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    This sailing dodger is the best, likes decent swill too!
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    You are a douchebag just like your profile rank states
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    I simply cannot use this video to promote the easter laser regatta http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=vBdWGD8F3Oo
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    Usual suspects are spewing shit, as usual
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    big fan of your work on the j24 hauling thread, cheers!!
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    We all had to start somewhere!!
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    If I can figure how to attach a file I'll send ASAP!. Its from my Grandmother, I think its a basic bolognese done without a lot of fru-fru; as I told Bob, it takes patience but no skill. Sometimes we just make the sauces and mix them with Ziti and bake. Thats not much easier but its kid friendly (my kids, alas, are now in their 20s) and for some odd reason it freezes better. Enjoy!...
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    Before you judge someone, Walk a mile in their shoes first. Then you will be a mile away and have their shoes.
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    Yo Driftwood - I remember that night on Jemel. Jay Harris here.....
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    Trap the damn cats! -anonymous
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    From one OBN to another " OLD BOAT NIGGERS NEVER DIE.......IBNA FOR EVER" Thank You ! Now hand me that old SS Double Ratchet Handle will Ya!! NOW!!
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    Resistance is fertile. CLEAN BOTTOMS ARE FASTBOTTOMS! Whats on your bottom? Fastbottoms Hull Diving http://www.fastbottoms.com/