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    G'day all! Sorry to miss all this VOR excitement, been catching up on many good posts and checked the tracker for the first time in this leg this afternoon Just arrived on the French island of Futuna after a 250nm passage from Fiji in never more 10 knots of wind, much like the the Volvo earlier in this leg. And dragging along a heavy duty Singer sewing machine that has seen 2 Whitbreads, as well as a Lirakus ball sqeezer, personal strobe lights, and tons of sailcloth etc. did not help either. Neither did all the barnacles on the bottom of the keel. We also had our own fight with one big cloud that managed to sail around us, we called that a karma cloud, see picture by our 16 yr old Fijian OBR: The return trip looks like much of the same light weather, so the Live tracker is waisted on me for a little longer. Anyway, kudos to the VOR for that much anticipated move. See you soon, FB.
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    I know that each of us gets caught up life - jobs, kids, significant others, family, etc. But one thing that we all manage to have time for is sailing. Whether it's racing, or cruising or just a little bay sail, we always find the time. Sure, it's likely not ever enough time, but we make it happen. We hang out on boats, in yacht club bars, on the docks. We talk on the phone about it with our fellow sailors, we e-mail, FB, Instagram. Like crack, we seemingly can never get enough! But the one place that almost everyone goes is online. There are a few choices, but for 19 years now, you have faithfully come to Sailing Anarchy for your sailing fix. I simply cannot express how much that means to us. Sure, we don't cover everything (stay tuned for news on that), and often we offend, insult and drive you crazy. Yet you anarchists always stay with us, and that is just incredible. Seriously, you cannot understand how much we appreciate that. With few exceptions, we have strived to be the best, the most interesting, and entertaining sailing site out there. We know that your time gets divided up, and that there are many places to go on the intertubes. You so often choose us and before you call me a whimpering pussy, I want to offer a sincere and heartfelt thank you to all of you who help make this place what it is. From our wild-ass forums, to sending in stories and pictures and videos from your corner of the world, we thank you. As honest as I can be, thank you for participating, contributing and supporting Sailing Anarchy. And after 19 years, we can't imagine not doing this with y'all. Nearly every single day, we love it. And we are thankful that you do too. - ed.
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    Also you could find out which year dogs were given as trophies at Cowes week.
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    VOR RC announced that trackers will be live thru the end of this edition of the race.
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    I don't think there should be sailing classes in the Olympics. I think you should already know how to sail.
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    Tracker is Live now & for the next 24 hours. https://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/tracker.html
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    Newport, one of the great deep water ports in the North Atlantic can be brutal. In The Great Days of Sail, the captains would have hung out and waited for the tide and not tried to climb the hill of water, but "sport" makes you do stupid things. If the fleet had been 6-8 hours later, the boats would have steamed past Castle Hill doing 20 knots in a thermal southerly under bright sunshine. Once again, sport makes you do stupid things. Maybe the Scallywags will finish in what we refer to as "Chamber of Commerce Conditions." A bit of a reward for finishing at the right time of day. Plastic bags on the keel, Charles please. Shit happens. Going into Hong Kong, Vestas caught a whole damn fishing boat on the bow....... SHC
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    This race is becoming a serious threat to my day job... Trying to find ways to make it relevant to my profession, which involves finding elegant ways of making stuff, and elegantly preventing said stuff from falling down -- and keeping it billable.
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    You don't need a yacht club to sail either - only to make the Olympic Games. But seriously who gives a fuck? The Olympics stopped being the pinnacle of the sport 20 years ago. At an Olympic Games there will be 3 or 4 world class sailors in each class and the rest will be Eddie the eagles. the sooner that sailing is dropped from the games the better. Then the sports national peak bodies can spend OUR money developing the sport instead of spending millions so a privileged few can get a leg up into a well paid spot on an AC team.
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    Sorry, but Hancock is still full of shit. I mean he may be right in regards to the vessel, but he has previously stated that the one design has saved the VOR. He may be right about a blog being to create discussion, but he has previously claimed to be a journalist. Just because it is a blog, does not mean it should be factually wrong, as per his piece on Fish. There is not a single boat in the race with 12 crew! The decision about IMOCA is already public, so he is shouting about change that is already happening. For the rules insentivising women, without it there would not be any in this edition, Dee included. So if he is happy for us to go back to ten years ago, then okay. His opinion. One designer has had a grip, and therefore stifled innovation. Bollocks, it is a one design fleet, that is what has stifled innovation. This has been discussed ad nauseum on this forum so I won't go into it, but I am loving the competition in this race. I agree that he is allowed to write an opinion piece, I disagree that it deserves any publicity due to the fact that it is so factually inaccurate, whilst he claims to be so knowledgeable. I stand by the fact that he is just desperately trying to stay relevant in an industry that is leaving him behind. If anything this piece smacks of desperation.
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    Very impressive sailing by Mapfre!! Incredible stuff. They really deserve their first overall position... and I'm a DF fan.
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    I hope somebody is going to sell T-shirts with this final track on them at Newport
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    I just eked out the win in the Ultime race. That was a brutal race. Light wind coastal stuff the whole way. I normally sleep 6-8 hours a night, and only wake up during the night for these races if I need to do tricky coastal stuff, but the way that race was going, I think I averaged about 4 hours of sleep the last 4 nights. So it's nice to be done with it. Tame Bird did very well to catch and pass me yesterday, and I got back into contact and we were neck-and-neck all night and all morning, with him leading by less than 0.2 nm most of the way. We were both in stealth mode for the final 10 hours or so. Exhausting. I made the pass about 10 minutes before the finish line and won by 15 seconds. My fourth career VR win. Now I can start paying more attention to the VORG.
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    Why am I still here, is a more interesting question. This place had its time. Seems like the fun is gone, and just the blowhards and losers remain. When the racing focus got watered down with the wooden boat rejects and people who didn't race, but just wanted to argue politics or other crap on a site with loose moderation, that's when the tide seemed to turn. And BJ.. You are just as culpable for the bullshit that made this place a shithole as the trolls were. Quit playing the damn martyr. A bully with an admin badge is still a bully. The erudition was a nice patina compared to the usual coarseness here, but you're not fooling everyone.
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    Greg I have not checked but if you are right, then that hypothetical Table of yours post Leg 8 based upon current placings indicates who ever worked out the scoring for this Edition should be taken out and sodomised with a house brick, not once but twice. For instance; Dee at the bottom completing all legs and a podium this leg yet above her are 2 boats that didn't finish a leg and one (Vestas) didn't finish two and didn't even fuckin start in one. Then there is Akzo who have got 3 podiums in the longest/toughest legs, incl a #1 to date, yet are adrift of the Leaderboard and just ahead of two boats, one who couldn't finish a leg and the other not finishing two with a non start in one. Liz Wardley might just well have said to Dee "why bust our arse to keep the rig in the boat getting to Itajai, it can fall down, we then motor in or get rescued by a spaceship and we are no worse off" That is fuckin scoring lunacy by any objective measure.
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    Been thinking the same thing. The increased quality and frequency of the Raw Content from the OBRs, together with the Daily Live, Live Reports, Quick Fixes, Live Tracker, multiple forums, has been immensely informative and entertaining this edition. I appreciate seeing them here as it is easier than trying to hunt them down on the multiple forums. The interviews are both revealing and fun. Showing the myriad technical issues various boats have encountered over the course of the race thus far on video is illustrative of the skill sets and complexities involved in ocean racing. The crew members on videos also have discussed team dynamics, sleep and the lack thereof, crew language differences (Dee on recent video), dietary matters, dealing with the loss of a crew member, discussions of who does what amongst the crew (e.g. Carolina Brouwer on DF in recent video); sail choices; decision making and its impact the impact on the crew when it doesn't work out (e.g. Libby on recent OBR video;) , environmental changes, coping with challenges. It is really unique in the sports world. I had been mulling over my "dream team" of sailors for my hypothetical VOR boat, so I found the reasoning for the personnel choices for Colman's "watch" crew revealing. In short, in my opinion the information now available for race fans has improved in many ways. And yes, I also observed that since the Live Tracker went live 24/7 there has been a dramatic decrease in posting. But the posts are focused and on point.
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    If brain cells were C4 the dumb originator of this thread wouldn't have enough to blow the wax out of his ears. And if we are talking taste he wouldn't be able to detect the heat of a vindaloo On the ACCURATE matter of the first post. NoR 12.2 refers to pre-race, not during the race SI 27.11. As mentioned above there were already days into the leg in the Southern Ocean when the AIS failed. Any checking of the equipment and it's serviceability is a responsibility of the VOR Boatyard, a service that the teams pay for and should be expected to be able to trust but with electronics you just never know when it is going to fail. Stopping, anchoring or heaving to was not an option, nor was fixing the problem. In fact heaving to would probably increased the danger Any suggestion that the Scallywag team (safety is NOT just the skipper's responsibility) were not aware of the safety requirements in those seas borders on libel. I would love to see the dumbmaster dare to tell David Witt to his face that he was NOT taking safety seriously but would advise a full team of paramedics to be on standby. Oh how easy it is to be brave, stupid and accusative all at the same time when behind a computer screen and keyboard
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    I have been trying to get my hands on local weather satellite pics, to no avail. Even the Brazilian aerospcae service did not have recent pics of today. So here is the EUMETSAT IR 10.8 zoomed-in & cut-out and the GOES-West full disc. Looks more or less cloud-free atm. No luck with the NOAA SSM/I wind product, the satellite missed eastern Brazil.
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    Excellent news, almost too good to be true (after at least two and a half editions long of nagging by us).
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    Been waiting to hear Chris N on driving. Takeaway was 'looking 30º ahead for the exit' and 'have to rely on instinct.' Saw about four this winter: Height and binoculars helped. Watching was a welcome part of happy hour for a few weeks. Average speeds: TBRU and AKZO had the best recently. TTOP and VS11 had the best 24 hr runs. Takeaway: routing is king. Team At position Instantaneous Average since last report DTL Gain/Loss 24h run Waypoint COG SOG VMG COG SOG VMG Vestas 11th Hour Racing 0.0 nm 1.7 nm 163.6 nm Recife 22° 12.9 kts 12.7 kts 28° 7.8 kts 7.6 kts Turn The Tide on Plastic 1.8 nm 0.1 nm 169.7 nm Recife 21° 12.3 kts 12.1 kts 40° 8.2 kts 7.3 kts Team Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag 2.0 nm -2.0 nm 150.3 nm Recife 24° 5.8 kts 5.8 kts 28° 7.1 kts 7.0 kts Team Brunel 2.2 nm 10.2 nm 155.5 nm Recife 11° 14.0 kts 14.0 kts 17° 9.0 kts 9.0 kts Dongfeng Race Team 3.5 nm 2.8 nm 159.7 nm Recife 18° 13.4 kts 13.3 kts 30° 8.1 kts 7.8 kts Team AkzoNobel 4.8 nm 8.1 nm 159.8 nm Recife 18° 13.1 kts 13.1 kts 23° 8.8 kts 8.7 kts MAPFRE 5.1 nm 4.2 nm 160.5 nm Recife 15° 13.3 kts 13.3 kts 29° 8.3 kts 8.0 kts Really good catch-up. Once again, best place to follow the race thanks to all the combined efforts.
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    Amazing, MF are clearly the top team
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    Yeah, that was their homage to today being Star Wars day- "May the 4th be with you"
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    ^^^^ Thanks Boomer. i just watched LIVE. At such a pivitol race point, no mention is made of that or anything quite frankly except dribble and felt like an advertisement for euthanasia. Nial not having a fuckin clue as usual and Phil Lawrence (VOR Race Director) who should never be put in front of a camera. I wish they would just tag LIVES being the ones with Conrad in them. The rest like this shit with him not being there are a complete fuckin joke. What is annoying Conrad is probably providing his service for relatively fuck all bucks under contract while the rest of the media machine suck off the VOR teat with no accountability for delivery quality.
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    Drag race for 3 or 4 days and then gulf stream and High pressure ridge to deal with. I don't know what data they get given for the Gulf Stream, but with a High Pressure involved, it could be the ultimate decider in this leg.
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    Thanks, TR. Full standings are below. I'll cover for you tomorrow. Have a great time sailing with the family. Rank Group SA Name Boat Name DTL 1 B Gufmiester Gufmiester 3261.7 2 A Gybe Turkey Gybe Turkey 2.70 3 B Mr. Fixit Yodaman 2.76 4 C rolltak Awkward Turtle 2.91 5 A Kapt'n Kirk prowler_1-SA 3.47 6 B Milli Bitzquart 4.29 7 A HKG1203 HKG1203 6.13 8 A Tunnel Rat Mongrel 6.80 9 C onedesignracing TeamSatisfaction 10.2 10 A Your Mom Your Mom SA 10.7 11 C 4010 grimlin 12.2 12 C mred mistered 13.2 13 C KMan2K7 KMan2K7 13.8 14 A Golden Rose Golden Rose SA 15.8 15 A Rainbow Spirit Rainbow Spirit II 17.1 16 C 33jesus jesus 18.6 17 B jacksparrow Malamute 21.0 18 A Breitling Breitling_SA 22.6 19 B sailon2 jahmbo SA 22.7 20 A I Sail The Black Boat Thistle1678 22.9 21 A Blue Mountain YC shockwave11 23.0 22 B kea.nn kea.nn SA 23.2 23 B Iluvitar Iluvitar 26.2 24 A Marty6 Cambodunum 29.2 25 C Sapphire Girl Sapphire Girl 31.4 26 A Wet Hog WetHog-SA 37.9 27 B frostbit spadadua 43.2 28 A daan62 hutspot77 44.7 29 A Ozzy Ozzy85 44.9 30 C Shorthanded Shorty 45.6 31 B Magool Magool 49.1 32 A Mud Sailor Mudsailor SA 50.8 33 C Will Lee Lorraine III 55.2 34 A Mike G MikeVentura 56.2 35 B stufishing Stufishing_SA 60.3 36 A Driftwood Me Rongo Rekohu SA 60.8 37 C Sambaopreis Sambaopreis 63.4 38 B EquusAsinusDomesticus ON9270 63.5 39 B GrandbendOnt GrandbendOnt 71.8 40 B gary hschutz 75.5 41 B stanlutz USA644RAVEN_SA 87.5 42 B cg_ 98.7 43 B Alpina (Columba) ColombaRacing 104.9 44 B Rimike rider1982 110.3 45 B hmsmweasel Stay Thirsty M 43 111.5 46 A From The Rail A-Squared 112.5 47 C wpbeardsley wpbeardsley 123.7 48 A Hike, Bitches HikeBitches 130.9 49 C Patman Patman 163.7 50 C Vin Divided Sky 203.0 51 C Peacefrog Team False Racing 203.1 52 C razcaillou razcaillou 222.2 53 C Sandpipper Sandpipper 230.2 54 C sailingk8 She Wolf 235.8 55 B N/A Walkaround 235.9 56 A prettyhatemachine prettyhatemachine 323.9 57 C Fry_ Fry 442.6 58 C Loon Localdog 862.0