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    ":A 2h18 heure française, le team PRB a été informé du sauvetage de Kevin Escoffier par Jean Le Cam. " Kevin has been rescued.
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    Give it a rest chaps. HB was another attempt at evolution, and they should be applauded for spending a fuck ton of money to do so. If you want to try and be innovative you run the risk of breakages along the way, they knew that, tried anyway and shit happens. That makes me respect them more, not less. Full kudos to them, I hope they work it through and come back even harder. If you don't want breakages, don't go ocean racing in a sail boat.
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    For those who do not read French, message by Fabrice Amedeo, who had to come back to Les Sables d'Olonne and has been chasing back the first half of the fleet, where he belongs, since the restart. For the past two weeks, I am going through a lof of different emotions every day, and I found my ranking at the back of the pack to be excrutiatingly difficult to deal with. But since this saturday, I don't complain anymore. I don't have the right to do so. Because @vendeeglobe2020 has lost one of its top contenders, @alex_thomson_racing , sailing towards Cape Town. But our race has lost much more than that. Alex has revolutionized our sport: his boats are always the most beautiful ones, and are always one step ahead of the competition. Alex has transformed communication around sailing, breaking all barriers: Keel Walk, Mast Walk, Sky Walk. There is him, and then the others. Vendée Globe needs a victory by Alex Thomson. I hope it will be in 2024. And on top of that, Alex is a nice guy and modest. The race is losing one of its top contenders today, but first of all a true gentleman. My thoughs go to him and his team.
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    (here is a rough translation) Kevin, Jean and Jean-Jacques (PRB CEO) JJ : Congrats to the both of you, you guys have a great seamanship spirit! K : We did a great job with Jean J : He ended up in a nice house *they all laugh* K : As I was saying to Jean 'I am sorry, you were doing so well in the race. I am sorry to screw everything up' and he replied to me 'well, last time it was the other way around. PRB rescued me' (back in 2008). Jean-Jacques, I am sorry for the boat JJ : it's just some pieces of equipment, no worries. K : I did everything I could JJ : All is good K : I have no regrets. I reinforce the boat with 200kg of carbon fiber. It was like in movie when a boat sinks but worse... In 4 seconds, the boat nosedive, the bow bent to 90 degree, I looked into the cockpit, a wave came. I just got the time to send one text message, then all the electronics went out. it's crazy! Fold a boat... I did a lot during my career but this one I cannot believe it.
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    In short, JLC says: I was about 2 hours away from Kevin when I was contacted by the VG organisation When I arrived at the initially indicated location he was there. We agreed that I would get ready and come back 2 reefs, main sail only. Tacking back and forth was tough. But I could not nee Kevin anymore in the multiple passes I did. Decided I would wait for daylight Then, I saw short flash. Got to see it more and more often, approaching from the upwind side Being in the dark actually helped locate the raft more easily Talked to Kevin, he asked me if I would come back later. Said 'no', lets go for it now Threw him the 'red banana' rescue line He managed to catch it and tie it to the raft (not really sure of what JLC says here so take this description cautiously) ---------------------- Apologies for the approximations, doing this quickly before going to work, not used to the proper english (and even french) terms for all this
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    Quite - a night in a liferaft in the Southern Ocean must be horrific, with serious risk of exposure despite everything. An hour in a life raft in a swimming pool getting Safety and Sea Survival Certificate is only slightly less horrific and puts one off ever wanting to be in one in anger.
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    He probably ran into a carbon foil...
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    I was at 2h of PRB, more or less, so I was the closest to the objective. So I go to the position that the beacon indicated. So voilà. Then I arrive at the zone. Superb, I see Kevin in his liferaft. So I tell him, as I have the position, all is well... I tell him I come back, we are not doing anything stupid, you see. So at this moment I have 2 reefs in my main, main only, but two reefs. With the seastate it was not easy, not easy to maneuver. So I come back where I left him, and there was no one, ohlala... I came back to the place at least 5 to 6 times. That means tacking every time. With the seastate and everything. So I went into standby state, waiting, waiting for daylight. But then I tack again, as I tell myself that during the night I might see the light better than during daylight. One moment I was on deck and I can see a strobe. A strobe, I mean it is not a strobe, it's a light that appears in the waves. I tell me that it is not real... I continue and I see the thing. I see the light appearing more and more. At this stage you tell yourself OK that's it. You go from despair to joy. So I head into the wind and ... I tell Kevin to come, let's do it right now, I am not coming back. I throw him the red buoy. And he can get it. So we suceded. He attached it and we won.
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    At 2:18 am French time, the PRB team was informed of the rescue of Kevin Escoffier by Jean Le Cam. At the HQ since the beginning of the evening, the President of PRB, Jean-Jacques Laurent, assisted minute after minute with the race director Jacques Caraës and the entire race management team in all the rescue operations deployed for meet the skipper, forced to leave the edge around 14:46 French time. He's on board with Jean!" We just saw him ”. A few quick words without more detail arose in the dead of night. A huge relief for the whole team, Kevin's family and all those involved in the Vendée Globe at sea, but also on land. The hours since Kevin's last message just before he urgently boarded his liferaft have been endless. Everything has been done to find the Malouin tossed about in his life raft on the border with the Indian Ocean, 600 miles southwest of the Cape of Good Hope. Kevin has so far only been seen aboard YesWeCam! via a live video because Jean Le Cam had connected his video system during all the search operations. No one has yet been able to chat with the PRB skipper who just appeared smiling, bundled up in his survival suit alongside Jean Le Cam.
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    Just wish Jack and the rest of you trying to argue fruitlessly with him could give it a break or take it elsewhere.
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    That would explain the water ingress
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    I can't believe i cried - tears of relief. I know (thank goodness it wasn't "knew") Kevin from 2 DFRT campaigns and not only a sailor, consummate seaman and engineer a hell of a nice guy. It has been a long fraught sleepless night waiting for this news and dreading the alternative. Well done Jean and props to the other guys who didn't hesitate to suspend racing and join in the search. I actually bounced up and down on my office chair when i read roblynn's post (post 6080). Such incredibly good news. I'm gonna stop typing before i get too emotional. Off to bed SS
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    Going to splash in the morning, wrapped up our haulout at Shelter Bay in Colon. Pretty happy with the service, good crew hard workers. Just paint and zincs, got after the overhang which I can't do really well in the water. Finally ground off the name plate and do not paint notice on our Dyno plate, about impossible to clean with the raised letters. Zinc bolt on the max prop was a big fail. Drill the broken bolt and got a torques head bit into it and then got in a hurry, probably would have come out with more heat but gave it that extra to snap it off. A day with a Dremel and I ground out the bit head. Will have to wait till I pull the prop and mess with it. It's the wrong bolt circle for the universal zincs so will probably get a new end piece drilled right. Kinda of a trip hauling here, you are pretty much guaranteed a couple squalls each day. You can see everything real time on the Panama City radar on windy so it's a hurry up and wait game each day getting paint on. New batteries in, had to come down here from Bocas to get them as the road is still out so wgot the haulout over with at the same time. Couldn't get the same ones we had so had to up size, thankfully the battery box was slightly overbuilt and I could take out the false wall in the front to get enough room. Have four 200ah agms now for the house bank so hopefully done with that for another five years or so. It took our jungle cat Macho about four days to figure out how to get off the boat. Head first down a extension ladder. He is pretty happy about his nightly excursions. Nice having a jungle next door.
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    Very fortunate that he had JLC one hour directly in his wake, that it was daylight hours, and that Cape Town isn't all that far away
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    Poor guy. I can’t imagine the mental pain he is going through, and on top of it, he could probably use some rest. Kudos to him for getting this heart felt message out, and for his give it his all approach to the race and preparation. I hope he is able to get some good food and well deserved sleep in Cape Town, and enjoy time with his family.
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    yes : https://www.skysports.com/more-sports/sailing/news/30786/12145219/vendee-globe-british-sailor-alex-thomson-out-of-yacht-race-due-to-irreparable-damage-to-vessel
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    Not to distract from the AT chatter, but just want to say that Dalin has been sailing one hell of a race. He avoided any damage in theta, then clawed back about 200 or so miles from AT in and after the doldrums, caught up with TR and then took the lead in a gybing contest, then extended heading South East- threading the needle of huge wind holes - by pulling off a crazy number jibes. I don’t think any other sailor has sailed as technically perfect a race as he has so far, and I think it would be extremely difficult to pull of what he has. He has earned his current position and hope he can keep up the great work in the SO!
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    I'm gutted for Alex, as I would be for any of the competitors. But for me, I would happily get on my knees and kiss the arse of any Frenchman for giving us one of the worlds most fascinating and compelling yacht races on the face of the planet. Let alone the fact they seemingly welcome and embrace any non French sailor willing to give it a go. For mine. the VG don't need marketing or sustainability advice from English speaking race circuits, they seem to be doing a pretty bang up job without us. Which one of these pics would you want associated with your yacht race?
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    Nothing is clear. So we can't jump to conclusions.
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    Of course I have a suggestion: assuming a “ spare” rudder could be found and fitted to Hugo Boss, why not have Jeremie and Alex hook up off Cape Town for a match race home? They were the two favorites whose bad luck denied competing at the front of the Vendee. If it is within their power to compete at the back, they should. It is the epic solution. Perhaps Jeremie could even divert to Cape Town to give time for Hugo Boss repairs and for his own recovery and reprovisioning. Just saying SHC
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    Wading through a lot of heated post up thread, which are not necessarily adding much imho, I can't help but think: get out a bit more. Please. Or start another thread and replay the Napoleonic wars there.
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    Weather update So how did the LP-zone impact the race? The rankings got shuffled, DTLs declined for a lot of boats. But Dalin extended again his lead and has not dropped off the LP yet it seems. In pic 1 you can see who won, lost or was steady of the top-15 this morning when comparing the Friday 0900 schedule with that of this morning. Escoffier, Bestaven, Burton, Simon and Seguin did good business. With DTLs declining from 19% up to 25%. Herrmann, Davies, Pedote, Dutreux, Sorel and Joschke 6% up to 10% decline of DTLs. Ruyant with 1 foiler had an increasing DTL. Pic 2 has the weather routing details to Keguelen for the 09:00 positions. Dalin projected to extend further. Followed by Ruyant and later that day the pack Le Cam, Escoffier, Bestaven and Burton. The LP is rotating slowly east, most boats have dropped off, but not Dalin. Next Tuesday is interesting as this system could again cross the path of Dalin. Could force a detour a bit to the north. See pic 3. A HP-zone is coming in after the LP-zone. Currently impacting Le Diraison. The pack behind Ruyant is OK and will stay ahead of it. But Cremer probably not. See pic 4. Same for other boats more to the west like Roura, Attanasio, Thomson. Pics 5 and 6 with ECWMF and EUMETSAT from this morning.
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    Alex should stop on Tristan da Cunha. Forecast 10 kts south wind on Sunday. Grab a pint at the Albatross Bar.