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    And so it begins. Image credit and copyright Allesandro Spiga
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    Can you imagine coming from a country of over 300 million, and realizing that Deano is the best you can get to drive your boat.
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    For Smack and the other (very) few NYYC fans here.
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    I'll be honest, I wish that she provided the same coverage that she does now but does it in a slightly more professional way. I don't mean production value, I don't mean change her focus. I mean purely be a little less verbal diarreah on the microphone, ask questions of your interviews that delve deeper into their race than "isn't this great? Aren't drinks great? Bet you want a drink!", only say "this is nic douglass for adventures of a sailor girl" at the beginning and end of your videos, not like on live streams where every time someone signs on you feel the need to repeat your brand, spend less time talking to/about the other people on the media boat and more time talking about what's happening on the camera. She's omnipresent and her coverage is good but it's all fluff and sometimes it seems like she wants to be friends with everybody more than she actually wants to interview them.
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    SPORTSCAR seen at the start of the 1981 Sydney to Hobart. Photo was taken by Phil Uhl on 26 December 1981 and wasn't published until Feb 1983. And yes, "I bought 5 copies for my mother" Most of the hair, all of the beard and the 'stache have since gone... but 38 and a bit years later I do still have the T-shirt I am wearing in this pic. Strangely, it seems to have shrunk quite a bit.
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    Hot damn I miss the AC32 days. A bunch of teams and boats to talk about and that guy from Valencia Sailing to provide pictures and dirt. There was shit talking but at least there was something to shit talk about. Nowadays coming on here to get caught up is like taking my dog to the dog park. Just a lot of barking and pissing and having to dodge a random pile of shit about wind limits while trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. WetHog
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    Those who worship the almighty dollar above all else are convinced financial performance is fundamental to all other things and how we attain wealth is of no concern Those who feel our integrity is all that matters and with great integrity comes great wealth believe integrity is fundamental to all things and wealth gained without integrity is “only money.”
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    some more pics. Bryce and his crew at Above and Below Marine sprayed 2coats of interprotect then International Ultra on the hull and Warpaint pink on the keel and rutter. not the right shade (it’s kinda purple) but pickings are slim in the pink antifoul department. Very pleased so far.
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    Ummm, I don't suppose you've noticed that this is CRUISING anarchy? It involves the pure joy of cruising with furniture. I'm 65 and sail a 48', 30,000#, wooden sailboat with my 64 year old wife. The wheel on that boat is a sensuous joy, beautifully balanced, with a touch and feel that must be experienced to be believed. 74' carbon mast, 3Di sails, 6' carbon spade rudder, 8' fin keel with a bulb. A tiller would ruin the boat and add nothing. We have a tiller on our sailing dinghy.
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    As the originator of this thread, I took Boardhead's drawing, built the new 2-rounds hatch and went sailing. Had no idea the thread got 100+ posts until I logged back in tonight to the forum for the first time this year. The comments back and forth make me want to share a little more... Working in a rush during the unanticipated haul out, too far from home tools, I wasn't able to cut perfect circles for (1) the hull hole, (2) the outer disk, (3) the inner disk. Result is the alignment can get off just a bit, and then the seal isn't perfect. Also, my first version of the hand-nut was made by me threading in not-strong-enough plastic. It was departure day from San Francisco, aiming for Los Angeles. Crossing the bay, the hatch weeped just a little bit so I went to crank down on the inner nut one more time. And of course I stripped the threads, compromising the whole works. An emergency stop in Sausalito and call to the wife to ask for a hardware store run and "bring the big drill" resulted in a beefier through bolt and big metal wing nuts. In refitting the outer disk lying on the paddle board in the afternoon chop, the imperfect cuts revealed the importance of the inner disk for holding the outer disk in its correct position. That wouldn't happen with a straight board or other less-than-hole filling solution inside. Again, just making the two disks is a straightforward ask and very elegant solution. In my case the execution wasn't perfect but using thick enough "wetsuit" rubber has kept that hatch watertight in Ravenswing's first 1700 miles offshore. The outer disk has a lanyard permanently connecting it do the net, so we don't lose it during an emergency. And thanks to Boardhead, Skateaway's "old" interior hand-nut is now Ravenswing's outer nut. I posted pictures of all this last fall up on Ravenswing's site, cartersboat.com Search on Escape hatch and it should come up for anyone wanting to see the DIY version. Now looking forward to sailing her LaPaz to Puerto Vallarta in early Feb. Gotta stop at Isla Isabel to see the Boobies!
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    Maybe we should start a GoFundMe account to buy SmackDaddy some proper dock lines. If that fucking idiot had tied his boat up correctly, maybe he’d be sailing instead of just embarrassing himself. Just as a clarification to the rest of the world, please don’t think of most Americans as being like him. He’s like the neighbor kid you hire to mow your lawn just to be nice, then go out and do it properly after he’s left.
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    People who are willing to get naked in public generally shouldn't.
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    There is a line that shouldn’t get crossed.. that was it. if you wanted to offer condolences, you could do it straight up man to man. you don’t need to do what you did.
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    You’re correct. I listened to an unnamed podcast recently which amounted to over an hour of revisionist history and glossing over a history of cheating and rule bending. The interviewer did no follow up questions and gushed over a known and convicted cheater. Why do boats like Envy Scooters push through with fouls that get them chucked off the podium? Because nobody in the sailing press does follow up on those incidents to show that there are consequences. Clubs brush it under the carpet because they don’t want to be known for foul play under the guise of “bad press is bad for the sport.” The media brush it under the rug because they don’t get a media flag for their powerboat if they are seen as criticizing participants. And nobody has thought that what would be good for the sport is enforcing the rules and showing potential new owners they won’t get fouled out of a race 100 yards off the line.
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    Saw new posts, hoped for something about the fucking boat. Once again disappointed. Acanarchy is more toxic than the Rotor Riot Facebook group for drones and that's saying something.
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    Wish I could say, unbelievable but it's not. Calling someone a cheater on your own international site with no basis other than "reports" is complete BS. Just because CNN does it, doesn't make it right. It hurts the sport overall and hurts this poor schmuck who had the temerity to bring his boat to Dago without getting the editor's prior written approval. Ed has sunk to a new low and that's saying something.
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    There is always someone who wants to play devil's advocate. But to say this as an age issue, or a wrong anchorage issue, is missing the thread. If you book a hotel room, do you think it is appropriate to throw a party until 4am keeping other people up all night because you are "enjoying the hotel differently"? Of course not, it is common courtesy. And try telling a hotel manager knocking on the door that the other people should not have booked a hotel in a popular area. I am no stranger to raft up parties with lots of friends. But at a certain point, the music is turned off and the conversation moves below. Sound carries on the water, and it is just common courtesy.
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    I remember the "newspaper" we'd get back in the day. Loved it then and still love what we get today! There was some chatter about going digital. I was very verbal about keeping the mag, (and expanding the font on the District reports). I'm in the print business so I even quoted on the business. Didn't get it which is fine with me as it proves the class is watching the $$$'s which to me is a good thing. Word to other District Secretaries- This is a great tool for us in the US! Use it! Nothing jazzes your district folks more than seeing a couple of pics in the mag of the local folks in action! We got a cover shot and a few other pics in some of the editions during 2019. Everybody loved them.
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    I see all the photos as a reminder to us that Sherri Campbell and Jerelyn Biehl, the hard-working editors of the NA-ILCA newsletter, have for many years been producing a fine, glossy, quarterly magazine full of helpful and interesting information about Laser sailing. Hopefully they will continue to do so for many more years, whatever changes come along in the Laser class. Thank you ladies for all that you do. .
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    I remember the 1981 or '82 Big Boat series where Jumpin' Jack Flash pulled off a shy reach to run gybe peel right in front of the StFYC Men's Bar about 150' from shore. We were about five boat lengths behind and they pulled it off so perfectly that our owner asked how they changed the color of their spinnaker. Then they popped the blooper in about five more boat lengths. All in about 20-25k. We USA-ans were properly intimidated. So there are some things that Aussies are good at.
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