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    Really? It's been nearly five years since I realised I could live a better life by working for a building company where I live than for marine electronic companies all over the world, but last time I had anything to do with really accurately working out a boats genuine speed through the water the data required was. You would need, Speed over the ground, usually off GPS, but this would need to be differentially corrected to be truely accurate. Course over the ground, again normally off a differentially corrected GPS. Boats heading, for the level of boatspeed accuracy of two decimal places a locally calibrated gyro stabilsed compass would be needed. Logged boat speed through the water, normally a paddle wheel but for the level of accuracy everyone seems to want nit pick over here an ultrasonic type of sensor would be a bare minimum. All straight forward enough so far? Speed and course over the ground are pretty straight forward, all you need is a really good GPS seeing the maximum amount of satellites available (difficult in NY all those tall buildings) and one or for true accuracy more local (within a matter of metres away) ground stations seeing exactly the same satellites as the boats antenna sending the correction factors to the vessels to give truely accurate data. All possible but expensive in terms of equipment and particulary setting up at diffferent venues. Boat heading? There are some pretty good gyro's around that don't weigh in excess of 20 kilos and consume enough amps to run a small town (maybe a slight overstatement but you get my drift) but they ain't cheap and calibration for local magnetic anomalies takes time and money. But now the real rub, how the hell do you log the speed through the water? No transducer I've ever seen (including ones that were never manufactured due to end user cost constraints) could be fitted to an F50 especially when it's up on foils. Radar guns are also out aside from the fact that keeping one trained on every boat throughout every race and training session would nigh on impossible, even the most expensive portable ones available are nowhere near accurate enough for two decimal place accuracy, despite what your local speed cop may say. Bottom line is unless things have changed dramatically and LE's come up with something way off the scale, which I'm sure would have been publicised, any of your "telemetry" will not be accurate enough to display genuine boat speed to the level you're all getting so excited about. But there again it's been five years. Like I said it's a pointless discussion VMG around the entire course is what counts and so far the F50's have failed to deliver, hopefully Cowes will provide the conditions needed to give the crews a chance to do so. I bloody hope so.
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    Roy Pat didn't even hesitate. His competitors were more important than the race. That's the kind of selfless act that makes me proud to be a sailor. I'm guessing that dinners are free for Pyewacket for the foreseeable future.
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    Couple of thoughts - 1. Trump is coming unhinged, his tweets reflect this. Every attack or criticism is met with uncalled for vitriol and attacks. The man has lost all pretense of decency and decorum. 2. It's only going to get worse for Trump - Mueller is going to be forced to testify, the truth will continue to be evident causing Trump to really lose what little cool he has. 3. Sign me up for the "it's time to initiate impeachment procedures". 4. His supporters are worse.
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    More like a pair of fuzzy slippers......not that it’s a bad thing.
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    My ex wife, dead Friday, is one of his success stories. Despite being a homophobic Christian, she wasn’t a supporter at her death. I’m not sure about 2016 when she was healthy. She was also a late diagnosis due to insurance games. She died young and quickly, so insurance expense was minimal and profit maximized. Insurance executives consider her a success story. Give me socialized medicine, don’t give me death.
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    Part of it is because I'm supposed to be building an "author platform" on social media so if I ever get my shit together and sell a book I have some way to push it on people. So I've been hanging out on Twitter more than I should, especially while the boat is broken. News is a lot more fast and furious out there. Given my loud mouthed proclivities, I'm probably going to need to use a pen name anyway...
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    How do you guys keep up with all this social/movie drama? I don’t even know who most (or all) of these people are!
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    ^ No, I said quite clearly VMG is what counts. Inaccurate boatspeed being used as a tool to hype either AC or F50's is not a good measure of comparison in my opinion, smackdaddy was trying to claim that boatspeeds being debated were accurate enough to bear comparison, simple fact is they're not. Up to date the F50's have failed to deliver on the VMG front and I clearly stated that I hoped the Cowes event would produce the conditions that would allow them to do so. Does this make me a bad person?
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    And normal just means conformity to the common, ie a normal curve. Unfortunately medicine has got many people thinking that normal = better. It’s quite abnormal to perform like an elite athlete.
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    I kinda understand the eye rolling feeling about needing to label/relabel everything and everyone according to some identity/affiliation need. I get that. I wish we could just worry about everybody getting treated fairly and without bias, I think that's where the effort should lie. Part of me thinks the greater message of that notion of fairness and equality gets swallowed up in the debates about the latest proper nomenclature. So I get that, I get tired of it too. HOWEVER....and its a pretty big however....not being a person who ever experienced the difficulties of trying to assimilate into a culture that frowns or even ridicules me for being different than the mainstream, I might intellectually understand that must have sucked, but I'm pretty sure I cannot fully grasp the emotional impact of growing up under that "cloud". So while I still have flashes of eye rolling as my first reaction to each new nomenclature, I quickly remember that I didn't live those experiences that apparently make that nomenclature important to some people. So.........I'm fine with it. I'm not very good at remembering it all right away.....perhaps I should try harder.........but it took me over a decade to stop saying "Fireman" and instead say "Firefighter" when women entered the fire service.....and I was married to one. Who....by the way..... didn't feel insulted by that either. She would smile and call herself a "Firelady" in return, but if you didn't treat her on equal footing you would sure pull back a bloody stump.............
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    You know......its very much your own tastes or "palate" that should drive your wine buying.In my case it was sort of an evolution and its still evolving. I find the more different wine I drink the more "developed" my palate becomes. I find that wines I liked....a lot.....when I first started drinking wine I do not enjoy as much as I became exposed to "better" wines. I think you have to drink a lot of different wines to go on that journey. My own tastes have wandered around as I learn and drink more variety of wine. I currently am really enjoying the GSM's that are coming our of Paso and are kinda "in vogue" with some of the young winemakers. So......I wouldn't undervalue your own palate...drink what you like. Its all about enjoying the wine. I found it intellectually interesting so I went on the journey of wine discovery. I'm lucky because the wine industry here in Cali is producing great stuff and is huge in variety and quality so there is plenty to taste. We also took a all day wine tasting class in Napa which helped us zero in on what we liked about a certain wine....sorta helping us "understand" our own individual preferences and really WHY we favor this one over that one. If that doesn't really interst someone I would say just enjoy drinking what you find you like. Its a lot cheaper that way. BTW - I had a very knowledgeable sommelier we took a couple classes from (some viticulture as well as tasting) and got to know pretty well give me some sage advice. He said anybody can find a spectacular expensive wine. But finding a really spectacular inexpensive wine......now that's the ultimate goal!! There are some VERY drinkable inexpensive to mid range wines out there.
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    Chico 2 (Mod 1D35) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. The owner Jim Weyand is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet!
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    Nothing much, apart from dignity, pride, self-respect and many tens of thousands of pounds. Gone, all gone, to lie with the seals and fishes.
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    Hello all. My name is Lee Skidmore and in about a month I will be invading north Idaho with a brand new UFO. I wanted to introduce myself and say thank you to everyone for the wealth of information this thread contains. I am fairly new to sailing and currently have a 1970 McGregor VentureCat 15 that I've rebuilt and been sailing around for the last 5 years - though due to busy life it's only seen the water less than a dozen times. That said, I got it ripping in some hard wind a few weeks ago and I got bit hard with how much fun hiked out single handed sailing is and wanted something a little faster and more stable. The VC15 is similar to the old Hobie 16's with the banana hulls so pitch poling is always a bit of a concern. I generally sail on Lake Pend Oreille where the water is always cold, winds vary, and the waves tend to be choppy. But it's a big lake with great mountain scenery. Outside of sailing I've spent a lot of time racing cars, playing hard in the mountains, and a lot of kayaking (lake and whitewater). Additionally, I've got a BS in aerospace engineering, spent 12yrs in aerospace composites, own a small composite shop, and have an incessant need to tinker. Again, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the information that's been shared, the UFO owner's guide, and general help this thread has been to me already. I hope that once I have my UFO and get to playing with it, I'll be able to contribute something back to the community. Thank you, Lee
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    I'm enjoying it a ton. The format is good and there's a lot of money in keeping interest alive - all the short videos released on YouTube and Instagram every 3rd day or so. Build up the personalities, stoke the drama. The sailing is fantastic. I find it similar to the Suoerfoiler. In fact it felt closer on the SF as the boats were smalliand you could see the action.
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    and if you buy a good wine and an average wine, never drink the good wine first...
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    FWIW.... I'd like to see more heats and a best of 5 or 7 final..... doesn't seem like a lot of racing for all the infrastructure and cost.
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    Responsibility, such a last century concept.
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    And David Tennant was the best Dr Who....
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    Apart from playing golf you could play cricket, croquet, bowling, scrabble or bingo. I can recommend all of them, and I know because I've played them all, once. Quite honestly, when reading all of Jules' thread questions I sometimes wondered if there was something wrong with the poor poster, and now I am sure there is, but still no idea what exactly. I've got one simple advice though, harden the fuck up, and go sailing...
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    Same pounds spread over a larger number of participants.
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    A powerful song writer, a good banjo picker, and had a great voice as well. He was one of the giants. I wonder if Cal20Sailor realizes how many people covered Seegers songs. I mean the poor guy didn't know 'till now that Duane "Skydog" Allman played slide guitar on Layla.
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    I like my ice cream unlicked. I like opening up a tub after getting it back home from the supermarket , just a little melted hmmm.... so soft and creamy. Thinking a bout a trannie licking it first it gets me nervous, a little screamy. Trannies can do their thing....... people can do their thing........ but when anyone fucks.... with your food well that's just twisted, screwed and scary..
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    Merlin actually won her division that year (ULDB 70) which was created to accommodate the other sleds like S/C70's, N/M 68's, etc. If you mean that a ULDB 70 couldn't beat an IOR Maxi around the cans that is almost certainly true, though pointless as they were different creatures. The groaning of an IOR Maxi like Condor of Bermuda or Kialoa or Longoborda as the wire running backstays came under full load in a tacking duel up the Cityfront was a memory... A memory I wish to forget as it felt like impending death.