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    Playlist with 10 pre-leg-start interviews:
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    Heard a great quote from the owner. When he was buying it he was talkign with Dalton, Grant said 'why would you want to buy a shitter like that?' The owners reply... 'She has a beautiful transom, and you should know that as you spent so much time looking at it!' Supposedly they don't talk now..... Thanks NZ for another great Stopover. Intense, busy and awesome as always.
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    There is only one likely reason for your demeanor this evening: It hurts when you pee.
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    "Squirt mode"--haha. Something to that, since both red boats tend to react quickly to transitions and not stall out, I guess. It's been 8 hrs since the jack hole. Spreadsheet averages--averaged over 6 hrs--say COGs podium on soaking best to AKZO, SHKS, TBRU, and TTOP. MAPF went for best SOG, without giving up as much COG to DFRT. All in all, not al lot of difference amongst the teams nonetheless. FWIW Team At position Average since last report Hour UTC 24h run Waypoint COG SOG VMG Vestas 11th Hour Racing 00:59 UTC 418.4 nm 135W 165° 19.0 kts 13.8 kts Team Brunel 00:59 UTC 412.8 nm 135W 172° 19.7 kts 12.7 kts MAPFRE 00:59 UTC 419.0 nm 135W 169° 21.1 kts 14.3 kts Dongfeng Race Team 00:59 UTC 420.0 nm 135W 167° 18.9 kts 13.4 kts Team AkzoNobel 00:59 UTC 414.5 nm 135W 175° 20.9 kts 12.6 kts Turn The Tide on Plastic 00:58 UTC 417.9 nm 135W 171° 19.5 kts 12.7 kts Team Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag 00:58 UTC 401.6 nm 135W 174° 20.7 kts 12.8 kts
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    You guys @jbc and @southerncrosstake care!!! Sounds frightening, stay safe.
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    I don't have time to work on tracker. Use official one for up to date information. Fixed exclusion zone for now.
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    After all the grief given to Volvo race management, I'd like to doff my cap to the shore spectacle that came with the tour. Auckland has done this many times before, and I was expecting that with less boats, no Kiwi entries, and the passing of the guard of many of the older Kiwis that it might have been a bit ho hum. But no. Blair and Peter have become superstars in their own right and play the media game so well. The Pro Am was being talked about by lots of people. The Cat racing across the harbour in Saturday looked truly spectacular, and the breeze finally arrived for the leg start. I also especially thank the Volvo Academy programme. We had 32 sailors, and nearly as many parents and helpers spend a day getting a tour of the Boats and teams racing Optimists brought in for the race. Yes - again it has been done before, but for those experiencing it for the first time, it was a wonderful experience. The Round the World Race is still alive and well in Auckland!
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    We don’t see Mapfre on its own very often, especially without its red twin brother. Charles’ first nail biting moment of this leg has already arrived .
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    Crew Lists page 2 (can't figure out how to paste properly)
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    Probably a close, maybe even questionable call but Scally called it, so Xabi did the circle work anyway to wipe the slate and kill it off just to be sure. Something WOXI didn't do in the last S2H and paid the price.
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    Latest from navigator Libby Greenhalgh onboard Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag: Minus 6 degrees and counting. The first 48 hours have been non stop and the first 24hours brutal for getting any rest and the result you could see as everyone and everything became slower onboard. There were plenty of opportunities in the first 24hours and we didn't do the best job of capitalising on them. After being unusually slightly late for the start we were never really able to wiggle our way around anyone on the the inshore part of the leg start. But once able to stretch our legs we were back in the mix by the Coromandel peninsula. Having gained along the headland we chose to cross the fleet rather than lead them back south, the first not quite right decision, a little starboard port incident in the middle of the night with Mapfre added some excitement and saw them doing a two turn penalty. No that this slowed them down that much!!! As we split from the fleet we were also suffering an instrument failure which meant in someways we were sailing blind so less than ideal. We probably should have tacked back and kept a visual on the fleet but we chose to stick with our plan and hold slightly further offshore to not fall into the lighter winds of the Bay of Plenty. The next big gain came from short tacking along East Cape and we were late in our approach to begin this. The lack of sleep and the fact that a head cold seems to be sweeping through our boat meant lethargy was at a high and tacking was unusually slow, meanwhile I was being sea sick bonus when you are trying to navigate! All in all not a great 24hours people wise but we hung in there made some gains at the end and were a matter of 5nm behind the leaders as we turned the corner. This closed very quickly as the front runners ran into lighter winds, however are positioning further to leeward was not strong and saw us longer term suffer. Last sched gives us a small gain on the leader of 3nm we will take that. It is only day 2 of currently what looks like a very quick leg to Itajaí (best get that village open early current routings have us getting there on the 4th) and anything can happen. 22nm miles is nothing especially in Scallywag world with 55KT of wind to come big seas and cold temperatures, in 12 hours the sea temperature has dropped 6 degrees as we head towards iceberg land. That's all for now. Libby at the nav station Hot chocolates drunk: 2 Favourite meal: still sweet and sour (so far) Fastest speed: 26 KT Number of wind checks: 5 oooh just doing one now! Number times I have been sick: 2 but not for 24hours!
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    learn something new every day:How the RC calculates the distance to Itajaí another good (but unsigned) article from the VOR site https://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/news/11254_How-far-is-it-to-Itajai.html
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    The red boats could not even get through the first night before finding each other and cuddling up...this race needs a stalking rule.
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    For those who wondered who Keven Mealamu is who jumped off the back of Vestas as their celeb. All Black hooker and tough as teak. Though I think his ears (that have seen too many scrums) may have given Vestas a windage problem before he exited doing that "bomb dive".
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    I was going to attempt to update the overall (all legs) to include the newcomers, but then I realized what a daunting task that was going to be. I would first have to update the standings for each individual leg and then update each leg in the overall spreadsheet. I’ll capture the last leg, but beyond that we’re just going to score moving forward. As new people join they will get a DNC for the previous legs. Our numbers are getting too large to score retroactively. Thanks, Shorty
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    You need to be careful NOT to be so overawed by somebody that you think they are the God of race management. There are few posts here indicate that. You need to be careful NOT to be one of those clubs whose attitude is "we've always done it this way", to the point that they think the guy they've brought in does not know what he's doing. There are a few posts here that indicate that also. You should look at ROs that have run similar events/classes to what you are planning. e.g. Don't choose the top Optimist RO to run a keelboat regatta unless he has experience running keelboat races. The event goes better if the RO knows the class & how the competitors might think.
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    Hear hear LB. A simple fact of fuckin life living on this big orange. In my part of the world unlit towed barges, unlit anchored FAD's the size of wheel barrows and dingys sitting in the middle of narrow navigation channels Then some bamboo shit half the size of football fields just floating in 2,000 feet of water. The latter are like arriving to Burning Man and no one is around with a match. I feel like putting a few fuckin flare rounds into them but desist, thinking the poor pricks are feeding their families, albeit their catch ends up in a restaurant somewhere costing $800/head and where they get fuck all. Ironically they think AIS/COLREGS etc is a disease you get at the local knock-shop, yet the buggers have 4G internet access in their fishing village better than most 1st World countries and their simple dirt floor abodes are littered with smart phones. Work that shit out. LB my apologies but now I have to take you to task on being a not a tad but fuckin disengenious in the Rules department. You state above and elsewhere that Vestas had an opportunity to protest and should not be critisised for doing so. At the same time you don't seem to respect the IJ's determination until you personally know what they have heard being made publicly available? I respect judges putting some cunt in jail, I don't need the detail to agree with their decision unless a clear travesty of justice appears on 60 Minutes. Yet compounding that you state earlier here that Comanche are in essence a bunch of cunts for maintaining a protest against WOXI and should have dropped it and allowed WOXI to take the silverware home. Mate you can't have your cake and eat it. Rules are rules and you respect the people that make them, the people who abide by them and adjudicate on them, or if not our sport is fucked. Anyone who believes Comanche should have pulled a port and starboard protest are either boat builders looking for more work or people who have no regard for the rules. I appreciate you sit in the camp the that believe WOXI's penalty should have been time related to not doing the circle work (aka a 720). Trouble with that thought is no penalty against WOXI would have eventuated. Furthermore there are other competitors interests in the race to consider. WOXI went from 1st to 2nd as determined by the Jury. There is an argument that other competitors may even feel agrieved by that arguably pissant determination. In earlier S2H editions before SI's were amended (contrary to world wide rules) to encourage race participation, WOXI would have been DSQ'd pure and simple on a simple port/starboard incident that most stepping into a boat and many in the general public even understand, if nothing else. If this incident had occured shortly after outside Sydney heads under 2018 SI's the placing penalty would have been a whopping 30% of entrants by failing to do a 720. So my take on the Comanche/WOXI outcome that you disagree with by Comanche prosecuting a protest and they being in your words being "ball sacks". Putting aside there was a combined displacement between Comanche and WOXI of around 60 tonnes where even a "love tap" sends people to hospital and if it wasn't for Spithall driving Comanche (say opposed to the owner), Richards would today be trying to explain away why he has a 10' carbon prodder built by US Green Marine hanging out of his arse, what is the message to the sailing community? Simple, doesn't matter if you and your kid sailing an Opti and as poor as church mouses versus the rich kid who gets a new set of sails every week and a new boat every season, you are all equal as far as the Rules go and you will be supported by those who make, administer and adjudicate them. If professionals refuse to set a standard, what hope is there for everyone else? So WOXI king of the Oz ocean, a crew on board inc a AC Director as Tactician and in its own pond thinking they could stretch those Rules, they got whacked. Charlie and Mark with maybe a US superiorty complex and a Trump like brain explosion even after killing someone, thought they were above the Rules, they got whacked. My vote for World Yachtsman of the Year 2018 is collective. It is the Jury's of the sailing world including high end members like John Rountree etc for both these infamous incidents and who have put people like WOXI and Vestas thinking they are above us all in their fuckin place. It is where rule dodging fuckers or anyone thinking they can fuck up and then try and profit from fine print and not the spirit belong and no matter who they are. That approach is to the betterment of our sport if we believe in it. If not take up golf.
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    What a clusterfuck this is turning into! And where were all these people when the plans were being discussed with council late last year, and then finalised early in 2018? Not a fucking peep out of VHH or objection from Ngati Whatua Orakei. And as for VHH's CEO Angela Bull - she sounds like a paid-up life member of SSOH when I read that her main opposition point is "we don't want any intrusion into the harbour". I take that to mean they are happy with the legacy left by Sir Peter Blake and the previous TNZ campaigns, because it has made the area into a fun and vibrant part of Auckland that draws locals and visitors alike. Sure helps when you plan on "borrowing" that happy vibrancy to add immense value and patronage to your proposed hotel. My god, these people are so selfish and driven by corporate greed that they are prepared to obstruct the resort consent process for the latest plan and put the whole event in jeopardy. I have nothing but contempt for them, and they do NOT speak on my behalf as an Auckland ratepayer (and neither do SSOH). I'm not a sailor but I am an Aucklander, and it’s my bloody harbour too! I love the Wynyard quarter (and I remember the cess-pit it used to be before we won the cup). I love all the nautical activity, the variety of yachts and launches from old to new, small to large, and I welcome some wharf extensions as long as they remain a public amenity for future generations to use. An extension of Halsey wharf would be another legacy that can be used for all sorts of events (just as it’s being used at present for the Volvo circus), and if the VHH crowd could get their heads out of their arses then they may also see it as another benefit for their hotel when events are held there. And finally, I speak as someone who has spent the last 10 years working right on the edge of the inner basin, so I see what goes on every day and what is possible if a wharf extension eventuates.
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    If there was somehow some way to embalm Stephen Hawking so his body would survive the rigours of space and then place him in the passenger seat of Elon Musk's Tesla orbiting Earth with Starman as his chaffeur then I think that would be a fantastic way to honour and remember him. He was a truly remarkable human being. RIP Mr Hawking
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    We are, in my humble opinion, witnessing the American withdrawal as the world's largest economy and the world's leading liberal democracy. We are, in the guise of nationalism, daily becoming weaker and less relevant on the world stage. tRump and his Republican "regressives" are aggressively throwing away our 100+ years of the promise of an open and welcoming land of opportunity and our 70 years of post-WW-II international leadership by being simply who they are: nationalist, racist, intolerant, ignorant ostriches. Will the last American please turn out the torch on the Statue of Liberty.
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    Where does the madness stop? What will the democRATS think of next?
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    Mark 4. Steinlager, kite sailor, dinghies, yachties and red boats. Great shot.
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    If that's true then you deserve a huge amount of credit. My wife and I had a tiny little bit of experience with that - FAS, not drugs so I have a bit of an idea what it would entail. It still doesn't excuse you being such a right wing asshole though.
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    LB is entertaining. You aren't
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    If other team rookies listen to this too many times...just the music will scare the bejesus out of them.
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    Everglades Challenge 2018 Recap Class 5 The Flying Windrider When looking for an adventure sometimes one becomes lucky enough to really experience one. The Everglades Challenge 2018 truly lived up to it's name for the 100+ teams entered this year's event greeted the competitors with bright sunshine, cool temperatures, both incredible sunrises and sunsets and very strong winds out of the North to Northeast. Our boat entered is a Windrider 17 a simple roto molded trimaran our team “Team Key West” was skippered by Birch Ohinger and crew by yours truly Guy deBoer. We are entered in Class 5 the multi hull division of 14 boats. When I looked at the different designs in our class and even the entire fleet I estimated that we may finish as high as 11th in class and about 20th overall. Needless to say our 2nd in class and 4th overall was not expected but proved at least in our minds is a well prepared team and boat can sail beyond one's greatest expectations. Just how did we finish so high, here are the details. The Everglades Challenge Start, Fort de Soto Beach March 3rd The Saturday morning 7AM start was delayed 2 hours as the event organizer waited for the winds to settle down a little making the passage through the commercial shipping channel safe for both competitors and shipping traffic alike. The Race did start at 9am with every sailing team directed that we needed to start the race with at least one reef in our mainsail. We could only shake out the reef after we crossed the Tampa Bay shipping channel. As the starting horn sounded we launched our boat off the beach and made easy progress towards the opening of the Gulf of Mexico. The winds across the bay were less than expected and we shook out the reef before we entered the Gulf. We entered the Gulf through Passage Key Inlet and headed south to our first check point at Englewood (67 miles). Looking around we were just about where I expected us to be in fleet position 10th or 11th. The wind was out of the North at 10-12 kts but we had to sail dead downwind. It's a slow point of sail, looking at our options Mac Quiver popped into my head and we fashioned a whisker-pole to hold out our scheecher thereby doubling our effective sail area. We increased our speed and velocity made good towards the next mark, (Stump Pass) the entrance to Englewood. Crossing a sandbar entrance from the Gulf can be challenging with breaking waves crashing over very shallow sandbars. We crossed the Stump Bar literally 100 feet from the beach. The sound of crashing waves can be loud and intimidating but we punched through and in less than 2 minutes we were into the calm waters of the Inter-coastal Waterway. In about 20 minutes we pulled into Cape Haze Marina home of Check Point 1. Here we discovered we were in 11th place over-all. Behind faster multi hulls and 2 mono hulls. So far so good. Birch & I accomplished a fast turn around and headed south down the Inter coastal just as the last light in the sky was disappearing as we sailed to the next inlet south (Little Gasparila) to reenter the Gulf repeating passing through the steep seas. This time we're headed directly into the chaos, again the sounds and spray makes one think again just how sane is this? We made it out OK but we did bump the bottom a few times. The next stop is Chocoloskee Check Point 2 95 miles south. This is the longest of the 4 legs in the race. Again as we turned south, we put up the whisker-pole as and sailed into an ever increasing northerly wind. When Birch told me he had purchased a Windrider 17 for the race I was very suspect of his choice. At first I was not a fan, but we did sail the boat several times before this race and I grew to appreciate both it's performance potential and I believe in it's bullet proof design & construction. The next 17 hours will prove if my initial feeling are correct. Throughout the night the winds and seas increased. But Birch & I just kept plowing on. Never once did we feel that the boat or or safety were an issue. 17 Hours on the open sea with temperatures dropping waves and spray crashing into us began to take it's toll. I was very cold and so was Birch. By sunrise we had passed Marco Island and made the turn East into more shallow water of Chocoloskee Sound and entrance to Chocoloskee at Indian Key. By now we are excited to see how we did over night, did we pass anyone or were we passed by other teams? The Everglades mangrove channels are narrow and twisted and we entered with an adverse outgoing tide but soon we noticed a boat up ahead. It was Archangel and his very fast 23' trimaran, Birch & I cannot believe we caught this boat but we had and even passed him as we sailed closer to Check Point 2. A short time later we came around another bend and there to our amazement we we passed a Tornado 20 catamaran, another much faster design. Chocoloskee is just around the corner and when we finish we discover we are 4th over-all!!!!! This is to hard to believe but it is true. Birch had gotten water into his dry-suit overnight,our stop was just over 1 hours here as he had a shower and dried out his suit. Leg 3 to Flamingo Sunday 11:30AM The Tornado left the check point before us and Archangel asked to follow us out into the Gulf for he was a newbie to the Race. Again we were treated with another sunny day with a light Northerly wind. The forecast was for the wind to increase to over 20 kts. But throughout the afternoon the breeze stayed at about 10 kts. As we approached Cape Sable the light began to fall and the wind increased.. As we rounded the Cape and headed East toward Flamingo the wind came on strong. Finally we considered reefing again but decided that as we got closer to Flamingo we would sail into more protected waters and stay the course, keep pushing! 8 ½ hours after rounding Cape Sable we sailed into Flamingo at 2:30AM. The Check Point volunteers confirmed that Archangel anchored for the night after rounding Cape Sable but Team SOS in their Core Sound 20' were right on our heals. As we headed out to cross Florida Bay SOS were right on our tail, the race is on! We were very lucky as we caught the high tide for with a strong north wind it tends to blow the water out of the bay, making a very shallow bay and its channels even more challenging. By now Birch & I have been racing since early Saturday morning and it is now the wee hours on Monday. Tired & cold is a little hard to describe but you can imagine. But by now the adrenaline is kicking in and we're off to the finish now just 38 miles away. With SOS we now sail side by side through Florida Bay and the ever closer finish. First through Tin Can Channel then Buoy Key then onto the Dump Keys. These are all locations with the deepest channel to cross the Bay. Even with the high tide we drag our main hull across many shallow banks barely making it at times and once or twice we had to get out to push. After Dump Key we extended a sizable lead over SOS. We then turned south around the End Keys and miraculously found the Buttonwood Cut without any problems, on to Calussa Key Channel. Here is where a few problems developed and all self made. First we missed the next channel Jimmy and sailed about 1 ½ miles out of our way. By now SOS had caught us. But the winds were strong and we again pulled ahead. Now we are only 9.6 miles from the finish. But again we made an error and sailed further south than needed. SOS cut a corner and sailed in front of us. By now the had run out of race course and had to settle finishing behind SOS for 4th overall & 2nd in Class. Looking back at the race it is hard to image Birch & I had sailed a great race. I do not believe that another roto-moulded design had finished with a better over-all time. I'm grateful for Chief and the Watertribe volunteers for another great event. The Everglades Challenge is a adventure race and we all tripartite knowing there are risks and as competitors we accept them. Sadly, the Tribe last a competitor in this year's race. BueJay (aka Thad Rice) was discovered beside his kayak unresponsive. Birch & I offer condolences to all Triber's and his friends and family. For myself, can't wait for next year's Everglades Challenge! justanothersailor & At Wits End www.watertribe.com
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    Do you still wonder why you are labeled a Trump Apologist? The guy admits he had no idea if what he said was true, so his intention was to deceive. Most people would recognize that dishonesty and label it a lie. And, we all know how you'd have reacted had this been President Obama admitting to lying to another Head of State.
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    There's an old joke about a group of friends that go on a hunting trip and no one wanted to be the cook, so they drew straws. The loser goes, ok, I'll be the cook, but if any of you assholes complains, you're taking over. The first day the food was mediocre and no one complained. The next day, the food was worse, but on one complained. Each day the food was purposely getting worse but no one complained. Finally, the cook out of desperation served a soup made of horseshit and swamp water, that night when the group took their first sip, one of them exclaimed, THIS TASTES LIKE HORSESHIT AND SWAMP WATER! But it's good.
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    Yes indeed you are an arsehole. And a limp dicked oily little toad, but most of all you are a truly stupid cunt. I , like every other person here except you apparently, have no idea if they contributed to the accident or not. I never offered an opinion on that, simply stating the fact that if an investigation had cleared them they had every right to seek redress. So quick are you to scream in mock outrage that you don't even understand what you are flaming about. And now here is your card...
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    Alternatively you can use a child or two. Typically that gives me just long enough to get a couple of gins sorted. I've learned that using more than two children tends to result in a fight, which usually distracts from sorting the gin. In that case you should direct the additional children to sorting the gin while you just sit back for a bit.
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    LEG 7, DAY 3: HORACE MEANS BUSINESS AND WANTS THAT LEG WIN You just have to look at Chen Jinhao – aka Horace - to see that he wants to win. The young bowman from Schen Zhen in China, who many are tipping as a future skipper of an all-Chinese crew in the Volvo Ocean Race, is sporting a crew cut with a big “V” picked out on the back of his head. Filmed on board working on the cockpit winches as Dongfeng continues on her way south in the Southern Pacific Ocean, Horace explained that he had decided to get a short haircut and had the “V” put in to remind him and his teammates at all times “to keep fighting and sail the boat faster.” Like everyone else on board Horace is determined that Dongfeng Race Team will score its first leg win on this tough voyage to Itajai in Brazil. In the meantime the early stage of the leg continues to unfold as the fleet heads south around the eastern flank of a huge high pressure system. Strong winds from the northeast are producing boatspeeds in the low 20s as the crews enjoy a fast ride down towards the Ice Exclusion Zone, now 500 miles due south. Once they get down there, the turn to the east will begin and they will hook into the first weather front taking them toward Cape Horn. “FOR THE FIRST THREE DAYS IT IS QUITE SIMPLE, GOING STRAIGHT SOUTH TO THE ICE LIMIT AND THEN TURNING ROUND THE HIGH PRESSURE,” EXPLAINED KEVIN ESCOFFIER. “AND THEN WE HAVE A FRONT PASSING US AND IT WILL BE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY AFTER THAT WITH A WEATHER FRONT THAT IS QUITE WINDY. “So now we have to get some sleep and rest to be ready for this part of the race,” he added, “because when you have so much wind for so long and a lot of gybes, you will get tired quite quickly – that is part of this race and that is part of racing in the Southern Ocean.” Mid-way through their third day at sea, Dongfeng is lying in fourth place, just five miles behind the leader, Vestas 11th Hour Racing, which sailed around the outside of the fleet when the leading boats were stuck under a cloud, going from sixth to first. https://www.dongfengraceteam.cn/news/view/leg-7-day-3-horace-means-business-and-wants-that-leg-win
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    Remember the time it ran above the fleet along the rhumb line when heaps were heading the wrong direction going for 24 hour records and every man and his dog were dropping off the pilot boat above the beating fleet and beam reaching down ahead of the leaders! I think it was leaving China. I got banned from the forum for politely suggesting that the situation was not correct. The mod called me a troublemaker.
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    I can't wait until we have a competent and worthy president, race, gender and sexual orientation is irrelevant.
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    I named my 28' trimaran 'TRIBUPROFIN'
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    Sigh, red boats have each other on a leach again,... I so hope Charles finds another way of beating the Spaniards. We shall see who is fastest around the Horn....
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    I think it's safe to say Scally think they can only win by sailing their own course, and really it makes sense. They can't match the better boats one on one but what they can do is out smart them so this is no surprise. They have earn't enough respect now for other boats to perhaps look at their course and consider. Certainly we know Dongfeng can't beat Mapfre by sailing with them. Libby may end up the navigator of the series if she can pull off some more wins?
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    Forum-wise, you're fine here, as far as I'm concerned. We have had boat building discussions before and in many cases the issue of people buying old boats that need "TLC" is actually more involved than building from scratch. People who talk about running aground and tearing the bottom out of their boat have got some basic problems. 1- the trunk should be strong enough that this does not happen easily..... you're using material with better structural properties than cardboard, right? Cardboard derivatives? 2- the flips side of #1 above is that the daggerboard should be the failure point, not the hull. And 3- you have to be going much faster than most people will ever achieve to break either 'board or trunk, because most small traditional sailing craft are slowpokes. For most of my sailing career, I thought leeboards looked stupid. Yes they work. But.......... over the past decade or so, I have seen so many boats that were so ugly that leeboards would be a big improvement, that I have changed my mind. And yes they work! Problem(s): designing a new set of foils from scratch that will let the boat sail at least as well as she was originally designed..... not a task for the first-time builder. Also, the dory has a lot of flare in the topsides, the leeboards would be pointed under the boat..... not optimum. Yes they can be braced to any angle you want but this complicates the design & build process. The good thing about leeboards, in this particular case, is that they lift out of the water entirely and leave a nice clean clear hull for rowing. The daggerboard trunk will always be drag-gy. A friend with a smallish row/sail boat says that trying to row with the centerboard down feels like trying to row thru soft butter. FB- Doug
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    Kind of funny and a bit of a porn intro, my kids tell me... https://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/home.html
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    I have an excellent example of an irresponsible gun owner for you all to consider Last night, my wife and I attended an annual yacht club formal dinner. This was out in a very posh neighborhood's clubhouse, inside a gated community. Many yacht club members are elderly and have medical issues.... not a problem but it raises the odds that any person will need help and it has happened in the past. One of the members needed help...... he slumped over in his chair, face ashen and grey, obviously having difficulty breathing, could not speak, minimally responsive. My went to his aid (we were called, we were seated at another table and didn't see it all start happening) and I followed closely. This man is overweight, out of shape even for his age, has had some surgeries recently and is on several kinds of medication including opioid pain meds. We got him out of his chair and set him gently on the floor, took his pulse, etc etc, as I was loosening his clothing I became aware he had a small pistol in a holster under his dress jacket. Nothing to do but continue work although I thought to myself "what a fucking bone head, who is he going to shoot at a yacht club dinner?" We'd already called 911 and when the ambulance arrived, they refused to touch him until he took his gun off which he initially refused to do. His wife helped him and she took charge of the weapon. By now he was getting considerably more air, after being wheeled out, he refused to get in the ambulance went home. Now..... when you are regularly taking medication that prevents you from "operating machinery" such as driving a car, should you be packing? I don't give a fuck what kind of permit you have, this is irresponsible. And if in his drugged state, having a stroke or whatever led him to fumble with his gun (which was starting to do several times), -I- do not want to get shot accidentally. And I fully intend to speak with him and say "You have the right to carry a gun, but if you're taking drugs and you bring one into a building where I and my wife are located, I'm going to take it away from you for my own safety." He's fucking dumbass who refuses to accept the responsibility that comes with the right. -DSK
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    for twitter-embeds-don't-work folks: I refuse to joke about Vanessa Trump bc it's NEVER funny when a couple files for an uncontested quick divorce, one where assets can be swiftly transferred, on the same day an independent special counsel subpoenas their family business. People, this could happen to you someday. John Fugelsang
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    Whatever the team pays Martine, she is gone be worth every penny in Brasil, as AkzoNobel have a very big business interest in the country. Besides she is a bloody good sailor who also seems to be enjoying the race. And she is always smiling and I would think she also helped to keep the morale up in their darker days. She should skipper a boat in the next Volvo, the Ipanema, full of Brasil girls!
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    Warbird, Something just clicked in the back of my brain, you should apply to be Trumps speechwriter. It would be epik!
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    As I said, I do think they must use the head when the conditions are rough - it would be difficult and maybe a little reckless to do the business hanging off the stern. And COLD. Also, on said boat, the order was "everybody must sit down while using the head, even men" - when the weather was a bit rough. Of course, men should sit down anyway, and especially on a boat. Unless they have 1 meter long dicks and never spill.
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    Hi all, had a chance encounter with Shorty during the Muscat-Dubai and he kindly suggested I might like check out this forum. So, if its ok with you all, I’d like to join the group. Just a warning, I am very much a beginner. This is the first VOR I’ve done. Cheers
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    Yep; the Scally's have become a veritable lean, not mean, PR machine of late. Good for the race, good for the sport. Quite a contrast from the pre-Race and Leg 2 Wittster.