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    +1. Let he who has never screwed up the bear-away in a fast boat cast the first stone...
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    I'm going to take a wild guess that you are not a grinder . Pairs are stronger than solo as when you are on your power stroke ( over hand ) your opposing partner is in the weaker position ( underhand ) and you balance the power output.. As for power differences between the grinders those balance out and after you spend time with a partner it can work to your advantage . I could be quicker and take the lead at the beginning of a maneuver and carry my partner knowing he would finish strong . As for the handles rotating forwards they are for both grinders as " forward " with regards to the handles is just the way you are facing the pedestal. I've had a lot of experience in both situations .
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    Interesting change in the route options between yesterday and today. There is so much more to play in this race. The speed and direction of the low pressure off to the northwest of the race track is the big influencer.
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    If you listen to the comms on that leg, there isn't a single call for a lefthand turn. There is a discussion of staying left on the upwind for pressure and a call that the right gate was 100m favoured, but they would have to make sure to get back to the left quickly after the rounding. Dean asks about 40 seconds out from the mark, "Would you still go to the left, even with the tack?". Get's a "100m" as a response, then a comment about it being tight back to the finish. The puff hits, comms get frantic, and the boat looks squirrely. Goodison's instincts kick in, and he suggests the righthand turn, Dean doesn't seem to hear him clearly. In my opinion, Dean was waiting for someone else to make the call. The right gate was very favoured, and he was considering it but never really got fed all the info to understand the whole picture. Someone on that boat needed to make the "huge puff at the mark" call; if that happens, I think they handle that maneuver differently.
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    You should really be quiet now. You are making a fool out of yourself.
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    This is conclusive evidence that you have no idea what you are talking about.
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    What you didn’t see in the Presser was Terry throwing anyone under the bus. SHC
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    I live opposite the Isle of Wight so I fancy having a home AC.(I actually live about 200 meters from BAs old house which he sold a bout 2 years ago). We watched B1 training in the Solent a while ago. Some dreams do come true.....It would be huge in the sailing community and that is all. Would be good for Portsmouth.
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    Obviously, they were stacking sand bags in that shot. ;-)
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    There's hope, Dullers. Before the AC, NZL had rugby and a bit of cricket. Not sure what would happen in the UK if Sir Ben took the Cup back. It would be huge, especially on the Isle of Wight. Even the French would get excited about the AC again, for sure. There'd be teams from all over Europe, I shouldn't wonder. Actually, it would be good for The Cup. Too bad it's not going to happen, eh?
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    The first capture is taken about one second before Goodison tells "it's going to be a hard maneuver", the wind speed is 21.1 The seconds shows that Dean had to bear away on the leeward side at 44 kts, pretty difficult place for a difficult maneuver IMO, and he could not see much with the water spray. Goodison in the windward but I don't think he touches the wheel at that moment. I don't know how the other teams are doing. Alch is right however to say that it is the team that spent the most time on the water, they must know what to do.
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    Bestaven, Le Cam and more Yannick Bestaven (Maître CoQ IV): "I no longer have an intact boat and I have a lot of technical problems. When I rounded Cape Horn, I caught a big depression. I crashed violently which ravaged the whole front deck of the boat. I no longer have a pulpit, no furling system and there are some sails that I can no longer use. I tried to repair as best I could, to keep holding on, but I need a lot of sail changes and small weather sails that I couldn't use. All this added to the difficulty of crossing the Doldrums. But I'll try to finish in the best possible way".
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    Sometimes the only way to win the tug-of-war is to let go of the rope.
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    Well so far, not one other member has supported your view or the meaning of capsize or your suggestion that NZ did not capsize, or that InEOs did. Live sail die disagree with you World sailing disagree with you (and the fact you don't know who they are says a lot) So did yachting magazines and none of the dictionaries I can find agree with you. So let's just define "Kate short for Bob" as 'an ignorant dickhead who refuses to admit he/she is wrong in the face of insurmountable evidence" and move on.
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    FFS WE'VE BEEN OVER AND OVER THE SPONSOR THING ON SLOW DAYS. The racing is going on, Shit is happening. Don't fucking debate morals forever.
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    However doesn’t change the fact that a tactician is a good idea. Ineos is not winning by boat speed alone
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    Without seeing it, I'd say get it welded and have doublers welded across the repair. The welder can tell you more when they see it.
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    775 miles in the past 24hrs!!! Fuck Yeah! almost 600 miles ahead also! As much as I’d love to see Francis Joyon hold on to this record FOREVER (I personally think he is THE MAN of men, in the entire sailing world!!!), I’m loving what Gitana is doing right now! Absolutely incredible!!
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    I always wonder what "socialism" is for some that apparently never have experienced socialism first hand.
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    Lets hear it for Hutch's masterclass at the presser. Magnus nails it.. Leadership It’s snowing in Madrid. In America, a 78 year old is about to become, this week, the most powerful man on the planet. Vast swathes of Europe are under the strictest stay at home lockdown. The postponed Tokyo Olympics is looking like being cancelled. And in this banzai crazy 2021, the British Team is leading the standings in the America’s Cup. A writer of fiction simply couldn’t make it up. © Sailing Energy / American Magic So whilst the headlines this week should all be about the remarkable, unbelievable almost, turnaround of Ben Ainslie and Team Ineos, it’s the Americans that have stolen the headlines. The ‘Comeback Cup’ as this cycle is now being nicknamed is breathless drama. Blink and you miss everything. The re-build of American Magic is now the story and it’s a race against time. As crisis communications goes, the Americans have played a blinder. Their onshore communications have been peerless – that’s what happens when you hire brilliant comms experts who have been this way before, really know sailing and totally understand the Cup. And their Team Principal has just delivered a masterclass of a press conference (see below) that should be shown to aspiring CEOs doing MBA courses at every Business School in America. Terry Hutchinson fronted the media, clearly shattered from the events of Sunday, and showed why he is held in such esteem not only in the sport but also by his billionaire backers and the New York Yacht Club. It was pure class. © Sailing Energy / American Magic Terry is the model CEO. No nonsense, gave it straight and true and direct from the heart. The raw emotion was there for all to see when he talked about the sportsmanship that the Magic Team had been on the receiving end of and his gratitude to everyone that helped was real and heartfelt. We also got a fascinating insight into the levels that Grant Dalton is willing to go to get the Americans back on the water. In short, the horses are not being spared. Those Team New Zealand boatbuilders who had been stood back from the front line are right back at 24 hour shifts to get Patriot back in business. Brilliant. ©Ricky Wilson / Stuff.co.nz And the Magic team must be thanking their lucky stars that the Cup is in Auckland. One of the by-products that is oft-overlooked of Kiwi success in the event over the years is the incredible boat-building and specialist carbon fibre companies that have sprung up around the Cup. Auckland was always known as a super-yacht town but in recent years the pivot towards carbon componentry and high-spec carbon works has produced world-class specialists. It’s a beating, thriving hive of specialism right on the doorstep. Magic will be boosting the local economy significantly in the next few days and the Kiwis will support them every step of the way. And as for the under-fire Dean Barker, who has received a barrage of online abuse, Hutchinson was quick to support and offer his total confidence. Whilst the onboard microphones picked up Paul Goodison warning of the complexity of the tack-peel off at that top mark just ahead of the capsize, what we didn’t hear was the collective decision taken onboard by Terry, Dean and Andrew Campbell. Rushing to hang Deano out to dry is harsh. Demanding that he’s replaced is just idiotic. Replacing a helmsman at this stage of the game would not only be foolhardy but reckless as these boats are totally unforgiving and it would be akin to gambling with the lives of the other crew members. In short, it ain’t happening. And Terry gave it straight. Both barrels on that one. Full confidence in a man that he describes as having “ice in his veins”. Good to hear. This is a team effort. They win as a team, they lose as a team and they come through adversity as a team. Patriot is now, thankfully, safe in the shed and undergoing surgery. And the message from the Magic crew is essentially that it could be a lot worse. It’s going to be a gargantuan effort to get back on the water and racing at the highest level in the Prada Cup semi-final but with a guy like Terry, who quite frankly you would run through walls for, there is every confidence that not only will they be back out there but mark my words, they will be as competitive as hell. The story of this America’s Cup is yet to be told. Can you imagine if they won it from here?
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    Rather than speculate perhaps better to listen to the Skipper & Executive Director, Terry Hutchinson in his 'solo' press conference. Fact is i respect people who 'face the music' and take responsibility
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    A day late and a dollar short....well done
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    Thanks mate. I think it will be a lot of fun and a tidy little business operation in paradise. Just need the world to open up!