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    I am sorry to say that our resident cow expert Austin1972 has passed. He had been sick for the past month and was down in Illinois selling his house so that he could move to Michigan and live with his SO/childhood sweetheart. She had last talked to him this past Sunday, and when she hadn’t heard from him by Tuesday she called the local Sherrif to do a wellness check. They found him face down, and deceased. His Mother had him cremated, and there will be a Memorial for him this Summer in Onekama, MI. He wasn’t tested for Covid, and there was no autopsy, but his girlfriend thinks it was Covid related. He did have Exema (sp?) an auto immune disease, and he took the quarantine very seriously. I met him through SA shortly after joining, and we became good friends. I spent many weekends at his family cottage, and he even gave me a key to it. I was at his farm several times and we once blew up a bunch of pumpkins with tannerite. I talked to him a few weeks ago and he didn’t even mention being sick. We instead discussed plans to buy some adjoining land in Michigan and establishing a no kill animal rescue shelter. He was like a Brother to me, and I will miss him for the rest of my life....... FUCK 2020, and FUCK Covid-19!!!
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    That makes me very sad. I can’t tell you all what a tough year this has been. Too many good people have had very bad things happen to them. Fair winds Austin. I wish you had been able to realize your move to the PNW and live to a happy old age. There is a lesson here my SA friends........and I have learned it at a very dear price. We are not promised tomorrow. We only have today. Live that way.
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    I was going to let his SO/girlfriend know about it later today. Gonna be a long day though. I have been working out of town since Covid started. After work I will check into a hotel, then setup my computer for a Zoom meeting since I have school tonight. Will try to catch up on the thread after that. In the meantime, thanks for all of the well wishes, Austin72 was a really special person, who was always trying to help other people, and of course take the best care of his beloved cows.......
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    There is a short interview of Jeremy Beyou on the French side of the official web site, but I see no translation in English on the "other" side of the website, so here is my translation. Points in italic are my own addition/interpretation. "First news from Jérémie Beyou (Charal) - joined in visio conference this morning... There are worse things in the world when you look at everything happening around us. That being said, when you are a sportman, you live only through the lense of your objective. For the past 4 years, my goal has been to try to win the Vendée Globe. I am 100% in it. I do not see anything else outside this goal. When everything falls apart so abruptly, like this, it is very violent. That is why it took me so long to turn around. Most likely, I should have turned around right away, instead of going through the front with the boat in that state. Obviously, it created other collateral damages, but I could not believe it. The wake up call has been hard on me. Earlier in the day, when the wind was not too strong, I tore apart from deck a pulley for my staysail sheet (I do not know if he is talking about the first pulley the sheet goes through from the clew of the jib, or one completely aft on deck, before it comes back to a winch.). It blew up the bulkhead for the traveler (once again, I do not know if he is talking about the main sheet traveler, or the track to adjust the pull angle on the jib sheet). It has torn apart the deck on the starboard side. While I was down below to inspect the damage, I hit something and the rudder was kicked up, halfway up. There is a hole in the leading edge of the rudder and the trailing edge is broken. And stronger winds were coming in; so it was either I turn around right now, or I continue. We decided with the team that the rudder was going to hold on through the front and I put together a makeshift repair for the jib sheet. The front passed through. It went superfast. I went from 45 knots on one tack to 45 knots on the opposite tack. I jibed, and I trimed in the runner, but with all the carbon fiber shrapnel on deck, it cut through the runner and I lost the runner. I also broke my mast head wind indicator a few hours prior. The runner, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. I had to bear off and turn around. Right now, there are still heavy seas, but I am sailing downwind with about 15 knots of wind and the sea is from behind, so it is OK. On the other tack, port tack, the rudder starts to be seriously damaged, I cannot go very fast. I think my ETA is on the 14th, in the morning. After that I don't know... The rudder can be changed. The traveler and the bulkhead, I have to admit I don't know if we can fix it. Quite frankly, I am waking up from 4 years of trying to win the Vendée Globe, and it is over. My dad is in the hospital; he had a stroke one week before the start. And I completely shunted that aside. Obviously, right now, all of that is blowing up in my face. I am bringing back the boat. We will see after that. I do not know, I do not know about restarting..."
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    Apparently his first action has been to rename an accidental gybe as an 'American Gybe'.
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    So I did a bit more analysis on the data from Boris Herman dashboard, and managed to put together a 2nd iteration of the polars of the boat. I share them, as some might find them interesting. The red lines are the interpolation over all the points, while the green line is computed using only 10% percentile of the speeds for each TWA, so it should be the closest to the capabilities of the boat in optimal conditions. The graphs for above 20 kn true wind are still a bit inaccurate, since they did not sail that much on those conditions yet.
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    The irony of the whole internet thing is that now that we have almost all of mankind's knowledge at our fingertips, most people only want to read things that reinforce their own delusions. The truth is no longer important.
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    It's not your country, luv. We Americans will decide when it's the time to talk about our own country. And it is absolutelyfuckingtrue about the U.S. Many of us have operated on the assumption for years that the U.S. truly is a democracy, the land of the free with equal opportunity and freedom for all. That racial prejudice, bigotry and small-mindedness were on the wane, and we were growing for a smarter, better and stronger future. This election - no matter the results of the presidential race - has proved that none of that is really true at all. In fact, almost half the country is just fine running on ignorance, racism and greed. This IS who we are. Many minorities in the U.S. will tell us it has always been who we were. If you think about it, from the perspective of a black American, is this country really all that great? My parents, still alive, were born in 1941. The heart of the Jim Crow era, still. They lived in New England, but there were still "sundown towns" up there. There are still many living Americans who pre-date the civil rights era and had to put up with this shit. Can anyone here say they'd really want to have lived as a black man in the south in the 1950s? Emmitt Till was murdered in 1955 because a white woman lied about how he talked to her. He was a few months older than my father, visiting relatives in Mississippi. Coming from Chicago, he really appreciate what could happen to him for standing too close to a white woman in the south. And his murderers were acquitted. When people say "Make America Great Again" this is the time period they want to bring us back to - the 1950s, when women and Negroes knew their places. When else are they talking about? The sixties, with civil rights, the Vietnam War, and the sexual revolution? The 70s? Women's liberation, Watergate and disco? The 1980s? Some are pining for Ronald Reagan, but we know that's not what they mean, and he was way too liberal for these people anyway. So that's what the MAGA crowd - almost half the country - wants. A return to a country where women and minorities are deferent and white people have the advantage everywhere. I'd say "this is isn't the America I knew," but really, it is. Growing up white and male in America, I have to LOOK to see the racism and sexism because it never applies to me. But it's there, it's always been there. "Political correctness" just meant that like your dick, you couldn't take it out and play with it in public. But it never went away, and people got sick of having to bite their tongues. So we're going to "Make America Great Again" to bring America back to some white ideal that never existed at the expense of equality and opportunity for all. In a decent country, a Donald Trump wouldn't get 10% of the vote. He'd be a fringe lunatic of a fringe party. That this race is even close is an indictment on the national character of the United States of America. We were measured and found wanting. We are not a decent country. As evadent.
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    Yes, they were out today!
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    The country you thought it was has not sprung back. The rednecks and greedy cunts are still there form last time, they are not going away and the fuckers are breeding. America, this is you now, the new normal. Half of the USA are racist lying cunts.
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    The Olympics have become nothing more than a commercial enterprise with sports as a consideration. Classes should start migrating away from Olympic competition and US Sailing should end funding to support it. Those resources could be much better spent in developing Race Organization and Judges and actually Governing the sport, and stepping up to support measurement rules and PHRF instead of having ORC, ORR, IRC and PHRF all competing for a dwindling market.
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    I did some more work with the data from Hermann's boat. It looks like you can pull the data starting from around June this year, and i used it all to compute this (final version) of the polars. I will probably stop now, but the code is posted here if somebody wants edit/do some more calculations / fiddle a bit with the data. In the repo there is also the raw dataframe, around 95000 datapoints and an excel file with the speed of the boat for each heading and for each windspeed.
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    Yeah, dropped the ball there I did. I've been busy mining for content and the importance of the date slid right by. Sorry, should have had something prepared and ready to launch. As far as photobucket (those bastards) goes.... 10/13/2017, Someone there decided to start charging for storage, for my needs it would have been in the $400 per year rate! (photobucket SCREWED quite a few users...https://www.bizjournals.com/denver/news/2017/07/05/photobucket-users-cry-foul-over-new-fee-for-photo.html) I'm just a poor retired Bowman/Rigger, this is just a hobby, no way could I have afforded that. If you were around following the thread at the time it was noted that I wallowed for a bit and with a solid suggestion from Ed Lada and others I got back on track again. And now here we are, ten years in! Thank you all for keeping me motivated. hobot
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    Normally, I like NZers. But you, you are an asshole.
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    That was us!! Testing out a new kite off the short prod, quite a different sailing style with a high aspect shape. Seemed fast though! LR sailed underneath us, tacked around and we thought they were off to north head. Low and behold they pop in a bear away and are pointing straight at us. We just hold our course and they fly past tens of meters away. Bone quiet, barely heard a whistle. No wind shadow that we felt. Pretty hard to comprehend what was happening before you, then they were gone. Probably the closest we'll ever get to see these boats in action... then we had to negotiate the white water from all the case boats. It's cool, I always catch the AC support taking notice of the 12. They probably don't get them in the northern hemisphere. We joke they're scouting for more crew... Nailed some good gybes today, just saying!
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    Sorry all................been.....hectic.........we're alive. Short version is had some family and friends problems related to illnesses/injuries and then a little over 2 weeks ago Mrs PB developed a really....really bad back and as been virtually unable to walk without my help. Needless to say I’ve been too busy as caregiver to have any real social down time. Worked our way through Ortho and Insurance hell and got seen, have an MRI this Thursday to sort it out and get a treatment pan. Meanwhile we’ve been living on the downstairs sofa because she cannot climb stairs to bedroom etc. We’re seeing some slow improvement with oral steroids but I’m pretty sure the MRI will find a pinched nerve in lumbar and she will get a epidural steroid which will allow healing. We’ll see. My apologies for being so out of touch but it just got REALLY busy for a while. I sure appreciate everyone’s concerns!
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    On behalf of Pennsylvania, you are welcome America. Sorry for scaring you.
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