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    And it comes with a good rating, a very good rating, probably the best, many say the best rating the likes of which you have never seen, it's a tremendous rating, that I can tell you.
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    Me too. A blooper gybe right outside the StFYC is a thing of beauty for the spectators on the roof. Unless it's not.
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    Kids are playing outside for a change. I just moved into a average middle-class residential suburbia gated neighborhood in early Feb. And honestly I don't think I saw a single child out playing in the streets, riding a bike, throwing a football or baseball, etc. I thought maybe I hadn't paid attention and I accidentally moved into one of those "Senior neighborhoods" where children aren't necessarily banned but highly discouraged. There are several in this town. Then one day I got home from work early and got stuck behind a school bus right in front of our entrance gate. The bus disgorged 50 kids of all ages into my neighborhood. So they do exist. But still for a while, I rarely ever saw them outside. Now with the CV, I see them in the streets riding bikes, out playing and right now the neighbor kids are running around the back yard and in the streets screaming with joy running around in the dark. I suspect they've all gotten bored with playstation and being stuck indoors and have discovered this "novel" concept of playing outside. If that returned as a regular thing after this, I think that is a silver lining. Just saying.
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    Heh. I remember one BBS I was doing bow on Native Son, and the whole romping reach across from Sausalito the guys in fantasy-land couldn't decide between a bear-away or a gibe-set at the mark in front of StFYC. After changing their minds a few times, and me changing all the gear over each time, I finally called an audible and sat in the bow pulpit for the last 5 boatlengths or so with the bag in my lap and all the corners hooked up. When the bow passed the mark, I yelled "HOIST", threw a couple of armsfull of cloth up in the air, and ducked. Had just enough time to think "this is either going to be really good or really bad". It turned out really good. Chute went straight up, filled with a "woooomf" before the stern cleared the mark, and I had a chance to admire it for a second before dawdling off the bow and hooking whichever guy turned out to be the right one into the pole on my way back to the mast. Heard there was video of it but never saw it. I just smiled as if it was just another day at the office.
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    That's the crux of it. From my PoV the large majority of the US haven't changed who they are and what made the US so admirable. It's scary how one individual who is a walking vitriol and hate machine can dismember it so utterly. Roll on November, the whole world want you guys to feel pride in your country again. Fuck, we want to be proud again about being your mates.
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    - Take the profit motive out of medicine and get universal healthcare - Push for a living wage - Require corporations who wish to qualify for aid, bailouts and tax cuts to meet specific guidelines first, such as wage levels, cash reserves, etc. You don't have to meet those standards, but don't put your hand out next time you blow up the economy. Our business model is unsustainable. When you pay people so poorly that they can't accumulate a safety net and they don't help health coverage, it makes for a VERY fragile situation. One trauma like this and most Americans can't pay rent or eat after a month. The US is centered around maximizing profits over everything, over the health, welfare and well being of it's citizens. This won't stand. You can't sustain a system where prices are held artificially low by depressing wages and benefits instead of cutting into profits. This economic implosion is the direct result of looter-based economics. A corporation gets a tax cut what do they do? Raise wages? Add benefits? Put a little away for a rainy day? Or we could hand out mega bonuses to top management, and use the rest to buy back stock to drive up the stock price. This has to stop.
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    A guy I worked with for 30 years.....who was in shape, healthy, no comorbidities and in his late 50’s.......died last night after 3 weeks in ICU on a vent. The deaths are not “numbers” but each and every one a person with friends and family who loved them and who would still be alive if not for the virus. This thing is nothing to mess about with or take lightly.
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    Oi oi, You now Eurosceptic types say the undemocratic nature of the EU can be proved because they refuse referendum results. Like the Dutch one, 2016 was about deal with Ukraine. Was a very unpopular ref and close call in the end. Now it is proven that the anti side was heavenly influenced by Russian contacts. The right wing populist leader knew he was repeating Russian lies and he knew personally the person who was head of the Russian disinformation campaign. He knew that guy was head of a Russian campaign and that they were lies. But even with this knowledge he translated Russian disinformation articles into Dutch and used them in the campaign. And repeating that Russian guy was an independent thinker. So, where is the UK Russian report over the Brexit referendum ?
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    On the Bob Barton theme, here's a photo of Kindred Spirit and mast detail, not sure if that sheds any light on the discussion above, looks like a fairly simple, and beefy, extrusion. And an interesting article Bob wrote about the 1975 OTC.
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    Sad story - there is no "Bob". Jules is slowly descending into madness. The squares on the walls are the first symptoms...
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    How are people allowed to just walk around with automatic weapons in public?
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    Well, since my boat is also in Maine, I'll tell you what I know so far. So far Maine seems to have avoided the worst - fingers crossed. My yard is fully at work, luckily don't have any cases yet, and are working split shifts with full decontamination . I was asked last week if I could launch two weeks early since there is a bit of congestion at the start of June. All the mooring in the harbor are still going in, though some people are hedging. The Summer population of coastal Maine tends to double, (give or take and order of magnitude where you are), so actually identifying full time residents if you are not one, may be harder than you might think. Maybe some of the private island might get a bit more private no longer allow you to land. But I think there will be enough anchorages where you can avoid people and enough anchorages where you will be welcomed. If it were me, I'd be checking back in at the end of May. All that said, I have no idea if I will still be able to get there at the beginning of June to get my boat!
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    I've been doing a series of lighthearted 'boat chat' to fill the time in lockdown. This week I spoke to Matt Gotrel, who has had a fascinating journey through sport. A talented 49er crew, who dropped out to attend Uni. At which point he was spotted by the rowing club and things soon snowballed until he found himself winning an Olympic gold in the Men's 8 at the Rio Games. That would be enough for most sportsmen, and it seemed that was as Matt took up a job as an engineer at Rolls Royce. However, recently he's been pulled back in to sailing by some old 49er friends, and once again Matt's talent has seen things snowball where he's found himself as a top grinder on the GBR Sail GP F50 and now aboard the AC75 for Team INEOS. One of the few people in the sport to have sailed both the latest F50 and an AC75. The target audience is really RS800 sailors or people familiar with the boat through my channel, so there's a decent amount of in chat about UK classes and personalities. But, it might be of interest to some anarchists from a SailGP / AC point of view. Grab a coffee, it's quite long... Edit: apologies for repetitively calling the AC75 a '72'.
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    Same in our neighborhood. It's wonderful to see the kids out there because it reminds me of when I was a kid and that was the normal thing. Jumping to an analogy: This will be like getting your boat weighed before an ocean race. All this crap is piled on the dock next to the boat, and you get to decide what you're going to put back aboard. I'm going to be pretty selective about what I allow back into my life after this is over.
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    Ajax, put a lot of food on your boat. If they don't want you ashore, don't go ashore. Anchor and row around. I suspect it's not going to be a big issue. There are so many empty coves and empty beaches if you stay away from tourist spots like Camden (outer harbor is rolly anyways) and southwest harbor ( poor protection, the lobstermen make a game of passing within a couple feet of your boat in the morning to wake you up/spill your coffee), McGlathery is uninhabited. So is Mistake. Amazing spots. I'm doing Camden Classic in late July, Eggemoggin Reack in early August. If you bring your own boat to sleep on, you're welcome to race on Restive. Unfortunately, all of the bunks are already filled with crew from past years. These should be bucket list events for every sailor.
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    The entire power to the states thing is him setting them up to be the scapegoats.. that's been the plan from the beginning.. spin, spin, spin dummies spin....
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    I know I should stop...... What is wrong with driving nails with your hand? Many Olympic sports are just about that stupid and painful, but Gold Medals are awarded! We are putting together the Iron Fist Federation and are seeking inclusion in Paris as a Demonstration event. Regulations and by-laws need to be revised to IOC standards, but the work is in hand. There is also talk of a fully sponsored televised Grand Prix circuit with the best men and women athletes competing for cash prizes. International rankings are being developed as we speak. Its going to be a big big thing. Start training now so you can participate in this exciting new sport with like minded people. If 50 people are bleeding it’s much more rewarding than using a tool. Remember the OP? He had trouble getting under a Laser boom. I suggested the IC because the rig is such that you don’t go under the boom, you go around behind it. This is unique in my understanding, and that was my point. There is a good group of Canoe sailors at Hayling Island, close to where he is located. As Dave pointed out, Nethercotts are dirt cheap, you get carbon masts and beautifully built stiff boats for pennies on the pound. The fact that the boats are still the fastest monohull singlehander ( the Moth is a Hydrofoil and in a different class) is gravy. I will admit that the dig at the Finn was slightly gratuitous, but I was telling that exact joke 20 years ago, and the Finn guys all thought it was pretty funny. They weren’t so thin skinned. We all know that sailing a Finn is damn hard work if you are going to compete at all. With the removal of Rule 42 in heavy air, even the runs are enormously athletic. No one works that hard to go that slow without a sense of humor. We called rowing, going backwards in pain. The only good part is that you see the people you are beating, and you know if you feel this bad, they feel worse. It’s one thing to drown in lactic acid, but to drown in lactic acid and lose sucks so much more. SHC
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    Actually, you ignorant fuck, there are many diseases that hit harder depending on race. This may come as a shock to you, but different races have different genetic make ups. Viruses don’t give a flying fuck about trying to appear PC. Doesn't have shit to do with genetic make-up It's more about conditions. Black people have less access to health care, poorer diets, higher rates of smoking (a choice but one that is also related to economics surroundings and education), higher rates of diabetes, higher risk of heart disease... the list goes on. - DSK ...,
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    Because the dimwits form a nice little pool for a virus to have a party in. And when the party is over, the virus wakes up the next day with a modified genome that now thinks the vaccinated people look real yummy. And the whole cycle starts again. Influenzas is a prime example of a virus that keeps mutating and finding ways to kill people*. Luckily, SAR-CoV-2 has been found to be pretty good about minding its own genetics. Well maybe... https://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/preliminary-study-claims-to-have-discovered-the-first-significant-mutation-in-the-sars-cov-2-pathogen/ *quick fun fact: Influenzas A nearly killed me in Jan 2019.
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    That has not changed. An amendment of that type requires unanimous consent of all Competitors. The current version of the Class Rule is v 1.9, dated March 22. It is posted on the official noticeboard: AC 75 Class Rule v 1.9
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    If you have an Instragram account, check out @left.coast.sailing for more Dehler 30 pictures.