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    The Maxell "Blown Away Guy" ad. One of the greatest ad images ever.
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    test-starts from... tomorrow
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    imo, the VO70 will always be one of the straight-up baddest assed designs on a short list, multi or mono, to ever float, the fact that it's an ocean boat just reinforces that. but it was a mistake to carry the weight reduction arms race as far as they did.
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    Easily solved. Just anchor off and have Monaco flown out to the boat. Monaco's really not that big.
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    I have not conducted a tandem anchor test. I see a number of reasons to not pursue it: -Two cameras would be needed, simultaneously. The resulting tangled mess would be horrid. I have a hard enough time keeping one camera fixed on one anchor. -My test boat cannot produce enough thrust to drag one of the (better) anchors. Therefore, any additional holding power provided by a second anchor is not measurable. -Other, reputable testers have found that in the unlikely event that one can actually achieve both anchors being set at the same time, a shift in direction of pull results in the primary anchor rolling out of the seabed and then becoming a kellet. I am open to be proven wrong, but I (now) think the whole business of tandem anchoring is more trouble than it is worth. Steve
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    Masthead A2 (1250sqft), 2nd masthead I have a furling Code0-A3 hybrid @ 900sqft and a rarely even carried onboard Frac A5. I primarily use the A2 singlehanded although I'd say I've often paid the price for leaving it up for to long ! Jib is a Doyle Stratis with taffeta and yes, a reef point. I've only used the reef point once in a race so the newer jib doesn't have it.
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    I cannot see how you come to that conclusion. The only reason why LPE will go out of business is if the appeal court upholds the multi million dollar award against LPE, which they do not have the funds to pay (I believe they have admitted this). The ILCA leadership are not part of that legal case. Now, If you had said that Kirby and his successors were determined to put LPE out of business, then I would totally agree with you. I guess you will try to link ILCA with the "Kirby Group", but I would remind you that the class broke with Kirby (by changing the class rules) at least 2 years before it broke with LPE. Why are the "Kirby Group" trying to sink LPE? A few seem to think it is so that PSA can gain global domination. For me, that does not stack up. What we do know is that for years (I think at least 3, but it could be 4), LPE collected money from its customers that everybody believed was being paid to the "Kirby Group", which needed to have been paid to legally put ISAF/WS stickers on their boats and which LPE implied was being paid. They were conning the whole Laser world with that one and the court agrees, which is why they ruled against LPE and awarded the "Kirby Group" millions. My understanding is that part of the reason why the court found against LPE is that on one hand, LPE was saying it didn't owe the Kirby Group" money because there was no valid contract while at the same time, they were collecting the money due under that contract and implying that it was being paid. I still don't understand why people constantly overlook this behaviour by LPE.
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    Miata But for serious fun....
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    5.10 For components listed in Rule 5.1 that have a “Change allowance” mass percentage: (a) (b) 5.11 When such a component is first declared according to Rule 5.5, the Competitor must declare to the Measurement Committee: (i) a component mass; (ii) an IGES file of an exterior component shape; and (iii) construction drawings showing the internal structure of the component. At all times when that component is installed on an AC75 Class Yacht with that yacht afloat: (i) at least 80% of the mass of the component must match the original component; and (ii) a common portion of at least 80% of the mass of the original component must remain un- modified and must match all declared versions of the component. (c) The portion of mass of a component that matches another version of that component is determined by aligning the unmodified portion of the original and modified components and determining the mass of all regions where the material substance remains unmodified and in the same place in both versions of the component. (d) Material that has been replaced with identical or equivalent material only classifies as an unmodified region where replacement was carried out as a repair permitted by Rule 5.12. (e) When checking the shape of such a component against a declared IGES file, the Measurement Com- mittee may make an allowance for unintended distortion of a component during manufacture. (f) Competitors may declare a hypothetical “original component” which must comply with the relevant rules for that component type, but is not required to be identical to the component when it is first installed and afloat. In this case, the “original component” comprises those regions of the actual component as-launched that match the hypothetical component, combined with the regions in the hypothetical component that do not match the as-launched component and are presumed to have been removed/modified to achieve the as-launched component. The component as first launched must have corresponding declarations which must satisfy the permitted changes with respect to the hypothetical “original component”. (g) If the component when it is first installed and afloat does not comply with the relevant rules for that component type, the Competitor must declare a hypothetical component that does comply with those rules, in accordance with Rule 5.10 you may only step 20% from the original you may not step 20% then step another 20% from that the same 80% of the part must remain unchanged for all changes to the part
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    I wase licke "wowe! Criscos gone alle Conan on us!"
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    Vent, dump all the shit and then move on. Now you're gone, the worst thing you can do is obsess over it in the longer term. The best revenge is a life lived well, with adventure, happiness and an enquiring mind. Let others wallow. The happier and more succesful you become in your chosen area, the more they'll hate it, and the karma is all on them. FKT
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    80T tug rental - about $1500/hr in NYC. Thinking about it, I wonder if an 80T tug would be enough to even do the job... I was at a talk by Ron Holland about Mirabella V (mast height 89m). One of the things they hadn't thought about was "how do you get the forestay clevis pin?". This was by far the biggest boat he had designed. Because the chainplate was hidden belowdeck to get the furler low, it was in a little pocket. Only enough room for 1 guy. Clevis Pin was 60 or 70 lbs or kg (can't recall). Guy couldn't pick it while trying to align the holes at the same time. Needed an extra crane to pick up the clevis pin. These are the sort of things you don't think about when you scale up a thing to a larger % than what you have done before. Stuff bites you because the jump in size is considerable and beyond your experience. "Well the mast whistles because the top is so high it's in the jet stream, which causes a low pressure area to suck noise through the halyard exit slots". Stuff like that. Scale effects are interesting.
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    This is a bit of a repeat of some previous posts because it is such a long & sad story - but it's finally over. I finally got the trans back sealed properly. Got it installed, ran it on the hard to be sure and launched yesterday. That only took the entire summer. The rain started in earnest last night. One good thing about the finishing up - I have never adjusted a stuffing box with new stuffing - only adjusted existing stuff. It appears I hit it exactly right first time - one drip every 11 seconds in gear, none at rest. This has been the worst mechanical repair nightmare of my entire life. I finally found a guy who could do it right - he had to completely re-do everything the original shop did - they hadn't properly machined the output shaft before installing the speedy sleeve so it was distorted from the get-go. There was a visible flat spot on it when the hub was pulled. He machined it off and found corrosion and pitting under it so it was leaking through the seal and between the shaft and the sleeve. He re-machined the hub, made his own sleeve and reinstalled everything with new seals. No leakage. By the way, the new seals were $15 each whereas the original place charged me $500 for a "seal kit" which contained two of those seals and a small one for the input shaft - the only part of their $1600 job that remains. Needless to say I'll be going after them for my money. Any locals who need work on their running gear should call Cyrus Marine Service on Orwell in North Van - good guy, extremely skilled and reasonable. He can be a bit hard to get hold of but well worth the effort. He's my new best friend. I got the engine beds cut back & re-glassed to provide access to adjust the stuffing box which made a huge improvement. Freshened up the stuffing box, installed new Teflon packing, new hose & clamps and a new cutless bearing so my entire drivetrain is now fresh. I had the fucker in and out 5 times. Thank God it only weighs 18 Kilos. The original removal took 10 days - a week just to get the coupling off. The second time took me two hours. Now it takes one hour. one and a half to fully install it. Fresh everything and experience sure make light work. This is what I started with What I have now.
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    Drifting even further..... The world of aviation deals with the issue of contaminated fuel differently then marine. Marine focuses on bullet proof filtering to prevent death (see FKT's photo, above). The aviation world focuses on NOT beginning a flight with contaminated fuel (by having elaborate fuel sampling capability, or "sumping"). Yes, aircraft also have fuel filters, but they are very small and cannot cope with much contamination. Certainly, a pilot cannot be tasked with changing filters mid flight. I built my fuel system like an aircraft. Trust me - when I say my tanks do not have water in them. They don't Steve
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    "The ILCA (International Laser Class Association) Hall of Fame, which honors individuals who, over the course of their sailing careers, made an outstanding impact on the Laser Class and the sport of sailboat racing, has confirmed Dick Tillman (USA) as its latest inductee. From another site
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    That might be a boot for the base of the mainsheet block & cleat FB- Doug
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    As they should, anyone willing to stand for it has already debased themselves.
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    It was related to how they were built and core rot. Core rot has not been a problem in any C&C 35-3's I know of, apart from isolated incidents with owners not bedding fittings very well. I have owned a C&C 29-2 from that era, and a 35-3 from the same year, over 20 years+. There are some known issues with the boats, but there are with most boats. To the OP: If you're looking at C&C 33-2's you need to seriously look at the 35-3's. The increase in habitable space is surprising, especially in the V-berth. The 33-2's always felt a little crowded.
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    Because it is a LOT safer to assume the fuel is dirty and take precautions to stop any crap getting to the engine than it is to assume all will be fine, and then have the engine shit itself due to dirty fuel. This is my filter setup. The pair on the right filter fuel from the keel tanks to the day tank. The left pair filter fuel from the day tank to the engine where there's the final manufacturer-provided filter. Gravity feed from day tank to engine. Yes this is ridiculous paranoid overkill. But I don't worry about dirty fuel or a failure of my fuel lift pump. FKT
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    So the mega rich should just hang on to their money? What a dumb arse leftist idiot. If it was to start being built now, thousands of people will be employed in the yard and all of the businesses that support the build. Then there are the taxes paid by these employees which will help finance the people less fortunate. We need more mega rich ordering new boats, supercars, jets and mansions because their construction puts money into the economy.
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    It never left; you are still in the first wave. And it ain’t leaving any time soon.
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    I'm obviously not American, long live the King ...of Spain.
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    Point cloud scanning is remarkably cheap these days. We had a guy do a ~50 or 60' hull for a few thousand $. But do you need the hull shape to design a new deck and cockpit? A few key measurements might be sufficient (beam at several points gives you a deck edge), measure depth of the cockpit and crawl under the cockpit to see what the clearance to the hull is. I'd be tempted to just cut off a deck and build a mockup with cheap ply until you were happy with it, but of course starting with some "approximate" concept level drawings as a starting point. Nothing beats a full size deck mockup in determining where the winch goes and that block is in the way etc etc.