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    Guess it wasn't built fjord tough. Glad all are ok.
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    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. Did the prenup have a grandkid clause? I can remember like it was yesterday when my son called and said "Dad, are you sitting down?" That was almost 14 years ago. A couple weeks ago the grandkid and I were packing out his first buck. Time marches on. Side story about that son's wedding. They got married after the grandkid was about 1 or so. They planned a simple ceremony at a local park pavilion with the justice of the peace. The judge never showed. Bride was crying, groom is pissed, got kind of shitty. Then my ex had an idea, she was working at the state prison and knew an officer who was and ordained minister. She called him and he agreed to drop what he was doing and come out. He shows up, a big booming black guy dressed to the nines. He sat the bride and groom down and had a long talk, then proceeded to perform one hell of a ceremony. He had the lilly white audience full of joy, spirit and tons of hallelujahs. He saved the day. I've been to some pretty elaborate weddings but none as much fun as that was.
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    Many of these are guys were flicked and just created new IDs, returds if you will.
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    Former bread baker here. Bread's an engineered product, & engineering is the art of the tradeoff. Crumb, crust, speed, effort, temperature.... There are about 12 input variables to balance against each other, and you also have to deal with inconsistent materials. There are no shortcuts this side of the Stroehmann's factory. Anyhow. If you want speed and minimal effort, you sacrifice crumb. The alternatives on this side are flatbreads, biscuits, and cakey breads (like muffins). Muffins are a great example of quick bread, as they entail minimal stirring (the less, the better!), use baking powder rather than yeast for leaven, and bake quickly at a moderate temperature. Many items in this category rely on dairy or eggs for structure, since you aren't developing gluten proteins thru kneading. If you want crumb and loft, you need time and gluten. Kneading, more than one rise, hard flours, and longer baking times are your friends. A two pound oblong loaf can take four hours from start to finish and requires about 40 minutes in a 375° oven. I've had excellent results using our solar oven, but you need a couple hours reliable sunshine for that: temps don't get above 310° in it, so a 1.5# loaf takes about 1hr 15 min to bake. I can give you further tips on solar bread if you are interested. Nice thing about it is it's hard to overcook anything, including bread. Go snorkeling or kayaking, come back every 45 minutes to peek at it. Solar loaf: Here are a few tips to shorten baking times: -- Flat, braided, long, skinny. Maximize surface area-to-volume ratio. You can develop an excellent crust this way, too. The French baguette was invented specifically to speed up bakery throughput, and that's why it is popular in grocery store bakeries now. -- Baking stones or bricks. Longer preheat times, but your oven will hold a steadier temp with less fuel use over the course of the baking cycle. -- Break your dough ball into two or three smaller breads. -- Drier doughs. One peeve with these 'no-knead' (or gluten free) recipes is the dough is more like a batter; all that water has to be transformed into steam & escape before the loaf firms up. If you are willing to knead a drier dough, it will bake much faster. -- Spritz the bread with water. Sounds contrary to the previous tip, but it's a way to develop a hard golden crust on a dry dough w/out baking it so damned long. About halfway thru the bake, when you spin the loaf in the oven, give it a moderate spritz with a water bottle. If you want a really hard crust, do it again & jack up the heat maybe ten minutes before the end. We had a baguette oven in our bakery that actually injected water into a very hot oven when you pushed a button. Whoosh. Did that twice per batch & got a crust that would bloody your gums. You can shorten knead & rise times or eliminate a second rise by mixing up a 'sponge'. Works really well in hot weather. Short-proof your yeast with a little sugar (or honey); when it just starts showing activity, mix in enuf flour (higher gluten is best) to create a stiff batter. Mix it vigorously with a spatula or spoon, stirring in only one direction. What you are doing here is twofold: pulling gluten into long, elastic strands, and feeding the yeast a snack beyond pure sugar. Flour triggers it into breeding & complex-carb-eating mode. When your sponge is bubbling like the Yellowstone mudpots, mix in the salt & rest of your flours. A single quick rise & it is ready to form. Some people form straight out of the mixing bowl with good results, no initial rise. Sponges are handy. The best bread flour is King Arthur. A very good & much cheaper hard wheat flour is WalMart's generic Unbleached All-Purpose, which is a real winner. Safeway's store brand is crap, Gold Medal is crap. Store your flours in a tight container, cuz once they get damp, they are misery to work with.
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    PA is a pretty small pond in the big internet scheme of things so we really can't expect the top of the line trolls. Our trolls do try hard with lots of non thinking one liners and cartoons they stumble on while plodding through the day. Expecting razor sharp wit and precision insults is just too much to ask for here. So don't ask for who the trolls toll, they troll for thee.
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    Nothing to do with Farr! It's my design through and through.
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    FFS, to all concerned, please take this to a "I want to endlessly revisit AC34" thread.
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    The color that gets subsidies but hate-hate-hates goddam niggers on welfare? The color that is getting butt-fucked by tariffs but voted overwhelmingly for the Tariffer-In-Chief? They also hate-hate-hate goddam faggots so maybe there's a little something going on there. The color that can't name six foreign countries, or find three on the map, but they're certain we need a HUGE military to fight off all the enemies of freedom? The color that blames Democrats & libby-rulls for the deficit but cheers tax cuts for the wealthy along with the military larger than the next dozen in the whole world? I could go on and on, but this is one of those lessons that some people will never learn, no matter how many times their noses are rubbed in it -DSK
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    I always take it as a sign of intellectual laziness when someone gives you two choices and expects you to choose between them. Like the above that says either accept Trump as president or move. Of course that is ridiculous. Remember the idiot that said "you are either with us or with the terrorists"? There are many, many options other than those . Thinking people understand subtleties, ranges of options, gray areas, and choice. Non-thinking people only understand simple questions and yes or no answers. And want a yes or no answer to every question.
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    One, I weigh a buck sixty. Two, I’m good looking and darn it people like me. I’m kind of a big deal.
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    when will you all finally grow up? it’s like a children’s playground in here...like sharks vs the jets for crying out loud i’m beginning to change my mind that professional politicians are the main problem in this country. it’s becoming real clear the sycophantic tribes persons on both sides are the real issue
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    It should not be mocked by those who have better boats doing less.
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    Besides that, I got nothing, no idea why someone would surmise Trump might think less of dark people.
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    Trump did not "make" the unemployment numbers, and judging the economy by any single metric like the "dow-thingy" loses sight of the forest for the trees. The large function of the president is to get out of the way of economic progress. Trump's repeated efforts to guide the Fed have met with... silence, since they are ignoring his petulant and uneducated critiques. His tax plan, according to everything I've read, has only provided a modest bump to anything other than our deficit. His tariff war got him some headlines, and cost a lot of farmers a lot of contracts. The pipeline isn't happening because his team didn't follow simple rules. Vindictive/politically motivated efforts to stymie immigration and asylum will eventually slow US growth because a growing economy depends upon access to an expanding labor market. We've torn up and walked away from trade deals with Pacific Rim countries, and this will lead decreased market access for American goods and services. Overall, Trump's economic impacts have not yet been fully realized, but it may be a slow-motion car crash. They are at least cause for concern at many levels, despite short term gains for wealthy individuals. It's really too soon to judge. Currently, America is riding the Obama/Bush recovery for all it's worth, and if reasoned analysis of current policy sounds like hatred to you, then your analytical skills are mired in emotion and aren't worth much as a result. You are being defensive. Like much of the RWSM you are projecting your flaws upon others. Learn to dissociate constructive criticism from feelings of persecution... you'll go much farther convincing people of your opinions if you don't sound like a victim.
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    Carbon cutter No. 2 getting ready to be sailed for the third time. 006 by robert perry, on Flickr
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    Have to feel for Mike on Dragon and the other boats around him. They've been out there 5 days and have been getting their teeth kicked in for the majority of the time. Can't be fun and has to be getting old and they still have several days before it gets warmer, calmer, and more aft of beam.
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    Post your requirement on NASCAR.com forum. Not kidding. Lots of rednecks with big trucks drive down to nascar events (homestead race should be about now?) I posted there a few years back, and had like 20 respondents. Some were supremely qualified, I was able to be so fussy as to select from the list an ex professional boat hauler formerly employed by Tiara yachts, who also carried a CDL, insurance, and owned a dually. He dragged my (much smaller) boat from west michigan to miami for beer and fuel money--- $500 bucks. Went AWOL for a couple days but hey she got there and cheap too. Worth a shot. Seriously.
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    How very reasonable and compassionate of you. Some of the most progressive folks in the media said stuff like that is out of bounds. I think we know where @Fakenews and @Steam Flyer fall on the empathy spectrum. Assholes.
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    This topic, “Woman without Patreon Account Goes Sailing in Cold Place, reminded me of this film about “early cruisers” Nancy and Bob Griffith. (They sailed to warm and sine very cold places.) http://www.followingseasfilm.com/ Well worth the $3 or whatever to rent to watch it on Google Play, etc. Very impressive sailors sailing at a time when you very much were all alone out there, sadly, an amazingly hard thing to do nowadays. It’s compilation of their old 16mm film they shot —much of it lost in shipwreck and recovered, amazingly, and edited to tell their life story. (After watching it, you will not give a flying fuck about any sailor’s Patreon account anymore :-) )
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    This race is just conference fodder now. This one courtesy of WS that occured in Florida last week with the ironic name "Future of Offshore & Keelboat Racing Forum". Brisius starts speaking @ 2.10 ends @ 11.00. Must have a sore throat with that the longest he has been seen speak about the race in the last 12 months. Then Q&A starts @ 1.52.00 where he takes first question on whether the 60's will shit themselves or not being crewed? Mike Golding's take on that question upsets the Swedish applecart of the 60's being "tried and tested" versus a "fresh rule" as underwriting the marriage.
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    Did I overestimate Trump? No I overestimated the US You folks have no shame
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    Idec 2 from Irens.