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    The last election saw Republicans foaming at the mouth over a pedophile ring organized by Hillary Clinton in the basement of a pizza restaurant without a basement. Then some idiot even went full Second Amendment with his AR15 trying to expose the truth only to conclude that the intel on this wasn't 100 percent. Now we swing 180 degrees and Shitstain is wishing an accused child trafficker well. Republicans aren't just gullible or stupid. They are that. Their boy told them to eat pool cleaner to prevent COVID and people died. That was the gullibility of the faithful. But this is different. This is culpability. His stain is on them.
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    Hey, Ghislaine You're reading between the lines here, right? Just keep your trap shut and I'll take care of you. xxx& ooo's Chubbykins
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    bought it with reservation to the underwater part. (checking tomorrow end of the day) she needs a bit of (upgrade) work but everything is functioning at the moment. engine (Buck 7hp 1 cylinder) has run 200 hrs. electrics were installed by a pro. (looks superclean/ nice wire harness through the bilge), tack tick wireless windset, autohelm speedo and depth, autohelm autopilot, raymarine vhf with gps (no separate gps...), electric shore power unit thing, never used/ never installed solar panel, furling headstay, newish lewmar hatch on the foredeck, dacron used sails (genny 3, genny 2 (2 years old), main, two spinakers (never used by the last owner), all the old sails (hanks) inlc. from what he told me a staysail.
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    Naughty, naughty. No moving the goal posts. The original reference was a heel to 30 deg, NOT a knock-down. Address *that*. Tell me how it can't happen with my boat hull and rig. That should provide the onlookers with entertainment while you thrash about. FKT
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    Not to mention- imagine being so dull to think NZ is a bad place to spend a year. So much to do and experience. But by the sounds of it, being responsible and quarantined to save people was too much for the me me me family. Good luck to them finding more interesting ports of call going forward because covid isn’t going away and once they’re in Fiji, their next port of call? Guam lol. Hahah hahaha haha.
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    The rudimentary nature of their first set of foils on the Mule gives a hint to that. In fairness to them, the Mule was their first dive into foiling boats, and it matured into something pretty useful. Who wouldn't like to see the Mule go up against Te Kahu?
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    What I personally find in common with foils and water ballast is that not if but when they fail or break you are on a boat that isn't designed to function well without. Of course you could say that about many other parts of the boat but it just bothers me that you had to add on a kind of "artifice" to get your design to function. Love the G32 and obviously the designers were ingenious but I'd love to see the same boat 16 feet wide with a slightly taller rig and no water ballast.
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    I was just going to observe that these are two examples of dangling fronts. (snare drum rim shot) I’ll be here all week folks, try the veal!
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    This has been the case for some time.
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    You forgot the "Sampson Boat Co" channel. Home of TALLY-HO.
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    Who would have guessed the schooner was the fastest rig after all?
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    It definitely leans a lot if you forget and leave the drain open before stopping the boat and it floats a lot lower with the tanks full. I don't know how much lower either. I also don't know how much my boat weighs, which is kind of lame as I could weigh it.. A lot of weight and 45 lbs of gelcoat chips went to the dump. As far as how the ballast works; it works great, but it does take a bit of thought. I don't have electric pumps, so mostly have to drain the weather tank before tacking. I have gone upwind in over 40 knots with both tanks ballasted and the performance was kind of amazing, even if the wind was trying to suck everything out of the boat. I also did the first part of a race a few weeks ago where we crossed the straits with winds in the low to mid 30's. It was mostly close reaching, but with really fucked seas from big tides. I shook out the reefs in the main about halfway and then couldn't get it reefed again when the wind came back on again, so was dogging in horrible slop for the last part of the crossing. I did get across ahead of anyone else, but the ballast kept the boat sailing flat and not scary at all, which is kind of amazing seeing as the boat is so narrow. It just doesn't take much power. I dropped out because the race started at 7pm and I couldn't see sailing in that kind of wind all night. As it turned out all the boats sailed into a big hole right after I dropped out. Photos from Sean Trew from the start.
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    https://voilesetvoiliers.ouest-france.fr/course-au-large/record/video-67-17-noeuds-record-du-monde-de-vitesse-a-la-voile-battu-904f2654-cb2a-11ea-b655-37347ed98bb9?autologin=&connection=true 3 guys on a windsurf reached 67.17 knots!
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    Mate, it was a weak analogy the first time, and believe me, it's not getting any funnier.
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    I can't erase pictures of child porn in cases I prosecuted. The pictures were destroyed and the defendants convicted. I don't know the evil they possess.
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    Notice how everyone else agrees with me? You need to get out of your incel circles, dude. You gun. Police scared. Police shooty shooty. You dead.
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    Ben Ainslie is going to show up in my yard and kick my ass now
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    I have not seen jzk's particular brand of dunning-krueger so well schooled before. Gracias.
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    So that's a no. It shows. Literally every single one of your following sentences is based on unproven assumptions. Let's go. You assume that confrontation is caused by the black poeple. Could also be caused by the polices reaction to them being black. Completely unproven. Could also be caused by police officers having a raging boner for shooting niggas. Are you god or how do you know who commited violent crime. At best you can talk about prosecuted crime, because that's what statistics actually refer to. That could very well be because whites commit more fucked up crime, where police have to shoot the criminal (ever heard of a black school shooter) or because blacks are more cooperative during arrest. In short: you are worse at thinking than you think. Please take some entry level statistics for social sciences course.
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    It was a tremendous, tremendous crowd, a record crowd. Really great. Those spreading fake news will be dealt with and the Squadron is in great shape- tremendous shape. Tremendously great shape.
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    Good post..also ...some sails had..have..a deep broad seam low And it would negate that Sobstad sails...main loft..Old Saybrook. did mains w deep broad seam from just above tack to just above clew
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    Well... It is true that hull hasn't got wet...
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    As an expert graphic designer, I too see the similarities