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    bloody love these guys - aside from astute comment they're funny like the two grumpy guys on the muppet show
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    English must be difficult for you, so I'll bullet-point the issues for you: 1: The Harbour Master in January sent a letter to ACE notifying them that Courses B&C would not be available for AWS, Christmas Cup or the Prada Cup. This letter was tabled at a meeting of all stakeholders, with Mayo&Calder (the "contractor" referred to) representing the CoR. 2: The CoR claimed they only found out about the exclusions in September - that's not ETNZ's fault but Mayo&Calder's, contracted to CoR36/PPLR. 3: CoR applied to Arb. Panel accusing ETNZ of breaching the Protocol and HVA - the Arb.Panel did not uphold those two allegations and threw them out. All the Arb.Panel did was rule on the simple fact that since the Courses were now changed (by an external agency), they no longer complied with the specific Clause 34.4 in the Protocol. So they ruled that Courses A&B were no longer in play for ALL AC36 events - but he left it over to the relevant parties to settle it among themselves, at which point their ruling becomes void. 4: CoR's representatives Mayo&Calder agreed with the exclusions in the January meeting. 8 months later, the CoR in typical Italian full-speed-in-reverse histrionics filed a treacherous accusatory application which the Arbitration Panel quite properly threw out!
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    Ineos up and down like a YoYo today..!
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    Looks like the curved section of the foil arm to me
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    Seriously, guys, you are talking out of your arses. You are equating different colours on parts to being rough. From personal experience, I would say it is exactly the opposite. I spend hours and hours obsessing over foil finishes and while I realise that my A only goes 23-24 knots upwind and 29-30 knots downwind, foil finish is as important on my boat as it is on these boats. There are 2 routes to perfect foils. What I am seeing on this boat is one of those routes. Yes, you can go with the perfect, one colour, one paint type look, but it takes longer and is far harder to maintain, particularly across flexible joints. If you are constantly changing and/or repairing the joints, which i suspect needs to happen to keep a flexible joint in perfect condition, you are far better off not painting in one colour and try to keep it all faired up. To give you some idea, in the Olympic foiling class (Nacra 17), they need to do work on foil finish after every single race day. What I am seeing here is probably the most sophisticated foil/flap joints of any boat so far, and a method of keeping those joints in perfect condition every day. I compare the photos of their flap with that of LR and what I see is that LR has a clear break between main foil and flap that is unfaired while Ineos has a faired "slot. It might be faired with white material, but I know which I prefer even if it might not be as good looking from further away.
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    Anyone else been hitting the video play button on these screen shots? I feel like an arse every time
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    The problem with studies like that is they stand out devoid of the content behind the opinions. Having a difference in opinion about tax policy is different from believing a certain segment of the population shouldn't be accorded the rights of full citizenship. So to suggest the positions are equal and that rejecting someone socially for racism or homophobia or transphobia is equivalent to rejecting someone socially for differences in opinions on how we should allocate infrastructure spending is meaningless as a raw number. That is disingenuous at best, and misses the point. A conservative wouldn't refuse friendship with someone who believes in universal healthcare isn't in ANY WAY equivalent to a liberal who rejects friendships with people who think gays should be sent to conversion therapy and trans people have no right to exist. It's not the same, so taking straight line numeric equivalences in polls about "acceptance" which doesn't factor in the differences between political positions and moral imperatives is pointless. The problem I see more of is that people who scream about "Free Speech" are usually screaming because they want "Consequence Free Speech" which is very different. You can say anything you want to, and the government can't stop you. But it is not violating someone's "free speech" if another individual challenges what they say or judge them harshly for it. If conservatives are self-censoring because they can't get "consequence free speech" that sounds like it's more of a courage issue on their part.
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    Good gravy I cant wait to begin this adventure!!! I hope yall like laughing and making fun of me. It's real easy!! Keep me safe and I'll share the smiles!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHsa_sMpjHiWPAev_cGBfoA
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    Some rough shots that show the keel line and the flat central section that appears to be angled to fit the nose-down, go-fast attitude
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    You completely miss the point of legalese Zonk. If you ask them about it they will tell you that its purpose is to create certainty but the reality is that lawyers write in that turgid, incomprehensible fashion in order to create uncertainty and a lack of clarity which permits future "interpretations" and legal challenges. If they wrote things your way 1/2 their work or more would disappear.
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    Shouldn't that be in tiny font like this?
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    having sailed (won and set records) in UK 3 peaks racing, which are very similar short handed endurance events including human power, offshore shorthanded and inshore in every thing from a Open50, through 40/45 tri, F40, Open30, First class8, F28 and currently the Seacart 30 (Buzz)... here are some thoughts In these endurance 'multi disipline' events its is 70%+ is the the crew ; being capable to driving hard 24/7 in all weather, rowing/peddling etc. have seen hardened offshore racers fail in the intense, sleep deprived, pressure of these events with zero let up. So choose your crew carefully. determination and ability to work and keep performing for day after day on minimal rest, yet managing to properly look after themselves and the other on crew is essential. We don't run a formal watch system on any of my boats, i trust the team to know when they are on or off, when to rest, eat etc. When to stay on deck , helm or get off and rest and say so working, as a well oiled unit. All need to be ready to pull 24hrs+ with no sleep and to know to sleep &eat at every opportunity. The boat IMHO is 30% important On the boat side it is about it being easy to sail fast ; setting up the systems to facilitate. Having well developed sails for the wind conditions is important, the sails need to be 'all round' and not ones that need constantly adjusted to maintain the power grand prix style. So find an experienced short handed sail maker who will work with you to develop the right sail shapes Having a simple but effective human power set up is essential and in may instances it is very difficult to outperform a well set rowing system with sliding seats & sculls from an Olympic 8 or similar. We have experimented with prop and pedal power, and as yet not opted for that as the complexity overcame the rowing simplicity. However, Buzz as a tri does not fit well with sculls/sliding seats... so pedal power is on the cards for Scottish 3 peaks and British 3 Peaks 2021 I've posted before we are lucky tthat Buzz's team has access to one heck of a 'skunk room' lead my Pete (my son Hugo Boss designer, who lives outside 'the box') & Scotty (rigger par excellence) with access to brains at Owen Clarke, Allen Bros, Harken, Facnor, Southern Ropes, Doyles, Martsrom etc etc
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    Au contraire, mon ami.
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    Kind of circumstance when the Vendee town leaders need to write an letter to the president stressing how the solo sailing is the most French of disciplines and how alone against the challenge but connected together via communication and comradeship is the inspiration and hope everyone needs.
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    Can you take this discussion to 'Sailing and Cruising' or one of those other sites were sailing nubies post shit about knots and Anchors. This is SA. At the very least incorporate the words 'fuck', 'cunt' and 'cock smoking dickwad' into the post.
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    There's a good reminder of the Audi / Lancia battle here, with a little Jeremy Clarkson humor:
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    Nevere heared of that happeneng...... nevere It can happen if you don't take up on the knot properly and have too short a tail, or if you're using yellow polypropylene 3-strand.
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    A fourth-grade teacher asked the children what their parents do for a living. All the typical answers came up - mechanic, business, sales, doctor, engineer... and so forth. However, little Justin was being uncharacteristically quiet, so when the teacher prodded him about his parents, he replied, "My father's an exotic dancer in a gay cabaret and takes off all his clothes to music in front of other men and they put money in his underwear. Sometimes, if the offer is really good, he will go home with some guy and stay with him all night for money. It's great!" The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, hurriedly set the other children to work on some exercises and took little Justin aside."Is that really true about your father?" "No," the boy said, "He works for the Republican National Committee and is trying to get Trump re-elected, but it's too embarrassing to say that in front of the other kids.”
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    That was my plan! Unfortunately my new boat is stuck in Canada at the moment... I'm bringing down a Diam 24 as soon as the damn border opens. I have no hopes of that happening for the next couple of months. I'm planning to do the 2022 race as I need at least a year to properly turbo the boat (you know, canting mast stuff, t foils in the rudders, big bowsprit with big sails, etc). But more importantly, and rather relevant to the OP, you've got to... Practice practice practice. The reason so many drop out of this race is not because they had the "wrong" boat, but usually because they weren't well prepared.