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    I agree. However the tag "deserving" allows you quickly capture prior circumstances often to do with adversity that "balance the books" to make one particular win or result special. It might be the guy for years who has competed without success and could quite easilly be forgiven for giving the game away, but didn't. It also helps differentiate results year to year in the same event. I can think of many Auckland leg wins where the winner wasn't quite deserving. A 80' ketch beating by a bees dick a W60 in 94 comes to mind. Why did I then put the tag "deserved" against AzN's win? It wasn't a reward for routing with their split at Taiwan. That's racing. It wasn't for Salter saying a day from NZ we are going to park up on the approach and be hit by the red tide so have to grab every metre we can to stay in front. That's racing. What came to my mind was the dispair Nicho would have felt stepping off Moviestar as she sank in 2006 and then perched on a reef in the Indian Ocean on his last outing. Simeon in 2006 sitting on ABN AMRO 2 with a fellow Dutchman lifeless on board, then saying "fuck you" and taking on a multinational company who wanted to tear up his dream on the eve of the start. Then on Leg 3 both watching the fleet sail away as their mast-track shit itself with Nicho thinking God does not want me in this race and taking the blame for a crap gybe. So yeah..I reakon it was a win well deserved.
  2. 10 points
    I have never quite understood why people say that some deserve to win more or less than others. It’s a sport. If it was a competition in deserving, they could have skipped the sailing only if a team cheated, or only worked 50%, I’d say they didn’t deserve to win. But even if nobody cheats and they all work as hard as possible, one team will win. It doesn’t mean that they deserve it more than others. If Dee can’t compete with the others, in the same conditions, she doesn’t deserve to win. Of course I feel gutted for her, but it has nothing to do with deserving anything, cause all the teams do their best.
  3. 10 points
    I think you want to be a good guy with a gun when you aren't black I think you want to be a good guy with a gun when the bad guy only has a spoon of peanut butter, and not an AR-15 I think you want to be a good guy with a gun when the scenario makes sense I think you want to be a good guy with a gun when you have a uniform, good equipment & training, and your buddies have your back I think you want to be a good guy with a gun when you are young and stupid and don't know any better I think I'd rather be a good guy who never faces this situation. Please. That's why I'm arguing to rewrite the 2nd. It's a long path, but I've run marathons, too.
  4. 9 points
    Playlist with 10 pre-leg-start interviews:
  5. 9 points
    As to the fishing vessel, they're governed by Colregs Rule 5, in addition to the RRS and the sailing instructions. Which lookout rule they didn't comply with (ditto Rules 7 and 8, which depend on Rule 5 being practiced in the first place). Which means (to me anyway) it can't be "no fault of their own". They have at least contributory fault in that collision, whether F/V was stand-on ("fishing"), or not fishing and give-way as a powerboat. Stand-on is still required to keep a proper lookout by sight and hearing as well as by all available means. But what the hell do I know, I'm only a maritime lawyer handling collision cases....
  6. 9 points
    FFS. It gives me no joy to write this, but here’s a pretty brutal but honest appraisal for any US citizen that thinks this is a good thing... KJU is playing Trump like a string quartet. He’ll pretend to play along for an easing of restrictions, there’ll be a back door deal of hundreds of millions of dollars, NK’ll continue to develop their weapons program with US money, all the while laughing hysterically at Trump and his cronies puffing their chests out in the world media. I’m starting to think Trump is merely a symptom, not the root cause. The US as a country has to pull their rose coloured glasses off. An entire subset of their population has grown into a self entitled, righteous, selfish and ignorant cesspool of me-first humanity that will eat the rest of the country whole. And all the while you’ll be looking outwards, crusading against some perceived threat from outside your borders , because to admit that the inside is decayed to the point where it is worse than those who you perceive as external ‘threats’?? Nooo, it just doesn’t fit the ‘we’re the good guys’ image the US so desperately clings to. Guess what? The good guy image started dying well before Trump. You’re trading on a rapidly receding memory of a time when the US deserved this title, and more. Now? The vast majority are too complacent and so apathetic to their fellow countrymen they can’t be fucked to vote, and a frustrated minority elect, not the good guy, but the self entitled, righteous, selfish and ignorant cesspool of a human to your Commander in Chief. Take a good look at yourselves. Even Kim Jung Un can play you like a puppet because of your blinding ego’s. Rant over. Sorry, and I mean that. Now, let the righteous flaming begin as you’ll never admit that the problem might be you. You’ll just prove my point.
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    Available as a sloop or yawl.
  8. 9 points
    Jack, I think you actually believe this. That's kind of scary, because it shows just how effective propaganda can be. The dossier has not been disproven, administration and campaign officials have pleaded guilty, Jared is getting appropriately demoted and a crippling Trade War may well be started by an enraged buffoon with nothing to lose. Mueller was a rifle platoon leader, was wounded in combat and received a Bronze Star for valor while under fire. He was appointed by George Bush as Director of the FBI and given a two year extension by Obama, making him the longest serving FBI Director since Hoover. He is a hell of a lot more impressive than you are, you traitorous little snowflake. To blame this on the left is to ignore the professionals in the room. Lose your partisan blinders and smell the shit you are shoveling. I am so sorry you pinned your star on a corrupt charlatan with the ethics of an orangutang and the golf game obsession Republicans dreamed Obama had. Trump didn't get his first pick for SecState past Putin's veto, he let slip state secrets in the Oval office to a member of the Russian intelligence services & he is responsible for a chaotic and disreputable White House with more scandals per day than most presidencies have their entire term. If any party were to elect a man more unfit for office than the Gröpenfuhrer, let them have it with investigations up the ass. As for your complaints? They are ridiculous, as are you.
  9. 9 points
    Hey Jeff, maybe you would relish the opportunity to prove your tactical skills in that situation but that deputy decided that going after an unknown shooter with an AR 15 without body armour or back-up was just a wee bit beyond his $37,000 a year-stand at the gate job, the fact is he was put out to pasture with a job that probably involved searching the odd bag and eating doughnuts in the school cafeteria. While all you gun guys are busy gobbling each others jism whilst poking gun barrels up each others butt holes you seem to miss the point, people are fallible despite the endless tripe dished up by your entertainment sector or your in your adolescent fantasy world about how average people become highly skilled avenging angels in the presence of adversity. Wake up , most average people are more interested in saving their own skin unless they have a real reason to be altruistic and a paycheck is not one of them. You also in la la land if you think you can pin the blame on this guy, you really think a fat old middle aged has- been cop has the training and mettle to take on crazy with a semi auto weapon? Thats why you have swat teams! Meanwhile in the real world once the orange fatball arms a million teachers, what could go wrong? Third grader tries to shoot fuckwit
  10. 9 points
    How about being considerate of everyone else on this thread. It's hard enough to stay engaged in this race without reading this endless smack. Between the VOR and this thread, it's no wonder anyone of worth has lost interest.
  11. 9 points
    For those of us who learned to sail pre 1990's - Cassette tape on the shrouds worked pretty well too
  12. 8 points
    Heard a great quote from the owner. When he was buying it he was talkign with Dalton, Grant said 'why would you want to buy a shitter like that?' The owners reply... 'She has a beautiful transom, and you should know that as you spent so much time looking at it!' Supposedly they don't talk now..... Thanks NZ for another great Stopover. Intense, busy and awesome as always.
  13. 8 points
    There is only one likely reason for your demeanor this evening: It hurts when you pee.
  14. 8 points
    $300 bonus cruise credits back after you post stupid shit on Political Anarchy in the first 3 days after account opening. $100 cruise credits back Earn $100 cruise credits for each 50 negative community reputation points earned from stupid posts each account anniversary year. $10 cruise credits back Earn $10 cruise credits back on each stupid post that conflicts entirely with another stupid post you made under a different administration. $1 cruise credits back Earn $1 cruise credits for including the word "hypocrite" in any stupid post qualifying for $10 cruise credits. The Political Anarchy Stupid Post Visa: It's everywhere you don't want to be.
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    And here is tonight's update. I have calculated the finish times for those that haven't reported yet, so if you see any errors, let me know. Rank Group SA Name Boat Name DTF Days hours Minutes Seconds Overall Distance Sailed Percentile Overall 1 C Sambaopreis Sambaopreis 19 20 16 37 271 6585.4 0.46% 2 B Shorthanded Shorty 19 20 28 50 318 6711.1 0.54% 3 C mred mistered 19 20 34 37 341 6526.3 0.58% 4 C Will Lee Lorraine III 19 20 39 31 359 6699.1 0.61% 5 A prettyhatemachine prettyhatemachine 19 20 39 59 363 6615.5 0.62% 6 B Iluvitar 19 21 14 43 452 6647.0 0.77% 7 B gary hschutz 19 24 33 10 709 6558.8 1.21% 8 A Golden Rose Golden Rose SA 20 0 45 2 720 6686.8 1.23% 9 A Breitling Breitling_SA 20 1 5 15 746 6564.9 1.27% 10 B sailon2 jahmbo SA 20 1 6 47 749 6483.6 1.28% 11 B jacksparrow Malamute 20 1 22 53 772 6602.2 1.32% 12 B Mr. Fixit Yodaman 20 2 16 38 823 6574.5 1.41% 13 A HKG1203 HKG1203 20 4 51 57 963 6539.3 1.64% 14 C JeSa-SA JeSa 20 4 57 36 977 6625.4 1.67% 15 A Tunnel Rat Mongrel 20 5 0 17 1002 6375.4 1.71% 16 A I Sail The Black Boat Thistle1678 20 5 6 4 1047 6712.4 1.79% 17 A Kapt'n Kirk prowler_1-SA 20 5 15 27 1173 6645.2 2.00% 18 A daan62 hutspot77 20 5 15 47 1175 6525.5 2.01% 19 B Milli Blitzquart 20 5 17 22 1191 6302.0 2.03% 20 B EquusAsinusDomesticus ON9270 20 5 19 54 1225 6583.1 2.09% 21 C 4010 grimlin 20 5 46 57 1745 6334.0 2.98% 22 B Magool Magool 20 6 13 31 2240 6326.0 3.82% 23 C Sapphire Girl Sapphire Girl 20 6 17 56 2360 6213.9 4.03% 24 B unplugged Dcarr 20 6 21 8 2444 6184.9 4.17% 25 A Driftwood Me Rongo Rekohu SA 20 6 26 0 2567 6439.4 4.38% 26 A Vibroman Vibroman_SA 20 6 28 31 2633 6027.4 4.50% 27 B stanlutz USA644RAVEN_SA 20 6 28 33 2649 6469.3 4.52% 28 A BlueMountainsYC shockwave11 20 6 34 17 2811 6333.5 4.80% 29 A Ozzy Ozzy 85 20 6 35 50 2860 6439.0 4.88% 30 A Marty6 Cambodunum 20 7 21 30 4034 6415.2 6.89% 31 B hmsmweasel Stay Thirsty M 43 20 7 23 12 4085 6408.0 6.97% 32 B Rimike rider1982 20 7 25 54 4139 6036.5 7.07% 33 A Gybe Turkey Gybe Turkey 20 7 32 10 4265 6652.8 7.28% 34 A Ranbow Spirit Ranbow Spirit II 20 7 39 2 4372 6630.7 7.46% 35 B cg_ 20 7 44 33 4468 6447.8 7.63% 36 B Gufmiester Gufmiester 20 7 53 59 4633 6595.0 7.91% 37 B kea.nn kea.nn SA 20 8 15 52 4951 6618.6 8.45% 38 C 33jesus jesus 20 8 48 28 5303 6026.2 9.05% 39 B N/A Walkaround 20 9 25 9 5633 6495.4 9.62% 40 A From The Rail A-Squared 20 9 45 40 5817 6138.2 9.93% 41 B GrandbendOnt 20 9 46 32 5830 5899.8 9.95% 42 C rolltak Awkward Turtle 20 9 59 52 5992 6281.8 10.23% 43 C razcaillou razcaillou 20 10 21 38 6235 5961.7 10.64% 44 B mkgsailor J2B2 20 12 52 37 7821 5854.8 13.35% 45 A Wet Hog WetHog-SA 20 13 1 30 7891 6940.7 13.47% 46 C Dirty Sea Rag 20 14 48 26 8694 6121.8 14.84% 47 A Mud Sailor Mudsailor SA 20 16 41 17 9293 6792.0 15.87% 48 B Alpina ColombaRacing 20 19 24 19 9980 6750.3 17.04% 49 B frosbit spadadua 20 19 49 48 10067 6425.6 17.19% 50 A Mike G Mike Ventura 21 7 13 0 12427 6433.0 21.22% 51 A Your Mom Your Mom SA 21 8 10 54 12627 8330.7 21.56% 52 B stufishing Stufishing_SA 21 12 49 36 13406 8322.2 22.89% 53 A Hike, Bitches HikeBitches 31.0 54 C wpbeardsley wpbeardsley 595.5 55 C Vin Divided Sky 695.1 56 C puckhead 1073.2 57 C Loon Localdog 1240.0 58 C sailingk8 She Wolf 1254.5 59 B Swamp Swamp Rat 1397.9 60 A Lat21 Hamachi SA 2261.5 61 B Tommmzzz tommmzzz 4732.9 62 A Iced Tea rule69 DNS 63 B CaptainSENer CaptainSENer DNS 64 A The Actual Dave Davemw DNS 65 A briar Wing it DNS 66 B RunSampRun Samsonite SA DNS
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    I find that if I release a little pressure from my thumbs , the color comes back to the face of the person I'm talking to...
  17. 8 points
    Martin Keruzore/Volvo Ocean Race Leg 6 to Auckland, day 17 on board Dongfeng. 22 February, 2018.
  18. 7 points
    "Squirt mode"--haha. Something to that, since both red boats tend to react quickly to transitions and not stall out, I guess. It's been 8 hrs since the jack hole. Spreadsheet averages--averaged over 6 hrs--say COGs podium on soaking best to AKZO, SHKS, TBRU, and TTOP. MAPF went for best SOG, without giving up as much COG to DFRT. All in all, not al lot of difference amongst the teams nonetheless. FWIW Team At position Average since last report Hour UTC 24h run Waypoint COG SOG VMG Vestas 11th Hour Racing 00:59 UTC 418.4 nm 135W 165° 19.0 kts 13.8 kts Team Brunel 00:59 UTC 412.8 nm 135W 172° 19.7 kts 12.7 kts MAPFRE 00:59 UTC 419.0 nm 135W 169° 21.1 kts 14.3 kts Dongfeng Race Team 00:59 UTC 420.0 nm 135W 167° 18.9 kts 13.4 kts Team AkzoNobel 00:59 UTC 414.5 nm 135W 175° 20.9 kts 12.6 kts Turn The Tide on Plastic 00:58 UTC 417.9 nm 135W 171° 19.5 kts 12.7 kts Team Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag 00:58 UTC 401.6 nm 135W 174° 20.7 kts 12.8 kts
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    Yes, indeed. The clews and head were pretty much un-bendable with all the layers of reinforcement, so the sail went into a big modified jib bag. The clew and head rings were 6" hoops made of welded 1/2" stainless steel bar, attached to the sail with loads of sewn webbing, just like a heavy jib clew ring. On the Pen Duick VI Dacron one, apart from the 3/8" wire luffs there was a fourth ring in the middle of the sail, with 3/8" wires leading from head and both clews swaged into it. When I sailed Pen Duick VI I saw that all the rings had bent, especially the head one which had stretched out into an oval. There were patches everywhere. It was blown out several times. No snap shackles. A big stainless screw shackle for the wire halyard. Wire aft guys ended in a swaged thimble, and a 4-foot length of dead heavy jibsheet was used to connect the aft guy to the sail. To trip, bring the pole forward and down, then hit the loop with an axe. There were several on deck. Same deal on Burton Cutter too. They were hard boys.
  20. 7 points
    And THAT is why it is worth not putting you on ignore.... Some of your comments are designed to wind up, some are utter bollocks (like all of us), and some are proper gems. Nice summary, whatever my thoughts on Teapot and Monsters Inc....
  21. 7 points
    That sofa comfortable?
  22. 7 points
    To the best of my knowledge, PA isn't a forum to openly discuss politics. It's a privately owned forum space used to collect the dregs and refuse from the other forums so they don't pollute the otherwise nautical and/or generically curious topics. PA isn't about exchange. It's a place where monkeys toss poo, pound on keyboards, and occasionally come up with Hamlet - mostly by accident. It makes a lot more sense if you think about it that way. It's the primal scream of a two year old denied ice cream - not a dialog.
  23. 7 points
    I enjoy reading the VOR threads for insight and news, but holy fuck some of you need to grow up. It's boring.
  24. 6 points
    After all the grief given to Volvo race management, I'd like to doff my cap to the shore spectacle that came with the tour. Auckland has done this many times before, and I was expecting that with less boats, no Kiwi entries, and the passing of the guard of many of the older Kiwis that it might have been a bit ho hum. But no. Blair and Peter have become superstars in their own right and play the media game so well. The Pro Am was being talked about by lots of people. The Cat racing across the harbour in Saturday looked truly spectacular, and the breeze finally arrived for the leg start. I also especially thank the Volvo Academy programme. We had 32 sailors, and nearly as many parents and helpers spend a day getting a tour of the Boats and teams racing Optimists brought in for the race. Yes - again it has been done before, but for those experiencing it for the first time, it was a wonderful experience. The Round the World Race is still alive and well in Auckland!
  25. 6 points
    We don’t see Mapfre on its own very often, especially without its red twin brother. Charles’ first nail biting moment of this leg has already arrived .
  26. 6 points
    Crew Lists page 2 (can't figure out how to paste properly)
  27. 6 points
    As a lifelong Michigander, I apologize. I have no excuse. But, years ago, I raced against her FIL and Doug/Dick. They all walked into a German Restaurant in Milwaukee (Karl Raasch's or something like that). Our crew was already seated upstairs and watched the parade of blue blazers walk in goose stepping if I remember. We let them sit down before we asked for extra rolls and started the volleys. Unlike the rest of the crew, I buttered the rolls before launching.
  28. 6 points
    I honestly thought Tillerson was doing his level best to advocate our foreign policy interests despite of the President's blunders. Everything I heard him say was thoughtful, topical and considerate. I don't understand what the President thinks he's doing - or what he hopes this move will accomplish.
  29. 6 points
  30. 6 points
    This irresponsible populism makes my blood boil. I'm old enough that I will somehow cope with any change of the political landscape, but light-thought announcers play with the future of the young - as happened in the UK where the old farts destroyed the future of their younglings. What vicious character streak is needed to wish failure upon a system that guaratees peace and cooperation for countries that were permanenetly at war with each other before, better living conditions for regions that were hellholes of poverty before, democratic political stability for countries that suffered dicatatorships or fascist regimes before? In addition, do we really want trumpian policy where treaties and contracts aren't worth the paper anymore that they've been written on? A total lack of reliability up to international law? I agree that the EU urgently needs an overhaul, especially in the value department, but it certainly does not need destruction. By the way, this may be similar to the AC - a return to the original values is required, and the focus on money-grab for a few needs to stop.
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    Vestas 11th Hour‏ The Blueboat is back on the water in Auckland!
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    Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God. 10 Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth. 11 Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence.12 God saw how corrupt the earth had become, for all the people on earth had corrupted their ways. 13 So God said to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth. 14 So make yourself an ark of cypress[c] wood; make rooms in it and coat it with pitch inside and out. 15 This is how you are to build it: The ark is to be three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits high.[d]16 Make a roof for it, leaving below the roof an opening one cubit[e] high all around.[f] Put a door in the side of the ark and make lower, middle and upper decks. 17 I am going to bring floodwaters on the earth to destroy all life under the heavens, every creature that has the breath of life in it. Everything on earth will perish. 18 But I will establish my covenant with you, and you will enter the ark—you and your sons and your wife and your sons’ wives with you. 19 You are to bring into the ark two of all living creatures, male and female, to keep them alive with you. 20 Two of every kind of bird, of every kind of animal and of every kind of creature that moves along the ground will come to you to be kept alive. 21 You are to take every kind of food that is to be eaten and store it away as food for you and for them.” 22 Noah did everything just as God commanded him. 23 and he builteth the ark in Indo from teaketh.
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    From the VOR front page:
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    Remembering... Everyone who knew Sir Durward Knowles has a different version. But I think we'd all agree Durward never had a bad day on the water. His smile and wry sense of humor was infectious. Bahamian Durward Knowles was already a sailing legend when we first met in Newport Beach in 1959. Knowles had been taught sailing at a young age by his father, worked as a Nassau Bar Pilot, won the Star World's Championship in 1947 and the Bronze Medal in the 1956 Olympics. His red Starboats, all named GEM, were invariably found at the head of the fleet. Durward was in the very top echelon of Star sailors, the best in the world. Durward and crew had arrived early in Newport that August. I was honored to be asked to practice as their tune-up boat. Unlike San Pedro, 20 miles west, where Durward had won the '47 Worlds, the course off Newport has predominantly light airs, 8-14 knots, with a fair amount of Pacific ground swell, leftover waves from better winds to the west, and powerboat slop. Local sailors become proficient at handling these conditions, "the washing machine," which are somewhat mystifying at first to the outsider. As a 14 year old I had gotten good at it, which turned out to be a bit deflating to the ever jovial Mr. Knowles. As he wrote of his experience, "I didn't mind so much that Skip kept passing us." "But every time he wiped us off the kid would luff up and say, 'Had enough? I have to go home.'" Durward interpreted this to mean, "Now do you give up?" whereas actually it was too late for me to be out on the ocean according to family rules and I didn't want to get into trouble. Durward kept his grin all that week and the next, laughing at practical jokes, one of which was an unidentified competitor, possibly named Blackaller, repainting the name of Knowles Star from GEM to "GERM." Durward Knowles reached the pinnacle of a lifetime of sailing in 1964 when he and Cecil Cooke won the Olympic Gold Medal in the Star Class in Tokyo. They came home to the Bahamas as national heroes, and he was knighted Sir Durward in 1996. Durward continued racing until 70 years of age, and competed in eight Olympics, the last in Seoul, South Korea in 1988 where he was the proud bearer of the flag of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Durward Knowles was a great humanitarian and supported sailing and his island country all his long life. He was especially fond of helping juniors. His Star sits in position of honor at the entrance to the Nassau Yacht Club. We salute Sir Durward, the oldest living Olympic Champion, who died Saturday at age 100. Below a photo of Sir Durward Knowles with fellow Star World's champion (1988) Paul Cayard.
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    First official statement. Raises a few questions though http://www.vestas11thhourracing.com/media/boatlog/q-and-a-with-mark-towill Vestas 11th Hour Racing co-founder, Mark Towill, spent time at home with family and friends after departing the Volvo Ocean Race Hong Kong stopover where the team’s VO65 was involved in a tragic accident with a fishing vessel. Towill has now regrouped with the team and their VO65 yacht in Auckland, New Zealand, ahead of the next leg of the race. The team has now been informed that investigations by the Hong Kong and mainland China authorities will be closed shortly with no further action to be taken. As a result, Towill gives us his account on what happened in the early hours of January 20 in the approach to Hong Kong. What happened as you approached the finish line of Leg 4? We were about 30 nautical miles from the finish, and I was at the navigation station monitoring the radar and AIS (Automatic Identification System), and communicating with the crew on-deck through the intercom. I was watching three vessels on AIS: a cable layer, which we had just passed, a vessel farther ahead moving across our bow and away, and a third vessel identified as a fishing vessel. There were a number of additional boats on AIS, many of them fishing vessels, but these three were the only ones identified in our vicinity. What were the conditions like? What could you see? It was a dark and cloudy night, with a breeze of around 20 knots and a moderate sea state. As we approached the fishing vessel that we had identified on AIS, the on-deck crew confirmed visual contact – the fishing vessel was well lit – and we headed up to starboard to keep clear. I was watching AIS and communicating the range and bearing to the crew. The crew confirmed we were crossing the fishing vessel when, before the anticipated cross, there was an unexpected collision. What happened immediately after the collision? So much happened so fast. The impact from the collision spun us into a tack to port that we weren’t prepared for. Everyone who was off watch came on deck. Everyone on our boat was safe and accounted for. We checked the bow, saw the hole in the port side and went below to assess the damage. Water was flowing into our boat through the hole, and there was concern over the structural integrity of the bow. How did you control the ingress of water? We heeled the boat to starboard to keep the port bow out of the water. The sail stack was already to starboard and the starboard water ballast tank was full. We also kept the keel canted to starboard. We placed our emergency pump in the bow to pump water overboard. We were able to minimize the ingress, but the boat was difficult to maneuver because it was heeled over so much. What actions did you take immediately after getting your boat under control? It took roughly 20 minutes to get our boat under control, and then we headed back towards the location of the collision. Upon arrival, several people on a fishing vessel nearby were shining lights to a point on the water. Our first thought was that they could be looking for someone, so we immediately started a search and rescue. After some time searching, we eventually spotted a person in the water. Who were you in communication with? Did anyone offer assistance? We tried to contact the other vessel involved in the collision, and alerted race control straight away. When we initiated the search and rescue, our navigator immediately issued a Mayday distress call over VHF channel 16 on behalf of the fishing vessel. There were many vessels in the area, including a cruise ship with a hospital bay, but they were all standing by. Communication was difficult. The sheer volume of traffic on the radio meant it was hard to communicate to the people we needed to. Not many people on the VHF were speaking English, but we found a way to relay messages through a cable laying vessel, and they were able to send their guard boat to aid in the search and rescue. How was the casualty retrieved? Difficult conditions and limited maneuverability hampered our initial efforts to retrieve the casualty. The guard boat from the cable layer provided assistance and every effort was made from all parties involved in the search and rescue. We were finally able to successfully recover the casualty after several attempts. When we got him aboard, our medics started CPR. We alerted Hong Kong Marine Rescue Coordination Centre that we had the casualty aboard and they confirmed air support was on its way. He was transferred to a helicopter and taken to a Hong Kong hospital where medical staff where unable to revive him. Did any of your competitors offer assistance? Dongfeng Race Team offered assistance. At the time, we were coordinating the search and rescue with multiple vessels, including the cable layer that had a crewman who spoke Chinese and English and was relaying our communication. We advised Dongfeng that they were not needed as there were a number of vessels in the area that were closer. Team AkzoNobel arrived while the air transfer was in effect. Race control requested that they stand by and they did, and we later released them once the helicopter transfer was complete. What happened after the search and rescue procedure was completed? Once we knew there was nothing more we could do at the scene of the accident, we ensured our boat was still secure, and informed Volvo Ocean Race that we would retire from the leg and motor to shore. We arrived at the technical area nearby the race village and met with race officials and local authorities to give our account of what happened.
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    Hello, here are the current rankings. For people that have not yet posted their full info I have taken OA finish placings. People still racing get a DTF which is approximate to 01:00UTC. Please let me know is there are any errors in this data. Also many thanks to @mkgsailor and @Shorthanded for doing all the rankings this leg, I have been slacking hideously! Mea culpa. Rank Group SA Name Boat Name DTF Days Hours Minutes Seconds Overall Finish Distance Sailed Percentile Overall 1 C Sambaopreis Sambaopreis 19 20 16 37 271 6585.4 0.47% 2 B Shorthanded Shorty 19 20 28 50 318 6711.1 0.55% 3 C mred mistered 341 0.59% 4 C Will Lee Lorraine III 19 20 39 31 359 6699.1 0.62% 5 A prettyhatemachine prettyhatemachine 19 20 39 59 363 6651.5 0.63% 6 B Iluvitar 19 21 14 43 452 6647 0.78% 7 B gary hschutz 709 1.23% 8 A Golden Rose Golden Rose SA 20 0 45 2 720 6686.8 1.25% 9 A Breitling Breitling_SA 20 1 5 15 746 6564.9 1.29% 10 B sailon2 jahmbo SA 20 1 6 47 749 6483.6 1.30% 11 B jacksparrow Malamute 772 1.34% 12 B Mr. Fixit Yodaman 20 2 16 38 823 6574.5 1.42% 13 A HKG1203 HKG1203 20 4 51 57 963 6539.3 1.67% 14 C JeSa-SA JeSa 20 4 57 36 977 6625.4 1.69% 15 A Tunnel Rat Mongrel 20 5 0 17 1002 6375.4 1.73% 16 A I Sail The Black Boat Thistle1678 20 5 6 4 1047 6712.4 1.81% 17 A Kapt'n Kirk prowler_1-SA 20 5 15 27 1173 6645.2 2.03% 18 A daan62 hutspot77 20 5 15 47 1175 6525.5 2.03% 19 B Milli Blitzquart 20 5 17 22 1191 6302 2.06% 20 B EquusAsinusDomesticus ON9270 20 5 19 54 1225 6583.1 2.12% 21 C 4010 grimlin 20 5 46 57 1746 6334 3.02% 22 A,B,C Magool Magool 20 6 13 31 2240 6326 3.87% 23 C Sapphire Girl Sapphire Girl 20 6 17 56 2360 6213.9 4.08% 24 B unplugged Dcarr 20 6 21 8 2444 6184.9 4.23% 25 A Driftwood Me Rongo Rekohu SA 20 6 26 0 2567 6439.4 4.44% 26 A Vibroman Vibroman_SA 20 6 28 31 2633 6027.4 4.55% 27 B stanlutz USA644RAVEN_SA 2649 4.58% 28 A BlueMountainsYC shockwave11 20 6 34 17 2811 6333.5 4.86% 29 A Ozzy Ozzy85 20 6 35 50 2860 6439 4.95% 30 A Marty6 Cambodunum 20 7 21 30 4034 6415.2 6.98% 31 B hmsmweasel Stay Thirsty M 43 4085 7.07% 32 B Rimike rider1982 4139 7.16% 33 A Gybe Turkey Gybe Turkey 20 7 32 10 4265 6652.8 7.38% 34 A Ranbow Spirit Ranbow Spirit II 20 7 39 2 4372 6630.7 7.56% 35 B cg_ 4468 7.73% 36 B Gufmiester Gufmiester 4633 8.01% 37 B kea.nn kea.nn SA 20 8 15 52 4951 6618.6 8.56% 38 B N/A Walkaround 5633 9.74% 39 A From The Rail A-Squared 20 9 45 40 5817 6138.2 10.06% 40 B GrandbendOnt 20 9 46 32 5830 5899.8 10.08% 41 C rolltak awkwardturtle 5992 10.36% 42 B mkgsailor J2B2 7821 13.53% 43 A Wet Hog WetHog-SA 20 13 1 30 7891 6940.7 13.65% 44 C Dirty Sea Rag 8694 15.04% 45 A Mud Sailor Mudsailor SA 20 16 41 16 9293 6792 16.07% 46 B Alpina ColombaRacing 2.7 47 B spadadua 7.2 48 A Mike G Mike Ventura 209.7 49 A Your Mom Your Mom SA 225.7 50 B stufishing Stufishing_SA 285.6 51 A Hike, Bitches HikeBitches 330 52 C Vin Divided Sky 876 53 puckhead 1250.4 54 C sailingk8 She Wolf 1340.5 55 Localdog 1364.9 56 B Swamp Swamp Rat 1397.9 57 A Lat21 Hamachi SA 2261 58 B Tommmzzz tommmzzz 4732.8 59 B CaptainSENer CaptainSENer DNS 60 A The Actual Dave Davemw DNS 61 A Iced Tea rule69 DNS 62 B RunSampRun Samsonite SA DNS 63 A briar Wing it DNS Cheers, TR
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    Well, last night was fucking brutal. Phrases like 'they deserved better' or 'they were robbed' are obviously emotional descriptions to show how close the team came to getting on the podium; as underdogs to lose out after sailing such a good leg is just brutal. Sure, Mapfre and DFRT helped by having their 6000nm match race. Whilst the shutdown on the East coast was predicted, it was not supposed to be as complete as it was. Both TTTOP and DFRT had Dee and the team with a 40 mile buffer at the finish by the routing just 24 hrs from the finish. TTTOP were literally 100s of meters from Scally and Akzo, when those two got their noses into a bit of breeze and were then able to extend whilst the Red Boats were trucking in from behind. We got out to the boats just as they were on their penultimate gybe. Mapfre had got ahead through sheer boat speed, and then DFRT overtook after TTTOP had a bad gybe, which was followed 2 minutes later by a broach. Essentially they were beaten by the two most well funded and experienced teams whilst racing in the dark, in relatively confined waters, at 20-25kts. So, the outcome is as you would expect. The 'unfairness' comes from the weather not being quite as modelled, and giving the red boats the opportunity that was not there according to the models. It is what it is. Gutting that it was not in daylight, it would have been a phenomenal sight for everyone.
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    Good post mate - but I said it trains for known emergencies not the unknown. (maybe I was too busy being a smart arse as usual and wasn't being clear) I give Gerry Fitz a hand with the course delivery from time to time and Gerry is big on the 'Take this back to your own crew and develop some plans for your own boat and crew' - that and the illustration of how fucked you get swimming even in a pool for a few hours are the two most important lessons IMHO. It is to facilitate thinking - not give all the answers. Since Cheeki Rafiki we in RYA training have been talking about what to do if the keel falls of. I don't have the answer to that but an interesting exercise is to get all the crew down below and then tell them they all have 10 seconds to get on deck. It is like trying to get on a Toyko subway at peak hour. Very, very sobering activity and that is with the companionway the right way up. An anarchist that doesn't post much anymore admits she owes her life to Gerry Fitz and the SSSC course. She went over the side (with out a LJ or a light) on the same night PWC hit Flinders islet. She said what went through her head was Gerrys words - get buoyant and get noticed. She took off her Seaboots, filled them with air and kept herself afloat with them. Luckily she did have a whistle in her pocket and in her own words 'Blew her tits off'. She was heard and got back on the boat she fell off. One of the best things about the course is the collective knowledge in the room. Most courses have people with lots of experience and experiences and the discussions are just as important as the course materials. I did my update last year and it made me realize two things. How complacent I had got in a few areas and how unfit I was to be swimming for a while. It also showed me what a piece of shit my stormy inflatable vest was. It made me float ever so slightly face down. I now give it to my bowman to wear because of his ability to talk under water and wet cement. If nothing else it is good to spend a day with other experienced people talking about this stuff. I have attended or delivered the course about 20 times and have learnt something about safety, or myself, every time. What is does teach that is relevant to this discussion is how to survive in the tide - provided you have the right kit on. After the '98 Hobart race we were all a bit spooked and so our prep for the '99 race was very through. I wrote and delivered the first Sea survival course in the country at RQ and Lydia and I spent a lot of time talking about what if..., including winding up on the roof. As it turned out we had a horrific knock down, wheel gone, boat fucked and full of water and a few crew injured and hyperthomic. Our prep was of great value as it turned out and the only person more pleased than me was the proprietor of the Saint Helens hotel. My god we gave him some money! But joking aside, getting thinking about this stuff is what the course is all about. The 'it won't happen to me' and 'if it does my experience will get me through' attitude really shits me. I am not a safety Nazi at all. If we have planned well we can relax and enjoy the sail, knowing we have a plan. My 2c.
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    Isn't it just so fantastic to have this raw footage so soon after it was shot? Especially today. Riveting...and terribly distracting. Don't think much work will be done today.
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    The reasons we consider heroes to be exceptional people is because... well... they are exceptional. Heroic. As in, the exception rather than the rule. We have cheapened that in America in the post 9/11 era by referring to any kind of first responder as a hero by definition. Or anyone in the military. We would like to believe that any policeman or policewoman would charge in with their service revolver against a single or multiple shooters with AR-15s or AK-47s to a certain or very likely death for a small chance of saving a school full of kids. But the reality is that not everyone, even trained cops or firemen or soldiers, will necessarily do that. Trained or not. There's a reason we award special honors like the Congressional Medal of Honor to those who sacrifice their lives to save of help their comrades, or civilians. If we expected every person in those jobs to do the same those honors wouldn't mean much. To have your protection strategy for these scenarios depend upon people routinely and predictably being willing to heroically throw their lives away... it's not a great strategy. So you had not only the first cop, but a few others, not enter the building despite current teaching for active shooter scenarios. Obeying training is a lot harder when doing so means you will probably die. When by going against that training means you will almost certainly live. Some will do it. Some will not.
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    As an owner, these tragedies definitely make me pause. Whilst we all might have the best intentions, the reality of resources and finances have a way of insidiously altering your thought patterns. A frank analysis is usually painful, as there’s always something on your list that’s borderline. Most times when I do find something that’s marginal, the selfish, or bluntly tight arsed, part of my brain has a way of whispering she’ll be right, conditions look benign for this next race, I’ll worry about it next year. An example: my life raft was new with the boat, it’s in its service dates but have I pulled it right out and checked it of late? No. Or the jacklines . They’re flat webbing straps, they look fine but there is some slight furring on the edge here and there. Are they still OK when 80 odd kgs goes over the side? That stanchion that bent and now wobbles a bit when we wrapped a kite sheet through it, is it still safe? Having Cat audits is necessary, and I actually enjoy them, as they reinforce to me my boat passes an established checklist. But if I’m brutally honest, I still have to fight an internal battle to ensure that I’m not JUST using things like audits and crew compliance as “I passed, that’s all I need to do”, and ensure I keep viewing safety holistically in every facet of managing and owning the boat. It would crush me to tell the wife of a crew member I contributed to the accident because I’d skimped on spending money on the (insert here) . Sobering.
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    leave the younger generation out of your twisted fantasy world of danger and menace around every corner. leave the rest of us out of it, too, it's offensive. fk me, you happily propagate a gun culture, then suggest an authoritarian one to counter it. that's some dark shit, princess, very right-wing.
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    Thanks SX for this..can you please advise Martin some fans are also doing it really tough as per the following.
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    I have come about as close as possible without pulling the trigger, would have been justifiable .45 in the chest at just about arms length and doubt he would have survived. Knowing I had it put me in a position that I could have avoided, in retrospect I should have just called the cops without escalating a situation with someone spoiling for a fight. That incident changed me, would I do anything to protect myself, family or friends or anyone needing help? Yes. Would I do everything to avoid bloodshed, yes. Which is why I want to see restrictions put on who can buy and own those weapons deemed unnecessary and suited for mass killings only. I have zero respect for the cunts at the NRA as it's power and money, they don't give a rats ass about anyone else.
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    And now we burn the juicy leftovers from their forests! That's because dinosaurs were fuckin' losers, pal. They deserve what they got. I mean, one little comet strike, and gone! Any REAL species builds themselves nukes to defend their planet against asteroids, right? FB- Doug
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    This, by the way, is the kind of thing I'm talking about when I say that guns are such a sacred idol or totem of worship in U.S. society that people are seriously arguing that we should turn every other aspect of life in America upside down like having armed soldiers policing every street rather than even consider touching any aspect of guns. It's a real sickness.