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    Been here for most of the 20 years and have seen a lot of changes over the journey, some good, some not so good. I have zero interest in signing up to a third party like Disqus; if I cant access anything on here with my existing SA identity then so be it.
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    When I was a little kid in sailing school it was awesome when the big boats got close. Real close. Just sayin'....
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    Hello from France. https://www.spindrift-racing.com/news/new-attempt-jules-verne-trophy-imminent
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    Please don't bring reasonableness and maturity into this discussion. You're just disrupting all the sensationalism, knee-jerking, jumping to conclusions, and lynch mob mentality.
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    1. I stomped your dick singlehanded in O/D. 2. Me and my mate stomped your dick in doublehanded O/D. 3. Me and my mates stomped your dick in a coastal race, sometimes to an island no one really wants to go to. 4. Me and my mates stomped your dick racing around a rock no one really wants to go around. 5. Me and my mates stomped your dick racing around the world at great expense. 6. I stomped your dick racing around the world non stop at great expense. 7. I stomped your dick racing around the word non stop in a multihull at great expense. 8. I/we stomped your dick racing in a class no one cares about in a corrupt international competition to satisfy the IOC. 8. Me and my mates stomped your dick racing expensive rating yachts around small floaties at various defunct events around the world. 9. Me and my mates stomped your dick and drank champagne while racing super expensive shiny yachts, that really shouldn't be raced, in exotic locations. 10. I didn't stomp your dick, but I did pay a crap load of money to have my top pro's stomp the dicks of your top pro's in boats no-one other than really top pro's will ever sail, for a mug that isn't even a mug.
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    The only time you've been fucked was the day you bought your boat.
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    Interesting that the sport was more successful (defined as : larger grass roots participation) back when the administration was much smaller.... Today we have more medals...(Success!!??) but fewer (and shrinking) participants at grass roots level....and.... we DO HAVE a world class bureaucracy!
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    Everything here points to a bunch of precious and entitled Opti parents and their coaches behaving like diks over a non incident.
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    Why? We don’t even know if that’s the culprit. Perhaps the boat has been sold since then. Perhaps that boat bought the sail used off Wired. Perhaps the owner wasn’t on the boat. At least get the facts before trashing someone publicly. Once we actually know the offenders, then we can have some fun!
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    As noted, I don't think the Mueller report will change anyone's mind about Trump. Those who love and support his presidency are happy that they got their tax cut, they love the rhetoric about brown people, like the idea of cruelty towards LGBTQ, and above all, anything negative that is said about their fearless leader is FAKE NEWS. The faithful will simply dismiss the Mueller report as being false, made up by democrats to hurt Trump. They conveniently forget that Mueller is a Republican, and the DOJ officials in charge of the investigation were appointed by Trump. But lets not let facts get in the way of their "flat earth" fantasies. To the base, Donald Trump can sell out our democracy to whomever, and as long as the dems are angry about it, it will be fine---rolling coal from 1600 Penn. Ave. On the other hand, could you imagine if Barrack Obama had been under investigation by the FBI for being a suspected agent of a foreign power. The same people that play the "nothing to see here" game, would be losing their minds and calling for him to be jailed at best, or far worse I am sure.
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    I play , coach & have administered in two of Australias great Lympix medal generators...sailing & kayaking..(you probably know about sailing's contribution to the medal tally, but for reference check out our kayaking medal history..). Two sports that the general public don't give a toss about....but the govt...Oh yes! They are really keen on those shiny lympix medals...So suddenly the money flows, and the professionals see that money and get interested in the sport...and the administrators and coaches and physios and nutritionists and sports psychs....well they need some athletes to justify their being....so they start a junior program where kids as young as 10 are being "talent scouted"...and parents are told their little darlings have "the right stuff"...and now need a coach and need to go overseas to "world champs" in Europe...and the administrators create "pathways" and "programs" and they weed out the 12 year olds who's parents aren't or can't play by the administrators rules...and the chosen few become "Youth Squad" members and they have to go overseas in the squad and be "in the program" and then there's the "under 23" program for an even smaller select few....and then...they make the exalted Lympix squad! (now with the full finance of their peak body) Hurrah!!, But even then..unless they are ranked with a medal chance....they get flicked. Ah..But for those golden children, youths and real contenders...life is closeted and paid for and completely isolated .....from the grass roots. And the Govt gets their medal tally. And the administrators rejoice (before demanding more public funding to ensure we hold our place in future medal Tallys!) And the sports? Well they're fucked!
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    We'll have to keep an eye on barnacle growth on this one vs. Golden Globe boats. I'm thinking you're going to be selecting for pretty streamlined barnacles.
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    For me to get a new Laser from West Coast Sailing *today* would cost me $7,000. And for $7,000 I get a boat that will be very fast assuming that I already own all the little go-fast pieces and upgrades, but the deck will start delaminating and the bottom will start rippling and it will be less than fast in about 200-300 days of sailing ( 2-2.5 years for me) I could buy an Aero for $9,000, and it will still be fast and won't delaminate and have ripples in the bottom because RSSailing wasn't retarded and tried to cut corners by using chopped strand mat in a compressive surface, and it will still be fast, considering that 2014 hulls are still out winning races five years later. Which is the better investment? Laser needs to build better boats for what they charge, both changing the laminate schedule and adding the carbon stick would help that.
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    The President serves absolutely shitty food to guests at the Whitehouse. You deflect to school lunches. I don't think there is a single fuckup Trump could make that doesn't have a "what about..." response from you clowns.
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    It really wouldn’t take much to build the Laser @40 kilos with a reshaped deck removing the need for a core and durable well reinforced laminates in the hull. As the Laser’s entire construction is of materials and shapes that absolutely become non-competitive over a few years of hard use, the fantasy of “keeping the old boats competitive” accomplishes nothing except the eventual death of the entire game. The current question, no one can answer, “Can the Laser be updated in a fashion that keeps the door closed to boats like the AERO?” The well known well entrenched Laser game needs to survive only two obstacles: 1. The design and creation of the updated version of hull laminated, deck design, rig, and sails 2. The seduction of a new investor who is willing to build and market the modern toy. ***+* Currently the Laser game has neither and the AERO game has both. Assuming RS continues to vigorously seek the singlehanded sailing market, after some period of time, the AERO may possibly replace the Laser as the singlehanded racing toy. It could take another ten years of LP to allow RS to steal the Laser market. Sailors who want to start playing in modern boats currently can purchase an AERO but the most top level singlehanded competition is still only found in the old established Laser. There is another factor which may hasten the rise of the AERO and perhaps contribute to the demise of the Laser. AEROs are fun new toys many of us can afford to purchase and for everyone but those who are capable of winning in 100 boat fleets, the competition is already there. In North America, the AERO is already to most available new pretty ready to use toy. I am going sailing on mine tomorrow.
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    The 1860s called and want their flag and freed slaves back.
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    The "holier than thou" that frequently emanates from the FP and Ed is laughable. He hints at preaching with integrity and that all readers should follow his advice and condemn whatever his agenda is for that day. One minute it is Anarchy; the next, any Brand who will throw this website a Dollar is all Hunky Dory, super cool, best whatever...... Hah, don't make me laugh, I will not be drinking the cool aid. Take a look at the companies that advertise or sponsor here - have they all got green creditials? - have they been audited about cradle to grave resource and waste management. Of course they haven't..... Hell the whole sport is an ecological disaster - we wear Oil/Plastic based performance clothing (fuck off the naysayers about their merino wool underwear....) in our Plastic built boats, or wood boats glued together with plastic glues and coated in plastic based paints and varnishes, powered by plastic based sails, controlled by plastic based lines and ropes, and auxillaried by diesel engines or plastic shrouded torqueedos with their unrecyclable lithium batteries inside their plastic, fused with metal housings. Even solar panels, wind generators and the like are often based around plastic technology that is irreversibly fused with alloys and other materials that prevent their re-use. Yet the sport markets heavily on its supposed green credentials. Do I have the answers - No. But I try to be open and pragmatic in this society of opposing dichotomies. Do I support Fracking - Fuck off. It is ecological vandalism - shattering bedrock and aquifers with toxic hydraulic fluid is insane. But Look at any sportsman or team who has been paid by likes of a global brand. They are on equally shaky ground. Doesn't matter whether it be a Car , IT, Sports Shoes, Airline, Credit Card, Bank, Insurance or Oil Company. No companies are run sustainably for the benefit of the planet. None. Don't believe the hype - or the Ed's Be a good neighbour and tread as softly as you can upon our fragile planet - but ultimately, be prepared to wield a big bloody stick - whether that be verbal or literal. This website should be renamed "Sailing Hypocrites".
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    I'll be in Anacortes Saturday for my talk. Maybe I'll swing by and see if I can get ant photos of FLIPPER.
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    Yeah, it looks like we can get an honor guard of a bunch of other old guys for my dad. I'm told that the VA can't do the regular honor guard because the shutdown. But when three uncles passed, it was full honor guard, one from the Army, one Navy, and U.S. Air Force for my Uncle Seymour. Those Air Force guys put on quite a show! Given that my dad helped build the age of the transistor, and helped transition the industry from vacuum tubes to semiconductors and ICs. I think that his honor guard should rightly be seven computer programming guys, they should line up with voltage probes, oscilloscopes and keyboards, and each fire three sparks into the air.
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    Wait, my intelligence agencies have said that Russia has meddled in our elections? HOLY FUCKING FUCK! HOW the fuck did this happen? WHO the fuck was involved? HOW THE FUCK can we make sure this never happens again? How can I help this investigation? THAT is the response of a patriot. THOSE are the questions that should be asked by citizens of this country.
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    Particularly not now when we are still reeling over the loss of Randumb. What a senseless waste...
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