmelTriponSkipper/videos/2515299085456488/?t=27 ...and a facebook clip.
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    Our plan is a small mountain top condo at the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains (at a small ski hill), and a 35 footer on the Chesapeake Bay. Sailing is scalable, so where i once wanted to sail around the world, I'm now content to sail around the Ches Bay, and up to New England, maybe down to the Caribbean. We have the advantage of 2x20 year Navy Retirements, but the youngest is only 12, so we are 6-7 years from pulling chocks from Socal to make that happen. Modesty in home and sailing equals an increase in affordability. Is sailing around the world important? Or is sailing for the rest of your "functional" years important? No wrong answers here....
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    They are here! 6.5 to 23 knots for the Cup 6.5 to 21 for Round Robin and Repecharge 6.5 to 23 for Prada Cup Final
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    Ok, after a long day in Hobart we went to Customs House to have a quite drink with some fellow Queenslanders. I slipped/missed a step in there and stumbled which morphed into this type of uncontrolled naruto run which was only stopped by a very solid, shoulder to the rib cage, ball and all tackle on the previously mentioned chair thrower sending him flying to the ground. While Sonny Bill would have been pleased to have executed such a tackle I unfortunately dropped my rum.
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    Creepy. This is creepier. I actually don't think I can watch SailGP after this. https://www.desertsun.com/story/news/politics/2020/02/12/trump-visit-larry-ellisons-rancho-mirage-estate-fundraising-event/4743576002/
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    When you've just climbed into bed with your new wife it's not smart to use your previous lover's name.
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    The coaches in particular! (Do I get banned now?)
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    Pretty sure Ballena (Bullfrog) was built lighter solely as a racer, Ave Gitana having been built with some cruising in mind, though I have no idea what the difference was. This is based on a hazy memory of a boat profile for a sistership to Ballena (has to be Ave, as I think think there were only 2 built) that appeared in a late 90s Multihull World preview for the Brisbane Gladstone, where I think she finished mid fleet. I could be way off the mark. Bullfrog was much lighter compared to Ave. The float is much higher out of the water compared to any pic of Ave which might explain why Bullfrog had better race results. Around 5600 lbs lightship for Bullfrog.
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    In all seriousness.. Finn sailors have always been proud of the fact they are the tough guys sailing on the brutal boats and the “32 syllable cuss word to get a decent start” has been a standard Finn sailor joke since at least the sixties when I was told, “One of the reasons you can’t sail A Finn is you are only 179 lbs. if you get up to 210 you will be too fat to sail a Finn. And, Until you master the use of an effective 32 syllable cuss word you will be spit out the back at the start.” another relatively honest description? sailing most boats well is a lot like figure skating. Hockey players sail Finns. Another: the Finn fleet will never really get the right US athletes to be dominant in the world because there is way more money to be earned playing middle linebacker
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    I don't know why , but I have been thinking that he could be one of those. No surprise there, thanks for the confirmation Clew. Fake face, failed personality, FuckGP.
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    yup -- pretty much hit the (low) handicap corner for the offshore fleet on the East Coast of Oz, then hope the weather complies. We'll do alright if its on the snotter and heavy, when the TP's might have to back off a bit. But then so would any well-sailed IOR boat.
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    You are, without doubt, an idiot.
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    It might get a bit more attention once the fleet and match racing starts, especially if there's contact.
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    My wife gave me a DVD on 'How to Maximise Sexual Pleasure using Foreplay'. It was pretty good, once I'd fast-forwarded through the boring bit at the start.
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    I've got a cousin who grew up in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. He was and is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He was also a pretty tough guy. I'm talking the bar fight continues after both have barrelled through the front window and onto the street kind of tough. He used to come visit us in Toronto and we'd take him sailing...because that's just what you do, no? Anyway I hadn't seen him in years and, while I knew he moved to B.C., I had no idea that he'd bought a 20 foot boat and taken it up and down the West Coast. He told me that it was the daysailing with us that got him so inspired that when he got to the coast, he absolutely had to get a boat. It made me happy that in some small way we got him interested in sailing. I've got a ton of respect for him for getting to where he got, considering where he was coming from. Ajax, its great of you to lead a horse to water, but as for drinking it, that'll be on him. Good luck!
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    We were able to encourage BoatUS to send a strong message to Georgia legislators. BoatUS Calls On Georgia Governor to Fix Draconian Anchoring Law: Asks Boaters to Speak Up Now press release here The photo was taken by fellow cruiser Craig Rowdon. His s/v Grace is anchored off Fort Frederica, one of the areas impacted. He did not know it at the time he took the photo, but you gotta love the symbolism of the picture.
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    Until two boats line up with intent and something meaningful on the line, we won't know who's got the goods, who's sandbagging or who's shit outta luck... Until then, I suggest we just enjoy the show...
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    Not in that recording, but I bet there are plenty who've heard him say the word. And it's schvartze, You fucking goy
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    The ocean is a scary place. Look at the drop off about 100 meters ahead. Imagine finding that at night and not seeing it. Photos like this scare the shit out of me.