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    I was on shore for my live interview show, and then live with the ABC Grandstand radio for the start. Channel 7 has full rights to all live vision - so there was really no point going on the water. I am not allowed to even do live Instagram stories. I had two sidekicks on the water sending me vision and intel so that I could tell you guys what was happening, and the ABC were cool enough to let me live stream our commentary that was going to national radio to my Facebook in exchange for me staying on shore to help them out That broadcast only went to five minutes after the start, so I just kept it rolling for you all on Facebook. Was the absolute best that I could do! About to board the plane, and will keep you posted as often as I can x I am working with the CYC as of yesterday afternoon to help with some of their social media coverage, but they have more hired me as a talent - I will still be doing my own coverage thanks to the support of Musto, Harken and North. Happy Hobart everyone thank you for following - the more you watch and share, the more I events I can cover around the World for you guys x
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    I'm a navigator.., and although i've never been on WOXI, (or anything like it), this is something i deal with a lot. I haven't done this race, but have none many bermuda races.., and other comparable offshore races the first thing is - as the navigator, i own this responsibility - i read the SI's.., and i absolutely make sure we are following the rules. If i fucked up something like this.., i would expect to never be invited back. it's clear in this case that they were receiving the whole race but not transmitting (the navigator thought it was on.., which means he was receiving positions) there are basically two ways you can receive but not transmit: 1) you can turn the transmit switch to "off".., which leaves receive on 2) some sort of gear failure that only affects transmit - much less likely in my view so the only question is whether they flicked the switch by accident or on purpose people have asked about "self-test" - there are two easy ways: 1) if you have data access, use an AIS app on a phone 2) there is a built-in way to self-test. when you look at AIS targets on a screen.., the reason you don't see your boat, is beacause you have filtered out your MMSI# - you do this because seeing your AIS icon clutters the display. to self test - simply turn off that filter and you will see your boat - if you are transmitting I said above that I own this resposnibility - I do both of these things before the race.., and during it if i have any doubt about whether we are transmitting... i even do it on deliveries - i want to be sure we are being seen by other boats
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    I was of the opinion that it should probably get a slap on the wrist and a warning until he said this. Things break. But he is essentially saying that he knew it was off and possibly that it was a deliberate act. If true this should not go away. It isn't about cheating. As we saw in the VOR, AIS is a critical part of the MOB rescue system. Had they lost someone overboard at night they would not have been able to locate them until the AIS was back on-line. Now maybe they somehow had it set to receive only, in which case it does become a deliberate act of cheating. But to deliberately disable a safety system is something that cannot be allowed to go away.
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    Off on a 9 hour Road Trip, Melbourne to sunny Ulladulla to meet Patriot who are on their way there under emergency steering after losing their rudder last night. All are safe and well on board but understandably devastated. I am taking rum and champagne with me as consoling fluid to assist them in their hour of need.
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    If Matt Allen as President of AS has any balls he should put Harburg/Bradford and Oatley/Richards in a room and read them the riot act. Harburg for not protesting but having a cry on national TV and Oatley for doing what ever they fuckin did to make this shitfight appear in peoples loungerooms. I betcha he doesn't as that Oatley trough of money that Australia Sailing's snout is in, is way too big to put at risk.
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    The rig came down because of an experimental systems change that caused the lower panels to buckle, no luck involved there and not really a funny story. We dropped a few rigs before this one in previous racing and had a pretty good idea of the threshold we were dealing with going into the R2AK. Not to mention all the sail development we did, and moving gennaker to a locking system. Boat for boat, an R33 puts no pressure on an stock/one design M32, let alone the turbo version (tfoil rudders, upwind J-0, deck sweeper mainsail, aerofoil fairings, etc..) we had. I think even beating Jungle Kitty, boat for boat, in 2016 would have been pretty tough for a properly crewed R33. We hit quite a few things on our race that year without any of it being a major. The re-occurring thought going into the race was that we would hit something to cause enough water ingress to fill the hull and cause us to flip. I remember we solidly hit a 4x8 sheet of thick plywood floating on the surface at early dawn and army crawling out to the bow with a roll of gorilla tape in my mouth to try and patch the hole while the hull stayed high enough in the air(tape didn't stick). Thinking back on it, there were probably a few instances any one of us could have gone overboard in that race. Like going 26 knots and riding reverse cow-girl on the windward transom in the middle of the darkest night crossing Dixon entrance. Trying to clear weeds off the t-foil with our carbon paddle and losing sense of whats up and down with the crazy glow of phosphorescence suddenly you feel so tired that you just want to roll into the floating little green champagne bubbles and then the bow suddenly stuffs into a wave, you snap out of it, climb back into the safety of the netting and get back to hiking. Anyways, most of the race is won before the start. Luck plays a certain role for sure but preparedness will mitigate most of that. All the most successful programs (single handed, fully crewed, sail, human power, etc..) were always the best prepared. It doesn't matter what boat you bring if you're not able to get to Ketchikan.
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    I'm turning off the computer and taking a few days to cook, drink, make sawdust and play guitar. I hope you sorry buncha fuggers have a Merry Christmas, and if you're offended by the wish, so much the better. ;-)
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    not better at following the rules, sadly.
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    Maladaministration Specifically listed in the Constitution as a reason for impeachment, the destructive power of an incompetent executive was clearly recognized by our founding fathers. The legitimacy of a government is one of the bedrocks on which a society relies. For a democracy to function, compromise and negotiation are the lifeblood of political discourse. Trump has systematically reduced America’s faith in government and her leaders. This is called “sedition.” He has made compromise impossible on every issue he touches, and divides our people rather than consider unity our strength and essential for our purpose. He is an unreliable negotiating partner, and has made bipartisanship impossible by lying, voiding tradition and sewing divisions. Trumps maladmistration is creating an ungovernable country unable to deal with the next crisis or plan for an uncertain future. Honest appraisals of his performance should force consideration of impeachment to remedy this problem BEFORE our country suffers a disaster that forces even right wing trolls to admit that Trumps incompetence is a threat to our national security.
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    11.4 Changes to Special Regulations Special Regulation 4.09 (a): An AIS Transponder shall be carried and be switched on, such that it is receiving and transmitting. “It’s not a mandatory thing … we were in sight of each other the whole race, it was that close,” Richards said. Fuck what is it with this guy? He is he going for some S2H arrogant cunt record? This is not going away.
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    First you'd have to bring back the folks from the 70s and 80s who actually want to buy a boat that can "sail," vs. the "lifestyle" buyer of today who is mostly interested in a floating dock condo, and not actually having to put and effort are work into sailing...
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    Celebrating Christmas this year in Manhattan at this bitchin Upper West Side apartment thanks to airbnb. We're here to see our son's debut at Carnegie Hall with the New York String Orchestra on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to All!
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    I have said before that I appreciate the views of both Conservatives and Liberals, Republicans and Democrats. I may have serious issues with the views of some individuals, but never would generalize one person's views or behavior across an entire group that I perceive them to be a member of. That all being said, if you appear to be attempting to validate your despicable bigoted and divisive behavior by getting others to admit even remotely approaching your level of it, I probably can't help you. All I can offer is to remind you of what you are doing on a relatively continual basis. I would suggest you work on holding yourself to the standard you imply in your post rather than lean on the excuse that others are just as bad as you. If your bar for your character is PA, you have a serious problem.
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    If I had come across the line first and afterwards discovered that my boat, for whatever reason, had infringed a rule like this which obviously gives me a significant unfair advantage over other competitors, as skipper I would not feel it right that I collect a prize. My obvious course of action and one I would follow is very simple. I retire my boat from the race. No matter if my crew may be disappointed not to collect fancy watches.
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    I feel bad for the rest of the crew. They probably want to celebrate the win but.....most likely none of them wants to show up at customs house now. A bitter, bitter win. And their skipper is to blame. He has let them all down, instead of having their backs. I’m assuming that the number of assholes is limited and that most of the crew are decent and honest people, of course. And even if they aren’t, their skipper has stolen an honorable win from them. After all the hard work. Poor people. I hope they turn their backs on him.
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    Vacationing in the UK over Christmas and New Year, I offer the following few observations: Young and middle aged people in the UK are overwhelmingly against BREXIT. This is supported by the statistics of the original referendum where a significant majority of voters under the age of 40 voted to remain and the Leave vote only succeeded due to older voters with memories of an independent British Empire. Young professionals and working people are rightly unhappy that older people are leaving them with the mess of Brexit which will affect the working population of the UK in the future and they wanted to remain. The damage is already done in many places. Good jobs are leaving the UK in a steady flow of dribs and drabs. Prior to Brexit, the UK was the service capital of Europe and the gateway to Europe for many American and Asian companies who typically located their European or EMEA headquarters in the UK. These were well paying secure jobs. Panasonic is moving its European HQ to Amsterdam. Obviously the EMA (Europe's equivalent of the FDA) must leave the UK and they have already announced that they are relocating to Amsterdam.....several thousand well paid, well qualified, non-cyclical jobs gone! Muji (retailer) is moving its European HQ to Germany. In all, 75 of the largest 222 companies based in the UK have publicly announced plans to move some or all of their staff to Europe. Rees-Mogg and his aristocratic friends can reminisce about the British Raj, but real jobs are being lost. Small engineering companies, something that the UK was really good at, are losing business in all the uncertainty. Smaller UK engineering companies did a lot of work installing well designed niche equipment around Europe. Their customers cannot afford to wait for clarity as to whether the equipment will be available at the same price after March 29 or even if the installers will be allowed to work in Europe. Reluctantly preference is being given to the French, German or Polish competitor.......it is just easier to buy from a European supplier even if the British good is better made and better priced. UK products are seen as having a "hassle" factor. The "Immigration" argument for Brexit was BS from day one: 1. Regarding immigrants from Africa or the Middle East, each sovereign state has always been able to set its own immigration standards. EU membership had no impact on immigration in this area, it has always been entirely up to the UK to decide how many, if any, immigrants to allow. 2. Regarding immigrants from newer members of the EU, such as the central European EU members eg Poland etc. New members of the EU do NOT get free movement of labor for the first 10 years after joining unless an individual sovereign state decides to waive that requirement. Most did not waive the requirement. The UK chose of its own accord to waive the requirement. Dont blame the EU! As a result several hundred thousand Poles etc came to the UK...AND....incidentally work hard and contribute to the UK economy. I have heard all kinds of good things said about that inflow.......but either way it was a British decision made by the British government not an EU decision. The "WTO option" is a pipedream. According to the WTO, Mauritania is the only member of WTO to trade solely on WTO rules. Great....the UK can join the exalted ranks of Mauritania and try and trade without bilateral trade agreements and free trade zones. Oh but wait.....Mauritania has announced it is joining the Economic Community of West African States, and establishing preferential trade arrangements with some 20 WTO members. That will leave the UK on its own. perhaps it can reach out to Algeria, Serbia and North Korea who are not members of WTO! In short, Brexit was and is a monumental folly. It is not supported by the vast majority of the younger British people who will have to pay for the folly. It would be very interesting to get to the bottom of who funded and perpetrated the Brexit vote and how they motivated the older vote in England to vote for the economic mess they are imposing on their children. Whoever was behind it, they did not have much luck influencing the Scots.
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    Windy tracker is also working. 10 minutes between updates. https://gis.ee/sh/
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    Sad thing here is the NRA types that cannot STFU about "resisting tyranny with my gunz" will be first in line to help the would-be tyrant. They aren't Minutemen, they are Brownshirts.
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    Compulsory voting in a free country that values liberty (or, at least we did when we started)? Idiotic! Anyone who thinks the U.S. presidential electoral system is unfair ("how can someone get less than 50% of the popular vote became president?!!") should study U.S. history or math. The electoral system is genius (just one of the things the Founders got right). We are not simply "America;" we are a collection of 50 "United States." Electing a president by popular vote would be unfair (it's also why we have two houses of Congress, not just one -- one elected by popular vote and reflecting the population density, one with an equal voice for each state). Without an electoral college system, our president would be elected by the same 3 or 4 states every four years. The rest of the country would never have a voice. Liberals like this idea because the top two states that would elect the president would be California and New York. The others would also be mostly liberal, left and right coast population centers. The vast majority of citizens (who consistently poll center/right, btw) live in what politicians, both conservative and liberal, think of as "fly-over country." As a teacher (and one who spent 20+ sucessful years in business before joining the educational system), I can tell you that the reason our country is so fucked when it comes to how we govern ourselves is due to the fact that we do not teach history and citizenship in our public schools any more (which, ironically, is the prime reason we established a publicly-financed education system at the local/state level in the first place). When you let federally elected officials muck around with the education system (thanks Jimmy Carter), you get the same problems you have in every other federal department and program -- eventually decisions get made not for the long-term good of the country but for the short-term good of whichever party happens to be in power this year or two. It's not that we don't know the best way to educate children; we did it for generations and it gave us the most secure, prosperous, advanced, innovative, and generous society in the history of the planet. We lost our way, and I fear we can never return. The perpetuation of a free society hinges on how you educate the next generation(s), and we have destroyed that (in more ways than just what I mention here).
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    A fabulous day out foiling in Sydney - the kids had spent all day teaching sailing at Hunters Hill Sailing Club... the breeze was up, the bay was empty, and they raced home, grabbed the UFO and a OptiKid mate ... and spent the hours until dusk really exploring their boundaries in an epic afternoon of "Kids + Boats = Fun" (as the Tackers education program says), but magnified a gazillion fold!! Some magnificent stacks ... lots of laughs .... and only a broken wand at the end of the session ... Looking forward to the first container of UFO's to arrive in Sydney early next year and to see a few more out on the water!!
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    I'm sure one of the requirements of the race are tapered plugs for each through-hull fitting. One of the crew should have been assigned the job of pounding one into Richards' mouth before hitting shore.
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    ^^^This is why a duplicate thread is such a great idea. It is AIS not Tracker unit you imbicile.