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    What an amazingly calm, deliberate, thoughtful man. I hope he will play a part in national leadership. Specifically about abortion- he frames the situation very well, and I hope it counters the emotional zing of the anti-abortion zealots. Nobody is "pro-abortion." No woman gets an abortion because she wants to kill a baby. It's not a good outcome, it's avoiding worse outcome. It's also not an issue men should have much say in. - DSK
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    Hi fellow Anarchists! Back again with another interview by sailor and journalist Bacci del Buono with Vasco Vascotto, LR tactitian / sail development manager. https://www.milanoyachtingweek.com/events/silenzio-parla-vasco-vascotto-il-tattico-di-luna-rossa/ - He's really grateful to the design team and persico to deliver B2 right on schedule. He's exact word are thank you for delivering B2 after a great B1. - Asked if LR B1 was so good to "copied" by other teams, he answer that you can never know until two boats sail 1 vs 1, but they are very satisfied of B1. He adds that to design and put in the water a boat with such a radical design you need to have "pallometria", a fake italian world invented by ship owner Pasquale Landolfi that means being brave. Vasco says also that if you want to win the Cup you have to be very brave, no middle ways. If you think something works, you have the courage to believe in your idea and follow it no matter what. - Asked about the dismasting, Vasco answer that in order to win you have to outperform your opponent. B1 was so optimized for performance that the structure wasn't overweight with an inch of extra carbon, so breaks could accour. He adds that he's manager in the sails design group, and he always tells to his colleagues that there'a time for pushing design with radical ideas, a time for trying to make those radical ideas working, and then a time for slowing down, and taking stock of the situation. This philosophy is applied in every other department in Luna Rossa. You have to push design and radical ideas at the beginning of the campaign, not at the end, if you do it at the end it means that something went wrong in the first stages of design. So they pushed on radical ideas at the beginning. - He won't be on-board. Boats are extreme and need a lot of power, they are fast and you have the boundaries to deal with. Tactics will be made before the start of the race. The only vital thing for him is help the team winning the Cup, no matter if he's staying on or off the boat. Asked by Bacci how he felt when heunderstood that he wasn't staying onboard, he says that he was a little upset, since he was used to 250 days of sailing per year, and now it's two years and half that he's doing almost zero days of sailing. You need to have a great motivation to accept this, and now it's even more important for him to win. He would be proud taking a decision that can improve the boat performance. - He talks really well about LR young sailors. Being so experienced, he helps them and gives advice. He says that they are great sailors and great persons, humble and with great work culture. They gave to the rest of the team a lot of their enthusiasm. He keep telling them not to be "afraid" of sailing the America's Cup against the best sailors in the world. He quotes Gianmarco Pozzecco (italian basket coach and former basket player) that in a recent interview said that he didn't care if he was playing against friends in Trieste or in the final of the Euro Ligue, he played every game at his best. Vasco says that you don't be afraid of loosing the race. If you're not afraid of loosing it, you' re not afraid to win it. They just need to keep doing what they did the last two years and half. - The main goal in the pre-start will be keep flying, possibly leaving the opponent fall from the foils. - Time distance from boundary to boundary is one minute circa. - They're studying the best tactics to use against opponents, they will focus on this from now on. Philippe Presti (with JS) and the simulator are helping a lot in this. - Some of the differences between B1 and B2 will be visible, they kept pushing with radical design idea. - If other teams "copied" LR design they'll have a lot of difficulties, because you need to understand a design on order to "copy" it properly. Ha adds joking that he hopes they "copied" without undertanding.
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    The Mk105 minesweeping sled has hydrofoils that work a bit like that. It has ladder foils forward, and I believe the lower foil has a section designed for high speed and the upper foil designed for lower speed. What's interesting is the upper foils appear to have been modified to be base ventilated. A hollow trailing edge is one way to ensure air gets down to the bottom of the foil! It's towed by a helicopter:
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    But that means they have the budget for more than one cradle? Omg! ;-)
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    There's an easier way to try out scenarios - look at all of them! The wind triangle does have some interesting implications. Start off by defining the apparent wind angle, beta, as the angle between the apparent wind and the boat's course through the water. Let the aero drag angle be arctan(Drag_aero/Lift_aero) and the hydrodynamic drag angle be arctan(Drag_hydro/Lift_hydro). The hydrodynamic lift is set by the requirement that the hydrodynamic side force equal the aerodynamic side force applied by the sail rig. The aerodynamic side force, of course, is under the control of the crew. It turns out the apparent wind angle, beta, is equal to the sum of the aerodynamic drag angle and the hydrodynamic drag angle. This is not an approximation - it is exact and based on the definitions of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic lift and drag. So the apparent wind angle is directly related the lift/drag ratios. The more efficient the boat is, the lower beta will be. A high performance boat when it is hooked up tends to operate with a near-constant lift drag ratio as the speed or true wind angle changes. So the lines on a polar for beta=constant are similar to the boatspeed polar. The power to a sailboat isn't fixed, but depends on the apparent wind speed. So the apparent wind speed/boat speed ratio is also an important factor. It turns out that if you plot lines of constant apparent wind angle on a polar diagram, they turn out to be circles. The centers of the circles lie on a line that is perpendicular to the true wind direction and on the polar diagram intercept the Y axis at half the true wind speed downwind. All the circles go through the origin (zero speed) and the downwind at true wind speed point. The lines of constant apparent wind speed/boat speed ratio are also circles. Their centers lie on the Y axis. The amazing thing is these circles meet the constant beta circles at right angles everywhere! So the boat's performance can be plotted using three orthogonal coordinate systems. The first coordinate system is Cartesian and consists of the velocity made good upwind/downwind, and the cross wind velocity. The second is a polar coordinate system that consists of the course sailed to the true wind and the boat's speed through the water. The third coordinate system is the apparent wind angle and the apparent wind speed/boat speed ratio. If you know the boat's performance in any one of these coordinate systems, you can calculate the equivalent values for the other two coordinate systems. This is what your instrument system does onboard the boat. It measures apparent wind direction, apparent wind speed, and boat speed. This gives it the coordinates in the third coordinate system, and the system computes the velocity made good from the first coordinate system. The three coordinate systems are shown overlaid in the first illustration below. The Cartesian coordinate system is the solid black lines and the polar coordinate system is the dotted black lines. The lines of constant apparent wind angle are in blue and the lines of constant apparent wind speed/boat speed ratio are in green. The red line is the polar for the trimaran USA17 in 8 kt of wind, which is approximately the conditions under which it won the America's Cup in 2010. The red dots show the points for best Vmg to windward and leeward and the maximum speed. Upwind, it sailed at less than 15 degrees apparent wind angle, and it had a 20 degree apparent wind angle at maximum speed. You can see how the constant beta circles are not a terrible approximation of the polar at these points, especially for the maximum speed point. The second diagram is for 20 kt true wind speed. This would be typical of a speed sailing attempt. Say the boat is to be the first sailing craft on water to hit 70 kt. The apparent wind angle will need to be on the order of 17 degrees, and it will probably be sailing around 110 degrees off the wind. The apparent wind speed will be lower than the boat speed, but not by a lot. Knowing the apparent wind angle the designer can divvy that up into the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic drag angles to come up with a drag budget for each aspect of the boat.
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    I'll be surprised if things open up before mid-2021, and that assumes a Biden win in November and a vaccine in Q1. If Trump wins, my money's on late 2021 because even with a vaccine you still need test/trace/isolate, masks, distancing and the like to keep the numbers down until herd immunity is achieved. With Trump, that won't happen.
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    So, you wantte a medalle?
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    With little chemoreceptors on their maxillepeds.
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    Have fun with it, I’ve seen a few sail by dragging their Leeboards and enjoying gunkholes
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    Never in my sailing life would I have ever imagined this...
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    As case numbers are surging throughout Europe again, countries try to avoid a full lockdown. Instead, local or national travel restrictions pop up all over the continent in a not very coordinated manner. Things are moving fast again and although the travel experience above might be valid information now, it can be very old and outdated within hours (literally). So, if you absolutely have to travel now, you would be well advised to plan and move on a day to day basis. Safest bet would be a direct flight into Croatia, since although they might classify a boating holiday as "essential travel", I doubt a lot of other countries agree. If you travel by train and/or rental car for some sight seeing, pretty much every country from the UK to Croatia is a high risk destination. Be prepared for stranding in a surprise lockdown, testing and quarantine in other places. Be prepared for not getting a hotel bed, depending on where you come from. Bring all your credit cards and plenty of time, maybe a tent and sleeping bag, you might need it. You might also check and monitor what the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control reports. Good luck.
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    The word you guys are struggling with is ‘cock’. Hope that helps.
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    Not even close. Charter boats in the MED? what are you trying to do? infect the Greek islands? There is talk of a Bubble Club between Europe and other countries that have responsibly managed Covid. The USA ain't in it and are not likely to be any time in the foreseeable future.
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    What ever ignorance keeps you away... please continue to bask in it...
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    Biden supporter here. I have a flag and a Biden sign, and own guns. (shrug) I'm a veteran is probably why I enjoy flying the flag. But, displaying the flag doesn't prove your patriotism. Standing against tyranny and fascism is the most patriotic thing you can do in this country and truly preserve freedom and democracy. I cringe when I hear flag worshipers are against ANTIFA and are anti-ANTIFA. So, yea, that means they are pro fascism. Double negative makes a positive last I checked. Sorry. That's not America. America is the melting pot, and being American is about acceptance of other races, cultures, and religions. It's about tolerance. America is about giving anyone a chance to succeed if they work hard enough to obtain the American dream. America has no distinct culture, but is the sum of its parts, all the cultures mixed together into a beautiful mix. Trumpism is about fear. Fear that this country will be "lost" when whites are no longer the dominant race in the country, and they are fighting hard to make America white again (and Christian). The Trump flag, the Blue Lives flag, and the Confederate Flag are all part of the Trump uniform. If you are a Trump supported it is demanded of you to support the police 100% without question. There is no room for any criticism. There is no room for protest if its not for what they believe in. They purposefully hide behind meaningless phrases like "All Lives Matter" and "I Stand", and "What about black on black crime". They think kneeling is anti-american even though they have been told 1000x its about police brutality, has nothing to do with America or the flag. They ignore the fact that a Marine Corp veteran actually gave Kap the idea to kneel, as a form of protest, being the MOST respectful way to do it. As a veteran, I am sick of Trump and his followers pretending to be patriotic. I'm tired of everyday wondering what kind of drivel is going to come from Trumps mouth. I am craving normalcy when facts and science matter again and when people can discuss their differences without the insults. I'm just tired. On the flip side, it may soon be time to take off and sail for the horizon and leave this shit show behind.
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    Sorry to bang on, but: https://www.gov.uk/maib-reports/safety-warning-about-carbon-monoxide-poisoning-after-the-loss-of-2-lives-on-the-motor-cruiser-diversion (It just popped up on linkedIn) 5th fatality since 2014 due to carbon monoxide poisoning on boats, apparently diesel heater leaked fumes into cabin, the 2 guys came back from ashore, stepped onboard, dead shortly after. All for the sake of a cheap alarm. Screwfix is in easy bike ride of where you're moored Dylan. If you've already got one then good man.
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    Sean Spicer Says President Trump Considers His Tweets 'Official' White House Statements Aric Jenkins Jun 06, 2017 President Donald Trump considers his tweets to be official White House statements, according to Press Secretary Sean Spicer. When asked at a press briefing whether Trump's tweets qualify as official statements on behalf of the White House, Spicer said that he "is the President of the United States, so they're considered official statements by the President of the United States." That was then. DOJ: Trump's 'total declassification' of Russiagate docs has no effect It's the greatest declassification ever.
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    Sorry Jeff, but when those Aussie sailors greeted you with "Here's that Seppo cunt again", they were not being loving or affectionate.
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    Fashion and marketing are interesting things. Once we all knew we had to have the fanciest bearings in everything, now no moving parts and a high load rating are the answer to everything. At each step they manage to crank the price for the latest revolutionary leap.
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    Dateline Aug 20, 2037 The 512th Hearing Into Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama will commence at 9 this morning. Evidence will be presented that will show conclusively that they did something bad and can be sent to jail any second now. Senators were unable to explain how Mrs. Clinton will be able to defend herself, seeing as how she been dead for two years now. One noted Republican Senator did say that was no excuse and we'll lock her corpse up if we have to, she isn't getting out of it THIS TIME! Mr. Obama said his defense from the 511th, 493rd, and 212th hearings worked so well he is going to use it again and sing about his salty chocolate balls. In other news, Chief Justice Amy Coney Barrett recused herself from the case involving the Depends corporation due to being a frequent customer, but did plan on ruling soon on the "Is it legal to shoot people who eat meat on Fridays" case, the "Does witch burning produce too much CO2" case, and just like the other Obama hearings is likely to get her clerk to pass a note to the ex-president asking "Is it true?"
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    I'm happy to report that I finally made it back out onto the UFO this past weekend. I had a six week absence due to a sprained knee from a mountain biking accident, then two weeks went by while I was out of town. I was beginning to worry I wouldn't get any more foiling in this year! I finally got to test my revised setup for outhaul adjustment and wand height adjustment. I set up the outhaul as Martin and Dave suggested, A mini 6:1 pulley system anchored to the old outhaul cleat, with the control line lead along the boom, spreader, and mast, coming down to the port cunningham pulley and cleat. This works very well. I can't adjust it while actually foiling, but I can when I come in for a tack, which is fine for now. Much better than the old setup. My previous wand height adjustment had a bungee pulling the wand up and line pulling it down. I now have a continuous loop, and rely on friction in the wand holder to keep the wand at a set height. This works OK, but there is still room for a lot of improvement. I had the loop going through an eye that was shock corded to the back of the boat. When the gantry wend down, that whole line assembly went too slack. I need to make this quick release so that when the gantry goes up, this system simply gets unhooked. There was not quite enough friction in the wand holder, so the wand slid down a bit, but a quick tug on the uphaul brought the wand back where I wanted it. If I had some tension in the up/down loop, I think that would create enough friction to keep the wand in place when it is not being moved. It doesn't seem to take much. Sadly, its getting colder up here. Air and water temps in the 50s. I sailed with a drysuit, and even then was sailing conservatively so I didn't go for a swim. The UFO is a boat that really doesn't want to be sailed conservatively (does ANY foiling boat?). So I wasn't getting the most out of it. But, considering the fact that I had been out of the boat for 2 months, it didn't feel too bad. Several long foils reaching and broad reaching. Hopefully I'll get a few more sessions in before the boat is pulled into the basement for the winter. Doug
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    Here is a video of our delivery from Pilots Point Marina to Boston Harbor. Windy and big seas.
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    Western Washington and Western Oregon can join BC. Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon have to go to Alberta.
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    The new music just doesn't interest me. Now get off my lawn.