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    Hi everyone ! Back here with a new Max Sirena interview! Missed you guys, it's some time that I don't post anything. https://www.milanoyachtingweek.com/events/in-diretta-da-auckland-max-sirena-di-luna-rossa-prada-pirelli-team/ I'll report here only what Max says, as usual. - When LR retired from the Bermuda Cup, Max joined ETNZ. He says that LR gave support to the Kiwis, giving to them asset, technologies, and the boat the Italians were testing. Bertelli told him that if ETNZ would win the Cup, he was going to make another effort. When the Kiwis won the Cup they asked Max to stay, but obviously he wanted to return in LR, and he did it. - He immediately started working on the organization of the new LR Team. He was "on holyday" with his family, cruising in the Mediterranean Sea, but he was always speaking with someone on the telephone, and sometimes he had to stop in a port, jump on a plane, and go to talk to someone somewhere (he names Palma di Maiorca, Valencia, England) trying to sign the people he wanted. - Asked on how to build a team, he answers that first things first you have to define a budget and the headquarter location, so the financial and bureaucratic issues. Then, like in a Formula 1 team, you have to sign the best designers, because sailors are super important but the best crew in the world can't win the Cup on a slow boat. He mention some of the very first people he called onboard: Horacio Carabelli, Andres Suar (Max says that he's the naval architect and that he developed the radical LR boat shape) (edit: he's name is Andres Suar Vulcano on the LR website) , Martin Fischer, Mario Caponnetto. He signed not only the designers but also all the key people that would be part of the Core Group, which is the group of people that - with Max - make the calls on what strategy and what "philosophy" the LR team should follow. Max mentions also Gilberto Nobili, saying that he is one of the most important people in the team, and they (Nobili and Carabelli) help a lot Max in the Team management. - After he got the Core Group members Max started searching for the rest of the team. He says that he personally interviewed all of the other 100 people, discussing also salaries and contracts. He wanted to know the people that would be part of the team, and he says that you can understand something of a person also in the bargaining phase, because these are not "normal people". He was speaking with the very best in the world, and the best you know them, the easier is to work with them. - Asked about the ideal LR team member features, he answer that some of the people are chosen for their technical skills. He mention again Gilberto Nobili and Horacio carabelli, sayng that they are not only very technically talented but also that they are very motivated and they "make things happen". In the Cup, Max continues, you do a schedule every day, everything is highly organized. Since you don't have time and so many thing can go wrong (from small things like a piece of the boat equipment that arrives three days later to the bigger ones like Covid) you need people that are ready to adapt, to change the schedule, and make things works. In an ideal world, he says, you want your team mates to be the most talented, the most gentle, the best to work with, with the best attitude. Obviously, sometimes you can't find this "dream people", so you have to prioritize. Design people, for example, must be the most technical. It's to him make them work together and in a pleasant way. For the sailing team, instead, when they searched for the younger ones, they searched obviously for good sailors, but they had to have the right mental approach. Asked about what is this mental approach he's searching for he says that he want proactive people. People that can work for the team. That put the team before themselves. He says, joking, that sailing every day everyone become a good sailor, so especially for some roles what is really important is the attitude. - Asked about if there was someone that he wanted to sign but couldn't, he says that no, he got all the people he wanted, and some more. The "some more" is Jimmy Spithill. Max says that he didn't call him, but he knew him and Max was expecting his call, so he say that he was smiling and happy when he saw Jimmy's name on the ringing phone. He adds that he's really happy of all the people he have in the team. - Entering in new Zealand is difficult at the moment. Only Cup people of Movies people are allowed to enter the country. They entered in different groups, the last one is expected today. He - with Carabelli and Nobili - was in the first group, they work all day in the quarantine. - The team is rock and loaded. They want to start. The Base is almost finished, the "technical part" of the base will be ready for 1 october. Boat 2 arrives 4 October. Boat 2 splashing is expected for 16 October. First sailing with B2 is scheduled for 16 October. - He's really confident on what they have. Not only the people, but also the boat. Boat 2 will be a step forward of Boat 1. He says that B1 is performing very well, Ineos and AM B2s will be similar to LR and ETNZ B1s. LR boat 2 will have a lot of "small differences" that will have a huge effect in performances, it will be similar to B1 but at the same time different. he feels ready, he feels the team is ready. They finished the design part, but now they have to decide a lot of things (he mention a call with Caponnetto about foils and rudders). There's still a lot to do. In a 1-10 "bullet effect" he says they will start with a 7. He's confident they will improve a lot in the Prada Cup. They never sailed against another AC75, but from what they saw about the other competitors, he's happy and proud of what they did. He adds, joking, that time will tell if he's right or wrong.
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    Gets to Hawaii: two week quarantine onboard.
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    Tip, smip, I say screw the DeVos' and the fucking amway pyramid scheme they rode in on. Wish I could get behind the American home team but no effing way. I understand that the sailors are pros and this is how they make their livings and have nothing but respect for TH. Can't stomach the fascists behind the program. Ya, Ya, Ya, I know take it to PA.
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    Someone with a good mind thought of a different approach to Amy Comorbidity Barrett. And to the Facebook Group "Progressive Veterans and Military Families".... A few thoughts on Amy Coney Barrett, our new Supreme Court justice. - As noted above, she's a done deal. So Democrats should not waste time trying to besmirch her character, focusing on her religion, trying to box her into a corner on how she will vote on hypothetical cases. The People of Praise is not a cult. I've had half a dozen of their kids in my classes, including some men who heard about me from their female friends. Almost without fail, these have been among the best students I've ever had. Extremely bright. Careful critical thinkers. Wonderful writers. I loved having them in class. So don't go after the People of Praise. By all accounts Barrett walks on water. I've had that in a roundabout way from people I know at Notre Dame, including from folks as liberal as me, who actually look forward to seeing her on the court. I have no first hand knowledge of her, but take the above for what you will. So Democrats should not take a typical approach with her. - Stay focused on the election. If the election were tomorrow, Biden wins comfortably, and the Democrats likely take the Senate as well. The latest polls were taken after RBG's death. No gain for Trump. In fact the majority of Americans think the Supreme Court seat should not be filled until after the election. Watching Republicans ram Barrett through helps Democrats. So don't mess with her. Let Republicans do what they're going to do. As a great man once said, It is what it is. If the Democrats take the presidency and the Senate, none of this matters much. A Democratic administration will not let a conservative court mess with Democratic priorities. Lots of avenues, including adding justices, passing a law that no act of Congress can be overturned by the Court except by a seven vote majority, etc. So keep the focus where it matters. On November 3. So how should Democrats approach these hearings? I've seen one good suggestion today. Turn all their time over to Kamala Harris. I like that one. Here's a few more suggestions. - Don't show up for the hearings. There is no reason to dignify this raw exercise in political hypocrisy. Don't legitimize the theft of a Supreme Court seat with your presence. This also shows Barrett that the nation knows she is letting herself become a pawn in Trump's game. That in itself says something about character. - Schedule high interest alternate programming directly opposite the hearings. Bring together all 26 of the women who have accused Trump of sexual assault. Let them tell their stories on air. Or interview liberal justices that Biden will add to the court next year. Hearings with only Republicans extolling Barrett's virtues will get low ratings. It shouldn't be hard to come up with something people would rather watch. Hell, replay the Kavanaugh hearings! Bring in Matt Damon to reprise his role on SNL! I'd watch that! How about a show "Beers with Squee"?! - If Democrats do attend the hearings, they should not focus on Barrett's views on any future cases. She'll just dodge those questions anyway. They're hypothetical. She should dodge them. Don't even mention her religion. Instead Democrats should focus on the past four years of the Trump administration. This has been the most corrupt administration in American history. No need for hypotheticals. The questions are all right there. Judge Barrett, would you please explain the emoluments clause in the Constitution. [She does.] Judge Barrett, if a president were to refuse to divest himself of his properties and, in fact, continue to steer millions of dollars of tax payer money to his properties, would this violate the emoluments clause? Then simply go down the list of specific cases in which Trump and his family of grifters have used the presidency to enrich themselves. Ask her repeatedly if this violates the emoluments clause. Include of course using the American ambassador to Britain to try to get the British Open golf tournament at a Trump property. Judge Barrett, does this violate the emoluments clause? Then turn to the Hatch Act. Judge Barrett, would you please explain the Hatch Act to the American people. [She does.] Judge Barrett, did Kellyanne Conway violate the Hatch Act on these 60 occasions? When Kellyanne Conway, one of the president's top advisors openly mocked the Hatch Act after violating it over 60 times, should she have been removed from office? Then turn to all the other violations of the Hatch Act during the Republican Convention. Get Barrett's opinion on those. Then turn to Congressional Oversight. Judge Barrett, would you please explain to the American people the duties of Congress, according to the Constitution, to oversee the executive branch. [She does so.] Judge Barrett, when the Trump administration refuses time and again to respond to a subpoena from Congress, is this an obstruction of the constitutional duty of Congress for oversight? Is this an obstruction of justice? Then turn to Trump's impeachment. Read the transcript of Trump's phone call. Judge Barrett, would you describe this as a "perfect phone call"? Is there anything about this call that troubles you, as a judge, or as an American? Judge Barrett, would you please define for the American people the technical definition of collusion. [She does.] Then go through all of the contacts between the Trump administration and Russians during the election and get her opinion on whether these amount to collusion. Doesn't matter how she answers. It gets Trump's perfidy back in front of Americans right before the election. Such questions could go on for days. Get her opinion on the evidence for election fraud. Go through all the Trump "laws" that have been thrown out by the courts. Ask her about the separation of children from their parents at the border. And on and on and on through the worst and most corrupt administration in our history. Don't forget to ask her opinion on the evidence presented by the 26 Trump accusers. Judge Barrett, do you think this is enough evidence of sexual assault to bring the perpetrator before a court of law? Do you think a sitting president should be able to postpone such cases until after his term? Judge Barrett, let's listen again, shall we, to Trump's "Access Hollywood" tape. I don't have a question. I just want to hear it again. Or maybe, as a woman, how do you feel listening to this recording? Let's listen to it again, shall we. Take your time. Taking this approach does a number of things. 1. Even if Barrett bobs and weaves and dodges all of this, it reminds Americans right before the election of just how awful this administration has been. 2. None of these questions are hypothetical. They are all real documented incidents. The vast majority are pretty obvious examples of breaking one law or the other. If Barrett refuses to answer honestly, she demonstrates that she is willing to simply be another Trump toady. Any claims to high moral Christian character are shown to be as empty as the claims made by the 80% of white evangelicals who continue to support Trump. 3. If she answers honestly, as I rather suspect she would, then Americans get to watch Trump and his lawless administration convicted by Trump's own chosen justice. Any of these outcomes would go much further toward delegitimizing the entire Republican project than if Democrats go down the typical road of asking hypothetical questions or trying to undermine her character. Use her supposed good character and keen legal mind against the administration that has nominated her. Let her either convict Trump or embarrass herself by trying to weasel out of convicting Trump. Either way, it'll be great television ...
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    I imagine whoever follows his progress will be be known as a chubby chaser.
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    Masochists A good read for you: Comfort Aboard A Punishishment Platform Published by Pressure-drop http://www.pressure-drop.us/forums/content.php?10192-Comfort-Aboard-A-Punishishment-Platform&s=fb563913045bddc5d9b819aa5692952e
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    You are ignoring the difference in the foil arm lengths. It is believed that the NZ foils are at the bottom of the design box and the AM foils are at the top and the Y brings them down to the bottom. So, if you overlap those foils you will find that in order for the NZ foil to be at the same angle like you drew it, their foil is much farther beneath the boat. This would make the ride much higher our of the water in order to get the same amount of tip out of the water. This eliminates any chance of end-plating with the water. Since both foils designs have their tips at the bottom edges of the design box, the tips are in the same location in regards to the boat. So if they both can't the foils arm in the exact same position then both the T and Y foils will have tips out of the water. But in that case, the Y foil is closer to the surface and could ventilate more of the foil (as I pointed out earlier).
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    If you want best efficiency per square foot of sail cloth, don't buy a Yawl or Ketch. If you want a boat that gives you sail choices, and Good places to mount stuff like Radars then consider them. Being able to sail with jib and mizzen and not bother with the Main allows small crew in heavier winds for ease of passage or just daysailing with the wife Flying a Mizzen Staysail is a pleasant diversion, and far easier than a spinnaker, and will roll most sloops on a beam -Broad reach Flying them together, with a staysail under spinnaker gets your active halyard count up to 5 if you are concerned with that stuff With a Yawl's mizzen about 25% of the area of a Main, you can balance the boat to sail with minimal rudder, easing the burden on Autopilot and gaining some speed on a close reach while giving up a bit of dead upwind due to drag.
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    AS suffers from an identity crisis, stemming from the term ‘Peak Body’. Of what? Everything that has a sail? Why for fucks sake? Who made them god? What they do is produce endless reports, glossy brochures and presentations outline all the various boardroom Bingo buzzwords they can rake together. They were formed to run an Olympic Games and pick a team to go. They should stick to that, and ,continuing to be a safe pair on hands in the fine admission of the RRS, and its appeals process. (Can’t do purple on my phone). Hand out a few gongs to the deserving each year and run national titles for their larger clubs flag officers to win. Apart from they should leave the rest to industry, professionals, clubs and most of all sailers to do what they want without AS having to have a piece of it.
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    having just bought one of these...... I am assuming that no rig will make it shift in anything under a force 5 but I am a patient man D
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    i'm not afraid of the brain eating amoeba in texas, there aren't enough brains in the state to support an epidemic..
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    That's why I said no to 300. He's a smart guy. I'm an intelligent lady. I felt it was just another way for him to have control. I'm happy with my decision to say no because now I can enjoy myself and the rest of my life! Plus if i can find a little sailboat after i get back from the Bahamas , I've talked one of my girlfriends into hopping on the boat with me! It will be GOLD. Shes just as goofy as I am!! The ICW is so much fun and I want to eventually take the great loop! Looks like that will be a 2021 adventure! I'm going to do whatever I want and have a blast while doing it.
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    Sure, but as any 787 sailor will tell you, the fun really starts at the top mark
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    Loaded onto an Antonov at Stanstead: https://www.ineosteamuk.com/en/articles/292_INEOS-TEAM-UKs-new-race-boat-for-the-36th-Americas-Cup-heads-to-New-Zealand.html
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    Yes, newbie. Started to track back through previous posts, but was underwhelmed by too much snark.
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    Thats a faster design? Fark the first one must have been something to behold. I guess like a lot of fat chicks it might have a nice personality.
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    I agree but the term we use around here is 'Couldn't run a greasy stick up a dead dogs arse'. Everything is more colorful here is SE Qld.
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    Being built on an isthmus the home team can’t get home to get on the google. Auckland Harbour bridge was damaged by a truck blown over in a severe wind gust a few days ago. Subsequent brisk conditions closed the bridge to all traffic. Absolute pig of a structure capacity redundant from the day it opened Japanese designed and manufactured clip-ons were retro fitted now expensive plans are afoot to attach a walkway.
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    too late I'm already here!, also I'm seeing less T/P signs and more Biden signs, the times there are a changing That's an obvious fake, all the words are spelled correctly.
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    Well I tried peel ply + plastic skin and it cured tack free
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    If you go for a Pilot, ya gotta get the yawl version!
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    In about the early 90s, I was heavily involved with the Youth Hostels Australia Sailing Activity based first in Inverloch with a move to lake learmonth. The activity simply brought together sailors and newbies for a cheap weekend of mono and multi hull introductory sailing experience (10 boats, a rib, a storage building, camping equipment etc). Very inexpensive for the expertise and experience. Anyway, we built a very nice website for the time, and out of the blue we received a monthly best of world sailing internet club site from whatever world sailing was back then. A few months later we received a demand from AS that we affiliate, charge each attendee an extra fee to go to AS, and require all leaders ( a youth hostel term) become AS members. Via YHA legal, we politely told them to fuck off, they had no jurisdiction because we did not run any races using the RRS or equivalent of the time. You would think that perhaps they might have been keen to do the opposite and prove a level of sort to a grass roots activity that encouraged me people into sailing. Of course not, they just wanted money. Probably averaged about 200 newbies per year, in the 5 to 10 years or so i was involved.
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    i'do go with the 2nd option any day. fast is fun... f*ck the rating.
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    Just to put it out there.... A classic boat is expensive period. Yes there are people who buy them use them hard and walk away, but for any boat stewards who try to maintain them for the next ones they are a considerable jump in labor time and money than any other boat. It doesn't really matter what it's made out of when you are in that classic pedigree or something like it be ready to dump the $$$. But for the crazy among us it's worth it...