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    This was in the paper at the time of that jetski accident on Port Phillip Bay.
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    ETNZ probably did by a small margin, but that's collateral victory from winning 35. anyone complaining at this point is wasting keystrokes. to the winners go the spoils, ETNZ earned it. SCLARKE- your problem is, you never error on the side of neutral, so it makes your arguments moot. I literally know your response long before i ever see it. You are the definition of fanboy because at no point do you ever even mention the possibility of anything against ETNZ perfection ever being a possibility. Let me say this as clearly as possible, none of these teams are completely honest, fair, or perfect.
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    Here are a few more photos of my BayRaider in action, in Greece, Wales and Scotland. I’m 65 and not quite as agile as I was when I bought the boat new in 2010 but I still find her easy to handle.
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    I think you'll find its the back starboard side
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    We need to see one of the new boats to have something to talk about. It all goes very pear shaped without it.
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    This coming from a trumptard? Obviously, your judgment is severely compromised. First, while we always sail to win, I couldnt care less about pickle dishes. It's going to be challenging to get the thing figured out and going well. Second, Ive wanted to get a 35 for a couple years not only because I want a nice looking old school dual purpose boat, but also one that is narrow enough (10.0 ft) to fit in our slip. And hanging out and weekending on it with fridge, pressure water and electric head is pretty nice. Lastly, I thought it would really fun to sail against another really well sailed 35, as Benny and Karen do with theirs. Plus, Chuck Driscoll has one now and he too is fixing his up to race. Now that's cool!
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    I had just come on deck (last weekend), when the engineless Schooner Stephen Taber had sailed into Pulpit Harbor. She was already on her second tack through the harbor. 47 tons of 1871 technology, all moving well in the gentle breeze. They crossed far astern of our anchored boat with the port anchor lashed to the bulwark, ready to deploy. Sails rattled as they brought the big boat into the wind. It takes sea room to tack the schooner that measures 115’ from bowsprit to boom end. Turn,… ...turn,... ...turn. Sails filled again and drawing well, they were on their final tack. Pinched up to windward, the old schooner crossed close by our stern this time. The bow turned slowly into the wind as headsails were doused. A gaff was loosened and wrinkles appeared in the sails. The crew and passengers waited silently on deck as the Taber, still full of energy despite the luffing sails, coasted on and on, to windward. Finally, a lone vocal command breaks the silence and is instantly followed by the deafening roar of huge iron chain links racing through a battered hawsehole in the bulwark. Still coasting slowly forward, the chain rode stretches bar tight. The ancient fisherman anchor fetches up on the bottom ending this magnificent scene that is centuries old.
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    After 12/03/2021 Te Winner AC36
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    Wow Of all the up and down, roller coaster rides that the Seahawks have taken me on....... What a finish WL
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    this from Trump's biggest laser sailing fan
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    I walkled awaye, an tolde herre so, do to lack of admissione of resulteng/recurreng issues. Clinicalle helpe is needed heare, orthere then that, I try notte to waste peopels time.
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    I see that Rita B1 is now sitting with all the cars on Bledisloe Wharf in Auckland
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    Has anyone seen SClarke and Mako at the same time? I find it hard to believe New Zealand has that many stupid people.
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    Ask yourself if you are ever going to play them again and if the answer is no I would suggest donating them to your local college/community radio station where they will either be added to the library or resold for funding.
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    They shouldn’t have taunted them that second time!
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    I think so. With the weather data now and the way these boats go even upwind... I don’t think there’s any doubt they’ll get to the southern ocean possibly 3 days before the prior gen - cut off another 3 day on the leg up. they also need so little wind to maintain 450-500 nm days - they’ll be sea state routing to avoid the bad stuff. I think it is entirely possible they’re gonna finish in 65-68 days.
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    Good grief. A new era of detente. Who'd have predicted that?
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    Its better to be trained in non-violent communication and de-escalation techniques along with close order combat than in close order combat alone. Huge opportunity in the advancing of private and public policing. Some cities are doing good work in that direction. Denver on a weekend day I guess not so much.
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    Comparing the two posters that seem to have strongest case of shall we call it "distorted view of reality from Kiwiland" (a.k.a. KiwiVision) seemed like an obvious mild jab. Not nice, but not really hate or dripping with venom. One of the two being compared is the only poster I have ever deemed worthy of the ignore feature. The comparison was actually not fair, the one I chose to ignore seems to have a much worse case of KiwiVisoin. Given how much s**t gets slung by those with KiwiVision, it is interesting to note how persecuted they feel when even a minor slag comes their way. Mako, if you can't take it, why don't you stop dishing it out.
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    EVERYONE, especially women, who are grossly misrepresented here, should realize what a fucking misogynist creetin he is. Following all other developer Dons, Bren, Sterling, and many other ancient white men, he loathes women unless his dick in their mouths. Anyone with a wife or daughter should shudder at the fact this guy exists. I hold contempt for any woman who reveres him as much as the man himself.
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    I have a UK-made Swallow Yachts BayRaider 20, which is a water-ballasted yawl-rigged open daysailer. There is also a version with a lid, the BayRaider Expedition. It can be sailed, rowed and propelled by an outboard (electric in my case). It has won many prizes in the Sail Caledonia sail & oar raid across Scotland’s Great Glen (which includes Loch Ness) and has won the raid outright, even with me as skipper. Flexible, fast (without water ballast) and very stable (with water ballast), I’ve had mine for ten years now and still think it’s great. I usually sail solo and also launch from its trailer and retrieve by myself. Because it is light with the ballast tank empty, it can be trailed long distances behind quite small cars - I’ve taken it to Greece from the UK several times. I’ve added a plank bowsprit to mine to fly a code zero or flying jib when I want a few more strings to play with - photo below. There are now quite a few BR20’s in the US, mostly with fathead Bermudian mainsails. Mine is a more traditional gunter-rigged version.
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    More likely just curious. I am thinking of joining just to listen to the AGM.
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    No Bill truth is truth and the truth is ILCA booted LPE, ILCA adopted FRAND, ILCA handed PSA a monopoly for many months and a structure where they get paid for doing nothing forever and ever. Since ILCA did all that the price of boats has gone up not down, the price of gear has gone up not down and ILCA is considering new gear yet again (it was ILCA that took the new rigs to the Olympic boat trials), and ILCA fees on new boats are up not down. It was ILCA leadership that said in this very thread that their priority was Olympics and Asia/China. It was ILCA that said there would be a new builder soon when it took them nearly 2 years (~1.5 years), it was ILCA that said such BS that WS forced them to retract and reverse some of their statements, and finally it was ILCA that said there would be a NA builder when there isn’t one and there are no plans for one. You may not like truth but that is truth. But thank you for asking and giving me the chance to point this out because I know it will make a few people happy and that makes me laugh.