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    Hold on. Like any profession teachers have some bad eggs. But as a whole they do an admirable job. I had 2 kids go through public schools and out of the 100ish teachers they came in contact with I only had issues with 2-3 of them. And those issues were not major. To tarnish an entire group like that is wrong. If you want to cite specifics and have a thread for that, Have at it. BD and I disagree on a lot politically, but I can put that aside and appreciate the work he does.
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    Or you could just get your head out of your barrel and think with some semblance of cognitive thought process. But then why let the odd shooting get in the way of what 'you' want. Fuck those that think differently, they can get the fuck out of the way. Must be nice knowing you have some lead to show them you mean business if needed. Tosser. Firstly, as you are so want to point out to others with regard the US, what the fuck is it to you. You are a gun loving seppo*, so stay the fuck out of other countries shit. You and your elk have been doing it for a long time and it usually ends up a clusterfuck. You then sit back, look at the mess, and go 'why does everyone think we are a bunch of cunts'. Secondly, there is a push from her to get social media to do more. They got onto it once it was pointed out, but you would think in today's world their algorithms would be able to spot shit like this. But then again, just another pesky fact for you to ignore in your blind defense of what 'you' want. As for our licensing law, you obviously think it is fine as it is. But then again you probably know fuck all about it, just what the little voices in your head tell you. Personally I find it wrong that I could get the basic gun license, walk into a gun shop and buy a Barret .50. I could also buy as much ammo as I wanted, including armor piercing. I could then walk down the road and on sell it to anyone I wanted to. No need to confirm he has a license, or a brain cell. No need to e4ven get a name. Just take the money and walk off. But that's okay Jeff, as long as you get to do what you want. I guess the last thing you really want is for a reasonable discussion on our gun laws and whether they need to be changed in some way. I can only presume that you are just concerned it might flow over borders and waken the multitude of Americans who are also concerned. In the meantime you really should get back to the range, have some fun shooting at bits of paper, and shut the fuck up about our place. * Many and most Americans are not included in this comment as I have found in my experience the majority of you are reasonably nice people. Unfortunately all countries have their assholes that can reflect badly on the whole nation.
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    An insouciant little wine. Not too dry. Hints of broken spar and flailing canvas.
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    Daylight come and Iguana go home....
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    No, no, you've got it all wrong. My comment about only doing one circumnavigation was an example of what people call "false modesty". Or "Irony". Look it up sometime. You're just another grifter who will leave a bunch of unhappy novices in his wake. You're running a passenger vessel for hire and disguising it as a "Club" We're starting a new program in addition to the seamanship training. This program is aimed at future boat owners and people interested in maintenance and outfitting traditional sailing vessels. This includes woodworking, electrical, plumbing, diesel engine maintenance, and rigging and bosun work. This program is intended for long term schooling. To take part in this program, you must first be a member of the club, and contribute $150 per week for living expenses.
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    Cabin finished, although eyebrows not fitted/stored away until near launch. All new ports and hatches finished. Mast refitted including 9 coats of paint all new tangs/sheaves , standing rigging, wiring etc. Have to sort out steering. Pedestal away being powder coated.
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    1917: In the spring of 1917, a few things happened that shaped the world. Some for the better, some for the worse: The Russian Revolution, the Mexican Revolution, the first woman was elected to the US House of Representatives, but the critical moment was when the US decided to enter WWI on the side of the Allies and defeat the imperial longings of Germany and the Kaiser. Thus began the American Century of active participation in the affairs of the world. 100 years pass. 2017: In the spring of 2017, a few things happened that shaped the world. Some for the better, some for the worse: The Chinese started their Belt and Road" project, the Brits voted for Brexit, but the critical moment was when Donald tRump assumed the *residency of the US and began the US withdrawal from the world stage promoting isolationism, nationalism, and anti-environmentalism. Now, in ways big and small, the US is being set aside. China becomes the world''s largest economy, the world moves on the Paris Accord without the US, Ethiopia refuses to send the 737 black box to the FAA, China moves into Venezuela, Russia sets the agenda for intermediate missiles in Europe, Korea ignores the US saber-rattling....and on and on. All because a minority of a minority voted for a lying, narcissistic, greedy, white supremacist con man and stooge for dying industries. Fuck us.
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    https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1960/sparkman-stephens-custom-45-3520505/ Oh mamma... I wish my wife and kids loved varnishing
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    This would make great TV: The Second American Civil War, LIVE! There would be comedy, the rednecks too drunk and meth-fucked to avoid blowing themselves up, shooting each other and crashing their vehicles. The lefty elites sipping chardonnay and slinging out wounding sarcasm and bitterly apposite 18th-century literary references, then having a nervous breakdown when the chihuahua craps on the Persian carpet. There would be pathos and tension, as the Latinos and the Blacks keep their heads down and struggle to survive, all the while hoping that the casualty count will be massive, so they have half a chance of getting a better job when it's over. There would be car chases, Priuses full of ballet dancers and interior decorators chasing down the Bikers for Trump, and kicking their fat asses twice: once for being fuckwits and then again for wearing such terrible, terrible outfits. It would be a horrible time for all, except the corporations who make the hardware and the ammo. They'll be on an island somewhere, slurping champagne and laughing their heads off. Down the road, in a much cheaper resort, will be the politicians and media sluts who drove the whole thing...…..
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    Pence is here to bring on Armageddon. He's no backup.
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    I'm not saying that there's no value in the "passage" part. There definitely is, and I would enjoy the solitude of 1-3 weeks at sea. It's not just about the destination. I want the meat and potatoes of sailing combined with the dessert of visiting new places. I'm just saying that *for me*, there is little value in a painful, expensive, non-stop circle that bypasses everything. A solo, non-stop circumnavigation is just a huge, tough steak to chew on.
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    Wow guys!!! I got some time away from my 9 - 5 job of imitating a retired Frater, and went to visit grandchildren for few days. Now I am back in my armchair (actually an easy chair) sailing vessel, and just finished reading through Dave's eye-opening visit with us. I was afraid to watch the ax fight video. Mrs. Bull sold my boat and bought me a one-way ticket on Dave's Magical Mystery 4 knot SB. So long suckers!
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    Explain to me why folks got their panties in a wad because President Obama was hesitant to label terrorist acts as having been committed by "radical Islamic terrorists", yet they don't react the same way when President Trump doesn't label terrorist acts as having been been committed by "radical white-supremacist terrorists"?
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    Well, to make a long story short I bought the Seafarer today. After looking at the C&C 24 and knowing that it would probably take a lot of money or more sweat equity than I was willing to put into it, I passed. (Not gas. Even though I am an old fart. RE: Perry Sliver Class thread at the end) . The Seafarer has a relatively new bottom, as well as the hull. All of the standing rigging looks almost brand new, as well as running. This may sound funny but the PO got a marine A/C - Heater unit from his uncle's high end house boat and mounted it in the storage area of the fore peak. Sounds wimpy but it gets hot as hell down here in the Texas summers. Most importantly the Boss likes it. Not the fastest boat on the lake but for what we want to do it fits the bill nicely. And it is well built. Better be for displacing 4,900 lbs. Thanks to everyone that chimed in with some great suggestions as well as advice. I have contracted Bull to do the interior design. We will be working on this soon. Jim Pictures to follow if interested. Going to name her The Gordon Wesley in honor of my dad.
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    Hi Everyone , Rapido Trimarans are currently developing 2 new Folding Trimarans that will fold for marina berthing . They will be an exciting addition to the fleet of Rapidos led by our flagship the Rapido 60 ! RT40 Aft Cockpit 031719.pdf RAPIDO50_Interior_Arrangement_240718 (1).pdf RT40 Aft Cabin 031719.pdf If you want know more email paul@rapidotrimarans.com YES , I bought an add ! RAPIDO 40 RAPIDO 50
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    How anyone can think that he's a good human being is beyond me. He embodies every bad trait that I was brought up to eschew...... And a few that my parents and teachers never even thought about.
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    Pierre André Huglot finished his "longue route" about 10 days ago. He sailed sound the world leaving the "big capes" on portside in 223 days on a Contessa 32 to commemorate Moitessier's longue route. Respect!
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    Ulladulla on December 28, 2018. Not where we wanted to be at the time. F*&^ing Sunfish!
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    So the real question that currency markets and political pundits will start wondering about is "What is the UK going to do with its 9 month extension?" I suggest that MPs all go away for a 2 week vacation, skiing in France, a Spring trip to Ibiza, a tour of medieval cities in the Czech republic, a villa in Rhodes, the Van Gogh in Amsterdam, food and pubs in Dublin, etc........just to remind oneself of everything that is so unappealing about Europe . Then return to the fray refreshed.
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    The Dry Creek Zinfandel upon opening you can sense the building freshness, it has a nose of oil skins, fear and incontinence. It starts with a intense seaworm infused oak and canvas note finishing in a delightful cascade of salt and marinated kapok. Pairs well with beach clams, coconut and seabird tar tar.
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    Other than dinghies - OK I do love the Laser and UFO - for my wife and I, our personally owned big boat experience has been limited to the "not sailing" photo thread. But stage 1 of the refit complete, and winter be damned - as well as our desire for 5-7 instead of 10-20 for a first shake down cruise - we got the new (to us) boat out sailing for a first shakedown yesterday.
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    this post prompted by Mulvaney's bullshit.
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    That ancient rig and construction can actually be pretty damn good for a universal class, which is pretty much where this boat is intended to slot in. A pit bull can't destroy the dacron sails, and the fact that they stretch doesn't really significantly effect the performance of most sailors, especially when there is an abundance of lightly used sails that still have years of life in them. The boats do get a bit soft but it doesn't affect most sailors, and the single skin construction is good at withstanding the bangs and crashes of club level racing. Surely the same remarks that people are applying to the speed of these boats can be applied to the rig design. If you want a really fast boat you wouldn't get any of these and in the same way, if you want a truly new design, you'd get a foiler or a kite instead of a hiking seahugger. If you want an economical, durable rig and hull that's great for universal racing then the dacron and alloy pinhead has lots of good points. And if the rig was really inefficient, the Laser would not be only about 2% slower than much more modern boats.