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    You obviously don't have clue, Clew. I was attending a dinner with Dalts, not so long ago, and (over) heard him grunt that if Cunt Trump wins Michigan and Florida, DeVos will make him an offer he cannot refuse. The AC will move to Holland on Lake Michigan, and the twin-skin main will be replaced by a windmill, and the foils by wooden shoes. Also prayers will be compulsory inside the proximty box. Alternatively they might move to Pensacola in Florida, in which case the nationality rule will be replaced by an age rule of half the crew over 90, and the other half must test Covid-19 positive. You heard it first here on Sailing Anarchy Illustrated, and here the pictures, so it must be true.
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    Sorrey foirre the deladed responce, Astro plesae finde large, craggey rocke, and shoove up youre asse.
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    We took the boat out again today and I was all ready to report zero goof ups (unlike the first day which was a learning day), however I forgot to tighten the plug. Didn't even notice until we were back in. Pulling the boat out of the water was a bit harder today because it had some extra water weight. Whoops! We caught a few gusts that had us leaning a bit to windward, not a full blown hike but enough to get off the uncomfortable center rib. Confidence is growing by leaps and bounds. We are ready for more wind!
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    https://youtu.be/R87E0KZkq98 Sailing up the north coast of Flores Island we came across a big pod of whales. The water was glassy and super clear so we stopped the boat and hung out for a while. I got some great drone footage and we even jumped in the 1000m deep water for a look. I also show how I rig a preventer for sailing wing-on-wing. Enjoy.
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    Hahahaahha. You all are geeking me out and being honest! I know the best revenge is to move on and be happy. But when like 10000 people think I'm a money hungry bitch for leaving an abusive situation. I feel it's my duty to stand up and defend my honor as a person of society lmao! Also hopefully It will help others in a similar situation. I took 4 years of his abuse. And kept it ALL TO MYSELF. I didn't tell a soul because I was scared. Now that i have no clue where he is and i know he doesn't know where i am. I feel safe in opening up about my life. He sent me a message asking how much money i wanted. I said it's not about the money. It's about right from wrong. He did wrong. 100% all I did was love and support his endeavors in life. He shut all of my passions down. I'm a brilliant mural artist and coordinator in general. It's his loss. I know I'll be ok. I'm on that golden road of unlimited devotion. Hes selfish, rude, abusive. Hes sometimes funny. That's about it. I cared too much for someone who couldn't care less if I were alive or not. I have all of our messages saved lol I'll happily share his rude self. Like now I feel bad for all of this. All I'm doing is defending my name from sheep that hes lied too. I think that's honorable? Let goodness prevail! Lol. His abusive soul needs to go to church! Teheeheh
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    There was a cordless drill there Just used for screwing and drilling The plug in ones do not go flat when using the flap wheel and work better I think The work light is 400 watts and puts out both light and heat V useful inside a damp boat Marvelous for drying as well as lighting Paint and varnish can dry within an hour. Warming up an epoxy area Too D
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    Club chef, 40 years ago, sent a basket of fresh, deep fried, apple fritters a little bigger than the size of a golfball to every table instead of dinner rolls.
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    My observation, based on a handful of experiences, is the the performance of the older, full keel boats is fine in a decent breeze but awful in light air. There is another observation that I made about 50 years ago. At that time, I was sailing a Rhodes-designed O'Day Tempest, a fin keel design. One day I was out with friends on a 19 ft Alberg design. I think it was a Corinthian, but it might have been a Typhoon. I was steering when we were hit by a puff. I expected the boat the behave like the Tempest and skid to leeward and try to head up, but it just leaned over and gradually started to increase speed. The point is that the subjective experience is different, and you might like it or you might not. I suggest that Bull get some sailing time in a boat of the upsize and general type before he takes the plunge. Also, lake sailing can involve puffy breeze with constant shifts. I have a feeling that a high aspect rig with a short boom takes to that better than the opposite. Laser preferred to Sunfish.
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    must see Raising Arizona Brother where art thou spies like us... blues brothers
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    Another 5 minutes of that and our Leigh would have had her in tears Leigh Sales @leighsales My feed has been absolutely flooded for the past few days with Americans thanking me for this interview - the best thanks would be to please vote in your election.
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    "The real American people".........around 40% is a very high proportion of deluded morons for any country. You are "quite pleased" that your country is becoming a shithole of uncontrolled infection, racism, fascism, and unfettered open corruption at the top level? You and your elk are not just dumb, you're fucking weird.
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    Grosse Pointe Blank
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    I believe the President has the right to nominate. I believed that in 2016, and believe it, now. I also believe the Senate has the obligation of "advice and consent". I believed it in 2016, and I believe it now. I believe the Senate should have held hearings for Judge Garland and voted based on the merits of their discovery. I believe the same for Judge Coney Barrett. I have been consistent. I have seen folks on the right excuse the Senate (Ie: Majority Leader McConnell) for refusing to do their fucking job in 2016. That those same folks would take the opposite stance now is the REAL hypocrisy.
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    This is a letter from another Canadian and it makes me embarrassed to be an American. DLM Vancouver, BC Sept. 25 I was born on the border and have visited over 30 US states. Like many Canadians, I looked to the USA for entertainment, sport and culture (including reading this paper). I spent winter vacations in the sunbelt and regularly visited "the states" for shopping, baseball games and concerts. I thought I knew America. But I have been shocked, and terribly saddened, to see the ugly aspects of the US personality that Trump has laid bare. The fact that a significant cohort of Americans vehemently support him, despite everything, is extremely frightening. I now realize that the ugly side of America was always there, I simply chose not to notice. I cannot see myself ever going back.
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    Been done before. http://www.america-scoop.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=417:shamrock-iv-s-story&catid=173&Itemid=423&lang=en The Cup was suspended as World War I broke out. Shamrock IV was crossing the Atlantic with the steam yacht Erin, destined for Bermuda, when Britain declared war on Germany on 5 August 1914. Harold Stirling Vanderbilt, the Commodore of the New York Yacht Club, had sent his own yacht, the Vagrant, from Rhode Island to Bermuda to meet them and escort them to the US. The Vagrant arrived on the 8th. Having no radio, the crew remained unaware of the declaration of war. Finding all navigational markers missing, the Vagrant crew attempted to pick their own way in through the barrier reef. St. David's Battery fired a warning shot to bring them to a halt. Shamrock IV and Erin arrived the next day. The America's Cup was cancelled for that year. The Shamrock IV and Erin proceeded to New York, from where the Erin returned to Britain while Shamrock IV was laid up in the Erie Basin dry dock until 1920, when she received some adjustments to her build and ballast, just before the races were held. Despite Shamrock IV's severe rating, she took the first two races from the defender Resolute, and came closer to winning back the Cup than any previous challenger. The Resolute won every subsequent race of the event.
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    There can be only one right answer...
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    Well as a matter of fact. I don't think its oakum, not even sure if its suitable but I think my dad used it to cork the seams on his 1939 motor sailer. (Been there done that, right along with him). Dad and boat are long gone but this was in his shed and I kept it all these years. Now I'd like to run it up to Sampson Boat company and see if Leo could use it on Tally Ho.
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    Any cat owner who doesn't believe that a larger version of their beloved pet wouldn't try to kill and eat them is in complete denial.
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    This is too important not to have its own thread . . Armed fascists at your polling places https://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2020/09/donald-trump-jr-is-recruiting-an-election-day-army/
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    You taking odds on that approach? I actually agree with that position. If they go after a mother of seven including 2 adopted kids from Haiti the Dems will not take over the senate and a good chance Trump gets re-elected.