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    This racing beauty will be ready in 2020 sometime.
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    Such a focus of attention, am I. Get over it, gang. They're only 1s and 0s. (FYI, someone in an unguarded moment of glee, decided to slap up four posts of 30 Downvotes each on my account on October 31, drastically escalating my negative community reputation here. It snowballed from that point on, amusing everyone to no end. I took no notice of it, but everyone else did.) Updated 04.22.2018: Speaking Different Languages —Captain Gigi 04.22.2018 • Tempesta: I found only one person, who could do that on SA, and it wasn't you or your cohorts. ("I'll tell it not in Gath.") • SB: They just don't get that they've hacked Drive, not my account. Stupid, huh?
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    My experience on Sailing Anarchy is not isolated or unique. Scot Tempesta has been plagued with nefarious activity, it seems, for a long, long time. (See my attached blog post, dated November 17, 2017, re: the *********** suit back in ca. 2010.) His apology to *********** would have been part of that particular defamation suit. As for the Sailing Anarchy Community Reputation Points (CR[a]Ps), they are still being arbitrarily changed (see my post last week to Zapata about my own numbers not adding up). They mean nada to anyone except those who have astronomically high plus-CR[a]P scores. A quick glance will show that profanity, e.g., one-word swear words, counts as anarchic wisdom.* For example, a few posts shortly after I posted on the site today, Gouvernail made dismissive remarks about someone, who has minus-1300 CR[a]Ps, saying outright that the user ought not to be believed, consequently, for anything he posts. I would have thought you’d know better, G, what with your supposed senior status in SA, as exemplified by your plus-CR[a]P score. In my case, someone has attached and continues to attach live reply fields to previous user’s posts (see my “Open Letter to the Owner of Sailing Anarchy,” dated August 13, 2017), with my name and avatar pic on them. Anyone can then say anything in the field, and the comments are attributed to myself as a result. The posts made by the hacks are then DownVoted, then Deleted, leaving no record of them except what can be seen by the Administrator, Zapata(?) But the DownVote numbers remain added to my minus-CR[a]P score. It would explain why my CR[a]P score keeps going up even though I’ve not posted anything in the Forums for weeks, months. Earlier this year, someone slapped up four posts of 30 DownVotes each to my account. Back on October 31, I was given Leadership Status for my day’s posts, when I wasn’t even online that day. Someone has recently added the DownVote icon to some of my blog posts, which are Locked, and have always been Locked. Mid and Donald Trump’s Cat’s Ass had a hey day some time ago, DownVoting anything I posted in my Locked blog. Did the Administrator do anything about it, when I reported the hack? No, he did not. To this day. But who are the people doing this? Is the hacking being done by those who are SA anarchists/users, or are they outside hackers? My guess is the former. I would think someone long familiar with the mechanics of this website would know exactly how to mess it up, particularly since this seems to have been going on for years. Regardless of who the dastardly doers are, the site is hacked. No doubt about it. And, no, B.J. Porter, I do not want to hear from you any more, saying anything to the contrary. I continue to remain vigilant, like any experienced ocean racer does, when faced with rogue waves whether on the high seas or from offshore. –Captain Gigi, May 27, 2018 *This is not a quality of anarchy. It is an example of vulgarity. Period. N.B. Whenever the name of the plaintiff appears in any post in SA, a string of ******* appear. Interesting, huh?
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    Reading threads in Sailing Anarchy's Forums constitutes 'stalking' by some anarchists, who clearly know nothing about ocean racing, where 'stealth mode' is a well known strategy used by racers who have an 'ace up their sleeve' as they attempt to outmanoeuvre their competitors. Here in SA, stealth mode translates into stalking supposedly. I'm proud to have received a 'STALKING' notice from webmaster Zapata, when in actual fact, I was just reading the Forums. (I was no slouch on the high seas; ditto here in SA. Stealth, I know.) He's demonstrated he knows nothing about how SA Users follow their favorite topics much less anything about ocean racing. And he sure as shootin' knows squat about stealth. Sad, as the Prez would say.
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    Caveat: Someone has my SA account, blocking activity since January 30, 2018. We should talk, huh, @Zapata? And would you kindly check your stats re: Likes vs. DownVotes. There weren't enough posts to warrant the Votes. Nothing adds up. You may also want to tell me to whom I should talk/post, since it seems you've decided that I can't be "an obnoxious wit." You're the authority here, yes? Yeah, and tell me which Forums are suitable for me, too.
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    Strange… My "Open Letter to the Owner of Sailing Anarchy," dated August 13, 2017, keeps disappearing from my blog. And it appears as a 404 Error in my Status Updates. Here it is again. Like the cat that keeps coming back… Why is that, Scot Tempesta? Don’t want SA Users to know why I have a personal interest in your website, huh?
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    The entire Thai soccer team and their coach were successfully rescued July 10, 2018, Thailand local time. "Here's to us and those like us. Damn few." —Dave, U.S. Navy SEALs Team 7, SOC
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    (summer silliness in the heat) “Smooth sailing” —Captain Gigi, former skipper, Sweet Okole • © Gloria Rhea “Captain Gigi“ Grante Design
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    July 29, 2018 Update: "What? You didn't see the signs?" —Captain Gigi On Sailing 2018 • © D.L. Benson Poetry + Gloria Rhea “Captain Gigi” Grante Haiku & Design You found your way to me without a chart, and ran hard aground on my words. —Captain Gigi the allure of teak / early morning skies, good winds / Captain's at the helm —Gloria Rhea 'Captain Gigi' Grante haiku Here’s to us and those like us. Damn few. —Dave, USN SEAL Team 7, SOC
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    10.19.2018 Update: after a grand summer of sailing, but we're not done with sailing yet.
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    ... to get me off the website's forums, since way before Fall 2017, unsuccessfully. —Captain Gigi 04.15.2018 • © Gloria Rhea 'Captain Gigi' Grante + Google+
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    Anarchists are scared of women. Truly.