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    No, it's just my internet name.....Grumpy was taken when I joined up here.
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    Save your time. Trumpaloons will not consider such information. They want to own the libs. That means letting you waste your time explaining something they will never ever look at.
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    Oh what a fun game of logic chopping we are having. Mr Kirby abandoned his original vision within months as the class succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Looking at that would be beyond ridiculous. Similarly the model that served the class (if not the occasional builder bankruptcy) well for the next few decades has gone for ever under the twin pressures of EU competition law and poor decisions by various rights owners. So nostalgia for that era is equally pointless. So like it or not circumstances have forced the class to search for a new way of doing things in the future, and no amount of pointless trolling will change that.
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    Last winter I installed some solar panels . I didn’t about $2000 on materials and a day installing the system. My electric bill is down about $100 per month compared to last year. This winter I plan to add about three times more than is already installed. .... restated: I have installed 25% of what I plan to have by next year. As the wiring is already in place, it will cost about $5400 for the panels, electronic gizmos, and mounting equipment. As the panels will not make electricity at night and the full daytime generation will only be used when my compressors and AC are running, the payoff will be much longer for the $5400 and I will be pumping a lot of daytime electricity back into the grid. As people all over the country are installing solar and wind power, the contribution to our total consumption is becoming significant. As batteries become more efficient and other viewer ways of storing power are being developed. We may be able to wean ourselves of a huge portion of our addiction to burning carbon.
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    Nope but I have a problem with racist cunts like you. want to throw around the black man with a gold chain=pimp slur again? I could quote you directly if had forgotten what you said? you want to fuck up another thread with race baiting? then go start a new one.
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    To my eyes, the main differences in performance between Defiant and Te Aihe are: - through tacks, where Te Aihe seems snappier (quicker, as someone mentioned above) and appears to carry more speed through the turn. - touchdowns, where Te Aihe appears to slip back up easily on the foil while maintaining level attitude, whereas Defiant sometimes requires nose-up and a bit more grunt to pop up again.
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    Sarcastic answer: I enjoy pain and I hate money, see the old quote about standing in a cold shower tearing up bills Genuine answers: Yachting is a lifelong sport. Little kids can and often do share the racecourse with 90-year-olds, depending on the class men compete on an equal footing with women, and it is so complex and dependent on so many different factors: boat preparation, helmsmanship, sail trim, weather, strategy, tactics, other boats' actions, and sheer dumb luck. You can be young and strong and still be beaten by old salts who have forgotten more than you know up to that point. You get to see things that 90% of the world will never see, the stars on a moonless night in the middle of Lake Michigan or the phosphorescence in your wake in the North Pacific. It's adventure, it's fun, you get to pit yourself against yourself, other competitors, and God's unrelenting sea. A prestigious regatta would be one where there is a deep field of competitors and a good venue-challenging but not frustrating, I am a big fan of middle-distance offshore stuff (i.e. Fastnet, Bermuda, Mackinac, Hobart, China Sea) and continental-level inshore regattas (i.e. CORK, Miami OCR/Bacardi Cup, Kieler Woche). Having a lot of competitors on the line raises the level of competition, and having more people angling for a spot on the podium keeps things interesting. I am not a world-class sailor, but I leave every regatta having learned something new from someone who is better than me, and I try to apply that to my sailing so that I can get better the next time I go out. When I coached my admonition to my kids was always "Don't be over early, don't go to The Room, and finish every race", everything else seems to fall from there as far as a successful regatta. An ideal regatta is at a seasonally appropriate venue for pleasant temperatures, reliable breeze, an international flavor, a deep field of competitors, a communicative and active race committee, enough races to fill out a scorecard but not enough that you're dragging, with a good party ashore, free t-shirts, cheap booze and friendly company. The international yachting community is healthy but not comparable to soccer, tennis, or basketball; I think that sailors are aware of the importance of nursing our oceans back to health, most of the regattas I've gone to lately have had reusable water bottle filling stations and have tried to avoid snacks with lots of cellophane which is a good step, international racing is far from carbon neutral but in the vein of jet skis, powerboats, motorcycles, and ATV's I think that we are doing much better than them for the environment. Being scalable from singlehanded dinghies up to dozens of crewmembers on maxis is unique as well as the opportunity for both age and gender parity, as well as closing the gap for different sized people and paralympic/disabled/mentally ill sailors. Not everyone is going to be sailors, not everyone is going to like it, and it takes a certain combination of mechanical knowledge, seat-of-your-pants attitude, and mental flexibility to be a good racing sailor. Einstein said that "all the smartest people sail", and I think you'll see that there are quite a few very sharp people at the bar at the end of the day. Maybe it's self-selecting, but I know a lot of very dull Golfers but I have always had fun conversations on the rail with sailors.
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    I'm officially a month out from my earliest departure date. planning on heading to the USVI for the winter. any one else heading that way for the winter?
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    With wings My Covid lockdown model, Inspiration from G32, same dimensions 32' x 8'
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    You're welcome FixinGit, Ish. FixinGit, I tell all newcomers to my material to avoid my early videos as they are unedited and excruciatingly boring. Start by watching video #56 and then procede in order to the present (video number is in the title). After watching all that, and if your head has not exploded, go ahead and watch the early material for the full anchor masochist experience. Steve
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    Don't be a dick, Indio.
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    He will never resign. Nixon at least pretended to be humble enough to know the damage he caused to the Office and to the nation. Trump is convinced he is the best, the smartest, the richest. He has no empathy. He has no shame. He has no humility. As a narcissist he is incapable of recognizing he has ever done anything wrong. He answers to no one but himself. Even entertaining the thought he could resign is a fool's errand that will only end in frustration. The only way to remove him is to vote him out and in a way that leaves no question about who won. And even then I honestly believe he will have to be removed forcefully.
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    It not clear in the message I got, and partially quoted above, that they aren't trying for a race in 2021, just that Point Roberts is off the table. In fact, the way she phrased it made it look like she was looking for a Covid safe venue (presumably for 2021) that could convert to a more social venue in post Covid times. Did I miss something that said no race at all in 2021? Despite the obvious issues with Point Roberts, it looked like an interesting venue we were looking forward to trying out.
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    Piet Mondrian, eat your heart out...
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    What do I like about racing? It consumes me. When racing, I never think of work, problems at home, politics or any of the carp that tends to degrade my quality of life.
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    I just banned BlatantEcho until 10/1 for posting fake information about COVID. I'm not sure why he wants people to die while he takes advantage of the the pandemic to take a low-cost sex tourism trip through eastern europe, but it doesn't matter. Anyone else who posts pretend science from history professors, pretend epidemiology from demon sperm docs or stem cell promoters, or posts monday morning numbers over and over again to try to prove that the we are 'rounding the corner' is going to get the boot for at least a few weeks. If it looks like you are deliberately trying to get people to stop protecting themselves or others, longer.
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    John G Alden schooner ex Vela ex Discovery III.
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    It’s also an example, to my mind, of how corrupt our campaign finance system is. It is arguably good for the citizens that the US has enormously powerful companies, but: Basically, the power system is too-heavily weighted towards legalized bribery. Whenever a Prez weighs in on behalf of a massive donor, it magnifies that problem. It’s blatant corruption.
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    I own two sextants, an Astra IIIB that came with the current boat (nice but not particularly interesting) and an antique one from John Bliss & Co. (actually made in England and stamped by Bliss with their name in NYC). Here is the antique one, which was given as a gift to my father about 40 years ago. I had a restoration done on it as a surprise for Christmas one year in the early '90's by a restorer in Boston who did work for the Smithsonian. After it was restored, we were looking at an article that National Geographic did about whether or not Peary actually found the North Pole, and they included pictures of his navigation instruments. Turns out, he used this same sextant, so pretty cool.
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    Fortunately it is far fewer than you make it sound, but it is a thing. Judges come in all stripes, and many of them are susceptible to the same disease that inflicts TV personalities and other folks surrounded by 'yes men' all the time: They think they are far smarter than they are.
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    You're over-generalizing. You simply can't make a blanket statement like that about a group of 330 million people. As I mentioned above, about 2 in 5 of us are dumbasses. That's only 132 million people.
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    I’ve flown my mavic while under sail a few times. Catching the drone is a bit tricky but doable, especially if the catcher is wearing gloves. Best to turn off obstacle avoidance and make sure you set the drone to ‘hover’ if signal is lost, and continually update your home point. This video covers most of what you need to know for flying your DJI from a boat: Found the video on this forum : https://mavicpilots.com/threads/who-here-wants-to-fly-from-a-boat-but-doesnt-want-to-lose-their-drone.76448/ and some shots of with my mavic: