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    Because if we leave it to the pakeha we get names like .....North Island and South Island. Give me a maori name.....way more interesting.
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    Hmm those foils look anhedral to me.
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    "The summit where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, the slider, climber of mountains, the land-swallower who travelled about, played his flute to his loved one."
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    I have been wondering if the fliers are due to the fact that he just does not race against the other skippers, so he is thinking individually rather than tactically. His mileage is pretty low in race mode coming into his, which removes some confidence for me. It doesn't matter how hard you train, it is never as hard as racing.
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    Hey Bull, What about a (C&C) Redwing 30? Has that classic look and profile, but a fin keel (shark fin) and spade rudder, so the numbers would indicate livelier performance. SA/Disp is relatively high at 17 Disp/Len is not too high at 323.6 PHRF is 195-198 https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/boa/d/annapolis-redwing-30-sloop/7212759061.html
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    ??? The G4/F4? The same builder built all 3 G4/F4. Holland Composites. Great guys, reach out to them for more info. They’ve tried to skate through the shitstorm and stay neutral as the world burned down around them. They still love the boats and have (seemingly) supported the owners to extent possible.
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    And then, of course, there's this one...
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    That's a bit harsh. The guy offers Used or NOS discount marine goods at decent prices to many folks. What's wrong w/that? His store has run successfully for how many decades? He's got an inventory that most businesses cannot offer. You visit Minneys with an agenda- to find a part that nobody else has. Either a mate to another or something to complete your classic resto or just get you back on the water for not much expense. I like my modern gear but for those hard to find items that are no longer made... Minney's is worth checking out. Just don't expect to outfit your Melges 32 with his stock. When it's gone for good, we all loose.
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    Can someone launch a boat already this shitposting is getting old.
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    The whale has an offset sliding patio door which is far less substantial than the plastic covered chip board cupboard doors in the kitchen At home So that is a sign of an obvious death wish In addition the impending removal of the radar wind catcher and roll promoter will make me die I have a metho stove and uncleaned taylor so co death is upon me I have three gallons of petrol on board ..... boom I might drink warm beer ... a well known component of any suicide attempt I will also drink instant coffee while underway in a boat where I removed all the drink holders That aside The winds are hardest weds and die away to almost nothing by Friday Sat and Sunday that looks like the easiest window D
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    First of all, thats not what you said. This is your first bullet point: The idea that LR made any significant contribution to the AC75 design rule doesn't stack up in the light of the evidence out there. Consider the following LR set up a training program using a TP52, which has about as much relevance to the AC75 as sailing a square rigger Immediately after the rule was announced, the LR training program was changed, they started buying foiling boats to give their guys experience and they recruited Spithill despite saying they were going to be an Italian only team, because they were short of foiling helm experience. Here's where this is incorrect. The Class Rule was announced on the 29th of March 2018. LR's TP52 was launched on May 13th 2018, 2 months AFTER the AC75 class rule was published. They then participated in the entire 2018.series. The reason they cancelled was because they were busy building and designing, their test boat, and training for the AC75, launched in October of 2019. Maybe do your research before posting non sense.
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    First of all, this has to be one of the most comical statements of the whole discussion! So because Luna Rossa started with a TP52 program they weren’t good enough to have any significant input into the AC75 class rule? Land Rover BAR did the same in a collaboration with Tony Langleys Gladiator racing team. So you obviously think INEOS don’t have a chance at doing anything significant either right? American Magic started with the Quantum Racing team 52 Super Series team of which Doug De Vos owns, Terry Hutchinson skippers and Dean Barker helms. So they’re done too right? Back in 2010 and in 2011, ETNZ won the Audi Medcup back to back in the TP52 and went on to introduce the foiling AC72 to the America’s Cup. So that’s your first theory debunked. Just because a team races in the 52 Super Series does not mean they aren’t good enough for the America’s Cup. ETNZ are done too right? I mean they never had a foiling anything until Te Aihe was launched. Second, as much as he got under Kiwi skins in San Francisco and Bermuda, Spithill is a proven AC winner and leader. He is an asset to any team he joins. Third, both Horacio Carborelli and Martin Fischer, as well as Dan Bernasconi have all publicly said both design teams developed the rule. So there’s your second theory debunked. But I guess you’re gonna say they’re all lying right? Thirdly, they complained about the rule being unfair because it wasn’t deed legal. I’m sure as you know the DoG governs the event. If a challenger is not deed compliant they can not be accepted as valid, therefor can not develop a class rule jointly with the defender, so the gripe ETNZ had (as all teams did back then) was correct. Alinghi and it’s Challenger never complied with the DoG so never should have developed a protocol or class rule together. So there’s your 3rd theory debunked. As for the change to the AC50, NO. The gripe was it was too late to change the Class Rule, and they couldn’t amend it without unanimous consent anyway, so they used their beholden majority to amend the protocol instead of the class rule to replace it at the behest of LR as CoR which forced their withdrawal. At the same time they removed the previously agreed to Auckland qualifier jeopardising ETNZs ability to continue and forcing an arbitration dispute Between ETNZ and ACEA which ETNZ won. ETNZ have done none of that. Your conspiracy theories have been debunked and Our high standards remain. Do you know how incredibly ludacris your post above is? Sheesh. Try again.
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    "Dr Margaret Simons is a longwinded freelance (unemployed) journalist and honorary (not real) principal fellow at the Centre for Advancing Journalism, University of Melbourne." WTF does 'the Centre for Advancing Journalism' do anyway for fucks sake? Just another leftwit (copyrite hoppy 2020) talkfest by unemployable horsefaced childless spinsters and homo academics that think it is perfectly normal to eat dick and cornhole each other. No wonder the universities had to bend over and be reamed in the arse by One-bung Thong, Wang, Lee and every other slanty eyed bat eating cunt, to fund this biased nonsense. And look who the honorary freelancer wrote a fawning book about...Peking Penny. Who would have thunk it!
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    For goodness sake don't do that if you don't have to. It greatly reduces the strength.
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    Still my all time favorite trump vid
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    we really wanted to race, but there just wasnt a class for us. there werent any similar boats, and we would have been the slowest boat after 2 j/80's by like 30 secs per mile in their class. that didnt make sense to me and didnt seem like much fun. we did practice sat and we will again this sat, its fun to start to get to learn the boat. our first race will be the cra halloween regatta oct 31 and then hot rum series starting on nov 7. not gonna lie, I'm pretty stoked!
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    It's certainly a best practice (see SF's excellent cartoon in post #11) but for better or worse not required by the rules. Unfortunately this RC's first error was to choose "Very Bad !!" for their position.
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    Flatter windward skin creates less pressure differential, not more. Think of the sail curving the air flow. The windward skin is on the outside of the curve, so positive pressure is needed to make the air curve. More curvature = more pressure.
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    I don't doubt your ability to scale off an image. However given the result indicates ETNZ are sailing a boat that doesn't measure, and the futility of doing that, I feel the issue is the use of uncorrected images.
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    Nothing more needs to be said...
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    Imagine being this concerned about someone else's boat...
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    I want an Express 27 to put on my mooring buoy for day sailing and keep my Bendytoy for comfortable cruising and cocktailing. Of course you can't always get what you want but if try sometime you get what you need. And, FUCK Trump and the idiots he rode in on, what is the matter with you people who can't see what is going on?