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    You know the old saying -‘You can’t have your Kate and Edith too’
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    After the solo trip it was time to do what the boat was meant to do. The kid is short enough that the boom is not a worry for him, yet.
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    Public health position. Ran the Hep B program for the schools, senior center flu clinics, ramp ups for SARS and yes, they even prepped for Ebola. Currently setting up the system and distribution protocols for when the vaccine is finally distributed. Her type A personality is well suited for the research she puts on to the various vaccines. So it's a specialty only in the fact that she's probably one of the most conversationally intelligent people in regards to the topic that I can think of. Fun to watch her at parties when an anri vaxxer goes off!! WL
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    Gee you are a grumpy git. Your not from Yorkshire by any chance.
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    Stink pot I know but it has plenty of sheer oh and the obligatory dog.
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    I am of the opinion that Comey knew exactly what he was doing with his one sided announcement just prior to the election. He just didn't realize until it was too late that Trump was so corrupt and momentarily transactional. I think in Comey's mind he was drunk on his power of being "king maker" and expected to be rewarded. He without doubt, won the election for Trump. It is great that your father has such an open and inquiring mind. It doesn't seem to be a quality that we carry with us in our later years. I often wonder what my father, who tended to support hard right wing candidates, would have thought of Trump. I think the recently revealed statements concerning the military would have been something he could not have overlooked. He was a proud WWII vet.
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    I like the old-school Harken 436 furler. It's rated for 3/16 wire and seems to be strong enough for the headstay loads. Originally I used a torque line as the headstay (run through the sleeve in the jib) but the rolled-up sail kinks when the mast is down and the sail would wrinkle when rolling it up in breeze. I now use a spectra headstay run inside a fiberglass tube. The tube takes the torsion and the spectra takes the headstay loads. I haven't coiled it tight enough to fit in the back of the truck because I think it would break, but so did the shitty (and heavy) CDI plastic foil. I lay it flat over the boat when trailering and store it indoors when not using the boat. I'll add more detail if that's the road you want to go down. Just returned from a nice week on the boat. Nice besides almost being run down in the fog by a power yacht and being in thick fire smoke for a couple of days. Never flew a hull the whole trip but did add some ballast for a gale at anchor.
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    Yep, sailing out of Superior, Wisconsin at the western end of Lake Superior. Didn't put the racks on.
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    never thought i would say this, but they seem quicker than the AC72 and a good bit more maneuverable, at least out free range practicing.
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    Oh hell, must of consumed some of their local wacky tobacco with out knowing it. Or I’ve lost my Brain in the Bermuda Triangle.
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    "..let democracy take its natural course," The stated negotiation position for establishing the relationship between the UK and EU is decided by Downing Street. The stated negotiation position for establishing the relationship between the UK and EU is decided by the unanimous vote of each of the 27 EU member states. The outcome of the relationship between the UK and EU is decided by Downing Street. The outcome of the relationship between the UK and EU is decided by the unanimous vote of each of the 27 EU member states. Democracy in the UK died in December 2019 and you are blind to that or support a totalitarian government. I believe the latter as no one could be that fucking stupid.
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    If he thought painting the teak deck was a good idea then who knows wtf else he thought was a good idea.
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    Queen of the Bay she was. It was always a question of when she would march through the fleet on the way from Annapolis to Oxford, or anywhere else. And hoping it would be to leeward.
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    Very interesting arrangement to climb the mast more safely. The mainsail has a luff rope where you can secure a sail feeder to prevent wild swings around the mast.
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    As I've posted before; when the result came in I was surprised (I gather this is because I move in the wrong circles). Re-assessing my complacency I figured I had missed something (or things) that had caused people to vote to Leave. I told myself that democracy in the UK was mature and that we had a generally educated and informed electorate. I'm still looking, four years on, for Good Reasons to vote on balance to be Out... I've repeatedly asked you, Wayne, to help find them (and summarised your responses to date in a post above). I'm reaching the conclusion that most of the people that voted Leave may have been (1) Fools, (2) Idiots or (3) rich and privileged enough that they figured that they would benefit more from the opportunities presented (deregulation, exploitation, corruption etc) than they would lose (the protections and freedoms offered by the EU having less benefit to the "1%")... or (obviously) any combination of these three. Given that half the population is, by definition, of below average intelligence and only a fraction voted Leave: ...this is beginning to look more plausible than any other explanation I've unearthed. So, would you mind either (1) clarifying which of the above three categories you (and your mates-down-the-pub?) are in or (2) pointing out what I've missed. Thanks, W.
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    One of the more disturbing aspects of the current fucking of America is that it's not being done by a brilliant orator and master of intrigue and tactics like Hitler, but by a rich man's dumb son who is a proven failure at most things, a notorious liar and conman, and a general sleazebag with serious personality defects, a ridiculous hairdo and a bad orange face paint job. His family and his associates and political enablers are a bunch of despicable scum, and his cult-like followers are the blindest of fools. I hope he goes kicking and screaming dragged by some big black marines, or quietly on a gurney with a sheet over his face.
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    Had to pack his ego.
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    Al Gore is a phony asshole who uses more energy to heat his fucking swimming pool - at one of his mansions - than my wife & I use in total. And it's coal or nuke generated power to boot. Takes limos and private jets to speaking engagements where he tells us peons that we will have to make do with less. Fuck Al Gore - and his Internet.
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    Well duh. All kinds of debris settles on the bottom of the ocean thereby displacing the water, and causing the sea level to rise. They need to rake the ocean floor, that will solve the problem.