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    Some haul out photos from Wednesday:
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    She is the daughter of a sailor Both yachts and RN She came to me fully trained she can hold a course, cook good food on one ring, loves rowing, can double declutch a land rover and happy to tow a trailer and even have a crack at reversing She is also happy for me to dissappear for weeks on end as her dad did she thinks it is a perfectly normal way to run a marriage I am indeed blessed d
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    I'll just pop back in my time machine.... 28th July, it's a smooth transition Also note the dihedral on the rudder foils vs Te Aihe's horizontal foils
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    She's also provoking the Turnip to melt down even faster.
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    Sorry, he's not the leader of the free world. He's the leader of the U.S.A.
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    Just sayin'. For a dose of relative reality.
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    It's only a 9' dory-skiff but it's been a great project during the damn pandemic. Finally got it in the water today and it rows beautifully. It will be the new tender for our sailboat, replacing the cedar strip boat a friend and I built a few years ago (great little boat but too small). This boat will carry four adults, a propane tank, groceries and enough beer and wine to keep everybody happy, and it will still have freeboard to spare. We'll see how it tows. The last skiff I owned surfed on following seas and I'm sure this will do the same so I will have to tow something off the transom to slow it down in those conditions, or put it on deck. I designed it to fit between the mast and the windlass on our old Islander 36. It weighs 85 pounds. I built a little dolly for hauling it up beaches when the tide is out. Thanks to Zoomer who answered some questions I had about stitch and glue construction.
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    Gotta have a back catalog of photos, never know what you guys are going to ask for
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    I just want to be clear about what you are really saying. You are saying that because ETNZ got done over on issues in AC35, that gives them the right to act how they want now. Sorry, but it doesn't work like that. To start with, there is only one challenger left from AC35. If it were all the teams from AC35, then maybe you would have a point. My disappointment in ETNZ is about them (Dalton in particular) making a huge fuss over every time they got done over (maybe with justification), having also got very upset at other teams for developing rules and giving themselves a head start, yet they have done exactly what they complained about in the past. They have given themselves a big advantage. I am not saying they have broken any rules or done anything different from what we have seen before, but if you do something you have loudly complained about in the past, don't expect to be called anything other than hypocritical. Let's also be clear about the AC72 and what Oracle did and why it was different. From the start, Oracle were very open about them considering a big cat. It came as zero surprise to anybody that the rule that was announced was for a cat. I know for a fact that at least 2 teams did pre-work in case a cat was announced. The consider what Steve Clarke reported above, from first hand experience. Oracle ensured that their design team did not have access to rules related info ahead of others. I doubt that in practice it worked perfectly, but to suggest Oracle would have had a big advantage because of how the AC72 rule was developed is wrong. Add to that an obvious fact that in choosing a cat, they were not choosing a type of boat that nobody had any experience of designing With ETNZ, their design team did all the research and development of the new rule, for a type of boat that was completely new and revolutionary. To develop the rule, they needed to first develop tools to analyse a revolutionary new type of boat, tools others could only start work on when the rule was known. ETNZ even gave performance forecasts based on their modelling when the rule was announced. At very least ETNZ bought themselves a 6 month head start over everybody else. Those are simple facts. We can debate as much as anybody wants about whether that was fair, but for me, the disappointment came from Dalton, on behalf of ETNZ, had complained about a least one other defender doing the same thing. It's called hypocrisy.
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    Any decent husband, boyfriend, parent, or just a friend who was found to be infected on the same day would say something like, “I am incredibly fortunate the fine doctors, nurses and staff found a way to help me get sufficiently well to go home. Many others have not been so fortunate. I hope I was not too much of a burden to those fine people. Now, please direct your support, well wishes, prayers, and thoughts to my dear wife. I only wish I could trade places so she could be the one who gets to go home today.” But narcissists don’t say things like that
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    Just a little repost to get us back on topic... https://www.sailingworld.com/story/racing/faster-times-ahead-for-americas-cup-challenger/ One final burn back to the barn onboard American Magic’s AC75 Defiant is one experience Terry Hutchinson won’t soon forget. At the conclusion of another long day of training in late September, helmsman Dean Barker pointed the bulbous blue bow toward the base, some 11 miles away, with a 12-knot breeze tickling the back of his neck. Fifteen minutes later, they were home, having almost cracked the 50-knot barrier along the way. “It was exciting,” says Hutchinson, who experienced the high-speed tear from the boat’s 12th-man spot in the transom. “It was the first time I’d ever sailed in that spot and it was really good to see the starboard side of the yacht. I was hanging on for dear life because, at 40 knots there’s a lot of movement back there.” The jovial banter over his comms unit as his teammates chased the elusive five-oh on the speedo, passing powerboats as if they were standing still, is what he remembers most. “It was really cool,” he says, “and it was impressive to see the level of comfort. It’s like when you hear the Formula 1 guys talking to their pit guys as they’re going around the track at more than 100 miles per hour. Just awesome.”
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    Someone on twitter said that if the fly laid eggs on Pence’s head he has to carry them to term..
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    Cockwomble reminds me of "Shitgibbon", also directed at tRump a few years back. I think it was supposed to be pronounced "shite", which somehow always seems to add a certain extra oomph to scatalogically based invective.
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    The AC arbitration board did not agree with that assessment, indeed they ruled that dropping the event was unnecessarily costly and unfair to ETNZ so awarded them damages and ordered a (two week I believe) sailing black out for the other teams to compensate.
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    I wish! I just need to keep them distracted enough that the yellow crane doesn't create a building that blocks my view!
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    You can't beat TNZ by being conservative. They are always inventing something new. Pushing the envelope. Grant Simmer should be feeling the pressure. I'm all for educated risks
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    All is good, except Lutefisk. What fucking Norse lunatic invented that demented stinking gloopy excuse for food?
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    Took a wander past the base today here in Auckland
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    Dan B made an interesting comment during a Foiling Week interview around 2 weeks ago, where he said they had trouble during AC35 knowing how their foils were behaving, compared to what the sim was predicting, so they began to put underwater cameras on them and were very surprised at the difference. It may well explain the camera on ETNZ’s port foil arm.
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    That went over like a fart in church. Confucius say, Mayor Pete gets to sit in his own pew.
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    I think so. One of their last sails and got some speed calculations in the 48 knot range and some one else estimated an average speed in the very high 40’s. They were ripping along.
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    Oracle had a hell of a night in Valencia when strong winds came up in the middle of the night and it was tethered in an enclosed areas with the wingsail up. The wingsail was dropped for the AC75 because ; when capsized/nosedived they suffer severe damage which could not be easily fixed. There are a nightmare to launch in fresh winds can only be towed out of the marina in certain conditions - otherwise they have to sail. The power that was claimed from a wingsail was supposed to be double that of a double skinned mainsail, yet the AC75, AC50 and AC72 all have similar top end speeds circa 50kts. Plus the mainsail can be lowered at sea for toing. the wingsail can't. You don't have to tack an AC75 into a harbour as was a 20minute required rigmarole in Bermuda . There are technical reasons in favour of a hard wingsail but they don't stack up on the water.
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    Hey, that's my boat! who put that pic here? And yes I am an engineer. What you are looking at is a true carbon fibre bow sprit. Was just goofing around in this non racing Covid year.