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    I'm happy that I spoke up about it and I'm able to let it go. He can finish the adventure on his own without using my voice or self in them. Then he can carry on his jolly way. I feel really bad for everyone who loved watching the videos. Everyone has been incredible from the get-go. I wish things were different. It's not my fault. I'll continue to do what makes me happy (that's the best part) I was going to share the rest of the trip from the footage I have and decided against that. It does suck for everyone that was invested in the journey but hopefully he'll finish them. He can also start over like I'm doing and fully edit me out of the videos or just begin new footage with the subscribers he already has. (That would be his most lucrative move and would be my choice if I were in his shoes lol. Kinda leave the past behind and move forward from his mistakes.) Wish him well. But holy macaroni I am getting ready to have a beautiful time with some really beautiful people while I learn to sail. I couldn't be happier. Spoke my peace and did what was right. I'm surrounded by family and moving forward. I'll keep smiling. And yall are awesome!
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    I had a chance to have a look at it before it opened for work. Its really cool. the video projection really makes you realise how insanely fast these boats are. Also interesting to see the workings of that boom setup up close!
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    I see that an AN-124 has landed in RAF Brize Norton (just outside of Oxford) on September 26th. That is about 90 mile north of Portsmouth. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/UR82072
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    That picture is clearly fake. There's never that much breeze in Annapolis.
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    America's Cup: Team New Zealand open ground-breaking simulator to fans and rivals Duncan Johnstone13:52, Sep 28 2020 America's Cup: Team New Zealand open ground-breaking simulator to fans and rivals
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    Fun fact: In 2016, Trump paid Stormy Daniels more than 173x what he paid the federal government in income taxes.
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    Hello all, Long time 'lurker', posting for the first time. Very excited to see what emerges from the sheds over the coming weeks. That video of the Spark interactive zone with a 'sim' reminded me that I've seen lots of streams from a game developer/programmer Stefano Casillo. He seems to be working on a prototype of a sailing sim game with AC50 cats and likely also AC75s. I've not seen it mentioned on this forum - if it was has been then apologies. Link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/StefanoKunosCasillo/videos He is also streaming his programming/work on Twitch. I think he founded Kunos Simulazioni, makes of the Assetto Corsa racings sims - quite well regarded. For now the graphics look quite basics as they're developing the physics engine, controls and AI. I wonder if they're in discussion with SailGP or America's Cup to make a fully licenced game. Cheers
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    somehow the whole joke doesn't seem to translate to text..
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    I laugh at all the Americans that believe he is good for the economy. But guess what? It won't make a single difference at all.
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    Just finished a pleasant spinnaker run in about 12 knots. Looked like we were about to get rained on. Decided to head for the Marina. We were a few minutes away when a huge storm front wind came roaring down the lake. We were on a beam reach about 2 minutes from the Marina when we got knocked down very hard. The boat tried to turtle but stuck the mast in the mud. Myself and my one crew had been tossed into the lake. Luckily a power boat picked us out of the very cold water within 5 minutes. I thought at the very least my mast would be destroyed. The blast was over as quick as it came. A fellow Sylvan Lake sailor came out with a power boat and working together got my boat upright and secured to our towns earth pier. After changing to warm clothes I came out and took over the bailing. Bailed the boat out enough to tow to the Marina. 1 day later boat ready to sail again. Missing my windex and there are still weeds stuck on my flicker. Weeds will be my windex for the rest of the season. It pic boat on its side. 2nd pic boats working together to get my boat to shore and secured. 3rd pic. Boat secured and being Bailed out. 4th pic boat mostly Bailed and in Marina. 5th pic weeds flying from mast top 6th pic me happy that I had not lost my emergency pail shutter lid. Lost some other stuff that floated away.
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    anyone who actually knows the answers and explains would probably be lucky if the team dropped them off the back of the boat far far away from land. The foils are a huge area of secrecy and all we mere mortals can do it see the shape and make guesses. I have asked many a question and (rightly) been told 'I cant say'' As to which ones work and which are better than others? we only have few weeks before we will find out and that won't answer half the questions as to why. However, i don't think they will become 'the norm' for us mortals due to their cost and complexity.
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    Varnishing (if done correctly), lowers your blood pressure and could add years to Bulls life.
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    Why not contribute to the conversation instead of calling people names and acting so immature? Note the common denominator in all of the arguments and naming calling you do.
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    I bet he qualified for the $1200 payment.
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    There's only two ways to look at this. He is a crook who screwed Americans by making them pay his share, or he is smart as hell who used the law to his advantage and screwed Americans by making them pay his share.
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    Rhodes' Chesapeake ?? http://www.antiqueboatamerica.com/boat/37946
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    Ok. I’m convinced. This way of cooking is fantastic for thick cuts. Did a porterhouse tonight, fantastic. I bought a small grate that fits on top of my charcoal chimney. Which is a perfect size for one big steak or 2 smaller ones. Gets good and hot and uses very few coals compared to firing up the grill. Here is a Tri tip I did recently.
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    Enjoy! Some things to keep in mind, to continue ramping up skill: wind direction, wind direction, wind direction... you should always always always have the best knowledge you can possibly get about the wind direction at any given instant. This becomes like a 7th sense over time. Watching gusts approach, shifts, etc etc. Tacking; this also becomes like second nature. Always try to tack from close hauled to clase hauled, bring the boat up to a fairly tight angle and look to pick a direction you think the boat will be going once the tack is completed. On a small lake the wind will shift almost all the time even while you do this. Shift hands on sheet and tiller smoothly (if you have to change sides, you may not on this boat but in stronger wind, and bigger more powerful boats, you will). Stopping... this accomplishes two things, it's like landing a plane, you can never be too good at it. Plus, stopping entails getting going, so you're really learning two skills in one. I would guess the Taz with no jib tends to 'weathervane' and try to go into irons and stay there. It's a problem with all cat rigs, to one extent or another. So, avoiding this becomes part of the skill and can save your butt some times. Sorry, can't resist the urge to play coach here.... FB- Doug
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    I give the US Republic a solid 50/50 chance of survival *provided* Trump is out of office in January 2021. A lot of things would have to happen under the next administration, most importantly campaign finance reform - getting corporate money out of politics will be fundamental to the US recovery from their current situation. If Trumpy stays for another term you guys are done.
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    Seems like AS need to find another organisation to run Qld championships for keelboats - RQ clearly aren't up to the job. Dismal failure yesterday in both races. Oh, and what sort of a club runs racing starting at 1000, when it's an hour to the start line, but only opens the club for breakfast at 0830? Clearly a club that gives not a shit about competitors - breakfast is for beautiful people only, no riff raff sailors. Sad!