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    20' is a bit of a stretch, you lose a bit of accuracy over that distance!
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    Restive dueling with Vortex, Castine to Camden wooden boat race.
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    This all looks structural. There’s a hold down bolt through the wing.
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    Conway forgot to add: lying, treasonous, corrupt, nepotistic, racist, sexist, narcissistic, delusional, crass, inarticulate, self confessed pussy grabbing...blundering cheat. With absolutely no sense of empathy, humour or wit.
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    George Conway: “Trump’s sanction must come at the polls, and beyond. For the sake of our constitutional republic, he must lose, and lose badly. Yet that should be just a start: We should only honor former presidents who uphold and sustain our nation’s enduring democratic values. There should be no schools, bridges or statues devoted to Trump. His name should live in infamy, and he should be remembered, if at all, for precisely what he was — not a president, but a blundering cheat.”
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    Made to 3.5 mins in of 36 mins total. Don't need to waste the other 33 mins for him to prove the stupid once again. Bullshitting conman trying to redeem himself while looking like a dead man walking. The bullshit hasn’t worked since Tulsa and between the death toll and the economy he has precisely nothing to offer except a cover my ass. VOTE, the idiot needs a total humiliation at the polls if he has a glimmer of hope he will take it and the country will pay dearly for that.
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    Just don't get any further than 20' from a toilet until you're done. Trust me on this.
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    Unfair advantage? WTF. Complete fucking garbage. Firstly routing software doesn't drive AP. They both have routing software which needs a human to drive it so that part equal. However a dedicated navigator is not standing watches on a crewed boat (but in reality some spending more time at the table) versus 2H the advantage rests with crewed router driver doing that routing. Secondly driving a crewed boat with multiple drivers swapping out every hour or so in heavy shit. Someone else doing all the trimming after every sail or course change. Driving with AP evidence of someone on the helm for the overwhelming majority of SH races is testament to a human can still drive better over shorter time periods than a AP. However human still has to trim the pilot to max it's performance. After a course change or sail change a crewed driver is immediately driving. However on a SH the AP first requires driving to recalibrate correction settings. There are only two external conditions wind and sea state that drive an AP. However then there are million of adjustments required just like the human brain of someone driving. While automatic they still require hand tuning. Think of a SH crew as a carer (C) and and AP is an autistic person (AP) who is really good at fucking maths, but that person can't feed themselves. They still need external assistance to produce that maths. So what produces a rudder angle/response rate? AFTER it has gone through things like a multi axis sensor to measure heel, roll and pitch a masthead AWS/AWA correction can be applied. This is before even converting apparent wind to true data using instantanoues BS and course changes to create true wind data to drive AP. Then things like gust response factors and sea state sitting in your head to drive calibration tweaks that then drive AP and that rudder response rate. Just saying it makes your head sore, let alone doing it. This recalibration of the AP by C might take 15 minutes in some wind sea combination conditions AFTER EVERY course or sail change. Even after doing all that the crewed driver is driving better providing they are rested. Therefore if any crewed boats are scared about being beaten by a 2 humans plus an autopilot...then my guess they are probably still scared of the dark, living at home with their parents while kissing their sister to get a hard on. Fucking turnips.
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    Once had a guy as crew on a boat I worked on. Nearly useless as crew, but he filled the hole, always showed up when asked, and had great stories. He was (is) a died-in-the-wool true down home Mainer through and through. Worked lots of jobs, mainly as a heavy equipment operator (terrible on boats, but would be the first guy I’d ask to dig a hole). One of his best stories involved a day when he and a crew were doing a big excavation job. They filled a tri-axel and sent it to the dumping ground to unload and return. After too much time had passed, someone finally wondered where ol’ Stubby disappeared to. They raise him on the CB, and asked where, exactly, he had gotten himself, his immortal reply, in the thickest Downeast accent, was “I’m up in the A-yuh!” Turns our poor guy had forgotten to unlatch the tailgate before dumping, the load slid to the back of the box and the cab wound up high in the air. “Well, why don’t you get down?!” he was asked. “I’m scared of heights!” He replied. So, they loaded up the digger on a trailer, drove over, and dug out the back of the truck to return the cab to earth. He probably never has lived that down.... for many years it was “Where’s Stubby?” “I’m up in the Ai-yah!” Sorry. As you were......
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    Very very light today, with hints of spring!
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    LOXO-32 is saying .5 liters per nautical mile at 12 knots. Light, efficient and gentle on the throttle makes for about 7.5 nm/gallon. And it looks like a sailboat without a rig!
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    Sadly it is not just the pro's that want to jump off & fly back. After 23 races & 20 deliveries, (2 DNFs & 1 boat too damaged to return straight away), it always amazes me to see the inexperienced crews who want to jump on a plane on to be home for New Year or straight after the NYE show in Hobart. Then next long race they are Hobart veterans and can't understand why they aren't on the wheel. Just when do they think they should get the experience to be given these opportunities if not on deliveries. And anyway when I was a boy the job wasn't done until the toys were back in their box! Just a minute I have to go and chase some kids off my lawn.
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    There is a problem here and it is not the one that this article talks about. China does not have a food supply problem. In fact, they export huge quantities of fish. I can go into the many large ethnic supermarkets in Toronto and most of the large fish stock is Chinese. The previous Ecuadorian government under Rafael Correa did a lot of business with Chinese companies including kicking out the western oil companies in favour of Chinese ones. The money they got was spent pretty wisely to improve the living standards of poorer Ecuadorians. Certainly Ecuador is now an economic vassal of China for better or worse. Strange because they use US dollars for their currency. If you wonder whatever happened to the Susan B Anthony dollar coins they are in the markets in Ecuador. To fishing ... the world's ocean fisheries are grossly overfished and in trouble. The Chinese have been a major contributor to this but far from the only one. The article talks about this huge fleet being 'anchored' outside the EEZ which is nonsense because the water is 4000 m deep. The Chinese, along with the Taiwanese and others, send fishing fleets to International waters to catch everything they can. We ran into several of these in our travels, for some reason almost always at night, a mothership and ten or so catch boats. In some cases they will use really decrepit catch boats to fish inside the EEZ and hope that the local countries navy or coast guard will not catch them too quickly which is often the case in the case of poor countries. We were in Fiji where such a boat had been impounded It was found to be owned by a numbered company in a convenient country. The company's only asset was the crap boat. The crew had been abandoned by their employers/country of origin and were being fed by the generosity of the locals. In this case it was a Taiwanese vessel registered in the Marshall Islands or somewhere with a mainland Chinese crew. The answer is hard to find, perhaps to extend EEZs far beyond 200 nm and to find a way to patrol these areas in cases where the local country cannot? Having a look at a stronger Law of the Sea treaty might make sense but we need to remember that the US has not even ratified the existing convention.
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    I was interested in these stills from the 7-minute AC75 video which was released this week by America’s Cup Events. Dan Bernasconi was saying that one of the big decisions is whether your crew, or indeed how MANY of your crew, will switch from windward to leeward after a tack. Do these pics suggest that INEOS’s crew - operating in longer thinner trenches and with a flatter transom - are swapping sides? I haven’t watched a lot of their videos, to be fair. Any more knowledgeable thoughts than mine welcome!
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    Your thread title is bene-slow 235 yet you have fallen for the first broken down boat you've seen; slow things down a little. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/boa/d/1988-beneteau-first-235-sailboat/7166188677.html https://jerseyshore.craigslist.org/boa/d/keyport-beneteau-f235/7166823872.html
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    In Boothbay. Arrived this afternoon after aailong up from Block. Averaged 8.0 over 260+ NM. Was short and steep with the waves on our quarter pushing us along but making the a/p work overtime to keep us straight. Going to wait out Isaac at the dock.
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    It could be worse, we could be delusional...
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    Betsy will fix all that.
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    Advice from mediator: sell it Advice from judge: sell it Advice from lawyer who is a good friend: sell it Advice from hired lawyer: let me take a look at things
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    Yep, max length is restricted to whatever the current iteration of WO is...
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