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  1. Pointy End

    ID this PHRF low budget ride

    And "Sterling" was L24 #2.
  2. Pointy End

    Max von Sydow - DTS

  3. Pointy End

    Looking For a Lindenberg 22

    That's right; the 2 boats for sale up in Annapolis are 26's, completely different boats. Different designers, but built by Paul Lindenberg in Cocoa, FL.
  4. Pointy End

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    This one blocked out the sun.
  5. Pointy End


  6. Pointy End

    Chris Kraft - DTS

    I've read dozens of books about the Space Program and most of the Astronauts that flew Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions and this book (Cris Kraft's memoirs) was by far the best.
  7. Pointy End

    Antrim 27's, how many

  8. Pointy End

    Older well known IOR Boats

    I was standing up on the bridge of a 637 class nuke back in March of 1981 at Port Everglades watching the sailboats arrive back in port one afternoon after an offshore race. This one caught my eye:
  9. Pointy End

    Chesapeake 2019

    Just loved the aroma when strolling through the reactor tunnel.