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    An African seagull or a European seagull?
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    My issue with Zatara's guy is not that he owns guns (I do too), it's that by all appearances he smuggles one or more on his boat against his host countries' wishes. That's the kind of shit that gives Americans a very bad name overseas.
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    It depends where you are, who you hang with. Cruisers tend to clump up when we're in the same area. Many areas there's a distance between locals and cruisers. Some are better at bridging that than others, and have formed many friendships with local people. It's not something my wife and I have ever been great at, but we sucked at that at home in the U.S., too. I've met very few right wing libertarian/Trumpists out cruising. Trump is almost universally despised by most American cruisers we've met, and he has even less respect among the foreign cruisers. Many of them simply can't get their heads around the stupid shit we Americans are conditioned to put up with, like college and healthcare costs and how they work in the states. Trump is even more puzzling to them. But there are a couple. Not many, but there is the occasional Zatara, or others that are escaping what they think of as the strictures of U.S. life, but they don't consider than what they value as "Freedom" (e.g. owning guns and so forth) is remotely related what the rest of the world sees as "Freedom" (not dying from preventable diseases or going bankrupt because you got sick). They think they should be...I don't know what, in some sort of Libertarian paradise once they've slipped the bondage of Nancy Pelosi and her health-care happy fascists, but they never seem to make it all the way to the true Libertarian paradise of Somalia.
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    I don't know. I do my best to respect local laws, rules, culture and mores. I'm not sure why you'd want to travel if you want every country to be Just Like Texas. They aren't. There was almost no place better in the world to get caught for the Pandemic than NZ, yet they had nothing but complaints about it, it seems. The deleted video was amazingly precious. I have a fairly simple rule of thumb: You're a guest. Don't be a twat. It's a fairly simple rule.
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    Smackdaddy wrote: "This is why I think Gladwell is such a biased/useless clown when it comes to covering the AC...." Tsk, tsk. An ad hominem attack. No need for that. Just tell 'im where he could improve in his writing...like I did after reading his article: "Tighten it up. It's way, way too long." OTOH, it's not unheard of to have a decision from the bench delayed to have all parties concerned to 'make things right,' esp., when upwards of a $1bln injection into NZ's economy from the AC Event is at stake in this instance, yes? It's never talked about outside the judge's chambers, of course, but we know it happens. But then maybe I've watched too many tv crime shows. Good discussion, Stingray and Hawke. Carry on. Apologies for the interruption.
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    Well you have to know these things when you're CEO of an AC campaign you know
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    One good thing that will come from this is people will no longer tolerate others coming in to work sick or sending their kids to school sick.
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    I've never cut dovetails with a router. I used to cut them entirely by hand. Then I made a jig to cut the "keys" on the table saw, and got really good at sneaking up on te line with the tails on the band saw..... A couple of quick slices with a razor sharp chisel and some careful chopping with a (once again) razor sharp chisel, and.... BINGO! I had a blanket chest at a gallery, that a local craftsman declared was made by machine..... I asked him if he could get a machine to cut 6% dovetails at a random spacing faster than he could set up a machine.... He looked at the chest again, and said "Ain't no way any human cut those joints that tight!" and he walked out the door. Well... 40 years ago I couldn't cut those joints that tight. But 38 years ago I could, and I still can, if needed. Thank you Jim Krenov for teaching me patience.
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    Why is it "Team D"s job to fix all the things that "Team R" fucks up? From 2009 to 2011, Obama & Co fixed a shitload of Team R fuck ups. Some of the remaining ones were too big to fix in 8 years, especially over Team R's resistance. And the US will never be able to balance a budget with the current tax tables. Top rates will have to go up. Do the math. I invite the Republican Party to contribute actual solutions, maybe I'll vote for one again if they stop acting like stupid sullen children, intent on breaking the other kids toys. - DSK
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    Non-migratory Solent seagulls, though one may be African in its spare time. One having trouble maintaining land velocity into the breeze and t'other with breeze up its taillight
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    That is a sad story, and a potentially nice boat. But it's almost certain you could buy/fix up a nicer one for what this is eventually going to cost. If I were nearby, I'd give the ad a chance and then go over and tell him I'll take it, just to save him the painful task of landfilling it. FB- Doug
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    No shit, Sherlock. How else to you thing it gets entry to your respiratory system or eyes? Why do you think masks and cleanliness are advised?
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    And the Mac didn’t let you join. The biggest problem with letting the M32 race, is it opens the door for powered up daysailors that need support boats just to be safe. As if it wasn’t expensive enough.
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    OK, since you asked nicely..... I have been watching this develop from afar. I am no longer Chairman of the class (GLMRA) having stepped down about three years ago and I no longer regularly race on or own any offshore multihull. With that said Here's how I see it: They are required to carry a propulsion system and requisite fuel They are required to have an MSD. Port-a-pot bungee'd to the nets is a great conversation starter. Bunks for off watch crew. I can hear the argument here...."we have zero off-watch crew so the requirement for bunks is zero" Racks are questionable under the rule which says net area is limited to the area bounded by the hulls. 25 w permanently installed VHF with masthead antenna plus all of the other required gear....stove, distress signals, MOB gear etc, etc. So if they did all of this stuff they wouldn't want to sail the boat Chase boats are not a substitute for the rules and when presented as a work around should be rejected. Meet all of the rules and if you still want a chase boat it's a free lake. Regarding the NOR eligibility, to be eligible for the division a boat has to hold a valid GLMRA rating. We never used to rate beach cats or boats without accommodation (Stars & Stripes did get modified to meet all of the requirements). it will be interesting to see if they are able to get a rating. GLMRA is the class that governs the rule and thus eligibility for the class an thus this race. Love the M32 and have sailed one. Just don't love it for this event. The NOR is published and the other competitors are living within the rules and have been doing so for years. It doesn't help the sport or the event to allow this. There are plenty of other events where they can go play if they want to show off their manhood including the R2AK or the Everglades Challenge (although the Chief would probably blow up their chase boat)
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    Vaeredil: Some boats have a good setup for that. I've seen ones where the V-berth bottoms fold up against the wall or come out, leaving a more easily organized space. I try not to keep many sails in the V-berth because weight up there doesn't seem to be good for our performance. I can see the boat sit bow down a bit just at the dock if I throw a couple of headsails up there. It's a lot of volume over a very small area of water. I've always prioritized buying boats with good quarterberths since they are nice for storage and for cruising. Our Express 37 has no cockpit lockers which means it has two huge quarterberths that connect across into one queen sized quarterberth for cruising or hold a lot of our sails. 7 years ago I ruled out a C&C 30 that I was looking at because it had no quarterberths, just huge cockpit lockers.
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    Not Craigslist; not mocking Regardless what you think of the boat, this is a sad story The man is honest, he definitely doesn’t sugarcoat it. Ensenada 20. Free. I bought this boat for my son. He was going to restore it so he and his fiance could sail in company with my wife and I in our Mac 25. Unfortunately, my son perished in a flying accident and so did did our cruising plans. The boat does not look this clean at present. It is completely gutted inside as all the plywood was rotted. it is a complete boat and will be a challenging, but rewarding project. These are nice little boats and this one could be again! Trailer cribbing needs replacement and probably the tires. Mast and boom are serviceable with great standing rigging Main and jib tired. Swing keel is out of the hull. I'm not going to provide endless photos for the mildly curious. If you're in the area, come and see it. If you want ir, drag it away. Boat is located in Elsie, Michigan.
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    Huge mistake to ever apologize to me, for anything. Some people dragged their anchor into us at Block Island once, and apologized. We showed them all right! Invited them for drinks we did! They won't pull that shit on me again.
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    CL I apologize I should have been more nuanced about guns. I learned to shoot from my uncle who trained as a sniper in WWII. We mostly ate what we shot...crows in the cornfield being the exception. My elder brother who got more attention than I, won a few competitions with his rifle. I learned to care for and respect rifles. The second worst whooping I got was for being sloppy handling a gun. (the worst was for not properly tying the rope on the bucket used to cool the (last) of the beer in the well). It’s not the gun “loving” that irks me, but rather the brandishing of them, the promotion of them as a solution to societies problems, and the transport of them into places that don’t want them.
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    Do they meet the safety regs, yes or no? If no, why even publish them? So they will head directly to safe harbor if the Protector has an issue? Or does the Protector have a chase boat? There used to be rules for this race. That said, I hope they have a great trip and being on the shore course is much more sane than going to Cove.
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    I generally don’t think this ugly behaviour is inherent to a “people” but more a manifestation of their circumstances at a point in time. Lot’s of countries have the ugly, unworldly but recently affluent demographic that offend when traveling but not enough to form a lasting “branding”...just what is your impression of Luxembourgers, Andorrans, ...you probably have not met enough of them behaving in a particular way to “brand” them. So you I suspect that a large enough population is needed. Then combine that with relatively recent affluence and limited worldliness makes for “ugly fill in the blank demographic” when travelling. To some extent that was the ugly American when the US economy was booming post WWII and the rest of the world had not gotten on its feet. That may be what is driving the impression of Chinese tourists now. Who knows maybe there was the “ugly roman” in the early stages of Pax Romana. I’m not racist some of my best friends are American... No really, I know a bunch of Americans who are cultured, sophisticated, empathetic, interesting and down right good company. BUT it does seem to me America is having a moment where a surprising share of its people are relishing their, me first, libertarian, anti government, gun loving, anti science, anti education zeitgeist. This feels to me materially different than when I first moved to the US a quarter century ago and gave that great country two of my children as hostages (American citizens). Maybe it’s just the fake news I watch too much of.
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    Is it just me? Did they share the same designers?
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    Just worked out what Thomas Ruyant is doing differently. No wonder he is leading.
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    It's tough to tell. There seems to be a new generation of cruisers coming out of the Vlog generation. People with little clue about cruising or sailing, but who have been inspired by the likes of Delos and others to give it a go. And there are some that are inspired to pay for it all by VLogging and doing their whole experience on social media with an audience. Or at least they think they can pay for it that way, being video stars and getting ad revenue. We've not met many of those. Most of the cruisers we hang out with tend to be more into the quiet and calm of it all, and aren't seeking to build audiences with controversy, misadventure, over-hyping, and exposed skin. I've blogged my travels, but mostly for my family and friends. It's different than trying to drive an audience of wannabes to come pay your bills. That being said, you run into people everywhere who decide to skirt rules or laws because they think they don't apply to them. Even a couple of people we know and like and thought should have known better. We've seen people do things like sail to an island they didn't get permission to in the Galapagos because they wanted to see it, but didn't get the five-island autografo (because it's expensive and a pain in the ass). They got caught within hours and had to leave. We've seen people skip clearing in to some countries when they stop someplace, because they "aren't staying long." A woman in Opua got hammared for trying to smuggle in a bunch of food on the proscribed list; I hope it was worth the $10,000 fine. The problem is these people make it harder for everyone else. So many people had "breakdowns" near the Galapagos that got them in without all the onerous paperwork that now f you have a legitimate breakdown they are ALL OVER you, making you prove you had a breakdown, kicking you out if you can't, etc. etc. We had friends who got dismasted on the way to French Polynesia and had to return to the Galapagos. They didn't have enough fuel to get to the mainland, and had all sorts of hassles getting back in, getting fuel, etc. All because too many people pulled too much bullshit too many time. One of the worst stories we heard was about a boat that didn't declare a firearm when they entered a country. They were boarded by thieves and they shot one. They had to leave the country in the middle of the night. I have no idea what ever happened to them.