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    Jeez!....what a storm in the tea cup!..anyone would think that the defender was trying to sail in the challengers series or something ...
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    I'm going to assume I'm not the Boogeyman you mentioned and instead that I get some of the nice complimenty things ;-) I will say that I sailed for years umder the belief that it wasn't fun until the girls asked a second time if i was *sure* it was supposed to tip like that. Like, rail in the water, stupid sailing. Going out in heavy weather just for the fun of fighting the stick. When I finally mellowed out I was really surprised to realize how much earlier I should have been reefing. Nowadays as often as not I raise with a reef in. Easier to shake one out than tuck one in, as they say. Maybe something to do with having a toddler along most of the time now? Anyway, happy sailing. I think you're on the right course.
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    So as unlikely as this scheme seems of getting traction. Why can't it be viewed as win-win for everyone. The Challengers get a lot more race hardened by having a shit load more opportunities to race. More Product to be broadcast, more races to be viewed by the likes of us, more sponsor exposure. Competition is healthier. Sailing as a sport is more exposed. The Challengers get to evaluate ETNZ B1 up close and meaningfully. Probably even get an opportunity to speed up their own R&D, iterative development. Unlock a few design keys that they would not have had access to otherwise. Think of the amount of measurements and digital photography that would be taken by allowing an.other team access to this platform. Access to the mainsail control systems - which the other yteams would be very interested to now more about. $4m to reveal actual working practices of the leading teams design ethos - all of the other teams would be fronting the money to garner this access, with control of the ultimate result. Cheap at half the price...... The Host country gets a bigger spectacle. S&S finally pony up some overdue money. The world is crying out for some sporting events - and AC with all its partisan shenanigans interests far more than just sailors with its soap opera style back stories and faux glamour...... Lots, and lots of upsides. So whats the downside? Really?
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    At 59 I just spent last week cycling from Crescent City to Santa Rosa with full bikepacking rig. I did it with my college age sons and it didn't make me feel young again. It made me feel old. 350 miles and 21K feet of climbing in 6 days. I dont care if I never see another redwood tree, logging truck, raised diesel pickup, RV, or 5th wheel trailer in my life. Or overcast and fog. Keep pedaling!
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    The 2020 Radial Women's World Championship was a fair competition with skilled and qualified sailors sailing identical boats. Isn't that the whole fucking essence of the boat? The rest of this is all a bunch of complete shit.
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    bought it with reservation to the underwater part. (checking tomorrow end of the day) she needs a bit of (upgrade) work but everything is functioning at the moment. engine (Buck 7hp 1 cylinder) has run 200 hrs. electrics were installed by a pro. (looks superclean/ nice wire harness through the bilge), tack tick wireless windset, autohelm speedo and depth, autohelm autopilot, raymarine vhf with gps (no separate gps...), electric shore power unit thing, never used/ never installed solar panel, furling headstay, newish lewmar hatch on the foredeck, dacron used sails (genny 3, genny 2 (2 years old), main, two spinakers (never used by the last owner), all the old sails (hanks) inlc. from what he told me a staysail.
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    I joined this forum awhile ago and have enjoyed all the witty repartee from all involved, seems like my kind of place. This is my first boat of any kind over 20' , I've sailed in a bunch of dinghys and on a few larger boats belonging to friends and relatives. We bought a vacation property in Goderich Ontario last fall that happens to be part of a marina and right on Lake Huron so it seemed natural to get a sailboat to enjoy. After a few offers on local boats that didn't pan out this one came up right at the marina we are. It's a 1979 Pearson 26 One Design, which is perfect for me because I'm going to be day sailing mostly. Once I get comfortable with it, I'll take it out for an overnight somewhere on the Huron shore. My dad and brother both have cottages on Georgian Bay(Woods bay area), the plan for next year if things go well is to take it over there and moor in the Massassauga Provincial Park and back, looks like a good trip with an eye on going up to the North Channel later on. The boat does not have anywhere near standing headroom,. so it's more like camping with a hard shell tent. The motor was not running well at all, it went to the shop and came back running well,I had it out last weekend and had a blast with some buddies. So far I have just over a grand into it, lots of work to do, but I have time and am familiar with working on boats, should keep me out of trouble. Here's a pic, it needs some spit and polish for sure, but it's mine!
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    If there wasn’t a seagull around, how can we be sure the speed figure is true? Given on other threads there is all sorts of discussion about speeds (even down to measuring it off video clips) I’m a bit perplexed as to how it isn’t relevant here...
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    Now I'm really depressed - I only made it onto one of his lists. I thought for sure I'd be a shoo-in for the village idiot list. Not to mention the smarmy know-it-all list, which it seems he hasn't gotten around to as yet. Oh well - must try harder. FKT
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    ETNZ are to race B1 against B2 while the challengers are racing. If S&S are to race ETNZ's B1 they will lose that opportunity.
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    37 finns today at the state champs at RQ in Oz.....not bad considering that's just one state (borders are closed 'cos virus)......live streaming but currently under AP waiting for wind!
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    This is the most twisted take on what the ongoing gag order represents. The NZH want to report their version of events, for whatever motivation they hold. They claim that the public/NZ population has a need or right to know. The Organisers have petitioned that the story be non reportable. This could be for any number of reasons. (Mostly speculated by the tin hat wearing teaspoon comspiracists who feel that any attempt to destabilise the host country, will help assist to pry the Cup from their undeserving fingers.......) The judge has decided that in the balance of competing issues, the story is not of merit to be published by the NZH. The only loser in the current situation is NZH. Depending on the final washup, GD would be sitting right now, feeling anything from vindicated, to utterly smug. But certainly not negatively impacted or "bad"..... But spin that into the next edition of #Clown Pa Fake News (a.k.a Teaspoon Times)
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    Protip: watch/listen to it, before you try digging yourself out. At least up to the part where you're claiming you stopped. LOL.
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    One of the best funnest races there is.
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    I ride my E-bike to the gym. It's quicker, so I get more time on the treadmill.
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    Great Knockers. Terri Garr was underrated.
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    Interesting as I think they are bunch of leftie arseholes, all about your own perspective I guess.
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    I agree that statically a catamaran is more stable when sitting still. However, I14's and other similar skiffs will also just tip over at the dock like the AC75... both skiffs and similar size cats will all capsize on the water, so I don't see why you and others continuously bitch about the stability factor of the AC75s. By that logic, we should stop sailing any vessel that can flip over because they are too dangerous. Why not just take a break from all that and enjoy the damn show.
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    E - Exceptions to this Rule are permitted: when the hull and/or sail are provided by the organisers for an event and after approval of the International Laser Class Association, the numbers on the sail used for that event only may be single, double or triple digit numbers.
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    Hey, thanks for letting me know that all my fellow competitors and I were cheating at the 1979, 1980, 1983 and 1986 Laser World Championships, plus all competitors at the 1976 and 1977 Worlds.
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    Wow ... pretty appalling statement there ... suggest that allegation of cheating be withdrawn ...
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    Mate, that's not only nonsense, but it's damned unpleasant nonsense to accuse those sailors of cheating, and you owe them all a public apology. If a boat is not maintained according to the x class rules it ceases to be an x. So you can make a reasonable case that those are not Lasers. If you enter a regatta for X class dinghies in a boat that is not an x class dinghy then that's cheating by the letter of the law. Was this a Laser regatta by the letter of the law.? Arguably not since the NOR clearly *required* that the boats were as sailed. So under the strict letter of the rules the sailors were not cheating. Is there anything very unusual about this? How, for instance, do you describe Lasers used at the Olympics with no sail numbers? I agree that the ILCA need to extract digits and get on with proposing and getting votes on the various rule and regulation changes this grave new world requires. I'm no fan of the way they have gone about things ever since the first fundamental rule change, even though I expect it looks different from where they are sitting. But to go from there to accusing these perfectly innocent sailors of cheating is, I suggest, completely unjustified and unworthy.
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    Title IX requires equal funding of men’s and women’s sports. Rowing and sailing have both benefited because they are co-Ed or women’s only. Rowing and sailing are pretty cheap ways to spend enough money to pay for the football team. Stanford ‘s Sailing Coach was implicated in the Varsity Blues sting. Of course the sport was canned. Who knows what College and Universities will look like after Covid 19. The entire model seems up for grabs. SHC
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    2020 Radial Women's World Championship in Melbourne Australia, which was an "all charter" event with sails and battens supplied to all competitors ... 3 digit numbers were allocated according to world rankings ie the highest ranked entry was 001 through to 120 or so. My daughter had a ball, and now uses her sail for Club racing along with a bunch of others at the fabulous Double Bay Sailing Club in Sydney ... The Notice of Race for the regatta is attached. ... Clause 5.6 deals with the sail numbering ... W20_LRW_NOR_AUS.pdf