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    The data is plenty multi decadal --- FFS You do understand the concept of CO2 emissions, CFCs (yes they are on the increase again due to uncontrolled releases from Asia) and the other man-made contaminants in the atmosphere that are undoubtedly causing global warming. ? Edit: Just read through the paper you provided; which it totally irrelevant. It discusses the frequency of occurrence of TCs. This is not what happened here and not what we are discussing. All your posting of that paper did was show your level of misunderstanding and ignorance. You sir are not worth arguing with. Your going on the ignore list. If you had some idea of what you were talking about I'd stay and discuss and anyway this is neither the time nor the place.
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    For fucks sake - we're watching a bunch of our brother sailors get their asses kicked, maybe killed. Could you bicker elsewhere?
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    Rumour has it that the trophy for the F50 series will modeled on an inverted version of Larry's 74 year old scrotum.
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    is this the same guy? Yes, it is. https://www.aclu.org/blog/reproductive-freedom/abortion/brett-kavanaughs-one-abortion-case There are many, many reasons Kavanaugh is a horrible choice. Anyone related to anyone with a functioning uterus should be appalled by this clown.
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    Just came across this... The "Great Dane"....unashamedly my hero ...captured here in 1969, already with 4 Olympic Golds and seven world championships...(he went on to several more). This film is absolutely awesome and captures so beautifully the essence of dinghy sailing as I see it. Watching Paul rig and launch his beautiful Finn is literally poetry in motion...so familiar, effortless and efficient...you can sense his "being as one" with his craft. I loved the Soling session - no harnesses, just a hiking rope- crew in jumpers & jeans. The fun of just jumping off a boat on a reach and re-righting it...his comments about "big boat sailing"...everything about this short film speaks to me. https://filmcentralen.dk/museum/danmark-paa-film/film/spirit-sailing-paul-elvstroem
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    We actually used Vise Grips as a steering wheel on a little speedboat when I was a kid. We were working on it and described the steering system (which featured structural surgical tubing) to the marine store guy, who got a more and more worried look on his face. Got to the part about the Vise Grips and he could take it no more and said, "I wouldn't do that." We thought it was the best punch line ever and laughed our asses off.
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    Wanking with sailing gloves, which brand has the most supple leather?
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    *side note* Coming from someone who used to get four finger bags of Mexican weed BITD......it's really weird to go into a pot shop and see a wall of beautiful buds all properly packaged up for sale. It almost felt like going into the backroom (adult section, the one with the saloon doors) of a video store.
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    Yeah, I really liked that and thought I'd give it a go.
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    Port tacking the feet....CFS Klopas
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    Because comments from Harvard Law professors seems to be en vogue...
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    I don't want to get into a climate change debate but just get your head out of the sand and look and plain fact i.e. meteo records. Temperatures are warmer and wind speeds are up. Therefore conditions are worse. These are facts.. It is something that I have observed in my life time.
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    Made it to Eureka - wow this place has seen better days. Took 2 meclizine a day for two days before I left and didn't feel seasick at all - not even slightly... wooohoo! Maybe this is the drug for me (although it could just be my body generally adapting AND it was helllllaaaaa flat and calm. The bar had 0-2 foot swells on it according to the report, hah) So looks like on Monday (maybe tuesday depending on swell) i'll just motor around cape mendo to fort bragg. Or depending on the forecast I'll go out a bit and try to catch some wind
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    He starts by saying that he won last time because of fresh eggs from his hens ... and showing his collection of compressed trophies. He likes to walk to the boat to work on the preparations and does not have a team to help because he likes to do it and the feeling of being autonomous. He won't be using a GPS, and likes the imprecision, not knowing where he exactly is, that is only possible in a slow boat. And he likes paper charts. (The costume sextant is nice BTW) Back in the studio they point out that never the less they are sure that he will be as fast as possible and will try to break the record settled by the sister-ship 40 years ago. And that he will have time to read, something he has not been able to really do in the last races.
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    Not to sure about real life. The author of that data Dr. Ryan Maue is on the payroll of the Cato Institute, a right wing think tank founded, funded and controlled by Trumps great mates the Koch brothers so he is basically a fossil fuel industry employee.
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    Two legged will confirm the unIrishness of this year’s summer, and we were blessed to have had nearly a month in a once in a century season. As someone said “it was like the Med without the wankers”. Here she is in Connemara (Greatman’s Bay) with the Pins in the background. The most extraordinary cruise. Even going slowly we passed as many places as we visited and are staying there for next season at least.
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    Solo racing J/111 Blur in "Midsummer Solo Challenge"
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    Cathedral Cove Raid on my Hobie! New Superman Graphics to go with it!
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    I'm an amateur painter, who has had a little commercial success. I completely agree with T-L as to approaching any creative project as something to enjoy. If I'm working on a painting, and I'm not enjoying it, it's almost always because it's not a good project for the way I paint. I scrape off the paint, and find something else. Of course commissions sometimes require a bit of pain and suffering. Now, where were we?
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