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    I award myself a bonus point for including a sailboat in a chainsaw tree video.
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    There’s a bunch of complete BS in posts above by the usual suspects about who is underwriting SailGP teams. Since it is obviously a guy worth tens of $Billions, who the f’k cares how much he’s willing to give? The more the better, good on him! The SGP boats and series are excellent.
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    I think I just won this thread. Deep submersible, good to over 7000 feet down. Where's my cookie?
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    Fuck, that Coronavirus is all over the place........
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    not my boat, shamelessly stolen pic off of fb
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    they've got ones in tx for the pine forests, grabs the tree by the trunk, blade comes out and makes the cut, then picks it up and lays it on its side... they can clear an area pretty fast with those things.
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    Yup. This part really hurts. So much history. I salvaged much stuff out of my fathers shed. Now most of it is clogging mine. It is a mistake to keep tools that take up a lot of space and are used rarely ... for sentimental reasons.
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    I live aboard full time and I am so very glad I sold the house. Now if I can just get rid of the last of my stuff, then I’ll be truly free. no shoreside encumbrance makes for a happier onboard life. Just less shit to worry about.
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    The simple reality is either Biden or Trump will be president after November. Which one would you rather keep out of office? Once you have really decided, vote for the other one. It’s called tactical voting, and most of us do it most of the time. If you don’t vote, or vote for a third candidate, it is effectively a vote for Trump. People “not voting” (Hillary) last time got USA to where it is today. Totally fucked Despite all Trump’s on record lying, treason, corruption, nepotism, racism, sexism, narcissism and inarticulate crass bigotry in less than four years, do you honestly think that Biden will be worse, despite his vast public service experience and track record?
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    That's gold.! Took me second to process this but got me laughing and that's a good thing when your stuck in ISO...!
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    My guess is that Flipper is undergoing rig modifications. I know we're all obsessed with foils and hull shape, but there's a whole other drag coefficient up in the air which can't be ignored.
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    I admire your stamina in engaging Mike. He is a marathon know-it-all bullshitter. I don't have the interest in dealing with him, anymore. But, I do enjoy the smackdowns you are giving him. He just doesn't know it might be better to stay on the mat.
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    Grant, it’s Pete. G’day mate. Hey, look, Blair and I have been thinking. After we win the cup again we’re likely to get bored pretty quick. Sure. You two have been fucking insufferable since the Olympics got postponed. The last thing we want you doing is spending even more time on that fucking website posting bullshit about seagulls. What’s that shit all about anyway? Some guy started trying to work out boat speed by...... Ah, never mind. Anyway, next year. We’re thinking of doing Sail GP. Makes sense I guess. There won’t be much on. Can you do it around the Olympics? Yeah. It’s sweet. They don’t even let you train! It’s not like it’s any REAL commitment or anything. Well, you know what I’ve always said, as long as you don’t crash the fucking thing, I don’t care. Those things are bloody death traps. I still don’t understand why Russell didn’t learn his lesson from San Fran. We’ll be fine. They’ve basically detuned them from Bermuda. There’s lot of chat about speed records but even if they’re true, they still haven’t hit the same figures we hit that day East of Brown’s Island. What did Russell say? Shit it was funny. You’ve never heard anyone so thankful. It took him ages to stop going on about how much financial trouble they’re in. Something about Larry having half ownership of his left kidney. Once he stopped sobbing he just sounded really happy. Well, you’ve probably done him a huge favour. I did it for Nathan really..... Hey!? Yeah. That website? Yip. Whats the deal with that fuckwit Spam whatever. Mate! What a fucking lunatic! Makes you glad this whole Covid thing is keeping dickheads like that out of the country. Righto. Gotta fly. Hey, can we take the brakes off Te Aihe yet? Not yet mate, not yet.
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    I think most people get the idea that masks are necessary any time social distance can't be maintained. We are getting to the point where people are so used to masks they forget to take them off. It might be worth pointing out that Asian countries where mask-wearing is normal behaviour in society largely avoided the worst of the pandemic. Of course, it could have just been luck. If you are one of the people who refuses to wear a mask at times where social distance is not maintained, well, fuck you.
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    The mullet of layouts. “Business in the front, party in the back”
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    once saw a fat fuck go up the pole on a j80 as we headed out to the race course. Quiz kids got it sideways to slow but constantly rolling waves as he was nearing the masthead Next thing you know the dude is self waterboarding himself and the crew is scrambling Funny shit...
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    What do I know I don't even play an Americas Cup strategist on TV, but I would practice in B2 but use B1 for any preliminary events or the Christmas Race. i think ETNZ is supposed to be in those? Why let the Challengers see the good stuff?
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    TOM and Phyllis Sopwith doing a Vanderbilt Start. From sailorspeak.com: "A starting maneuver where a boat heads away from her intended starting point on a broad reach for a pre-determined time, jibes, sails close-hauled, and then arrives at the start line at full speed just as the starting gun is fired. Named for Harold Stirling Vanderbilt, a three-time defender of the America’s Cup. Also known as a timed approach, time on distance approach, timed run or a Vanderbilt approach." Cheers, Earl
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    So you remove amas and the boat just walks to the shore?
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    It looked like they were having some flight control issues when on the port foil as they returned today.
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    Are you five years old? AC is the pinnacle of yacht racing, no one is contesting that, least of all SGP themselves! The way I see it you now have a get-out-jail card to earn at least some credibility (from 0 ) by acknowledging SGP as a great initiative in the realm of our sport, but of course you won’t so let’s hear it, the stage is yours wanker.
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    You said telework would be an option. This means you really only need the top half of a suit.
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    very little worth listening to after about 1974, prove me wrong LOL