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    That angle is calculated by paying CFD specialists big bucks.
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    If I will the lottery and Biden wins the election, I will get taxed so much I won't be able to afford my J29
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    Most of the hate directed at Clinton is simply the consequence of a 20 year campaign of vilification and character assassination by the R's.
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    I think the problem is less the damage caused by what looks to have been a severe grounding & more the fact that this method of construction makes it very difficult to see what damage has occurred & even harder to enact any structural repair. The lead Keel would sustain damage & in doing so prevent damage to the rest of the boat, think of it like a crumple zone on a car. The fact that the iron keel ricochets the boat off shows that more stress is being put through the structure, that's more akin to the old school style of car that had no crumple zones, so the occupants underwent much more rapid deceleration. We know that Force = Mass x Acceleration, so the faster the boat stops the more force is acting on it, and for an iron keel to ricochet it backwards in the same time that a lead keel would stop it requires more force still.
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    I don't know about that, I am amazed at the number of older people who come over for a chat when I'm taking photos. A lot of Aucklanders have boats and sailing in the blood, and even more just love any kind of top level sport.
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    stop the presses and Fuck the polls. Biden’s is gonna win. My brother in law: devout conservative. Federal,agent stationed at Quantico who voted for Donny 4 years ago had seen the light. Tonight he told me he voted for Biden because can’t deal with how Donny behaves. He thinks he is not fit to hold the office of the president..
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    Do not get into boatbuilding... you will be shocked by material behaviour. You can have a strong glue that you can chisel off easily. And epoxy get soft by heat of the sun, and wooden boat burns, steel gets crevice corrosion, ... maybe you should neve4r step onboard a vessel again.
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    Discussion on race strategy
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    As a 25 year CYCA member I’m appalled.
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    Buy this: https://www.stevestonmarine.com/anodes/cmp-global-1-2x3x3-plate-no-wire-zpnw-a-anodes Semi-Lifetime supply for your outboards. 3" x 3" x 1/2" solid zinc. Use a hacksaw to cut to suit your requirement. $10 + tax
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    You mean “That’s a sacrifice, I’m willing you to make”
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    if you win the lottery and biden wins the election you won't be able to get to your j29 because of all the rioting, looting & arson.
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    Start Jaws theme......
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    Quilcene Bay, WA Etolin Island AK
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    Louisbourg, Cape Breton Island: