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    If they added a prop or two, maybe they wouldn't need so many.
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    Remember when the engine was auxiliary power on sailboats? Remember when sailboats had no other source of power but their sails?
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    Biden will win PA and GA if you extrapolate the last few updates. Trump should start browsing brochures on Federal Prisons. I spent yesterday from 7am until 4:30am this morning scanning mail-in votes in my city. Every vote was counted and we had multiple observers from, what I assume were both parties. Everyone was too busy to discuss politics, it was demanding work and I slept well this morning.
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    It's not your country, luv. We Americans will decide when it's the time to talk about our own country. And it is absolutelyfuckingtrue about the U.S. Many of us have operated on the assumption for years that the U.S. truly is a democracy, the land of the free with equal opportunity and freedom for all. That racial prejudice, bigotry and small-mindedness were on the wane, and we were growing for a smarter, better and stronger future. This election - no matter the results of the presidential race - has proved that none of that is really true at all. In fact, almost half the country is just fine running on ignorance, racism and greed. This IS who we are. Many minorities in the U.S. will tell us it has always been who we were. If you think about it, from the perspective of a black American, is this country really all that great? My parents, still alive, were born in 1941. The heart of the Jim Crow era, still. They lived in New England, but there were still "sundown towns" up there. There are still many living Americans who pre-date the civil rights era and had to put up with this shit. Can anyone here say they'd really want to have lived as a black man in the south in the 1950s? Emmitt Till was murdered in 1955 because a white woman lied about how he talked to her. He was a few months older than my father, visiting relatives in Mississippi. Coming from Chicago, he really appreciate what could happen to him for standing too close to a white woman in the south. And his murderers were acquitted. When people say "Make America Great Again" this is the time period they want to bring us back to - the 1950s, when women and Negroes knew their places. When else are they talking about? The sixties, with civil rights, the Vietnam War, and the sexual revolution? The 70s? Women's liberation, Watergate and disco? The 1980s? Some are pining for Ronald Reagan, but we know that's not what they mean, and he was way too liberal for these people anyway. So that's what the MAGA crowd - almost half the country - wants. A return to a country where women and minorities are deferent and white people have the advantage everywhere. I'd say "this is isn't the America I knew," but really, it is. Growing up white and male in America, I have to LOOK to see the racism and sexism because it never applies to me. But it's there, it's always been there. "Political correctness" just meant that like your dick, you couldn't take it out and play with it in public. But it never went away, and people got sick of having to bite their tongues. So we're going to "Make America Great Again" to bring America back to some white ideal that never existed at the expense of equality and opportunity for all. In a decent country, a Donald Trump wouldn't get 10% of the vote. He'd be a fringe lunatic of a fringe party. That this race is even close is an indictment on the national character of the United States of America. We were measured and found wanting. We are not a decent country. As evadent.
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    The country you thought it was has not sprung back. The rednecks and greedy cunts are still there form last time, they are not going away and the fuckers are breeding. America, this is you now, the new normal. Half of the USA are racist lying cunts.
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    First up, anyone who votes has at least gotten off of their fat arse & made a choice. They've participated in the political process. They own the consequences. People who don't vote made their choice to take whatever their fellow citizens decided. Sucks if they didn't get what they wanted, next time vote. As for your puerile 'look at what you made me do' stuff, I've always said that if you do it then you own it. Stop attributing a position I've never held. Turn that around. You tell people they're deplorable rednecks, fascists and nazis and then they vote that way - do you own any responsibility for antagonising them? You'd never accept that was the case in a million years. It's a fact of human nature that people can, have and will cut off their nose to spite their face. Voting for Trump and the Repugs falls into that category if you're not one of the 0.1%. However, that isn't at all obvious to a lot of people, as evident by the results of this election. Seems to me that you've decided that your 55% owns all the virtue and light in the USA and the other 45% are the deplorable scum who shouldn't be acknowledged. That's not working out real well for you now is it? There's going to be an irredeemable group of racists & fascists that needs to be ignored and trodden on if they do more than talk. A hell of a lot more of that 45% just want a decent life. They may be scared of getting sick, losing their jobs, getting a decent education for their kids, whatever. Standard working class to lower middle class stuff. I talk & argue with a bunch of these types on another forum. Mostly they're good people, not necessarily too bright, don't filter out the bullshit, workers, small business owners. It's fucking impossible to convince a lot of them that covid-19 is a real problem for example because Trump says it's not. But I keep using logic and examples. They call me a commie for it. Kind of amusing. You guys have abandoned them and the others are lying to them. Lies, sweet lies. You need to get those people on your side. If you don't you're fucked. And you're doing your very best to do everything you can to make them hate & despise you more. These guys know their incomes have been static to dropping for decades, their health insurance from their employers gone up a lot, gone to co-pays or gone altogether. They see what are skilled jobs being advertised for $15 an hour. They're falling further behind and going deeper into debt, seeing their kids likely being even worse off than they are. And you and your middle class friends rabbit on about 'white privilege' and similar upper middle class 'progressive' things that are utterly irrelevant to their daily life. You're so disconnected from them that you have no fucking idea at all just why they vote the way they do. You don't even try - easier to just label them and push them off. Blame it all on the Murdoch press. Anyone but your own team for not being able to communicate with the people you need to support you. I said years ago about an election here - you can win with a piss-poor leader and good policies, you can win with a really charismatic leader and poor policies, but it's really hard to win with a lacklustre leader and poor policies. Your only hope then is if enough people absolutely *hate* the incumbents regardless of anything else. The really tragic thing is, the Repugs are going to fuck the working poor/lower middle class over and over and over again. They're voting against their own interests. But you guys are not helping. I thought this election would be a wipeout for Trump. He's so comprehensively fucked the dog it's hard to fathom anything he could have done worse in the last 4 years. The fact that it's not anything close to that is deeply worrying & depressing. Trump is a disaster as a leader leaving aside totally his despicable personal behaviour. He'd steal the coins off of a church plate if nobody was looking, or sell anyone down the river for a momentary personal benefit. The fact that people like you are just doubling down on the hate rhetoric (racists, nazis, fascists, et al) already and broad-brushing everyone who didn't vote your way is equally worrying. Whatever. I need to think about my next communication with my Federal MP (so they can ignore me as usual of course) because if the next 4 years is going to be a repeat of the last, we need to consider our options and move away from you guys to whatever extent we can manage. I think I'll wait until it's clearer who's going to be the next Prez before adding comment. This is all too fucking depressing. At least it's getting warmer so I can spend more time on the water. FKT
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    After this dumpster fine is over I hope both sides can get along. My message to Biden supporters is we stop insinuating Trump supporters are stupid. Trump supporters: insinuating means....
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    This kind of whiny nonsense I have no patience for. Trumpsters complaining that we "made them vote for Trump" by pointing out that Trump and his policies are racist and by voting for him you give your tacit support to racism is the biggest line of childish horseshit going. YOU push the voting lever, not me. It's your choice how to vote, not mine. If you can't evaluate that choice without childish sentiment because someone held you accountable for your beliefs actions it's not my fucking problem. I cut some slack in 2016, a lot of us knew that Trump was a racist, useless grifter but not everyone did. In 2020...everyone knows Trump and what he is. We all saw his reckless behavior, his utter incompetence, his non-stop lying, his destructive policies. His ongoing attemps to undermine the election integrity, the continued lawlessness. The lack of accountability. YOU own your vote, not me. If someone chooses to vote for Trump, you think we should just let it pass without holding you accountable for it...why? Adults should take responsibility for their votes. Own your Trumpism if you voted for him, don't cloak it for trying to blame me for telling you he's a bad guy.
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    I hereby claim and declare that I won the Tour de France, Ironman and The America’s Cup. is that how that works?
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    For most Democrats, they are choosing what gov't policies they would like. For most Republicans, they are making a cultural statement with their vote. - DSK
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    No it is not, Machine Learning is not only a marketing term and it does require data analysis. What is the difference between "regular automation" and "Machine Learning"? For regular automation, like a classic auto-pilot, a set of inputs will give a set of commands/set points/outputs. And for a given set of inputs, the outputs will be the same; every time. This is not the case with Machine Learning. On a very rudimentary autopilot system, input would be amount of deviation from set heading. For instance, a command could be: If you are 15° off target heading, autopilot pushes tiller by 8.5 degrees to correct course. Then to add refinement, you look not only at our far from target heading you are, but also how fast is your heading changing. You can play with the way the autopilot reacts, (how far, how fast, for how long); but once those settings are set; everytime the autopilot will sense the same deviation, the autopilot will give the same reaction/output. With Machine Learning, the computer not only gives a command to correct the heading, but it also compares the real outcome to the expected outcome (did it overshoot, under shoot, oscillated around the target heading?). And it will take that into account for the next correction. So with Machine Learning, if you give to the system the same inputs at a different time, it will react slightly differently, because it will have "learned" from the first time if the outcome can be improved. Now you complexify that by using a gazillion inputs and measurement of the reaction of the system, run it millions of times and your autopilot becomes better and better...
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    No problems with tits but the 'rule' was to show your SO's tits. Even if you *were* still with Gomer I think the consensus here would be - don't bother. Eye bleach is rare & expensive. FKT
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    Here is what they did today :
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    They haventte remooved anny wrecks, haive they?
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    I want to go on record saying that I think the actions of Trump and his surrogates to file lawsuits and make these outrageous claims about fraud wrong on all levels. If and when Biden gets to 270 he is the victor and should be declared as such. We need to come together as a country - making baseless charges because you don’t like the result is not what we need.
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    You do know we live in a Democracy, right? Without a king and all that, and a legislature that makes laws? And presidents surround themselves with people who help them develop policies? If you missed this on Saturday morning when we were kids, maybe a refresher will help.
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    I'm still amused seeing "cannabis" on my credit card statement.
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    from experience all mail for ships and bases is treated as priority ( it severely effects moral if something goes wrong ) most for the usa will go by direct air force shipment but some in remote places will have regular commercial flights they use ( escorted on ) there is no sorting or re bagging required they all go to the same address in the usa and opened and sorted from there so the time is negligible .. until it hits the states
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    If you store the primers in a cool, dry place they will last a loooong time, similar to powder. Also, if the primer is strong enough to lodge the bullet, wouldn't it be strong enough to ignite the powder?
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    Flood the ocean with acoustic noise, sounds like a good idea.....
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    Going by forecasts it looks like moderate winds for the first few days of the race, with south winds, turning to the NE once past Cape Finisterre. Time will tell.
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    Yup. I personally think it's silly, but, we canceled a trip to the south and stayed in town. I respect the laws of a country I am visiting, even if I disagree... part of the deal of being a guest here. -- The Points Guy just posted an short article about exactly what we're talking about: Take The Trip
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    The opening paragraph of a very famous sailing book: If I was the richest man in the world, I'd have a bigger boat with newer sails. But on a Saturday afternoon with nothing but God and the wind, I wouldn't be any happier than I am right now.