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    Ok - make that 100%. This is my dad's boat in 77 or 78 at the first Atlantic City race week - photo from the committee boat, pretty sure we won our class. That's me driving, with my brother the blond on the weather rail looking back and my dad just to his right in his beloved Peter Storm sweater. The treadmaster was a work in progress at the time (we added the additional pieces later on that summer), but you can see the seams on what's there exactly match the photos above, plus in the 5th photo you can see the yellow under the blue where the dock line has chafed it. We won a lot of races on that thing - it was a beast.
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    That was difficult to masturbate to.
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    Well, it took me a long time to get there, but today I raised the mast for the first time. Just a few more things to do before I finally can go sailing
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    Years ago I went into a liquor store to buy some Appletons, the Asian guy serving had a mask on and I asked him why because I was curious after years of seeing only Asian people wear them. He said he was feeling unwell with a cold, so dumbarse here asks yeah but why the mask how is that going to help? He said Oh no its not about me its about protecting you! I was humbled by his genuine social responsibility, the whitey tighteys in our office would come in all the time coughing and spluttering with out a thought about the next man.
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    To bring things back to sailing.... Here's 10mins of Emirates Team New Zealand throwing around Te Kāhu, yesterday out by Motukorea/Browns Island. A spy boat was back out again yesterday. It's back to working in the office on Monday so will likely only be videos from me if they're out over the weekends.
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    So here is the thing about southern culture and you obviously didn't snap that there was never a whiter group of people on the planet there - let's say you are a teacher on a field group and you come to a display of the confederate battle flag or a statue of RE Lee or any other general and a black child asks why is that being honored? Do you answer honestly, that it's a symbol of when the southern states fought for the right to own people like you? Because it's not "culture" it's a representation when Americans fought and died countless bloody battles to determine whether or not it was right and proper to own other humans if their skin was dark. Since you aren't a southerner (though you claim to have lived every single place on the planet) you don't know what you are writing about - I grew up here, every thing was segregated, community, schools, churches, everything and I didn't know better until for many years. All those symbols and statues represent the fight to own slaves, that is a piss poor culture and any effort to represent it differently is no acceptable in society. Good Day.
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    Thanks for asking. Getting better, fatigue subsiding. Resting heart rate has been a bit high - 90 to 100 when I'm usually 60 or 70 so Doc said lets give the antibiotic another run and add some prednisone ( and I hate that drug) for 5 days and see if any improvement. They are working on the notion there was a secondary opportunistic bacterial infection in the lungs as well and recent data shows the combination of pred and an antibiotic is working well for post COVID lingering lung bacterial "stuff". Im two days into the 5 course and feeling lots better already resting heart rate is already down in the 80's and the fatigue is better as well. Oh....played my second round of 9 since the COVID with Mrs PB at our course. I sucked......shot a 61...but felt pretty good physically and it was really nice to just toddle around in the cart with the Mrs. So...........things are looking up!!
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    that's because you are a misogynist douchebag.
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    I've grown used to the wider definition of a Karen, which is someone who orders a stranger what to do with an absolute belief in his or her own rightness and impunity regardless of the lack of accuracy of said belief. Someone who treats others like shit deserves consequences. Beating their ass lands you in jail and there's no law against being an asshole to people. Whereas broadcasting their faces seems like a legal and relatively harmless way to let them earn those consequences. And it's fun to watch.
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    Check out this centre cockpit, kauri composite 52' Ketch, designed by Laurie Davidson. This boat could have very long legs. For sale in Brisbane, QLD, Australia: https://www.boatsonline.com.au/boats-for-sale/used/sailing-boats/davidson-52-ketch/244490
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    Just chartered my boat from Toulon to Sete, from dawn til dusk. Well she mostly chartered herself. She's a well manered old lady, despite her IOR origins.
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    I stand corrected. Newly released photos show the stadium is packed full of supporters.
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    a 1976 freshwater e-35-2. almost totally redone, new inboard, etc. very stoked.
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    Allow the turnbuckles and swages to fail without interruption from timely maintenance.
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    I posted an earlier picture of my Cape Dory Typhoon when I purchased last fall....heres a couple of shots after teak and nonskid refinish and new bottom paint and rudder repaiir...
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    Heritage one ton. I'm 99% sure that's my dad's old boat from the 70s - it not only has the blue Treadmaster (rubberized cork deck) that I personally cut and applied to the deck as a teenager, but I recognize the Swifter hydraulic backstay adjuster (unusual at the time but very cool). Those are the original Merriman jibsheet leads too. It was originally a color Charlie Morgan told us was called 'Armadillo Yellow', and had a 9" wide electric blue stripe at the deck.
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    Sometimes you can actually see it happening.
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    From an article in the Chicago Tribune The best pro-health sign I’ve seen this pandemic is the one posted at both North Side locations of the Chicago Bagel Authority sandwich shop: “To accommodate anti-maskers,” it says, “we have provided a space 40 feet west where you can stare at your reflection in the window since apparently you’re the only person you care about.” The point is to underscore a message that seems slowly to be seeping into the public consciousness, that covering your mouth and nose with cloth or other semipermeable material when you’re likely to be near strangers in public settings displays courtesy, not fear. https://www.chicagotribune.com/columns/eric-zorn/ct-column-masks-facial-coverings-coronavirus-bagel-zorn-20200623-nz3x4m7mirhvpdcrvrfnan4rmu-story.html
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    There haven't been many conservatives in the GOP for some time. Trump, and the GOP's current situation is purely The Party's making. The GOP nominated him, despite his near complete lack of conservative principles, and the GOP elected him despite that lack. The Party's own lack of principles freed it to follow Trump far away from adherence to conservative values, wherever he chose to roam. Had there been any real conservatives in the GOP he would have never gotten past escalator day and the Mexican rapists. Fuck Trump. Fuck the GOP. Fuck the Faux Conservatives and their phony principles.
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    I disagree. People who get in other people's faces and scream should ALWAYS be displayed for the world to enjoy. Always.
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    Landslide definitely in the offing, with the mandate that implies to guarantee an end to GOP gerrymandering and a GOP SCOTUS. I would advise Biden to not even think of debating Trump. Campaign Statement: "Debating with someone means an agreement to tell the truth and means respect for your adversary. Donald Trump is a proven liar, a proven criminal, and does not warrant or deserve to sit across a debate stage from an honest man like Joe Biden." Then they can run Lindsay's comments on Biden again. Problem solved.
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    Restive splashes tomorrow.
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    In defence of idiots there was a point the mooring "knowledge base" ceased to be handed down OR more precisely the "number" of idiots overwhelmed that "knowledge base." This was a world wide phenomenon. IMO the mooring idiocy was born in the period 30 years ago from 1990 -1994 and then a further boost of idiocy in the year 2000. Why those precise dates you may well ask? Well the historical norm of someone "inexperienced" when buying a larger offshore capable boat (requiring mooring), was was first to seek out someone "experienced" to show them the ropes. That practise suddenly died off. What caused that unseemly death you may well ask? Enter the "Nintendo Navigator." The majority of the new Block II GPS satellite constellation was launched by the US in that period, the last sat in 1994. In 2000 the US Government then "turned off" Selective Availability (SA), that until then had degraded positioning on civilian GPS Recievers. The first high end marine recreational GPS Receivers in the early 90's comprised a simple two tone LCD screen that would show tracks and WP's only so paper chart skills were still needed. That was superceded by Recievers with integral electronic charts, or the Plotter/MFD as we know it today. It's introduction compounded the idiocy. So hey presto the biggest fear of the "inexperienced" of knowing where you were and getting from A to B all but disappeared. Along with that disappeared the need to first seek out someone "experienced' to show them the ropes, including all things mooring rope type stuff. They set out to sea feeling they were doing nothing more difficult than playing a computer game. Some even departed California and found French Polynesia, feeling like they could show Captain Cook a thing or two. Luckily there were few berths at the other end so they weren't presented with the problem of having to properly tie up. Some may have circumnavigated without even laying out a "spring line." Boat sales to those "inexperienced" became less of a chore and boat sales increased = more idiots. 25 - 30 years later those idiots are now "self-experienced" idiots but still non the wiser. They make up today the majority of boats in most marinas in the world today. Those that were "experienced" from 25 - 30 years ago are now largely either reading up on nursing homes or 8 bells have tolled. However luckily they have imparted their knowledge, but unfortunately only amoungst a "very few." The "very few" now do their level best dockside to convert both the older "self-experienced" idiots and the rising tide of "new" idiots, but fighting a losing battle. The "very-few" even go on-line occasionally on SA to lament the dying art of "springing" and to try and ensure it is not lost. Once 8 bells toll for the "very-few" it will all depend on how many idiots they have converted to laying out "spring lines." However the trouble with idiots is they prefer to remain idiots. Will the "spring line" end up like the dinnasour, extinct and forgotton in the annals of maritime history? Only time will tell. From The Spring University.