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    Fricking incredible almost no wetted surface.
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    That explains why some of the finished boats are heading out again. That's a bummer when you've been at sea for that amount of time and wan't a nice hot meal, see your family etc. On the positive side at least they got to sail and race so a small price to pay. Great race and for me some badly needed entertainment. Good thread. Cheers to all..
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    Qantas will cancel all international flights bar NZ until March 2021 All 200 planes will be made available for the America's Cup !
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    Mein guten that is an old photo of what is now uber expensive real estate!
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    I guess it's because we are just so damn good at it
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    people wealthy enough to have a yacht are hiring private teachers, or grouping together in small groups (4-5) and hiring private teachers, as preparation or to supplement the rolling clusterfuck we have now. Cunts like the scam way bitch Devo love this, because they want a permanent underclass
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    Well, it's good to have you back from your semi vegetative state. You probably won't believe this, but while you were... ahem... "away", you were praising Trump's speeches. I'm serious. You really were. Anyway, welcome back.
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    People need open reliable schools as childcare if nothing else. Huge incentives, good reasons. But like they’ve done for everything else it seems the Trumpublicans plans is “fuck you, make it happen”. Really shows how completely clueless about the “real world” these jackssses are. The only thing worse than closed is open/closed cyclical rolling Unplanned clusterfuck.
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    Tea towel that is soaked in MEK mixed with styrene monomer 70-30. Filters and kills the particles and gives a nice buzz. Also the smell puts everyone away from you at least 6 feet.
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    Lol... If the best shade you can throw at New Zealand is about an Australian airline. That is fantastic....hahaha you crack me up. Is that really the best you can do??
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    i do not. i've probably misunderstood the "info" the first time. than i made it right on the second try...
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    Vincent Riou won it on 2005 on an old boat. PRB, Initiatives and Malizia could conceivably win it this year. Had 11th Hour not scooped up the old Hugo Boss, and someone like Morgan Lagraviere, Yann Elies, or another skipper gotten that boat, with some re-fit money... it could conceivably win. I hear what you are saying, but I think that the 1 and even 2 generation old boats can still be very competitive when modernized and sailed by the right person. I really wish BP wasn't sending Clarisse out there on a boat with straight boards. She could be a threat for sure.
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    Do you wear a turtle neck and smoke a pipe? You sound like you should.
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    Completely agree Ncik. China is what might be called "Enlightened Communism". Most country's governments are at neither one end or the other but I do believe that the USA is closer to the one extreme than China is to the other and it does seem than a significant number of people have been 'left behind' in the rush towards the American Dream. Maybe I'm wrong and always willing to be proved so - it is how one learns.
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    Watt? No Cal40? Best offshore racer of it's time?
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    @TwoLegged I had a good laugh at that, especially the Germans. When I visited my cousin in Florence, my wife and I stopped in at this little jewelry shop. The owner, an older fellow named Mario spoke a bit of English and I only spoke a bit more Italian. We managed a fair conversation with a bit of help from Google Translate. Mario expressed happiness that I was at least attempting to communicate in Italian. He said most tourists come from Ohio and only say "Mama Mia!" We had a good laugh over that and I visited him several more times just to chat. Between my government and private travels, I've been around Europe and the UK a fair bit. The only people who were ever unkind were young people in night clubs and that was very rare. Overwhelmingly, the people I met throughout my travels have been exceedingly kind. So kind in fact, that it was impossible for me not to reciprocate.
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    Here in Ireland, most tourists from most places are decent. Just like most people from any place, trying to get along. But if we get assholes, they nearly all either American or German. The American assholes are uniformly filled with entitlement. It's an "I'm an American so do thinks my way" attitude. The service isn't sufficiently servile. The room doesn't have five million towels. The drink/meal/bar/car/whatever isn't like what it's like in Murica. My favourite was a friend queuing with her kid to enter some tourist attraction. American kid tries queue-jumping, so some steward-type person says "hey, please queue". Murican Moma loudly tells her kid "You don't have to queue. You're an American!" The German assholes are less entitled, just devoid of empathy. Vy should I say thank you? I paid. So vot if drove my hire cruiser through your fishing line? I vonted to. The vast majority of German and American tourists are not like that. But a significant minority are. The Brits are like that in other countries, thinking they own the place. But the Brits like that don't come to Ireland much, because they think we all carry bombs to kill them. And if they do come with that sort of arrogance, we help them think that we are still fighting the War of Independence and that they look like Black and Tans.
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    My F9A is a Gavin Hall built boat put together launched in New Zealand in '92 its built from Baltek Duracore and epoxy. I can tell you its a lot more solid, quieter, better insulated, and just looks alot better than the two piece Corsair boats with big seams running along the amas. Its had no issues with leaking, rot or any other problems. Its an old boat but its holding together well. Insuring no problem with Progressive. Maintenance is easier since its painted and not gelcoated exerior. Its a very lightweight and fast boat too! Build quality is over the top! Duracore has better curves without the cuts neccessary in foam and uses little to no fill to get a fair smooth surface. Impact resistance and shear strength is much greater than foam. Yes it can wick and soak water but if its been saturated with resin properly this is not a problem. I keep the boat in a mooring so I also use a proper epoxy barrier coat on the bottom. Boats never had or do I worry about rot its just not an issue. My previous was a '91 F27 so I'm familiar with the Corsair foam cored boats, IMHO the Duracore boat is much superior but it does have to be put together right, which usually means professionally built. Steve F9A Malolo
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    How do you know you’ve been healthy? Do you have constant testing? If you had COVID 19, were asymptomatic, and passed it along to someone who wound up suffering, or worse, are you ok with that? Risk has many dimensions, and can multiply exponentially in the blink of a fact- I think even The Harvard Business School might agree with that. (Maybe) Back in early February, 2 of our doctor nephews and I were tossing around the spreading Covid 19, and the only thing they could agree on was isolation (and parenthetically PPE) as a way of dealing with it. And effective PPE has been all but banned for most outside the medical community, and that leaves...... Here’s one way to think about it: if 1 is the freedom from infection, and 10 is the freedom to infect, where do you fall on this continuum, say aspirationally & practically (freedom from infection) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (freedom to infect) personally, I’m aspirationally a 1, and practically, a 1.5. We are in the light cone of a singularity. A lot of things are changIng. Kind of multiverses right now. But as Darwin pointed out adaptation is not kind or easy. A lot of voting by death.... edit- how did you keep the doors open when your were on business travel? Back when that sort of thing was happening.
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    This. Easiest to reduce the mobile weights.i.e. plastic dishes instead of ceramic. but inflatable fenders are lots lighter, fiberglass propane tanks are much lighter than steel
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    We've never stayed inside Winter Harbor but it's entirely possible we met unknowingly somewhere over the years, CL. The year we put our last dog down we spent over 60 nights aboard Drift, with the majority of that from Penobscot Bay to Acadia. When we were still on good terms I told the buyer he could feel free to use my blog to try to sell the boat as long as my name stayed out of it. Then when I noticed that he kept promoting the boat as 'totally restored in 2018/19' I pulled the plug on the blog. That's when things got ugly. Ultimately, I re-opened the blog hoping if I added our little bit of drama at the end of it any perspective buyer might have a better understanding of the boat's actual status and what a nut job the current owner is. Since it turned out he's blocked me from Facebook I've had no further contact with him, but suspect by now he's found out what I did, hence the whole thug thing. When I found her in the yard this spring it was pretty shocking to see what a mess she was in, but the biggest thing is that she probably was never properly winterized, so I'd be surprised if she didn't blow out her raw water strainer, pump and heat exchanger at the very least. Also the bilge drain plug was left in all winter so if there was any water in the bilge the garboards are probably blown out. I don't want any part of her after that.