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  1. Pointy End


    A little excessive rain, thanks to Florence, at Linville Falls, Blue Ridge Mts., NC Surprised the kayakers aren't up there.
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    Sunset pictures

  3. Pointy End

    Swim Call

    Late March of 1981, due east out of Port Canaveral at the 100 fathom curve. After the Black Beach and BBQ cookout closed down for the night, the 4 stripe CO mounted his fighting chair on the aft capstan, the MM mounted 15 ft. outriggers on each side, and at all ahead 2/3 he and his artificial squid lures proceeded to use the billion dollar 594 class nuke as his own personal sportfisher all night out in the Gulf Stream.
  4. Pointy End

    Swim Call

    Top Side Watch: M14 for sharks, polar bears and all unauthorized boarders.
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    Swim Call

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    Turbo'd SR21

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    Favourite Boat pic?

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    Show your boat sailing thread

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    Offshore sailing / racing reading list

    Go to the Nav ET/QM Dept. and ask for Bowditch's American Practical Navigator.
  10. Pointy End

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Not mine. (But I did work on it alot!)
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    Favourite Boat pic?

  12. Pointy End

    Favourite Boat pic?