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    Sorry about the audio. Stag do so most have had a few and are acting like giddy school girls. https://streamable.com/skif3r
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    Got a nice wave from the whole crew. So stable and quiet
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    Had to pack his ego.
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    You would think they are going to jump right in and help but it looks like they will only work in a supervisory capacity....
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    I think that stuff is pretty irrelevant if you don't factor in the different lift from each wing. Consider the following (entirely theoretical) scenarios: Flat foil where the outer wing is used for max lift and the inner is trimmed for fine control—the centre of lift is outboard and RM is increased Anhedral foil where the inner wing is used for max lift to windward, and maybe also produces so much vertical lift the outer wing is trimmed to less than max lift, moving the centre of lift inboard and RM is reduced So unless you can model the lift of each wing in various scenarios (I bet the teams can but no one here has that sort of data) it's all just hypothetical. Remember when everyone said flat wings are shit and anhedral is the bomb? Well, it seems that all teams have both, so there are pros and cons that will likely be explained sometime around March 2021 if a team with one configuration beats a team with the other. Same with bulbs.
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    Hey! Keep that quiet for fucks sake will ya! I have a reputation to uphold.
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    This reiterates many of the points brought up here over the last few months/years, and it's pretty obviously true. https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-gops-long-march-to-fascism-finally-arrives-with-trump-2020
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    I bet the Nanny took the photo!
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    Yes, the foiling has gone too far.
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    As of 10:58 MDT we have the same unemployment rate as 2013 and the DJIA is the same as January 2018, there are riots, protests, the election results are seriously in doubt before the election, the supreme court is politicized, there are no fans in stadiums, kids are not in or barely in school, their are unknown military-like forces in the streets, 202,000 people are dead from a virus, most of the 2016 campaign leadership have been convicted of felonies, much of the cabinet are "acting" and not confirmed... All in 3 1/2 years under 1 person. This is a coup supported by a cult.
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    80T tug rental - about $1500/hr in NYC. Thinking about it, I wonder if an 80T tug would be enough to even do the job... I was at a talk by Ron Holland about Mirabella V (mast height 89m). One of the things they hadn't thought about was "how do you get the forestay clevis pin?". This was by far the biggest boat he had designed. Because the chainplate was hidden belowdeck to get the furler low, it was in a little pocket. Only enough room for 1 guy. Clevis Pin was 60 or 70 lbs or kg (can't recall). Guy couldn't pick it while trying to align the holes at the same time. Needed an extra crane to pick up the clevis pin. These are the sort of things you don't think about when you scale up a thing to a larger % than what you have done before. Stuff bites you because the jump in size is considerable and beyond your experience. "Well the mast whistles because the top is so high it's in the jet stream, which causes a low pressure area to suck noise through the halyard exit slots". Stuff like that. Scale effects are interesting.
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    A few places it can't go with 107m high mast: San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge = 67m Bridge of the Americas (Panama Canal) = 61m Verazanno = 70m so no bright lights of NY for you QE bridge (into London) = 58m I'm sure there are more. Sucks to be so rich that your boat don't fit
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    Has anyone considered that the debates are part of the problem? Each gesture and word is analysed for possible advantage to the other. The TV event is more important than the policies, celebrity is more valued than efficacy. The system drives the outcome, and the system is fucked.
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    Fixed. In the end it wasn't too bad. Just needed to remove a hanging rack and the headliner in the shower stall. I knocked the pin out on the bench vise. There was quite a bit of galling on the shaft and on the bearing surface inside the gear. The wire wheel fixed up the pin and some emery cloth fixed the bearing. It still took the whole afternoon to finish and clean up. Notice the tiny washers that Jeanneau put on at the factory - at least I am assuming that Jeanneau did this. Needless to say I upsized to fender washers. I would have preferred to use a backing plate, but that will be a future project. Upsized washers: Original washers: After cleaning the pin up, this was as far as it would go into the gear before binding. At first I thought the pin was bent, but I tried the other pin and it had the same issue.
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    Kids are off limits. Keep it that way.
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    Antrim 27 IO clicking downwind with some breeze Donovan 30 Wolfpack in the finish area
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    Probably half the explanation. The other half being a complete unwillingness to learn & practice quite simple basic maintenance and then blaming the engine for the quite predictable result. I'm of the opinion that a lot of people *shouldn't* own or operate machinery as it's abuse of finely engineered equipment. I have a Massey Ferguson MF65 tractor. Perkins 4 cylinder diesel. I've owned it since 1988 and it was far from new when I bought it. Recently it needed a new battery then after 2 years of sitting unused, it fired right up and ran fine. Amazing what regular oil and filter changes can do for an 'unreliable engine'. FKT
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    And for today's new neighborhood lawn signs we have: Yesterday:
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    "the ballots are a disaster ... get rid of the ballots and you'll have a very ... there won't be a transfer, frankly. There'll be a continuation." This describes the shitstain's attitude perfectly. And 40% of Americans like the idea. Something happened.
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    Old picture from an old post, but a hopefully useful note. When your boltrope "jacket" starts tearing off around the head of the sail, first you reinforce it with some dacron sticky-back tape, then you cut off a piece with a razor blade. When you cut, make sure you are still leaving a good amount of stitching going through the rope (you can see some in the picture. You may even want to add more stitching. If you cut, leaving too little or no stitches across the boltrope, then the boltrope pulls through. Given the cunningham tensions we put on, it's not surprising. Don't ask me how I know :-/
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    The twits are here playing sedition boy toys for their aging, fat master. How fun it is for them to be dominated by such an alpha male who holds their courage in his greasy palms! They've given up democracy for submission long ago. They don't want the responsibility of being citizens, the requirement to educate themselves, to stand up for what is right. They'd rather be led by the nose. Poor little Trumpettes. He's got them chanting his name, flying his flag, eating his discarded table scraps like dogs.
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    ^ this X 1,000 ^ Because it's really not a problem if your fuel is too clean & bright. Diesel fuel is wonderful stuff. It's a lubricant, not a solvent. It packs more BTUs but is less volatile. Gasoline will lose octane over time unless it's sealed air tight. Diesel fuel will not go bad due to age. I have that on the authority of the US Navy who at one point entrusted me with millions of gallons of the stuff. If you recirc it occasionally thru a filter/seperator, it will last forever. Water will pool at the bottom and the interface of the fuel & water will grow bugs. These are what form that nasty sludge. You want a hefty pick-up, at least 8mm or 3/8" in diameter, as your pick-up into the primary filter. It won't block that, a good pump will ram pure sludge right thru. Yeah your engine would probably run fine on a 1.5mm or 1/16" fuel feed tube and that big-ass pipe wastes space, but it won't run on sludge or NO fuel when that cute little pick-up gets blocked. You can deliver clean fuel to the engine in as tiny a tube as you like, but if you want it to not clog, use a big pick-up from the tank. And don't put a screen on it, that's what the easily-changed filter cartridge is for. Leaks- air can get sucked into a fuel line leak that diesel fuel will not drip out of. This is one of the main causes of balky engines. Copper tubing work-hardens from vibration over the years and tends to leak at the fittings. OTOH if you do get diesel fuel in your bilge, those same bugs will grow happily on the residue forever. Clean it out with dish soap or whatever, then souse it with vinegar to kill the bugs. Your boat will smell like a vegan restaurant, but hey maybe it will attract hippie chicks now. Sorry for writing out a book. I just get wrapped up in trying to counter all the old wives tales and misconceptions. FB- Doug