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    This is the greatest story ever told and I am fascinated by it. I spent an hour or so watching the US media coverge this morning - as is now part of my morning routine as a retired old journo. As yet I see no significant cracks in the Republican carapace. . I hear blather from analysts and columnists and the talking classes. I see outrage from the usual anti-trump GOPers - those who have already thrown in the towell on politics and Trump and are leaving the stage anyway As far as I can see the base is strong - their faith in the fakeness of the media and their willingness to believe the last thing Trump said remains strong. A decade or more ago I spent a few years working in the mid west, I heard some pretty insane, racist and extreme religionist talk from mid-western far righters and avid churchgoers..."america going to hell in a handbasket " was a classic phrase I heard again and again. Lots of them seemed willing to tear it all down just to spite the liberal minded coast dwellers who they felt had been running the show for far too long. I was a guest and as a hack I was not covering politics at the time - so I listened with interest and soon realised that any counter arguements would be useless. I heard some pretty extreme talk - at the time I thought it was very very fringe.. I thought they would never get their way because of the voting power of the slightly more liberal east and west coasters. Man was I ever wrong. We now have the arguement - which could be summarised by "so what if the Russians changed the election.... so what if Trump colluded....at least we got the liberal hands off the reins of power and here is a man who speaks the way I feel" I don't think that tapes of bed wetting or agreeing deals with Russian hackers will do anything to mitigate their overhwlming hate of anyone who does not agree with the simple principles of the base - which are more or less "we won - the liberals lost" I am a bit of a history buff. I see echoes of England in the 1630s, The eastern United States in the 1850s and Germany in the 1930s. I am not saying civil strife in inevitable or even likely - but you guys are walking a very dangerous road when you decide that passion is more important than facts. I am a long term fan of American energy, hospitality, drive, willingness to achieve the seemingly impossible. As a Brit whose father was conscripted to fight in the African desert I have an inherited gratitude for the way that the Americans came to Europe twice to expend their lives of the finest young men. to sve europe from tyranny. I live in east anglia where there were scores of airfields built by the Americans. Those fine young men from all over America flew out of east anglia to die in the skies of Germany, I know the areas of Devon and Cornwall where other fine young Americans came to train for the Normany landings where so many of them died. I am a great admirer of your country. But blow me - something has gone wrong. I think that Putin meddled, Trump conspired. That is almost certainly fact. More people voted against Trump than for him - but the base is deep and strong and united. The liberals are weak, disgorganised, under bad/week leadership. I see the Chuck and Nancy show standing at mahogany lecterns in Washington mumbling stuff past their 80 year old false teeth - and I see Trump rallying the base with with power, wit, hate, lies and passion. Then I despair. America really does seem to be heading to hell in a hand-basket. I wish you well - but I fear the worst. Maybe yesterday was a turning point.. . maybe the mid teerms will be a turning point...maybe not. You old liberal minded net jockies who expend so much energy pointlessly flaming the scores of right wing (or putin powered) sock puppets who infest every forum should divert some of that energy and creativity to putting America back in a place where truth, honesty and decency are respected once more. D
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    I have come to the conclusion that Trump is conducting foreign policy Kon-Tiki style, like Rimas. He declares his destination, ineptly is blown the other direction, has to be rescued and towed into port, and his Facebook fan club cheers at his seamanship and record-breaking performance.
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    It certainly was - that was when the AC died.
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    Anyone who needs an engine running while racing to prevent a collision needs to learn how to sail their boat or fuck off
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    A simple yes/no question then, is Trump then unpatriotic because he certainly opposes the investigation and it obviously is for political (and personal) reasons?
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    Hobie 16 Brought more people into sailing than all the other boats mentioned combined. More fun than any other boat mentioned. Cathy Collins learned to sail on one. She was later known as Bo Derek. Have a Hobie Day.
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    I have not seen Malarkey weigh in on this yet, the poor bastard. I picture him at a desk under a bare light bulb, furiously writing draft after draft of his post, a mass of discarded crumpled papers at his feet. When he finally decided he's got it right, he will defend Trump, and it's gonna be good. I'm talking Evel Kinevel at Ceasars Palace good. You'll read it and wince, knowing the usual suspects will pounce on him like hyenas and rip him to shreds. I'm getting all giddy inside just thinking about it.
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    It think the "issue" of Germany buying some oil and gas from Russia is making business as usual seem disloyal. Purchasing energy from Russia is not a security threat, because in a time of war all bets are off regarding the delivery of oil and gas for civilian purposes. The EU is suddenly going to be cut off from a whole host of energy sources, whether by embargo, inderdiction, destruction or internal restriction of commerce and transport. Making Germany's commerce with Russia seem disloyal is a backhanded way of trying to say two things. First, that Trump's doing business with Russian oligarchs is what everybody is doing. Secondly, that Russia is a threat which Trump cares about. There are a few things wrong with this message. Germany is paying for commodities, whereas Trump, for all we know (he hasn't released any details) has accepted large loans under dubious terms from Russian oligarchs without US oversight. Certainly he tapped into streams of cash outside the US banking system, which refuses to deal with him. These are vastly different relationships with different impacts on the freedom of the parties (Germany vs our president) to act against Putin's wishes. Secondly, Trump had an opportunity today to say that Russia is a threat in a straight forward way. He sided with the Russians and against our national security agencies. He spoke out against ALL of them, and FOR the Russian Premiere. The GOP has to decide: IS Russia a threat? Then the Mueller investigation deserves it's wholehearted support. Our national security experts have stated, quite clearly, that our democratic institutions are under siege by the very man Trump is meeting with IN PRIVATE. Our president is undermining our national security, not Germany. Not Canada. Not funny balloons over London, and certainly not Mueller or Rosenstein. These last two are commanding the front lines of our battle against a foreign power. Do not undermine our front line generals and their troops. That is tyranny, the very definition of giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
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    Yeah on another forum I'm on this type of argument is called "accelerationism". Basically it means that if you think in a two party system that even electing the side you consider to be better or closer to your beliefs/values results in incremental change that is too small, if there is a maniac in the race guaranteed to be a total disaster, better to pick that person because the country is in a state where the total disaster has to happen in order for people to be able to finally acknowledge openly that the policies that have have been supported by both sides are untenable and a whole new framework and possibly even new parties and alignments can arise with real progress and productive policies and politics. It's the political version of the substance abuse recovery doctrine that the addict has to "hit bottom" before they can acknowledge their problem and rebuild themselves. The problem with the argument is that it denies the possibility that a desirable outcome could have been achieved incrementally without the disaster in between, and discounts people who have a lot to lose, including maybe even their lives, from the consequences of the bad person coming to power. What if that person succeeds in tearing down fair elections entirely and turns the U.S. into a Western version of Russia? What about people who get financially ruined by medical bills when the ACA is torn down or defunded and they can't get covered again because of their preexisting conditions? The person who loses their farm or industry job due to trade wars etc. I feel like a lot of people on a board like this, dedicated to sailing and sail racing, are probably reasonably well off with a fair amount of assets and a lot probably retired or near retired, and feel somewhat insulated from some of the consequences of accelerationism gone bad. Already Medicare age so health insurance coverage issues don't apply. Enough assets probably no longer in equities that a stock market implosion can be survived. Own their home outright etc.
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    No need to outright fire the kid. Do a simple accounting of the company's expenses associated with this episode, and explain that the money for their next several bonuses/raises will instead be used to offset those expenses. The kid will be gone, and everyone else becomes just a little bit more mindful of how they spend the company's money.
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    Obama was the head of the Democratic Party, so of course he made speeches supporting Hillary. He just refused to use national security secrets and methods to support a political agenda, unlike the GOPs such as Nunes. There are, as you assert, no links between Trump and Russians except for Paul Manafort. And Jared Kushner meeting with Russian agents. And forgetting about it. And Michael Flynn meeting with Russians. And lying about it. And Secretary Ross was in charge of the Russian oligarch savings & loan. And Trump modified the RNC platform to omit support for sanctions. And Don Trump Jr said “I love it!” And Eric Prince met with Russians in the Seychelles, & the NRA took Russian rubles and then funded Trumps Campaign. And Trump asked the Russians to look for Clinton emails. And they did so, that same day! Other than that and a few innacurate or falsified National Security documents there are NO LINKS between Trump & the Russians. The lie is holding up just fine on FOX News and Breitbart. Just st the fake news is reporting it. Ya know, the Journal, the Times, NPR, BBC. Those enemies of the state.
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    Might not be quite as tough as that. Here is a ECMWF Model snapshot of current (early Saturday morning) weather and positions and then when breeze peaks early Monday morning local time for the second group in relation to to anticipated positions then. There will be more breeze on the left or east side. The leaders by then will have the breeze starting to drop and back to the north pushing them west as they try to hot up to compensate and pick a route through/past the Verdes. Then their gains might be wound back a bit with compression depending on how gung ho the followers are in the fresher stuff. Also shown is a graph showing 4 models for wind speed and direction up to midnight Wednesday when it has fallen away for those coming up behind i.e the Green Dot. Will be a bit sporty and as you can see right up the arse. The Rustlers particularly those like Peche and Slatts with their twin headsail DDW set ups and Heede with a more manageable stumpy rig will excel. The ketches won't like it too much having to find that balance between avoiding DDW rolly polly by heading up but staying manageable in a shitty sea state. They will be loving their furling headsails is my guess.
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    Yesterday my son Will received his diploma in Yacht and Powercraft Design with High Honours from Southampton Solent. I wish he was allowed share some of his work here, some of it is quite stunning. He received one of the top thesis grades in the program and designed a brilliant boat, among other things. Sadly SSU doesn't allow sharing of these sorts of things to fight plagiarism, so we're all the poorer. He's headed back to Betts Boats in Anacortes in August.
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    MERLIN Whether it was the first or not can be debated. Probably not the first ULDB but certainly the one the first ULDB that made everyone sit up and pay attention.
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    They mostly still are. This kid seems to be either emotionally ill, or a prescription drug addict or both. Scared to fly? Why work somewhere that requires constant travel? I'm exceedingly nervous around chainsaws, which is why I don't sweet-talk my way into a lumberjack job. Interesting times ahead with that punk, no doubt. And meanwhile, fifty kids who would work their ass to the bone for that job, do a killer job, but don't have the right "qualifications", are at this moment, stacking Egg McMuffins for the drive-through window. This is the future of our world it seems, a bunch of ill-qualified dimwits doing half-assed jobs because they have the right college degrees, or the right-looking resume, or the right social media skills. This whole fucking shitshow is going to collapse eventually, and the Chinese will simply phone in and sweep up whatever is left that has value. And y'know what, the Chinese deserve it, at least they hire for actual skills and merit, rather than a bunch of ethereal nonsense. They're more American than we are at the moment, at least in business. I like Figment's idea. Hand him a bill, tell him it's coming out of any future raises, and let him find some other HR professional to con into a new job. Of course, that wouldn't happen, that would never happen, he's shown sensitivity, and now he's protected by the giant umbrella of feel-good-business. They'll lay off a family man of 15 years with the company before they shitcan that whiner.
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    Trump will back pedal like Lance in reverse. But the damage is done. Trump's foreign policy is in a word fraudulent. Re-election is impossible on that alone. You Trump supporters have a lot more losing to come. Trump's trade policy is also fraudulent and the fallout is just starting. Then there's more indictments and pleas to come. I doubt Trump remains in office past 2018. White nationalism is not a policy, it's a psychosis. Look at this mess.
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    On a second thought... Who needs this modern era anyway? The most gracious, simple and elegant smallest greatest. Always has been, always will be. And having her and the IF built in GRP was truly era-defining for the late 70ies and early 80ies, no arguing around that.
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    John McCain: "No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant."
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    I'm the other way. Nice couple and they worked hard on their HR from what we saw. Made a huge deal about planning a dream cruise to Cuba. I've been following along and enjoyed it. Then they got cold feet, ran out their papers, and sold the boat before learning to trim the sails. The furthest they got was a motor-sail to the dry tortugas. I will tune back in if they end up going somewhere, but buckle in for a lot of footage of airbnb's and talk about minimalism along the way.
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    I think that you are not sheeting the sail hard enough. The jib should be set up with a 2;1 purchase and sheeted flat. This has not been an issue for you because you are not trapezing and depowering in the gusts. Try getting a crew on board and see how the sails performed when sheeted harder
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    What, in any of those countries (US/Korea/Japan/Canada/etc., is inhibiting high achievers from achieving? To me, you're just clumping all the high achievers together so they can tell each other how great they are. For that, we already have the echo chamber of higher education. There have been some great studies done over the last 20 years. If you take 25% high achievers and stick em with 75% low achievers, the low achievers come up. The 25% don't suffer. That's the truth. The high achievers may not LIKE it, their parents in particular, may not LIKE it, but that's the way learning actually works. If you want to make the world a better place, what you need is to have the US tightly allied to Latin America or far more active in the Caribbean. We should be importing anyone who wants to work and learn and get ahead and then helping them go back and start businesses and schools and innovation. What you WANT is Japan, Korea (both!), Indonesia, etc. working together. Frankly, you WANT Israel to be working with its Arab neighbors so some kid from the West Bank or Lebanon can go to university in Tel Aviv and then go back and open a school or bike shop or just teach what he's learned.