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    "Squirt mode"--haha. Something to that, since both red boats tend to react quickly to transitions and not stall out, I guess. It's been 8 hrs since the jack hole. Spreadsheet averages--averaged over 6 hrs--say COGs podium on soaking best to AKZO, SHKS, TBRU, and TTOP. MAPF went for best SOG, without giving up as much COG to DFRT. All in all, not al lot of difference amongst the teams nonetheless. FWIW Team At position Average since last report Hour UTC 24h run Waypoint COG SOG VMG Vestas 11th Hour Racing 00:59 UTC 418.4 nm 135W 165° 19.0 kts 13.8 kts Team Brunel 00:59 UTC 412.8 nm 135W 172° 19.7 kts 12.7 kts MAPFRE 00:59 UTC 419.0 nm 135W 169° 21.1 kts 14.3 kts Dongfeng Race Team 00:59 UTC 420.0 nm 135W 167° 18.9 kts 13.4 kts Team AkzoNobel 00:59 UTC 414.5 nm 135W 175° 20.9 kts 12.6 kts Turn The Tide on Plastic 00:58 UTC 417.9 nm 135W 171° 19.5 kts 12.7 kts Team Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag 00:58 UTC 401.6 nm 135W 174° 20.7 kts 12.8 kts
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    learn something new every day:How the RC calculates the distance to Itajaí another good (but unsigned) article from the VOR site https://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/news/11254_How-far-is-it-to-Itajai.html
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    Latest from navigator Libby Greenhalgh onboard Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag: Minus 6 degrees and counting. The first 48 hours have been non stop and the first 24hours brutal for getting any rest and the result you could see as everyone and everything became slower onboard. There were plenty of opportunities in the first 24hours and we didn't do the best job of capitalising on them. After being unusually slightly late for the start we were never really able to wiggle our way around anyone on the the inshore part of the leg start. But once able to stretch our legs we were back in the mix by the Coromandel peninsula. Having gained along the headland we chose to cross the fleet rather than lead them back south, the first not quite right decision, a little starboard port incident in the middle of the night with Mapfre added some excitement and saw them doing a two turn penalty. No that this slowed them down that much!!! As we split from the fleet we were also suffering an instrument failure which meant in someways we were sailing blind so less than ideal. We probably should have tacked back and kept a visual on the fleet but we chose to stick with our plan and hold slightly further offshore to not fall into the lighter winds of the Bay of Plenty. The next big gain came from short tacking along East Cape and we were late in our approach to begin this. The lack of sleep and the fact that a head cold seems to be sweeping through our boat meant lethargy was at a high and tacking was unusually slow, meanwhile I was being sea sick bonus when you are trying to navigate! All in all not a great 24hours people wise but we hung in there made some gains at the end and were a matter of 5nm behind the leaders as we turned the corner. This closed very quickly as the front runners ran into lighter winds, however are positioning further to leeward was not strong and saw us longer term suffer. Last sched gives us a small gain on the leader of 3nm we will take that. It is only day 2 of currently what looks like a very quick leg to Itajaí (best get that village open early current routings have us getting there on the 4th) and anything can happen. 22nm miles is nothing especially in Scallywag world with 55KT of wind to come big seas and cold temperatures, in 12 hours the sea temperature has dropped 6 degrees as we head towards iceberg land. That's all for now. Libby at the nav station Hot chocolates drunk: 2 Favourite meal: still sweet and sour (so far) Fastest speed: 26 KT Number of wind checks: 5 oooh just doing one now! Number times I have been sick: 2 but not for 24hours!
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    I don't have time to work on tracker. Use official one for up to date information. Fixed exclusion zone for now.
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    McCain rips Trump's congratulatory call to Putin as an insult to Russian people Source: The Hill BY MAX GREENWOOD - 03/20/18 01:29 PM EDT Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) blasted President Trump on Tuesday over news that Trump phoned Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on his recent electoral win. -snip- In a statement, McCain called Trump's phone call to Putin an insult to "every Russian citizen who was denied the right to vote in a free and fair election to determine their country's future." “An American president does not lead the Free World by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections," McCain said. "And by doing so with Vladimir Putin, President Trump insulted every Russian citizen who was denied the right to vote in a free and fair election to determine their country's future, including the countless Russian patriots who have risked so much to protest and resist Putin's regime." Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/379339-mccain-rips-trumps-congratulatory-call-to-putin-as-insult-to-russian-people
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    Probably a close, maybe even questionable call but Scally called it, so Xabi did the circle work anyway to wipe the slate and kill it off just to be sure. Something WOXI didn't do in the last S2H and paid the price.
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    LEG 7, DAY 3: HORACE MEANS BUSINESS AND WANTS THAT LEG WIN You just have to look at Chen Jinhao – aka Horace - to see that he wants to win. The young bowman from Schen Zhen in China, who many are tipping as a future skipper of an all-Chinese crew in the Volvo Ocean Race, is sporting a crew cut with a big “V” picked out on the back of his head. Filmed on board working on the cockpit winches as Dongfeng continues on her way south in the Southern Pacific Ocean, Horace explained that he had decided to get a short haircut and had the “V” put in to remind him and his teammates at all times “to keep fighting and sail the boat faster.” Like everyone else on board Horace is determined that Dongfeng Race Team will score its first leg win on this tough voyage to Itajai in Brazil. In the meantime the early stage of the leg continues to unfold as the fleet heads south around the eastern flank of a huge high pressure system. Strong winds from the northeast are producing boatspeeds in the low 20s as the crews enjoy a fast ride down towards the Ice Exclusion Zone, now 500 miles due south. Once they get down there, the turn to the east will begin and they will hook into the first weather front taking them toward Cape Horn. “FOR THE FIRST THREE DAYS IT IS QUITE SIMPLE, GOING STRAIGHT SOUTH TO THE ICE LIMIT AND THEN TURNING ROUND THE HIGH PRESSURE,” EXPLAINED KEVIN ESCOFFIER. “AND THEN WE HAVE A FRONT PASSING US AND IT WILL BE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY AFTER THAT WITH A WEATHER FRONT THAT IS QUITE WINDY. “So now we have to get some sleep and rest to be ready for this part of the race,” he added, “because when you have so much wind for so long and a lot of gybes, you will get tired quite quickly – that is part of this race and that is part of racing in the Southern Ocean.” Mid-way through their third day at sea, Dongfeng is lying in fourth place, just five miles behind the leader, Vestas 11th Hour Racing, which sailed around the outside of the fleet when the leading boats were stuck under a cloud, going from sixth to first. https://www.dongfengraceteam.cn/news/view/leg-7-day-3-horace-means-business-and-wants-that-leg-win
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    Quite honestly, what you are missing is the Forss/Windy tracker! You really need to look from day to day, and sometimes almost from hour to hour, to see what the weather and the boats are doing. It all changes quite a bit while they move along. The high that they have to get around in the next couple of days for instance, looks like the boats are being squeezed between it and the exclusion zone. But in fact it is almost like they are just pushing the high out of the way. They surely will be jibing very tight to the exclusion zone, and there may be some opportunities, who knows. It's only a forecast and things can happen as we witnessed earlier on. But after that it almost looks like plane sailing, just missing some 40+kn stuff, and a fast run in easy 30-35kn winds to near the Horn. To near the Horn indeed, because as I said previously tongue in cheek, just before the Horn they might hit an area of calms in the wind shadow of Tiera del Fuego (with the rather northerly winds at the time). I even saw some 2kn. of wind for instance. That could lead to some fun for the fight rounding the Horn, with the bonus point. All based on the tracker predictions of course, but it's all in a week from now, and that is not a hell of a stretch these days. I know, famous last words, we'll see...
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    Would be helpful to some here if they placed "WP in Use" info on the tracker. Would save a lot of confusion about true positions and gains/losses. Could even be just a simple arrow.
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    Remember the time it ran above the fleet along the rhumb line when heaps were heading the wrong direction going for 24 hour records and every man and his dog were dropping off the pilot boat above the beating fleet and beam reaching down ahead of the leaders! I think it was leaving China. I got banned from the forum for politely suggesting that the situation was not correct. The mod called me a troublemaker.
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    Looks like another drag race south. The front 4's southerly vector is almost a line abreast
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    From SiFi on VS11 http://www.vestas11thhourracing.com/media/boatlog/back-into-contention
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    They've all earned their Ocean Racer stripes, and own them in spades now. Bravo, TTOP!
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    You guys @jbc and @southerncrosstake care!!! Sounds frightening, stay safe.
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    VS11-SHKS, and yes, Chuny was quite upset. SHKS and TTOP leaving Alicante was pretty wild too. Message was clearly stay clear of the wild man.
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    Hype is a definite possibility here, but the end state would be amazing: infinitely tweakable custom designs at or below the cost of traditional boatbuilding. Labor inputs will shift from laying fabric and adhesive to computational fluid dynamics and structural engineering. Want your own foiling America replica? Just insert money here and wait about 20 days.
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    I'd suggest you pet him for a minute or two first, just to get to know him.
  20. 2 points
    Thanks SX..I actually prefer those blogs than their vlogs as far more insightful to what's happening on board.
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    Easy stuff; connecting wires, off the boat, in your mind. It's when you get on the boat, tools in hand, the simple task in front of you,..that it happens: Scope creep, project creep, "kitchen sink syndrome", whatever you call it, the reality of working on a boat, s-l-o-w-s,... down. It could be simple; the only crimp terminal you don't have - and you need - is miles away. Or, it dawns on you the device you're connecting, really should be moved to the other side of the companionway. How about finally taking some measurements and cut out that wooden wire chase cover, you put off 10 years ago (that won't take long)? Other fun surprises, the wire you're connecting comes loose in your hand, from somewhere else... My solution is to move slowly, draw lines and defer until 'another time-life'. Only spend an hour or so onboard - set low goals and be happy with any progress. It's winter after all, there's plenty of time and better weather coming. Because you have pulled every tool and part out of various holds, you can only work in one area on a boat. The rest becomes unworkable, impassable. When being in the cave - straddling an electric barn heater - and the flogging tarp begins to drive you insane, drop everything where it is, and leave. Walk away. It takes way too much time to put things back.
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    "Here we are again! Day 2 Stage 7! " 20 / 03 / 2018 Here we are again! Day 2 Stage 7! It really seems to be the last day of Stage 6, to be honest ... We have a whole fleet so close! The fight began from the time of departure and I could see on the faces of everyone on board would be a difficult, physically and mentally stage ... How to keep the boat in one piece and who will be the first to lift off the accelerator ... I guess we'll see him soon. By the time we sailed in very nice condition with about 20 to 25 knots astern and life on board is pretty good. Start making fresh, still far from getting cold, but we can see some gloves and balaclavas on deck. Enough to go down South, so increasingly become more and more cold, but hopefully we can navigate some incredible conditions and we are looking forward to the moment. We had an incident with Skallywag in which we fail to keep us safe in the port situation and had to make two penalty laps during the first night. It was not the best way to start the stage, but as I said before we are all together again battling for the lead and I hope all goes well for stage. Soon it will not be easy to write off the boat, but we will try to keep you informed. Regards, Xabi http://desafiomapfre.com/here-we-are-again-day-2-of-leg-7-2/
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    BOUWE BLOG #56 The first 24 hours It wasn't easy to type the first 24 hours, very bumpy, sail changes, tacking, stacking it never ended. Everybody had hardly any sleep, but now we are on the "train" going south. Last evening the fleet got shuffled around when we parked up in an area with no wind, but that is life. You can go totally mad, but it will not help. Now we should, first of all, enjoy the great sailing in just over 20 knots of wind, blue sky and relatively flat water. The new crewmembers Nina, our new crewmember is exited, you can see it in her eyes. Only once fed the fish, just after finishing a bowl of delicious freeze-dried. Thomas feels like he has been forever onboard, very easy going, not putting a foot wrong, you can see he has a lot of mileage under his belt and also is a very good driver. Sick people We have had some sick people in Auckland. Yann, our ORB is still struggling a bit, but hopefully, he will turn around quickly. Abby also still a bit weak, running on 5 cylinders instead of her 6. But we all can feel that it is great to have her back, there is order in the house downstairs. Not that is wasn't there on the last leg, but she is always looking for work and sorting things out. True ambassador Peter, probably is the most happy be away. He was a very busy man back home, a local hero who nobody would leave alone. But the amazing thing was he had time for everybody, A true ambassador for the sport. Cheers, Bouwe
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    There are a myriad of constraints (and maybe opportunities) attached to designing more protective dodgers with smaller and deeper cockpits, different hull forms etc for crewed boats versus SH boats, the latter which involve minimal upwind time, hand steering, sailhandling, accommodation and provisioning requirements in comparison to the VOR boats/courses. There is also the IMOCA 60 being a 8 tonne boat versus 13 tonne V65's to consider. It is not such an easy thing to implement the SH approach to crewed boats. That said there is a better solution than the V65, which hopefully will appear in the next edition.
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    The Dong heading towards the freezer.
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    I find it hard to believe that Nathan won't find a posting on an AC36 boat. He, and Slingers, are amazing talent. Both rock the Moth class, Slingers if left to his own devices in AC35 would have run the team better than JS and his camo wheel IMHO.
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    Great to see VS11HR going for it at the top of the leaderboard. No doubt they'll be keeping a sharp lookout for burgers and growlers, when they're running down their easting.
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    I don't even know the argument, but once I hear libtard, I know the thinking side has won. . NRA version: 9 Year Old Boy Teaches his Sister the Value of Sharing
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    Or the sequel, Jared is a cuckold Daddy and I make him watch
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    Aren't you part of the Philippines or something? I can't keep track.
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    I hope your up well recovers.
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    Worth revisiting Kenny's quick calcs about the lengths MAPF was willing to go in Leg 3 for minimal gains, despite high risks when they pulled 13 successful gybes in comparison to DFRT's 7 (Race Experts said 5 for DFRT). MAPF could only do so with confidence in their teamwork. and aside to @Shanghai, doesn't seem MAPF did this 'for the sponsor'
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    I would agree with that, it makes logical sense. They pick their moments and conditions and go into a hyper mode that enables them to sail away. This would only be possible with a team hand picked early as you say. When you think about a marathon race like this it would be easy for certain boats to get comfortable it's a natural human reaction but comfortable doesn't win races like these. Conversely it seems Scallywag is almost reversed of this however I think Scallywag don't know to trim or mode their boat at times. This also explains why Brunel as struggled.
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    The stupid is strong with Kmac.
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    Nothing like sunset going to Solomons on a quieter body of water/Chesapeake bay
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    Nice straw man there. None of the gun rights supporters here think that anyone with a gun has a right to blindly shoot random people. So even if a bomb was allowed, using it to kill random people would still be wrong. Your tank idea however has some merit, I'll bring it up at the next meeting.
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    On another note, I installed all LED bulbs in my incadescent fixtures. We converted to about 99% LED in our house, years ago, when the bulbs became available. Finally, 12VDC LED household bulbs are readily available in various wattages and light temperature ranges. Cost averaged $6 per bulb. Somebody mentioned the LED's wouldn't be bothered by the voltage drop inherent in the port and starboard cabin circuits. They were right! No dimming when all 8 fixtures are on. A cure for substandard wiring. As reading (books) is our main entertainment onboard, this will be a dramatic change in our small onboard battery storage (which translates into more sailing between powering). It takes little more power to run all 8 LED fixtures, than it took to run one(1) incadescent bulb.
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    I guess I'll just order the glasses and find out. I am both red and green color deficient. I never knew I had a problem until I was shown the color-dot book where there are supposed to be numbers in the dots and I was unable to see about half of the numbers. I also totally failed the Farnsworth lantern test. When I was in high school I wanted to go to a maritime academy but when I found out I can only have a provisional daytime captains license, I scrapped the idea. Now I'm just curious as to what this green color is that everyone keeps talking about. Apparently there are lots of dark green hulled boats I always thought were black.
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    Indeed Jack, doesn't look like fun. On the upside they have stopped bleeding and are holding on. Many thanks Stief, I had questions on this on the last leg.
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    My problem with the Forss tracker was a simple dateline problem! The predicted course would only show a day or less ahead, and now that they almost crossed the dateline I scrolled a bit more to the right and then the course suddenly appears in the "western hemisphere". Very minor problem once you know it... (and not uncommon). So Forss, everything is ok, no worries!
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    You two are going to upset a lot of fucking idiots with that talk.
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    You all really know that the answer to all problems, be it too many guns or too many dead beat parents, or too many drugs is ~~EDUCATION~~
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    Keep an eye out for the Bounty Islands and Antipodes. My current route takes me between them, so some of the fleet will pass close to them, probably in the middle of the US night tonight for most. Antipodes islands are visible as a speck at zoom level 80 nm, and the name actually pops up at zoom level 30 nm. Bounty islands are tougher to find. About 120 nm NNNE of Antipodes. Visible as a speck at zoom level 50 nm, but you have to zoom to about 5 nm to see them with any accuracy. The name never comes up. Oddly, they're colored blue, which makes them even harder to see.
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    Kind of like the people that block the street? Annoying or protesting?
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    Mmmm smells like freedom.