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    IPLore - I am one of the CEO from RS Sailing (we have 2). I do not really write on forums by your post pretty much sums it up. We have lost this one and we always knew taking on the largest class in the World would not be easy. Change is tough. We completely understand how smaller MNA would struggle and that is why we spent so much time on a transitional plan. You are right, it did hurt (only for a short while) but on Sunday evening on my way home all I felt was pride - We had a go, did it with a smile and made some friends on the way - This is the RS way. It was a real team effort. So we can walk away with our head held high and go back to growing the brand - as you said 'sailor by sailor, club by club, boat by boat BUT I do not see it as the hard way - This is the fun. It is what we have done for 25 years and what we will continue to do...it is why we love what we do. From RS Tera to RS Aero to RS21 we will continue to get more sailors on the water. As a team we reflected today on the pass few weeks and I can honestly we feel like winners. The support we have had from around the world has been unbelievable....and for all those that have liked, comments etc...thank you Jon - RS
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    You think that’s impressive? Just two weeks ago I raced aboard a Beneteau that has been afloat for at least a year!
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    These toys employ a lot of us, directly or indirectly. When billionaires decide to spend their money in a way that puts it into the yachting industry we should embrace it and not bitch. Would you prefer they just left it in a bank volt? That side, was a beautiful yacht with some really innovative features. A lot of very talented and passionate people worked on the project and I feel sorry for them and all involved for seeing her come to such an end. And I feel for the owner, he put a lot of time, passion and money into the project and it was looking to have produced just what he wanted for years to come.
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    As the parent of a transgender daughter, they got it right with the policy. It should play out as written for the near future to see whether it has any real effect. Transgender individuals get hormone therapy to make their bodies match their chosen gender. Not impressed with the feeble attempts at humor here. Gender identity is not a laughing matter. No one would choose transition for fun; it means a life of discrimination and struggle.
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    It's because you started posting again. Last time you did this Maserati broke a foil. I think it would be safer for them if you just don't post.
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    Here are two diagrams from a recent La Stampa article that shows the extent of the redesign. Not exactly a minor tweak. Cheers, Earl
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    Now boys and girls, It’s interesting to read this topic and to read so many mis truths. So let’s look at some basic facts. 1 - The big boys toys have no relationship to small Boat sailors or clubs ? What a load of crap, every time you buy boat fittings, paints or any marine products the big boys have helped to fund the R&D of these products. Just think about a carbon mast ? A new laser carbon top section for $500 - 1000 and say they sell a few thousand a year, how much is the R&D component of that ? Bugger all. My songs mast would of cost between $3-4 million + and the R&D for that mast alone would of been $500,000 + dollars. My Songs mast R&D will trickle down to help pay for the lasers new top section R&D. It’s simple, the big boys toys do help us club sailors. 2 - Shipping v Sailing on own bottom ? Shipping a boat isn’t cheap and most will sail there boat themselfs between ports the thing is for most shipping is very cost affective and cheaper in the long run. I had a client who looked into shipping a 98 foot power boat from Brisbane,Australia to the Med and they did the figures. Wow it was surprising. $100,000 in fuel + crew wages + food + maintenance + ware and tear + brackages, Over $150,000 and 2 months and 1000 - 1200 engine hours. Shipping Brisbane to the Med $120,000. 1 month give or take a few days. Crew can take annuall leave, yearly maintenance/ slipping can be done during passage, no ware and tear on motor or boat. Shipping was a far cheaper option in the long run and safer for the boat. Shipping makes sense for some boats, unless you are cruising around the world and have time to spend Sailing. So why not ship the boat if you can afford it. We are all time poor and if you have the money why not ? 3 - Shipping Cradles Shipping cradles for boats like this are normally over built and are very strong, they can be a stand alone cradle that can be put together in either 2 different ways, Boat with keel on or keel off you just adjust the hight and bracing of the cradle. Or they are a combination of shipping containers / work shops and steel cradles. They are very strong and they are normally designed for shipping the boats all over the world. Like all things they can fail. It’s part of life. 4 - Shipping company / My Song skipper/ crew The captain, loadmaster and the skipper of My Song would all of overseen the loading of the boat and if anyone of them had any problems it would of been sorted out before the ship set sail so I’m shore the boat was loaded probably and safely. So it’s not a blame game of who stuffed up or who was responsible, the boat would of been safely loaded or they wouldn’t of sailed. 5 - weather and losing the cargo. It was stated that the ship was in a storm and it was Beaufort 8 conditions. Fresh Gale 34 - 40 knots + and 5.5 m + seas. The ship would of been rolling around and all of the cargo would of been being battered around. The captain may of even seen My Song moving about and not been able to do anything about it because of the bad weather. Stop and think, the crew could only of done so much to try and stop the losesing of the cargo. If the deck or cradle were wet how can they weld or repair the cradle or deck and fix more lashing points to the deck if needed. How could they safely climb onto the boat safely to attach more lashings when the weather is to dangerous to even go on deck. Unfortunately in today’s world of lawyers and insurance companies someone needs to be blamed and we all forget that accidents do happen. The only winners in this case will be the lawyers and they could drag this on for years and like most things, it will be us little guys that end up paying for a true accident in our insurance policies because the lawyers just want to fight. I’ve worked in the marine industry for 30 years so I do have some understanding of what’s happened. So let’s hope it can be saved and rebuilt and Sailing again and we see a rebuilding of My Song topic. pulpit p.s Hoppy, I’ve not blocked you yet. Lol
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    Yes, but if it blowing 40kts, with 6m seas, the rig is over the side and the steering is jammed and the helicopter crew say "we are leaving in 3 minutes with or without you and we will not be coming back" what would you do? I'm fairly certain I would be part of the orderly queue to get the hell out of there.
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    I guess I should contribute with my little saga. About 8 years ago I was in well-known racing program and the thick of our season and besides colds or flu I have been in excellent health for most of my life. Actually a carded professional skier in youth but I thought I was getting a cold or something but isn't getting better. I thought it was odd and perhaps it was pneumonia or something. My doctor from a young age had retired or passed on so I didn't have a regular physician for years. But I finally went to a new doctor as I wasn't getting better. He checked me over and there is something very wrong here heart rate very high an erratic so para-medics arrive at the clinic and I'm off to emergency. Almost a month in the hospital later I'm home. Turns out I had a bicuspid aortic valve go on me from a birth defect. It took me weeks to be well enough to do open heart surgery. Spent ICU for 10 days (they don't put you in the ICU for no reason!). The surgery involved an artificial/porcine valve put in (ya, I know - pig valve! My crew and friends said: Imagine that - spare parts for you!). After some rehab and therapy to make sure I was doing fine. No marathons for me anymore but I'll live. 18 months later, my internist, said you have pretty high afib and recommended to give me a shot with the electrical paddles which is normal fair to stop the flutter. We did that and it worked well. But 6 months later I was out cruising in Howe Sound at our club outstation and I woke up feeling a little funky more than a hangover from the night before. Slurring my words (than normal) and next thing I know I'm on the hovercraft to Vancouver general. Maybe a little of denial but I was able to jump on to the beach and walk to the waiting ambulance. They kept me overnight for observation reasons and released me as there weren't real symptoms and probably they were too busy to deal with me. Next morning still feeling funky so off to the emergency room near home. My internalist showed up as well as my GP. Turns I had a T.I.A. or mini-stroke. Stayed in the hospital for several weeks as it was a bad one. Barely speak but walking was there, albeit slow and my balance went for a shit. The balance came back but the speech wasn't great at all. I have developed aphasia too and probably caused some brain damage. I was able to get back on the boat but and went for therapy for 18 months. It helped a bit but not enough as I'm a sales professional as I have to talk for a living and it wasn't there. Therapists after 18 months they said there is nothing more we can do for you. So I had to do something and live like for the rest of my life? But Vancouver is an Asian city these days so we found a full-on Chinese traditional chinese medicine or TCM that dealt with neuro acupuncture. My first session I already felt it. 6 months of sessions, every 2 weeks, my speech was coming back. 8 months in, although still not perfect, my GP did a check up generally and he said your speech as come along and shouldn't have happened. I said: Doctor - I couldn't even say "remarkable" months ago but here I am. Again, still not perfect and a struggle when I'm tired under stress but? I'm going in the right direction anyway. Don't worry much about picking up the phone so much and I used to lecture on racing/tactics so I'm almost ready to do that again. So thank you Dr. Chen. One of the side benefits of my acupuncture sessions he's helped me with my aphasia, balance and general wellness. Sorry to bore you with this but it might help others.
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    C’mon, people, Lesbian Robot was brilliant but did not pen (type?) the NYYC rant. This was the response to LR whining about the leather couch in the Harbor Court men’s room (credit to some guy who should have a Pulitzer, not to me): Let me begin by saying that this message was clearly written by a bitter, sexually frustrated, marshmallow of a sailor. How do I know this? Well first of all, I can tell you that NYYC is one of the highest concentrations of wealth in the sailing community. Rich guys marry hot women. They then breed hot daughters who love to go to Daddy's club, get drunk on Daddy's tab, and fuck Daddy's bowman. You were too busy being pissed off about the drink prices to realize the potential. In fact, the guy who didn't respond when you said, "excuse me" was probably in the process of looking for his daughter. Mean while, the mast man is balls deep in this little cooz, and the irony is the she's calling HIM Daddy! So this father is picturing his little princess getting broken in two by some guy from Detroit, and you are pissed off because he didn't acknowledge you properly? Now who's being inconsiderate? The next item is the lawn. One of the nicest lawns I have ever been on. They have waitresses on the lawn. And they wear tight black pants. And these waitresses all get off work and go party in Newport. And where are you? You are too hung up on the leather couch in the pisser to ask them what their plans are. If you played your cards right, those tight black pants could be hanging from the mirror of the team van, and the two of you could leave a puddle of pleasure on the .6 runner. But you didn't. At any rate, either of the aformentioned girls can go get you drinks for free, be it on Daddy's tab or the house's. Instead, you are sitting in the corner, counting out your last few wet dollars, and getting pissed because you can't get drunk enough to make a total ass of yourself. The New York Yacht Club puts on good regattas. Sure, their a bunch of elitist assholes, but at least they don't try to hide it. They celebrate it. Who cares. They buy big boats, and let young hard-ons like you sail on them. I figure an extra buck per beer is worth at least a few hours of hanging out on the lawn and hitting on top quality stinky. God, I miss Newport. Usually by the time the owner has a daughter old enough to chug seed, the wife toast. The insurance company has totaled her. Usually. The owner has already moved on to some naughty little thing that, just a few years back, was an owner's daughter herself. The pit girl for example. Yes, the daughter loved the bowman. But the ideas that the wife have are much bigger. To compare a woman over 40 to a fine wine would be a cliche. I prefer a dry aged steak. On the outside it is a thing of beauty, though the grill has clearly left its mark. But once you bite into it, the experience is one to remember. The kind of thing where, when you get back home you high-five your dad. Now here's the thing that the young guys miss. They are so caught up in the daughter, and her stares, that they don't even notice the wife. She hasn't had sex with her husband in years, and even then the guy's circulatory system is only good for about five pumps, thinking about the babysitter he just dropped off. So there she sits, bored. Then her husband buys a boat to feed his ego, and gets a bunch of strong young lads to crew it. As the boat pulls into the dock, she is standing there with her daughter and a cooler full of beer. You are thinking about the daughter; the daughter is thinking about the beer; and the wife is thinking about you. To revisit an earlier point, the owner is thinking about the daughter, the beer, and you. So here's the play. When the owner gives his, "I want everyone sharp tomorrow" speech, and heads home, you take her to some bar and treat her like she's one of the crew. She'll get off on the novelty. After a few Kamikazis, she'll take you somewhere for sex that's so good you'll wish you had filmed it. Nobody gives head like a woman over 40. Of course you can't tell anyone. But the next day, when you are hooking up the bag, you can look back at the owner with a little smirk. And he doesn't even notice that you have a hard on.
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    I have a little experience sailing the course. And even if I didn't, what's wrong with a little betting on the horse race!?
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    No need for speculation, doom and gloom. Hull 3 sold a month ago, she is in structural fitout and her deck is being demolded. GB6804 has officially started with the inside skin almost complete. Several prospects have done seatrials on Condor and have or are still to come to France for visits. Turns out if you actually sell these boats at the right price the market is a little smaller (ha!). More than enough interest to keep building, most important is to maintain quality and streamline production. Yep it's official, with 3 boats in the yard we actually have a "production line". Building one boat is tough but staying efficient with 3 boats a year is the next big focus.
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    Kiwis make up like 12% of SA posters, shitbrick. They don't rule the board, they just know how to argue and debate while you barely know how to read.
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    Wouldn't recognizing that one was incapable of caring for a child and thus not bringing it into the world be the epitome of responsibility? If you want to use the "responsibility" argument, you must first be able to ascertain that bringing a child into the world is a responsible thing to do. For some people it is. For others, it isn't. There are those who realize what it is and what it means to raise a child. Some know they are not capable. In those cases, how does forcing them to carry to term what starts off as a small collection of non-viable cells, benefit them or the child? Granted, in some cases parents can and will step up and do a fine job and raise great kids. But in other cases, exactly the opposite happens. So tell us again, why should not parents who know they are incapable of caring for, starting during the gestational period and onward, this life, not have the choice of how to approach their situation? Again, who benefits? And again, I would buy the whole responsibility and pro life argument if the same people who made those arguments actually pretended to give a damn about life after birth. You know, making sure that parents have access to quality healthcare for their children (currently, they do, but only because of the ACA, which the so called "pro lifers" have been trying to eliminate), making sure that parents have access to quality nutrition for their children (currently, the R's are trying to curb the food stamp and welfare systems), and so on. The bottom line is that the whole "pro life" argument is nothing more than a continuation of "christian" patriarchy and values, and the desire to impose those views on others.
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    Nope, it ain't. It's just another thing to put in your body, and drugs have literally been a part of human society since there was a human society. Not only that, some drugs may in part be responsible for human society. The scourge is the lack of education and transparency in all of it, which comes entirely from prohibition advocates who early on figured out that demonizing drug users was the way to solve their problems, guaranteeing that no one actually worked to address the real issues. The die was cast early on that the paid-for legislators and the corporate overseers (whether Hearst, McCarthy, private prison vendors, or big pharma) had to destroy and dehumanize drug users rather than regulate, educate, treat, and provide transparency.
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    Like the wall? And jailing children? This is "tons" of drugs. It flies into Ohio on 747's. It comes to Newark in uninspected shipping containers. Roars thru Texas border checkpoints in railcars. All this pretend "border security" is just a drama for the masses.
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    TP52 type boat? Thats what I was expecting/hoping for when GD said monohull. Would have to think getting 5-8 Challengers with a TP52 type boat would of been very possible. The 3 main Challengers now would of signed up for that and would think at least two of S&S, Dutch and Malta could scrape up enough funds for at least one boat. Then look to current TP52 teams and maybe a couple of those teams sign up. And then maybe an established team from AUS gets interested, like the Wild Oats crew. Hell maybe even old EB and Alinghi decide to return. And another wild card possibility is some RC44 teams, like Artemis, get interested. 5-8 Challengers feels like a foregone conclusion if a TP52 type boat was chosen. The AC is never going to come close to competing for fans attention on a global stage like the Olympics, F1 or the World Cup. Its a niche event sailors follow. Its time to accept that and for the AC to truly return to its roots. A match racing competition between nations contested in displacement monohulls the AC's true fans can relate to. In addition, I still feel strict nationality rules would go a long way in helping sustain the AC moving into the future. It would be a lot easier to realize that goal with a displacement monohull. WetHog
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    Here is another picture from Farevela, https://farevela.net/2019/05/28/le-foto-del-my-song-sul-cargo-prima-dellincidente/ , which is a nice close up of the cradle, and strapping, while still in port at the look of it. I am a boy who has also spend some time in the industrie, have personally shipped a couple of smaller superyachts half way around the world, designed and had one of the cradles build, and joined one on the trips as well. I also own a. fast 39ft symbian, but don't ask me for more details on the saddle and straps on that one. OK, so obviously I know a little bit what I am talking about, and you know what, surprise, surprise: The shipping cradle failed!!! Or maybe, rather fell over??? If you can call that piece of shit, or two pieces of shit actually, a shipping cradle at all, as it doesn't seem to have any longitudinal strength (braces). Add to that absolute minimal strapping, in particular diagonal strapping both transverse and longitudinally. Wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing collapsed forward, in the first big wave the ship hit. I bet the captain tried to avoid rolling by taking the seas head on, under estimating the effect of pitching. A mitigating factor could have been that the lifting keel might have been sitting on the cradle (or deck), but it did not take the weight of the ship, like that is always the case with conventional keels. Makes a very big difference. So hopefully Farevela will come with more pictures, and also the inside scoop, as they are a pretty cool bunch.
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    I am 75 years old. Had black roommates in college (mid 1960s). Best friend in grad school was a black guy. Almost 50 years later he is the only person from grad school I stay in contact with. All of that said I find that as I get older I am less tolerant of everything. Noise, crowds, politicians, neighbors, my kids, traffic, long lines, etc. Only my 4 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old granddaughters don’t irritate me not even when the come crashing into my bedroom at 6am. So how much of “racism” for we old farts is simply being old, grumpy and growing up in another time. This in no way excuses the behavior of people who use vile language when referring to ethnic and racial minorities or take overt acts to intimidate minorities.
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    Here's the first instalment of our daily highlights. If you don't like the short sharp cuts I suggest you skip to 00:00:09. :-)
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    Fuck you, Jeff and Bolton and every other armchair warrior angling for a confrontation. I just want to stay the fuck out. Right now America is twisting Iran in knots, choking them while insisting on good behavior. We are starting a war, and it won’t end well for any of us. Pearl Harbor and 9/11 do not give us the right to start killing people around the globe when we get annoyed at them. Our big armies/babies/rocket forces/energy companies are driving our choices, not a grand foreign policy or dreams of freedom. Right now, we are being assholes towards Venezuela & Iran (& other places, sure). Not without reason, but assholes nonetheless. A shining, drunk, going bankrupt beacon of assholery. Do I mention armed to the teeth? I’d hate having me for a neighbor.