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    Mount Gay poured millions of dollars into our sport, made many international regattas possible, and we owe them gratitude for that. The hats had a cult following for decades. Why is it "cool" to hate on this ? Seems from this thread many respondents think they elevate themselves to "rock star cool sailor" status by being too cool to endorse something so pedestrian as a red hat. Whatever. I dont wear hats, but I think these are cool. I too have a load of them, if anyone wishes they had a Mt Gay hat, PM me and I'll tell ya how to send me a prepaid envelope which will return with a red hat of your own... be nice people, Mt gay has been good to us.
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    She’s filing her nails while they’re dragging the lake
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    Tied up to some trees in Chile
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    That is the best live explanation I have ever heard. This Levi Cowan guy also has a good communication gift with terms like "stall and crawl" etc. Many weather authorities could take a leaf out of his book on how to properly inform. I'm amazed a TV network hasn't made him an offer he can't refuse to rebroadcast his vlog
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    Herewith the rambling diary of an ageing parent of 3 with a full time job and too many pets trying to pick up where he left off in 2003... Used to sail a lot. 10 mins from the Solent, school timetable, supportive parents who sailed etc. Then I went to university, moved to the North of the UK miles from sea, got talked into sailing bigger boats had some success there, and the dinghies disappeared... Anyway, about 18 months ago my step-brother and I realised we missed the challenge and fun that came with skiffs. We were big kids in the late 90s, watching the 18s on eurosport. Ella Bache and Nokia were on most of my school books and we were about 100kgs too light for the laser 5000 that we were trying to run on a shoe string. So over some beers at Christmas we picked up where we left off. We got an old rig 49er in really good nick with the goal of being able to blast around on the sea and possibly do some racing. We've had a ball learning 49er, and there are a bunch of videos which I'll share here, along with future updates. Day 1. Baptism of fire. Raging hangover. March 5th. Day after a close friend's funeral. We met at 7 in morning to get rigged up and beat some nasty weather that was on its way. We didn't beat the weather. We were caught out by a 35kt squall (recorded by passing yacht) which totalled the 'old rig' mast, which it turns out was heavily corroded. We were happy that we were able to 'self rescue', main down, back in against wind and tide under jib. Both left thinking 'we've made a big expensive mistake...' Coast guard parked up on the beach drinking coffee took a stroll down and suggested we fitted a radio... Full wardrobe malfunction with 15y/o buoyancy aid Days 2-7: There's a bunch of video somewhere. Lots of light air stuff. But that sense of 'we've fucked up' is slowly eroded by 'what a THING' as we got more confident and found our feet again after such a long break. Simon Hiscocks sorted us out with a second hand 'new rig' which transformed the boat. However, everything felt a bit lighter, a little bit easier. Not complaining at all - good news for us, but I wonder if this is how the 49er was designed to be at the beginning? Lots of swimming, all to windward. Day 8. Getting there. About 5-10kt Easterly off Stokes bBay. Bit light but getting more confident in the corners. Still sitting down too much. Seriously thinking about taking up yoga or some other bendy stuff. Got some twin-wiring in with the kite up. Raced a hovercraft (lost), an A-Class (won - lucky gust), waved at a police boat justifying its existence/racking up a fuel bill. And no capsizing. Day 9. 10-15knots from the west of Stokes Bay, hot sun, flying around laughing our heads off. The main sheet snapped, which took some fixing with the boat capsized. Someone on the beach called a lifeboat, which made it out to us in time for race "that thing's quick boys, all ok?" ... bit embarrassing, but all good. Still slow through the corners, and tired after an hour. Packed up with a burger from the cafe at Stokes Bay. Day 14. Bit of a mixed day emotionally - I had to move the boat up to Yorkshire to see if we could get some more use out of it. With work and family commitments the Yorkshire/south coast thing wasn't working and with my brother working shifts, the boat had been laid up most of the season. Anyway a chap called Rob was keen to have a go at the back end so off we went. Had a ball in a dead shifty, gusty Southerly at Yorkshire Dales SC. It's looking like we'll be getting more use out of the boat now, and the learning curve continues! I have been sailing every week but in a Vortex. This has helped with flexibility, movement and the basics of driving from the trapeze, but tbh it's nothing on the 49er. Anyway, this is second time out in the 49er near other boats and 2 things spring to mind. 1) It's hilariously fast 2) It's such a well thought out, well designed boat. I'm tall(ish) at 6'2" and it's a boat that fits. Got some boat work to do with the control lines not working as they should. It's looking a bit spendy. Also thinking that we'll need a new main in the near future... Did someone say the europeans are coming to the UK next year? gulp. Huge thanks JulianB for keeping this 36 year old inspired to stay a little bit fit, entertained and sane. I really hope the class can establish a presence 'below' the olympic circuit - there is so much bang for buck here.
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    Are you even serious? Artemis had a completely bizzare design with obviously flawed structure, they had damage to the crossbeam, repaired twice, in the fatal capsize the beam broke about where the repairs had been and the hull broke. The original wing was something out of '70s C class & the boat was unquestionably designed as only a semi-foiler. Galloping gertie was originally designed as a semi-foiler as well with rushed & unsuccessful pre-launch conversion to full foiler, platform was floppy, hulls too low volume forward, foils in the wrong place and their structural calculations/build quality were so bad they clean broke off the main foil on first outing. Gertie 2.0 copied ETNZ foil locations, beefed up the bow volume & improved platform stiffness but still suffered handling issues, it wasn't until after at least 2 reworks of the crossbeam/mountpoints, shortly before racing started where they actually got it up to decent rigidity & able to perform.
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    Our system is badly broken. The Judicial Branch is no different than the other two. Money has corrupted them all, and the folks with the money want the rest of us divided. So we get ever-escalating feuds. One side thinks that the billionaires are the problem. The other side thinks that government is the problem. Neither can walk to the center long enough to have a look around to see that billionaires buying the government is the problem.
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    Gouvernail, you may be confusing disappointment with outrage. I’m not outraged at SA...I don’t have high expectations. I’m disappointed that a site which occasionally has interesting content (some of it from you) has so much off-putting content that I choose not to share it with friends and family. I wish SA were a site that was a welcoming place for more people regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or comfort with their sexual orientation. It’s not just that I care about others. I care about myself. I like to share interesting content with people who I care about and who interest me. I don’t want to have to add a filter of “will they be offended” because they aren’t into juvenile male hetero humour. It’s probably a certain insecurity on my part...I don’t want people I respect to think the humour on this site is representative of my point of view. I’m comfortable with my sex and sexual orientation but that doesn’t mean I can’t empathise with those who either have a different sex or orientation, or for that matter aren’t comfortable in their situation. I’d rather explore interesting sailing topics than juvenile heterosexual male humour. That type of humour tends to not be very funny nor welcoming to a large share of the population. I don’t think the males who might prefer the boat to the girl are likely to feel particularly welcomed by threads like this. What about the girls who might prefer the girl to the boat...What about the girls who might want to participate in sports without wondering what photographers and internet posters are lurking... To Hobie Dog’s point, I’m free to take my business elsewhere or actually with the revenue model of this business I’m free to reduce the viewership that the site can market to its advertisers. I probably visit this site half as often as I would if it where more welcoming to all. In our family this site turns off 80% of the potential marketable viewers. With my 50% reduction that’s a 90% reduction in the potential value of our family to this site and it’s advertisers. I assume the site owners have concluded that the ribald content brings in a greater or more valuable viewership than my family. That’s their business decision to make. I’m not outraged just disappointed.
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    See how peaceful she looks in that lovely cove...
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    In The Pool, Georgian Bay:
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    A couple of days ago I port tacked the entire fleet. Margo Robbie was on one of the other boats and she was so impressed that she jumped from the bow of WOXI on to the stern of my boat as we crossed and spent the rest of the race licking my balls and blowing me. Hey this telling bullshit stories is fun!
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    Cabosil = thixsotropic. Micro balloons are not thixotropic, so a mix of pure MB will always sag, no matter how thick it is. A tiny amount of cabosil can make a fairing compound not sag at the expense of slightly harder sanding.
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    This. I have a couple. I gave one to my wife. She wears it. It keeps the sun off my bald head. If other people think the hat makes me look like a douche, that's their problem, not mine. I'm 62 years old, fat and bald. Me and "cool" parted ways many decades ago. Thanks for the nice hat, WestPoint Regatta.
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    So lets review---shall we??? Electric was considered so essential that it became regulated and rates are set by Public Service Commissions around the country. Not a perfect system, but it kinda works. Natural gas was considered so essential that it became regulated and rates are set by Public Service Commissions around the country. Not a perfect system, but it kinda works. Home phones were considered so essential that it became regulated and rates are set by Public Service Commissions around the country. Not a perfect system, but it kinda works. Flipping DRUGS that save people's lives are a free market item? We aren't talking about the cost of a loaf of bread (also impacted by farm subsidies), we are talking a product that has a direct impact on health and potentially on death.
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    On the bright side of things, it’ll stop Random sitting in mums basement making memes all day long.
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    I'm with @couchsurfer. You guys can pat each other in the back all you want. If you had young daughters, nieces, any young woman you care about in your life interested in sailing, and sailing well, you'd be ashamed to point them at interesting, relevant discussion threads in this forum. Was there an era in our culture that mixed sports with uncouth sexism? Yes there was. Those who enjoyed did not notice or chose not to notice that it was "fun for a few" and just plain horrible to a lot of people. You're one of the few that had fun? Now that you know it hurts others, at the very least it excludes them... how about let it go? My kid -- 8 yo boy, avid sailor, technically brilliant, helms an 18ft foiling catamaran at >15kt, loves geeking out on sailing topics -- ... and I won't show him SA. It has the brilliance of say, Steve Clark posting, and the complete shit of this thread. Head over to, I dunno, 4chan. Or separate them. Have a T&A forum, like politics has, or just
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    At Nanny Cay going on two years ago.
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    I wish I had known that mt gay hats upset people this much. Gonna dig some up.
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