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    So Trump reacted super fast did he? I would contest our Gov were not super fast at all. Aus cases/deaths: 5,908 and 45. US cases/deaths: 400,000 and 12,758. Didn’t realise you had 80 times our population. The only difference is your leader is incompetent. Could you please try and fix your mess before you fuck it up for the rest of the world? Thanks!
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    You guys are all just waiting to jump on someone's ass. Find something positive to say, for fuck's sake.
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    Please kick this up to Scott for the front page. I can’t get the submission/contacts to work. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/fairview-park/sail-boats/sailboat-laser-modified-/1241212184?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=ios_VIP&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook
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    she wants her 15 min. of fame...sad thing is of all the women associated with fuckstick, the only one people will remember is Stormy Daniels
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    Really - what are there? A dozen carrier captains in the entire navy? That job guarantees flag rank merely by living a little longer. People who get one of those jobs don't fuck up, aren't naive, aren't stupid and don't ever do anything that hasn't been thoroughly analyzed for all possible outcomes. It was an act of desperation - he fell on his sword for his crew
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    He's forgotten that the AC is primarily a design/tech challenge. I would also argue it is a management challenge over and above a sailing boat race. The racing is just the medium by which the money men can show expertise in design/tech and management. How many times has a promising campaign been derailed by poor management?
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    And the high court of australia have just stated that the judges that didn't agree with that opinion were wrong. I think it might be worth having another read of the finding of the high court, as I don't think it supports the conclusion you seem to have come to. What they said was (paraphrased) "just because you found the complainant a convincing witness, does not mean you should discount the testimony of the other witnesses, nor the evidence as to opportunity" In otherwords, if you believe the testimony from both sides, then that establishes enough doubt that you must aquit. That is completely aligned with existing rules of evidence, and does not create any new precedent. (If you want an appeal to authority, then I've spent an hour or so this morning discussing this case with someone who has been a criminal prosecutor in Vic for 20 years. We had argued previously about this case, and this morning she almost got to the point of conceeding I was right. Then she realised that a husband being right would disrupt the order of the universe, and sent me to put the garbage out)
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    we call em 'bushfires' which was actually a coverup by the Oz govt - yes Jack is right, we were cremating on behalf of the chinese, but not so much as to destroy the bones, which Teaky is selling to the Tuvalu govt for reef regeneration, The US & Canadian govt's sent firefighters to help fight the "bushfires" in Oz in return for land rights in Tuvalu with which they will monitor the chinese expansion into the Spratly islands forcing the Philippine govt to withdraw it's currency from all international markets before the chines bought it all. The chinese responded with an apparent virus outbreak in some town called woohoo.
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    I'd like to think we can still trust empirical scientific and medical research that comes out of the USA - the good thing with POTUS living in such delusional fantasy land he doesn't even appear interested in nor capable of interfering in scientific processes underway in his own country, just refuting their results from a podium. He can keep doing that, and the rest of the world's medical communities can have real frank conversations with US medical experts about what they are actually learning.
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    The girl that made St. Tropez famous.
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    Fuck off. An eloquent and well-reasoned refutation of Mr. Joker's presentation of legal facts. If you're going to oppose the right-wing takeover of SCOTUS, losing your mind at an anonymous internet idiot isn't going to do it.
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    once lock downs lift there is no reason why teams can't negotiate an entrance strategy with NZ immigration (or who ever the relevant government body is) . Blood test 2 weeks before and on departure from the UK. Policed lock down for 3 weeks after arrival in NZ etc. Money put in trust against potential team medical costs. The NZ government has too much invested in the cup and need a return now more than ever to put too many hurdles in the path of teams looking to compete.
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    That's a dumb exemption. Flight numbers down and those up mainly repatriating nationals so staff to burn so why give an exemption based on them being able to keep flying. Fly once then isolate and someone else fresh and virus free steps in.
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    What purpose did that Hula Hoop serve?
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    The problem with that is lack of oversight. I'm guessing we'd be really dismayed if we knew the truth, pre cell phone and social media. "You can't handle the truth" is just a movie line. We can handle it just fine.
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    One of the deals with Pacific Rigging was that they could install thru-hulls without hauling the boat. Yes... install thru-hulls while the boat was in the water. This was before the days of cordless drills. The procedure was that someone would be standing by with a temporary patch inside the boat while someone else was drilling. As soon as the hole saw broke through to the water, the driller would scream at the top of their lungs and a 3rd person standing by on the dock would yank the electrical cord out of the shore-power socket. The patch was slapped over the hole. Then a swimmer with a snorkel would dive down and make sure the hole was good enough for the thru-hull. The fitting was prepped with sealant, the diver would place it in position, the nut installed and *bingo!* $1,000 saved. But... the part where worker #3 yanked the plug out didn't always go as planned and frequently the driller would get 115 volts surging through his body. We complained to the brothers and they were all, "No, no... you're doing it wrong. Let me show you." So Pat Dougan was drilling away and when he broke thru to water, he started getting the jolt. He screamed to PULL THE PLUG. The 3rd person on the plug may have waited an extra second or two before yanking it out. That was the last in-the-water thru-hull installation we did.
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    Positions are not random. Marc has it. Safety checkers on either side of the aircraft. Despite the obvious fun to break up a 14 hour day on the flight deck. Each person near the cat has a specific purpose and position depending on the type of aircraft. Notice at about 1 minute when the Hummer (E-2) gets launched. Because those big turbo props have a large mass of relatively slow air and a lot of buffet, the safety checkers drop slightly behind the jet blast deflector. For the hornets, with near center-line engines, there isn't much blast if you are not directly behind the exhausts. Also notice that when you take away the dancing, the shooter gives a "take tension" signal and the nose of the aircraft squats just a bit as the cat moves the shuttle into the firing position. Simultaneously, teh shooter gives a run up signal by circling his forward hand with 2 fingers in the air. That tells the pilot to release brakes and go to full power. The pilot advances the throttles, does a full control wipe out, takes the position and salutes the shooter, signaling the aircraft is ready. The shooter then points at the safety observers and the catapult operators (green shirts in the "battle hatch") and requires an affirmative thumbs up that the aircraft and catapult are ready. Then he touches the deck and the operator fires the cat. By the way, Hornets launch with the pilot's hand off the stick to allow the fly-by-wire settings to control the aircraft at the end of the stroke. .
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    "The ideal subject of totalitarianism is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, between true and false, no longer exists. Hannah Arendt - The Origins of Totalitarianism
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    Interstellar visitor Comet 21/Borisov, has broken in two at the edge of our solar system. https://www.space.com/interstellar-comet-borisov-two-pieces.html No one is saying this openly, but it was really the hidden surveillance pod accelerating away from its former icy shield. The pod is now on it's way to inform its intergalactic overlords that there is no intelligent life here.