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    tip and shaft interview with Nélias. Lots of good fodder that cross several threads http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=auto&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fus12.campaign-archive.com%2F%3Fu%3D1e692787e2c4cc3370813fca1%26id%3Dcd221a4745%26e%3D3854e9c80a&sandbox=1
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    Sometimes driving downwind it pays to be smooth but other times a good yank on the wood is necessary like at 44 secs.... it's not an exact science but reading swell is a definite advantage. Yep Elisa..... that is cool.... Nico doesn't show a lot of emotion and here he is about to cry..... absolutely stoked for him. That's a life changing memory for a pro sailor.
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    I heard freezeded once. That was from the kid who also said “ I didn’t did it!” When he was innocent. If he was guilty he would start stuttering immediately. That’s when the nuns would break out the yardstick and tell him to stand up and turn around. Sorry about the drift, It came like a flashback .........
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    Ok, now it gets interesting. Akzo have emerged from Disneyland back into the real world.
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    No, the best way to avoid the gun control freight train that is coming your way is to acknowledge that many of the "gun grabberz" are gun owners who have had a belly full of the obstructionism you promote.
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    Fastnet exclusion zone is part of the course. After ce gates, Mizen Head Light to port – Lavernock Gate - Cardiff Finish. detals http://volvooceanrace-img.s3.amazonaws.com/files/m47009_si-leg-9-addendum-amdt-02-20180520.pdf (sorry—can’t confirm if the rock itself is included; on the road ATM)
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    Doubtful, as you only get a credit for that under ORR... ;-)
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    At 00:58 they took it do deep - you've got the keep the bow up and the boat moving. Once a hull breaks loose and starts surfing on a wave, you are basically riding the wave crest. On many boats you will simply maintain course while surfing and then head up a bit after the crest passes to set up for the next wave. On faster boats like the VOR 65, it appears that the driver wants to head up a bit while surfing to make up for the loss of apparent wind speed and to keep the boat surfing longer. The best autopilots now automatically scull waves as they steer the boat through heavy seas. The best drivers do exactly the same thing - they feel the boat under them as they steer and instinctively scull the waves, whether they are conscious of what they are doing or not. Even if you are not a naturally talented driver, you can learn to do this with a bit of practice. When steering in large waves, body position is particularly important. You need to find a posture in which you can both comfortably grasp the wheel or tiller and can easily feel how the boat is moving under you. This is largely subjective and different people steer better in different positions. Some people can feel a boat easily through their butts and can sit while steering; many more feel a boat best while standing with their legs spread wide. Compromise positions, where you sit with one leg braced against a foot rest, can also be effective. Sailing off the wind, as a wave crest approaches the stern of the boat, you should bear away a bit, and once the crest is past you should head up. The end result at the wave crest the boat is depowered, with the bow or stern closer to the eye of the wind. Heading down into the trough the apparent wind angle is increased and the boat is more powered up. Sailing off the wind, it keeps the hull flatter as the wave crests approach, reduces torsional twist on the stern that can lead to a broach, and sets the boat up to surf down the front of the wave. Powering up the boat as it heads into the troughs in most cases increases control and speed, so you can avoid stuffing a wave negotiate the next wave crest as it approaches.
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    This is not going to end well. IMHO the players union needs to really step up to the owners and say FU... Only way that is going to work is going to be a strike. Hopefully it does not come down to that, but look for some of the big $$ players to start paying fines for the team if they have the balls... 1 game where Brady, Rogers, Rothlesberger, Breeze or Ryan step up and back theyr o line or D guys in sitting out a couple games will do wonders... It might never happen, but still, it should.
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    Maybeth? Where is Snags when you need him?!
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    The NFL will have a hard time fielding a product without any balls. Appeasing a bully just assures more bullying. Speak out, point out that the people saying that they are disrespecting the flag or the troops are full of shit, and demonstrate why. Explain exactly why they are protesting, and repeat it as often as the bullshitters repeat their bullshit. Give a bullshitter an inch and he’ll bullshit a mile.
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    Awesome footage. Check out this sequence, where the drone is flown up ahead, below the wave crest. Magic!
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    Good God I hope so.. It looks like Rimas is landlocked for a while and Jen was a flash in the pan just like tin can... We need a summer thread to look forward to..
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    It is a pity Trumps father didn't pull out. And jack's as well.
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    Mmmm, it's not VPN. The IP and machine ID will still be available. It just avoids cookies kinda like the &pws=0 depersonalized you some. Anyhow, I'm just being a dickhead. Incognito should work.
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    Love this: https://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/raw/11153.html
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    Poppy cock! Driving her hard is more then just the sail area hoisted - it's good steady driving by a couple good drivers, connecting waves. They weren't holding to 120 either, going up and coming down as needed to connect the waves. Peter Isler, once called the late Mark Soverel, "the best downwind driver" he'd ever met, as a result of his extraordinary "feel" for how a boat moved through water downwind. Mark possessed an intuitive feel for speed, perhaps from his early love of surfing. On downwind driving Soverel remarked, "just stick the pointy end in the nearest hole and then find the next hole - and don't worry about the sails," - other then making sure you don't do a Chinese Gybe. Some sailors are so preoccupied with sailing "correctly" that they forget about the most important factor in racing, which is sailing fast. Competent sailors know going upwind to weather to keep a boat footing and the foils working. However sailing with sheets well started in breezy conditions, many sail to the fastest polar speed and staying on that course, rather then also taking advantage of riding down a wave. Downwind speed is all about connecting as many waves as possible no matter how small, using the gap between waves to alter course and find the next best wave to ride. This video shows an extreme form of riding waves and planning, with Lasers using a S-curve technique in doing their utmost to stay planning. Laser sailors used to call the technique "the Snake" or the "S-curve." These days it's called "connecting." Connect from one wave to another by making up-turns and down-turns. Surfers would call it carving.
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    Conrad just called Akzo "Paintwagon." Wonder where he picked that up?
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    I can do one better than that, from 250 to 7250 Yay sleep/work
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    Totally agree. P.S. Webb Chiles vs. Hancock is like Dirty Harry vs. Johnny English, respectively. No contest!
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    Whilst I'm far far far from being a tree hugging greenie, but I will say fuck the loggers, unless value is going to be added in Aus.
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    Your parents were just being polite mustang, they really did want you to GTFO.
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    Only reason to keep it is if you need one to comply with racing rules; they are essentially useless as a radar reflector.
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