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    politicians first... if it works, win.. if it fails and kills them, win..
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    In a defo anything and everything can wind up on the table. It is a game for very rich people (or those spending other peoples money) and everything in ones past is fair game. Defo's come down to fact, malicious intent, the audience that it was published to (and by) and the actual harm done to a persons or organisations reputation, and any financial loss as a result of damage done to a reputation. Most defo's arise from feelings getting hurt in things like corporate body meetings , and damages run into the hundreds of dollars. Not so much the legal costs however and if a defo gets to court (they rarely do as after a few years and a couple of hundred k in legal bills most people get sick of it and settle) but if they do each side is looking at between 200K and 1/2 a million$. The courts see them as a complete waste of the courts time and resources. Very few are on the scale of Alan Jones calling the Wagners murderers. For example if I was to, say, make a statement that like 'Mrs Octopuss is a cunt', and if everyone already thought he was a cunt then there is no damage to his reputation and so no compensation is necessary. All I would have to do is get 10 people who saw the statement to give evidence that, yes, they already thought he was a cunt and LB's statement made no difference to their opinion. Then it comes down to the persons 'character' and of demonstrating that he is in fact a cunt and that is where people should think long and hard about every little dirty secret from their past before embarking on that path. Remember if Mrs Octocunt wanted to sue me for defo, it falls to him to prove that he has been harmed. All I would have to do is demonstrate that he is a cunt. Bear in mind that it is the applicant, not the defendants character that winds up being on trial. Of course in the case of a defo on SA, Mrs Octopuss would have to get Scooter to hand over my IP address. Good luck with that. I don't think the court will accept the case of Mrs Octopuss v LB15. The other thing to bear in mind about defos is while the courts hate them, the press love them and every little sordid detail from someones past tendered in court becomes fodder for the evening news. This would be particularly risky if, for instance, Mrs Octopuss had been the subject of several recent newspaper stories and a well respected Jorno had a boner for them already and could sniff a much bigger feature story showing that Mrs Octopuss was part of a toxic and bullying culture. But of course this is all hypothetical.
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    Do you think it's OK if somebody has a few hundred $ of unpaid court fees or fines, is clearly indigent with no way of paying said fees, and thus is prevented from voting? What if you have a bunch of unpaid parking tickets? Same thing? I think the right to vote is pretty important and you have to wonder why some people think it's important to remove it.
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    Steve you've got to get a government grant for this work!
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    WTF? Sailing Sharpies was like the 1960's. If you can remember it you weren't there.
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    My speed calculations are in the 40 to 48 knots range. The fastest we have seen in any of the AC75 so far.
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    As I understand the problem, the drive vector of the rig, 10s of meters above the foils, makes the boat want to pitchpole, and or trim bow down. The rudder is, as a result always being pulled upward, and the T-Foil, at the very least has to prevent that from happening by pulling downward with equal force. My sources tell me that the rudders are always at risk of breaching the surface, the result of which would be catastrophic. There is a video of this happening to the Mule. It is normal to center the wing under the center of gravity. In airplanes , you want the Cg forward of the wing so that if the aircraft stalls, it will fall nose down, which will re-establish flow over the top of the wing and restore lift. The big difference is that the thrust vector on an airplane is more or less aligned with the Cg. On a sailboat they are way apart, so aircraft dogma is not immediately applicable. So I don’t think it is a mistake to crowd the crew into the back of the bus and add their avoir du poids to the party. It also makes the front half of the hull smoother and aerodynamically cleaner, which has to help. SHC
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    There was one ETNZ boat in the following pack. The wind was from the perfect direction and Defiant straight-lined from the northern end of Brown's Island all the way into the harbour.
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    The parts of the country that have seasons are going to start to wind down their boating activity. Based on my experience as a reformed WM employee, I’m sure by the time everyone’s boat is winterized WM will have everything people needed in summer.
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    I thought it just became a rudderless argument.
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    Hey I just cashed my $268,000 check from George Soros. He found me on this thread actually.
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    I'm just glad that someone stuck it up DeSantis' butt and made Florida blue despite the best efforts of the GOP in Florida to deprive citizens of Constitutional rights. What kind of a creepy greasy piece of shit does that to fellow Americans?
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    Why Knot make it 10-48 Knots..? Talk about a wide range..!
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    What better way to end a thread than sailing off into the sunset. The culmination of a smallish chunk of money and big chunks of time during this pandemic. I was able to cap the season with a first time symmetrical spinnaker run with Dragonfly. We took starboard out of the north gap and beat upwind to the south of the bay. We set the new used craigslist north spinnaker for the second time (first was at the dock) and had a nice downhill run back. We weren't ready for racing but we we did okay and were the only boat that set a spinnaker in the bay tonight. Personally it was the climax of my work on dragonfly this season the past two weeks were rigging the spinnaker pole gear and dealing with some failures and making repairs. One was a stubborn furler swivel that took a week to sort out and the other from Jane Honda who decided to throw a starter recoil snafu at me. I got through it...and met another goal I set early on this race boat rescue. Next one is a season end charity regatta...we'll see about that. But right now I feel good I put this all together, with more to come. The boat, Jane Honda Outboard and two Spinnakers all came from Craigslist. The soft vang, snap shackles and some Harken gear ebay...blocks and line from west marine halyards from defender, electronics from my leftovers, electrical stuff from Kendor marine and Amazon... Oh and some soft shackles for the spinnaker clews I made myself from left over dyneema for the running backstay.
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    An example of what I am nattering on about. Drive from rig unweights steering runner and people go flying. SHC
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    Try this for a bit of background. https://publicdomainreview.org/essay/the-many-lives-of-the-medieval-wound-man
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    AM trimmer but maybe some generalizable info https://www.sailingworld.com/story/racing/sensory-overload-of-an-americas-cup-trimmer/
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    "..you are still clueless to understanding why 17 million people voted out...." Wayne I'm "still clueless," as to "why," NO it was largely a 'clueless protest vote' as I clearly said. "..hasn't a clue why..other than it was probably a protest vote and which they can't admit to for fear of looking stupid." However Wayne if you disagree and it WASN'T a 'clueless protest vote,' then simply TELL us WHY you and 17 million voted Leave because; The entire world is 'clueless' to 'why'.  The Europeans are 'clueless' to 'why'. We are 'clueless'to 'why'. So Wayne 'un-clueless' us all on 'why.' But Wayne can't say 'why,' making him twice 'clueless'. That's a fucking lot 'clueless'.
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    Ya, but you pay hidden WS fees when you buy an Aero. And that's a girl's bike. Just sayin.
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    Must do this testing in very shallow water to avoid eelgrass. Lots of current. Just tested a Delta. At first I thought it was holding great. Then I realized I was digging my keel into the cobble. On a falling tide. Fuck!! Full ahead!! Crazy shit. Fun. Steve
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    This is the best illustration of Romney. It describes him perfectly.
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    Vanguard was the boat building side of Harken. After having all the skin burned off their fingers by 470 International being unwilling to enforce the class rules prior to the 1984 Olympics. A long story, the upshot of which was that rather than building 200+ 470s a year, they built about 10. Peter Olaf and Art had a very successful marine hardware business strapped to the side of a small smelly boat shop. They published that they were sick of it and were going to wind it down and or sell the assets. At the time I was going through some changes. My attempts to build small custom boats was failing. People liked what I was doing, but nobody spent any money buying boats from me. I was working with Bob Ames and Rod Mincher to design and build a better college dinghy. As part of figuring out what that business was like, I called Peter Harken, and at the end of the conversation I understood that I was going to have to compete with Vanguard for every sale. It was a question of either killing them or buying them. The next day I started negotiations to buy the assets of Vanguard. I also recruited Chip Johns to run the business. The tools moved east during the spring and summer of 1986. I chose not to buy the Volant. It was an interesting boat, but too complex and too expensive. You could tell it was designed by Harken because it had about 700 blocks and cleats. There was no Volant class, so there was no pull from the market. I figured it would never volarie. 25 years later, when we were discussing the Performance Daysailer that would become the Nomad, I asked if the molds were still on the Avenue of Broken Dreams in Pewaukee. No dice, and I couldn’t find a used one either. I’m pretty sure the Nomad was a better boat for our purposes and the Volant would have taken serious rework to make it cost effective, but I considered it. Oh and that better college dinghy, became the Vanguard 15. SHC