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    On the bright side, the saving grace from this situation, for the event anyway, are the images being beamed around the world, of the teams working together to assist their competitor and recover their boat. Images of team chase boats lined up side by side with crew members climbing on rooves of chase boats hauling water logged mainsails around is going to be a lasting memory for this event. Big ups to all the teams.
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    "Live Sail Die" on the spot reporters. Thank you! Great work.
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    A statement from the American Magic team: The team’s AC75 racing yacht, PATRIOT, was damaged during the incident and began taking on water. American Magic received rapid assistance from the three other America’s Cup teams, along with America’s Cup Event Ltd, the race management team, Coastguard New Zealand, the Auckland Harbormaster, and local fire and police personnel. Efforts to stabilize PATRIOT and get the yacht back to shore are currently underway. American Magic is sincerely thankful for all of the assistance rendered to the team following today’s incident.
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    Poor prick. He seems a top bloke and sure as shit doesn't deserve this crap.
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    We've had some bad experiences with pardoning nazis attempting a coup here in Germany. I'd strongly advice against such measures.
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    Despite the abandonment, that's the most enjoyable race so far from my point of view.
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    Love it! - photo Martin Craig
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    So Ineos IS trying to help then....
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    I guess it makes sense ... to someone who describes a woman as a "chick". If viewed through a non-pervy lens, what we actually have here is a young woman raised on DIY, who is working hard to tackle a big boat-repair project, and making a good job of it. She is dressing for job, which means wearing tyvek overalls most of the time, and wearing minimal clothing when doing hard work outside in the heat. But some men see only tits, and spam her with lewd comments. And bizarrely, even when that's flagged up one man comes here to call her a "chick" insist that he sees only tits. Is it any wonder that some women enjoy this sort of joke book?
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    Stuff reporting:"Team New Zealand have just delivered pizzas to the rescue operation"
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    Sooo, what is this? Maybe the rudder foil broke off and came flying out?
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    Thanks guys. Good things to consider. I guess I should give a little more info about myself. Mid Forties, been in the same career for 21 years. 2 kids - 6.5 and 9 years old. I work in an industry that doesn’t have a lot of time off and my current employ has no overlap in our management so even when I am off, I am still working. It feels as I have moved up, this has only gotten worse so I am starting to consider a real break.
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    Please don’t make me post the videos of the F50s all self destructing 30 min before the start in NYC with just 20 knots of wind - this continued Cat discussion is just lame.
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    Thanks and that worked...got a free Russian bride included.
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    First GB looked like they were dead, in the ACWS. Now AM look terrible. Must be LR's turn to go through the wringer. I'm playing it safe, and betting on NZ not winning the Prada Cup.
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    Make America Float Again
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    You can hear Goodison trying to talk them out of the maneuver. Kept saying "this is gonna be a rough one". So who called it Barker or TH?
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    Yeah. They were ahead. They should have been conservative. They wanted to shut the door, so they were doing an agressive move in a huge puff, and then there was something of almost a mutiny, and someone forgot to let off the runner. Definition of chaos. I guess sailing in big wind can get that way, but this is indemic of a leader-tactition-grinder mindset.
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    Four observations from this... 1. Foil arms, which get little recognition here, are amazingly strong and resilient. 2. For the broadcast team, please consider a mute button for us watching. The broadcasts off the boats were captivating when we could hear them. 3. Orange is fast. Next week, expect to see more more orange bowsprits, or more wins by the frackers. 4. Watching the boats being towed out, something was different with INEOS when compared to the xmas cup. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but here is a pic of them being towed out at xmas...
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    My wife of over 20 years who has lived through and sat on powerboats for Olympic campaigns, AC, European circuits, F50s just looked up from her book and asked , “Prada is a good looking boat, so what is up with the lobster claws...?”
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    I will go on record. Once the starting gun is fired, you race until you cross the finish line. I don’t give a rats ass about wind or lack thereof or busted ass computer softerware