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    I do think it is pretty epic that the biggest complainer of death panels, has turned into the grand old party of death panels.
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    Yes. The ship appears to be sinking. we need to continue firing torpedoes until it disappears below the surface and then sail over it and drop depth charges.
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    If you could read my mind love, what a tale my thoughts would tell...
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    shes legit ... foil arm looks to be in the front end of the box ... opposite of all other teams ... what are we going to read into that?
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    Oh believe me I know. I've given blood products to people. It is like handing off the nuclear football. Witnessed check off and signatures from blood bank. Clock starts.. 30 mins to get the bag spiked and in the pt. At pt bedside check list and sign off with another RN. Pt id #. Blood unit #. Pt blood type id #. And more. Read aloud and read back. There is so much.....stuff.....in blood products that even with a perfect match deadly reactions could happen. Our protocol is vitals every 5 mins for first 15 then every 15 for 2 hours. Just like the hydroxy....... these morons are just oblivious to the risks . P.s. had a pt get a fever of 104 with perfect match 45 mins into transfusion. Still possibly a good treatment for very sick covid pts. Maybe.
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    Thats me and some friends at a local music venue! There's ya proof!
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    But beware. Ground effect can have disastrous, unintended consequences with these craft.
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    Most of them won't be heartless in person. It's just some form of psychlogical commitment. Acknowledging Trumps failure would reflect back on them for having voted for him. They just can't take that pain. As Nietzsche said: The criminal is often enough not equal to his action: he diminishes and disparages it.
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    Currently team USA is a fat arse dragger with no stability, the Italian boat bits fall off it, Ineos has no performance and everything is absolutely perfect with team kiwi (ignoring the capsize, the splashdowns and still messing around with foil development) so with that rather tongue in cheek assessment of all the teams based on the current SA wisdom none of the teams have smashed it out of the park have they.
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    Thanks, a lot of the info seems to make some sense as another issue with covid, just want to quote the horse's mouth. Can never be too safe about that with all of the disinformation going around.
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    Would be great if she comes out as anonymous.
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    So, like the last AC, the one before that, the one before that, the one before that, the one before that and fuck knows how may before that, will be decided on who has the best VMG around a racecourse?
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    In the original discussion, Smack and I were discussing wind strength and AWS. But that discussion morphed into questions about the possible vectors (angles to true wind direction) that the AC75's might be capable of sailing. Further discussions included how much more efficient the apparent wind sailing rig of the AC75 is when, compared to a conventional mono set-up (being much smaller, lighter and using twin skins etc). In other words, how well can theses fuckers point?
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    I appreciate falling into the first group, and agree you fall into it too, even if some of your posts are a little fucked up.
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    Opening act for.....you guessed it.... ac/dc
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    Jeff, Sure, you said that. Trump says a lot of things and has 20K+ documented lies in the past 3.5 yrs. If I ever decide to commit suicide, I'll climb up your ego and jump to your IQ.
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    Bit more work on that name and they will have nailed it.
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    No rash, I did battle with lingering fatigue and a really high resting heart rate for about 6 weeks. I had a 3 day relapse about 4 weeks out, not as severe and recovered quicker. Had some elevated blood markers for a few months as well. I feel pretty now though. Lab tests are all back in order as well. Supposedly will have a follow up with a pulmonologist In a while as well but I may skip it. My swim workouts are improving....backup to 1200 yards and doing 100 repeats on a pretty good pace for an old guy. Looking forward to hitting my pre illness distance of 2000 again. I want to say I’ve recovered. We’ll see.
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    They are older boats now but a Nonsuch would make a lot of sense since it is very easy to sail and gives you lots of room. A Nonsuch 30 is more like most 33s. There are also 33 and 36 footers which start to get very huge indeed. Get one with, or add, an electric halyard winch or a powered winch handle. The sail is very large and a load to lift with a regular winch. The wishbone boom does a terrific job of catching the sail when you drop it. You sail the boat from the helm so there is very little moving around needed. The 30s have two very different interior plans, pick the one that meets your needs. There is exterior teak but with the money you save on the purchase you can get someone to keep it up. Look around for a boat that has been babied. There are a lot in LIS and on the Great Lakes.
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    If it's late and the mooring is empty, pick it up.
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    OP is cheesed about the zombi mooring, doesn’t even have a boat on it. Hell man, all they can do is run you off it; tie up if you think it will hold...