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    It's been years since I sailed in crowded waters (US destroyer in 1970s), however, the rule of thumb was to make your intentions known early. I think it's good advice.
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    pre-covid - just a nuisance post-covid - a curse, for sure
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    Sailrite sells twist-lock fasteners that don't require sewing. They should last as long as the fabric.
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    this isn't a thread about music... I don't understand, since when have SA threads stayed on topic?
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    Correct. Now if only you could discern what is truth and what is opinion when blind of its source.
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    main points i see in it it rabbits on about must be able to debate anything in public .. without censorship well putting a fact check label and link to correct facts is exactly a debate about the points made in the the tweet and the tweet remains uncensored, hidden or changed in any way lots of wind .. the only thing it does is threaten to withdraw all us govt support and advertising and to disrupt monies due for advertising by non govt businesses which is a form of censorship
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    Made the mistake of reading O'Brien before Horatio. Horatio does not stand up well to the comparison. "Never follow kids or an animal act..."
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    All the Harry Hole novels by Jo Nesbo. Any Henning Mankell novel. "A Gentleman in Moscow" The Phillip Kerr Bernie Gunther novels. Robert Crais books with Elvis Cole and/or Joe Pike Harlen Coben's Myron Bolitar series Winston Churchill's 6 volume post WWII memoirs (you will be stunned at the man's wielding of power at a granular level to run that war before the US finally wrestled the upper hand from him) Ken Kesey's "Sometimes a Great Notion" Tom Wolfe's "A Man in Full" and "The Right Stuff" Let me know when you've finished those
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    March 28 2019 to May 28 2020 is just under 430 days or 14 months
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    Good breeze forecast. Should a nice long development day
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    ETNZ are currently testing/training out by Waiheke on the Maraetai side. Lots of long runs on both foils. Doesn't look like they're testing one side specifically. We've had one headsail change so far.
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    No, its not that good. To get any kind of leverage you have to jam your feet between the inflated chamber and the floor, it spins really easily (whether you want it to or not) and in a crosswind it really comes into its own.
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    No, the grammar used in the question meant it was unanswerable. One could assume we knew what he was asking, but AGITC tells me not to do that.
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    The Deputy PM publicly said he wants the “Trans Tasman bubble” open early. The PM stood her ground said No. If the Deputy PM can’t sway the PM, I doubt an America’s Cup team has any say at all.
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    they're not like North America in that they don't think it's right for rich people and big events to get special rules. unlike America their system is not powered by corruption.
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    If you haven't already read them, and maybe even if you have, all of the books in the Aubrey/Maturin series, starting with Master and Commander. ETA, PB, really good to (virtually) see you up and about.
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    DEAD!! Like the rest of the sport
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    As corny as it sounds, I happened across a Horatio Hornblower book awhile ago and thought "what the hell, I've give it a go." It was an enjoyable read! I had to look up a few nautical terms I was unfamiliar with, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.
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    Every once in a while this place redeems itself when guys like Bob Perry and Alan show up to inform and educate us. Thanks a lot Alan for all that.
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    Nut-hatch asks about the LO PHRF ratings of all of the Andrews 30's and Critical Path has a very plausible explanation. I don't have all the numbers handy but the fractional boat is clearly Heartbeat. Of the others, it is likely the one with I=~44 is ex Short Circuit, ex-Volatile Agent. my recollection was the new rig was only 1-2' taller than original but could be mistaken. How to tell the boats apart? Sure there are similarities but also differences. Most of the full race boats have similar cabins and cockpits but differences in hull shape, beam, beam distribution and engine placement. Keels and rudders have had lots of changes so that's not an easy one. Details was the first in 1982 and there is only one boat of this design. Engine is under companionway ladder. Islander Yachts was going to build a production version but their parent company stopped all investment in tooling and they folded a couple of years later. As noted elsewhere this boat is racing in LIS when the owner isn't sailing with clients. Short Circuit/Volatile Agent was also a one-off from 1986 and is currently believed to be racing in NJ. This boat has wider beam at deck and especially wider beam aft than Details. Side by side you would say it is a bigger boat. Also, engine is forward, essentially over the keel to help concentrate weight and meet MORC bow down measurement trim. Construction is higher tech with all vacuumed S-glass over foam. There is more rocker in the run aft than Details to push harder on MORC's aft overhang and TW measurements. 1988-89 saw Canned Heat (Bare Naked Ladies?) and Jeans built by Scorpio with Jeans having a few inches more freeboard to have 6' headroom. Engines under cockpit, rocker aft not quite as pushed as Short Circuit and front of cabin houses not the long slant of the other race boats. Freestyle/Bondi Tram, FLAK, Risky Business '90, Heartbeat were all to the same base hull design starting in 1989. As mentioned earlier, there is less rocker aft in part because MORC changed the rule. Cockpits are probably wider than predecessors. Freestyle was built by Scorpio and had what could be cockpit seats for day sailing but then a platform to fill the foot well when racing. The others were built by Wiggers and all were vacuumed S-glass and foam. Most of this group had travelers aft of the tiller, as did Jeans and Short Circuit. This allowed the helmsman to be at a wider part of the boat and still allow headsail trimmers some space. As mentioned earlier, the Star 30's have more freeboard and taller house to achieve 6 foot headroom which means for the 30' LOA limit and raked stem they have shorter waterline length. The cruising versions have cockpit coamings and seats. The three race versions - RB '87, Red Inc/Incognito & Notorious have houses similar to Details and Short Circuit and less freeboard than the base version. When freeboard is cut, the beam aft gets narrower and doesn't put the crew as far outboard so on these boats the aft topsides were spread to get some of this back. Hope that helps with differentiation. Many of the Star 30's had the engine forward, just behind the mast again for rating. PearlN - There was a N/M 30 named Rabble whose original owner then had FLAK built. Both FLAK and Red Inc. raced for the first time at the same regatta in Rochester in 1989. Hope that helps...