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    I know I'm a little biased, but this docco is really what the Hobart race is all about. This is what CYC needs to circulate to build competitor numbers...enough of the Billionaire Maxi BS that is frankly boring and bears no resemblance to the experience the race offers to the vast majority. This video captures just one story - but it's the story that really matters...that if you really want to have a crack...you can. The result is always going to be a bit of a gamble with the conditions - but the odds are always improved when you do the prep these guys did! That said (and knowing that boat pretty well!!) they couldn't have written a better weather script for that boat! Congratulations to Jason and his awesome Patriot team on a great campaign and to the Docco makers for telling the REAL story of a Sydney Hobart race!
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    You carbon weenies just don't get the wonder of miracle fiber "W".
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    Hey, we're on the second page. Somebody cares!
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    Like curing viruses is the only way to redistribute wealth.....
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    I buried my last two , last year.. wife doesn't want anymore for now.. for similar reasons..
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    The lesser nighthawks get active around dusk. Amazing flyers, these nightjars. They'd swoop the pool for a drink if it were filled. Eerie calls too. A trill and another cool echo-like sound. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Lesser_Nighthawk/sounds
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    Say, there are a lot of things going on in the US to make fun of and be utterly disgusted about, but remember that Trump did not win a majority of the vote. Only about 56% of the US eligible voters actually vote. The fire breathing trump numb-nuts are really a small minority of the population and they do not reflect a majority of the citizens of the US. Hopefully, trump was an anomaly and the last gasp of the old white men trying to hold onto power. trump has done a considerable amount of damage by pulling out of international agreements, but that will quickly change when he is gone. Obama was more a reflection of the majority of the US vision. Do not count out America yet, China has gained financial power by being a discount manufacturer for the US, but they are not the creator of the technologies or innovations. The western world still is the ideal environment for innovation, risk taking and rewards.
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    Industrial lifting straps and gear are very cheap (relatively) - certainly cheaper than the special Melges ones . Especially if the lifting gear does not live aboard the boat full time. https://www.rigging.com/polyester-round-sling-endless-loop-3-8-feet.html https://www.rigging.com/nylon-sling-flat-eye-eye-3-6-feet.html https://www.rigging.com/crosby-shackle-galvanized-screw-pin-type.html If you want to splice dyneema, and confident that you can make good splices, then pick something like 1/4" (~6000 lb breaking strength). If the 2 sling legs form a V with a shallow angle, the load on each might be close to the boat weight. Then you derate it for UV, wear and tear, and a shitty splice - and 1/4" will still have good safety factors.
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    I was and continue to be very aggressive in minimizing weight aloft, so tried many things first. Bolt rope luff: horrible. Slides: horrible. I even considered Harken track (talk about weight aloft!!!!!!!). I am VERY HAPPY that I went with the Tides Marine Strong Track. It is tremendously less friction. Combined with the carbon sails, hoisting and dropping and folding the main is super easy now. Light weight, low friction: win! I don't expect the track itself to last forever: it is plastic, and therefore will degrade in UV. The slides are beautiful quality stainless, and work well for both just the sail and for the full battens. Eventually, just replacing the track will be much less than the cost of the measurement+track+slides+sailmaker+install. Super easy to remove and re-install just the track, probably a 30 minute process start to finish.
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    God invented whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world.
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    A 40’ wood tri weighing 2900 lbs!? Have you actually weighed her Stephen?
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    My guess, and it is just a guess, is that Trump thinks he is duping the Russians. So while he may effectively be an asset of the Russians, he may not fully realize it. He is a conman and always thinks he is the one running the con. I believe that Russia wants to achieve a broad objective of weakening and destabilizing the US, and Trump helps with that just by being himself.
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    Includes some sailing video
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    It takes exactly zero knowledge of anything to ride a jetski. Last weekend a couple was on the boatramp when the wife asked "how do you make it go? Does it have a reverse?" Then they flew out of the marina right past all the no wake signs doing 15 mph. Sailing is hard. People are lazy.
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    It's all political blustering. Australia is one of the few countries in the would with a positive balance of trade with China. AUS$57B import from china and AUS$87B export to them. In short, they need us more than we need them.
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    Jack: Sorry. I have been preoccupied. I'd put this photo up because I just got it and I thought it showed what a boat should look like freed from current trends. I do not find the current boats very inspiring. Too much sameness.
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    I know...what about universal healthcare so no one needs to get stressed about that part of this debacle.
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    I've been involved (at the periphery) with big commercial paint jobs where something doesn't go right. Questions from paint manufacturer's rep: - did you measure the temperature? (yup) - did you measure the dew point? (actually yes, had a sling psycometer <sp> ) - how long did you mix it? - do you still have the empty cans to see batch numbers? (uhh, no we actually discarded empty paint cans...) etc etc. Until you give up and hope they give you a discount on more paint to fix the problem. I have thinned many 1 part paints and varnishes with other than the manufacturer's thinner with excellent results. Look if their "special" thinner is 50% kerosene or 75% xylene and I use that straight from the can, how much risk is there? It's what they say their thinner contains. I've used garden variety paint thinner for both Brightsides and Easypoxy paints and all sorts of varnishes. If you want to pay $25 for a quart of naptha, knock yourself out. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Jasco-32-fl-oz-Fast-to-Dissolve-Naphtha/1000147043 $9 However for 2 part paints I do use the manufacturer's reducers etc. because the chemistry is a lot trickier.
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    more like 2900 kgs!!!
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    Seems like a wide spread of style opinions. To each his own. The clean deck look is great if you wanna go out for daysails or racing with a load of crew. If your doing distance cruising, it's nice to have some shelter and ergonomic comforts on deck.
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